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Thursday, November the 26th
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Horoscope for Virgo for March 2014

  Written by Daisy

Your love-life in the spotlight!
Venus has been preoccupied with your love-life since November 2013! This hasn't been a period of total rest, as you have been exposed to shake-ups, passion (sometimes uncontrollable) and the need to measure up your present feelings with the lure of the past, controlling your urges and desires, Friend Virgo, in order to have an experience which will transform you without destroying you, and feel passion without overdoing things! In March, Venus will calm things down from the 5th, when she will take it upon herself to moderate your moods (or ardour?) and help to soften your tone, enabling you to get your message across smoothly!

Strengthening feelings of closeness!
This delightful planet will have her work cut out at the end of the month to smooth things over in a daily grind which will be somewhat held back by outside constraints (financial ones?). These will add fuel to the fire or to be more precise, be in danger of breaking off communication between you and those close to you and (or) your loved-one. You should focus on the Sun until 20th March, Friend Virgo, to open up dialogue and keep it open between you and your partner! Try to clear up shadowy areas and communicate as honestly as possible, if you want to avoid altercations and being at odds! You will have a better chance of persuading your other half of the advantages of understanding you and staying with you, if you take the time to show him/her your vision of the future, making it sound exciting. You should also make the most of your support (from a network and friends), which will be there to keep up your hopes!

Rather than accentuating divisions!
Try not to worry your loved-one too much by always bringing up the same problems and persisting with a low morale! It's true, you will be going through a few zones of turbulence (as will everyone), but you will absolutely need to continue to build bridges, rather than taking refuge in your rigid views (or concerns) without some perspective. Your plans will take shape and the pace will quicken, in spite of a few niggles along the way this spring. Fair enough! So make the most of these moments of doubt to become closer, Friend Virgo, rather than becoming distant. In no circumstances should you lock yourself away in your ivory tower, or people may not want to bring you out again!

My Advice:

A month where you will make gains, but you will find it more difficult to win people over? Share your promising vision of the future with your loved-one, in order to brighten things up and go back to your plans filled with hope and enthusiasm!

Over the month of for March 2014 for the star sign for Virgo:

The first week,
On the 1st, an agreement signed and considerable support gained today, when you will succeed in all you undertake and could incorporate a valuable connection for the future! The new moon will encourage dialogue and involve your building bridges rather than going it alone! You should listen to this, if you want to get through and finish the end of the month without hitch!
On the 2nd, conflicts of interest, disputes in your love-life and palpable tension on a day when you won't be too inclined to make concessions. Try at least to tone things down a notch and don't get on your high horse, if you don't want to upset the sensibilities (or sensitivities) around you!
On the 3rd, you will be back in control of your urges and passions, if you talk to and listen to your partner!
On the 5th, you will raise the level of debate and manage to move communication forward. Your plans will go down well and you will succeed in persuading your other half to follow you?
On the 6th, don't make too much of things, if you don't want to frighten off those you deal with and effectively lay yourself open to refusal!

The second week,
On the11th, communication will be poor between you and those you usually deal with, who will back you into a corner. Let go a little if you want to make yourself understood or at least for people to listen to you!
On the 13th, you will regain control by opening your ears and especially by basing your arguments on reason, so that you can reassure those around you, at work and (or) at home!
On the 14th, you will negotiate skilfully and boldly on a day when nothing (and no-one) should stand in your way! You will claim your worth and won't be prepared to take no for an answer!
On the 16th, the full moon will put you centre stage and encourage you to claim your dues! Don't do this too obviously, if you want to conclude things to your advantage!

The third week,
On the 18th, an ingenious idea, a chance to put an end to a crisis or obtain funding: your charm will have an effect on your bank manager or those holding the purse strings. Focus on your originality to create the desired effect!
On the 23rd, inspired where human relations are concerned? You definitely will be, but be careful you don't play tricks or use subterfuge to get the approval of your partners. Play the game today, when you could be up against a breach of trust!

The fourth week,
On the 24th, don't manipulate people (especially in your love-life) on a day when the pressure and the tone ... will mount up!
On the 26th, agreements validated, discussions turning to your advantage and the future opening up? Yes, but be careful to go on managing things carefully!
On the 28th, it will be thanks to dialogue and your personal way of leading the debate (by listening attentively without changing your plans one iota) that you will succeed in persuading others!
On the 29th, you will score points on a daily basis on the financial front, where your dealings will go at a pace. You will aspire to use your potential to spread your wings! However, you should take good care today to make sure that this doesn't come at the price of the security of your followers, or lead to a communication breakdown with those around you. Avoid trying to force the issue, or you will be up against the wall!
On the 30th, the new moon will be all about your finances, support from behind the scenes or credit, but it could also cause a crisis, if you take (too many) risks, which could compromise your chances of bringing your plans to fruition! Better to remain measured and flirt with your Wise Virgin side, even if it is actually the Foolish Virgin who is tempting you!

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