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Written by Daisy

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Two significant influences are taking shape in the sky this year, 2023, which could influence the course of things and human destiny! Saturn will take over the sign of Pisces on March 7.

Between the austere, demanding, and conservative planet and the deep and moving waters of Pisces, will the mixture be "drinkable"? Yes, if we use our inner wisdom to channel certain ideals! Otherwise, it could push us to extremes! If, at the same time, we refuse to sink into a passivity that would push us to abandon our inner compass to give in to obedience without conscience! In 2023 Pluto will make a rapid (but no less significant) incursion into Aquarius between March 23 and June 11! The "lord of metamorphoses" will return in 2024 (between January 21 and September 1) to settle more durably in the sign from November 19, 2024, until March 9, 2043.

An evolution (revolution) is underway, and we will probably feel the beginnings of it in 2023, even if Pluto's visit to Aquarius seems to be brief. What should we expect now (and later)? It all depends on us! Pluto in Aquarius can just as quickly generate scientific discoveries! They will favor a quantum leap of the human being towards a more cosmic, united, and enlightened dimension of himself and his sacred role on earth.

It can make us sink into radical transhumanism. Everything will depend on our choices! Suppose we opt for technological and scientific progress put at the actual service of the human being. In that case, we will advance together towards the best.

This year, Jupiter will be in Aries. In the willful sign of Aries, this giant, expansive planet opens the door to success for some and excess for others, depending on what you do with this overflowing energy. Personal initiatives will be emphasized, but self-centeredness and intolerance will also be on the table. Everyone has to make the best use of this powerful influence.

To better understand the influence of this transit on your personal life, discover quickly, sign by sign, our 2023 horoscope!

Whether you reside in the northern hemisphere (Europe, United States...) or in the southern hemisphere (Latin America, South Africa...),the earthly sky and the astrological predictions are the same for the whole world because we all live on the same planet.

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