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Qualities and competences of Aries
Qualities and competences of Aries
Positive thinking in astrology
Positive thinking in astrology
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Getting connected on social media
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Archive of Monthly Horoscopes

  Written by Evie

You can now view all of your personalized horoscopes for your sign, and this since 2013. Your monthly horoscope is offered over the years with advices on Love, Shape, Social Life. It tells you of heavenly influx you will cross over time so check them without further delay.

Monthly Horoscopes for 2020!

Year 2020 promises to be a constructive one with Jupiter in Capricorn, but there will be upheavals with Saturn in Aquarius, square Uranus in Taurus.

- Horoscope for January 2020- Horoscope for February 2020- Horoscope for March 2020
- Horoscope for April 2020- Horoscope for May 2020- Horoscope for June 2020
- Horoscope for July 2020- Horoscope for August 2020- Horoscope for September 2020
- Horoscope for October 2020- Horoscope for November 2020- Horoscope for December 2020

Monthly Horoscopes for 2019!

A wonderful year with Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius. This congenial planet will be stoked up by his home sign and put some through a hard time, while driving others forward. To find out which influences await you, don't wait to find out from the horoscope for your star sign in 2019!

- Horoscope for January 2019- Horoscope for February 2019- Horoscope for March 2019
- Horoscope for April 2019- Horoscope for May 2019- Horoscope for June 2019
- Horoscope for July 2019- Horoscope for August 2019- Horoscope for September 2019
- Horoscope for October 2019- Horoscope for November 2019- Horoscope for December 2019

Monthly Horoscopes for 2018!

Uranus is going to change signs in May 2018 and this only happens every seven years! Profound and often unexpected upheavals will be on the cards, so gain a head start by reading the horoscope for your star sign for 2018. You will then be better prepared for making the most of the positive influence of Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius!

- Horoscope for January 2018- Horoscope for February 2018- Horoscope for March 2018
- Horoscope for April 2018- Horoscope for May 2018- Horoscope for June 2018
- Horoscope for July 2018- Horoscope for August 2018- Horoscope for September 2018
- Horoscope for October 2018- Horoscope for November 2018- Horoscope for December 2018

Monthly Horoscopes for 2017!

The general atmosphere will be one of turbulence, especially in our relationships, in 2017. So, don't wait around to find out more about our 2017 monthly horoscopes, free of charge, here:

- Horoscope for January 2017- Horoscope for February 2017- Horoscope for March 2017
- Horoscope for April 2017- Horoscope for May 2017- Horoscope for June 2017
- Horoscope for July 2017- Horoscope for August 2017- Horoscope for September 2017
- Horoscope for October 2017- Horoscope for November 2017- Horoscope for December 2017

What's new in 2016 ?

2016 will be a very distinctive year, whatever your birth sign. So, what are you waiting for? Cast a glance over your 2016 monthly horoscopes, which you can access for free below:

- Horoscope for January 2016- Horoscope for February 2016- Horoscope for March 2016
- Horoscope for April 2016- Horoscope for May 2016- Horoscope for June 2016
- Horoscope for July 2016- Horoscope for August 2016- Horoscope for September 2016
- Horoscope for October 2016- Horoscope for November 2016- Horoscope for December 2016

Your monthly horoscopes for 2015

2015 will be greatly influenced by the transit of Saturn through the constellation of Sagittarius and the passage of Jupiter through Virgo. Over to you to find out how these will impact on your life without delay:

- Horoscope for January 2015- Horoscope for February 2015- Horoscope for March 2015
- Horoscope for April 2015- Horoscope for May 2015- Horoscope for June 2015
- Horoscope for July 2015- Horoscope for August 2015- Horoscope for September 2015
- Horoscope for October 2015- Horoscope for November 2015- Horoscope for December 2015

2014, a year of transition ?

If you are woundering what happened in 2014, come and read again your monthly horoscopes, complete free access:

- Horoscope for January 2014- Horoscope for February 2014- Horoscope for March 2014
- Horoscope for April 2014- Horoscope for May 2014- Horoscope for June 2014
- Horoscope for July 2014- Horoscope for August 2014- Horoscope for September 2014
- Horoscope for October 2014- Horoscope for November 2014- Horoscope for December 2014

Here are the monthly horoscopes 2013

And yes, in 2013, family values are taking new trends thanks to Jupiter in Cancer. In opposition to Pluto, lies falls apart! Come browse your monthly horoscope for the entire year for your sign.

- Horoscope for April 2013- Horoscope for May 2013- Horoscope for June 2013
- Horoscope for July 2013- Horoscope for August 2013- Horoscope for September 2013
- Horoscope for October 2013- Horoscope for November 2013- Horoscope for December 2013

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