Free 2028 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

This year, which begins on January 26, 2028, and ends on February 12, 2029, is under the sign of the Earth-Monkey.
This year is similar to the previous one in its surprising and unpredictable aspects. As a result, we must, once again, expect everything and anything that is not likely. Why? Because, by nature, the Monkey is mischievous, cunning and sometimes, disconcerting in its actions and reactions. However, the Earth element mitigates these effects. It encourages and favours pragmatism and a sense of anticipation. It promotes building a stable and durable existence and favours projects that will come to fruition.

Moreover, it pushes us to show endurance and goodwill. This element encourages us to be methodical and organized and not to do things lightly. Under these circumstances, people who are receptive to these intentions will most likely find it to their advantage. However, despite the Earth element, the Monkey cannot go against its nature. Without warning, it can suddenly change its mind. Its emotions can take over and cause it to scatter. Perhaps for these reasons, reversals of situations will take on a whole new dimension and create a general surprise.

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This year, the Monkey encourages entrepreneurship and problem-solving skills. It enables one to be enthusiastic, independent and take things and people in stride. In addition, it encourages you to ask for a comfortable life and do everything to obtain it. It is the ideal year to be very adaptable, no matter what the circumstances. It is time to use all your assets and put them to good use. All this, without losing sight of the fact that things can take a completely unexpected turn at the last moment.

With this in mind, people who are forward-thinking by nature will have their backs to the wall before embarking on an innovative project. On the other hand, those who get caught up in the excitement will be surprised, and sometimes disconcerted, by these reversals of fortune. For a successful year, wisdom recommends being entrepreneurial and daring while remaining cautious and forward-looking.

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