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Monday, March the 30th
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When will we find happiness again
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Love horoscope for April 2015 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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Other priorities?
You will spend a great deal of energy in April defending your rights and probably trying to insist on your different approach in the face of those you have to deal with, who won't seem inclined to let you do things your own way! Concerns at work and in your social life could distance you a little from your love-life in April, when you will think above all of guaranteeing your future and rallying the support of friends, your clan or network, to support you, friend Cancer, in the face of a rather tough adversary! You will be able to rely on the solidarity of your loyal supporters to get through this period of upheaval and get the valuable advice that will enable you to round the corner (which will be difficult) without feeling too isolated! Until the 11th, Venus will help you mobilise your bodyguards to face up to what is coming and will seem to want to challenge your security!

Taking the time for love!
Try however, not to neglect your partner too much, as he/she could find this a rather bitter pill to swallow and be reproachful. You won't really be at bay from (recurring) tension, if you concentrate on your own problems alone and neglect your other half, who will expect you to give him/her your attention and occasionally raise your head from your affairs to share not just your concerns, but his/hers as well! From the 11th, Venus will encourage you to take a small step back and an overview to reflect on your relationship and more widely on your expectations in this respect (at the moment or in relation to your hopes)! Maybe it will be time, friend Cancer, you realised that in being totally absorbed in your activities and overloaded with responsibility, you are forgetting to invest fully enough in the harmony of your relationship! If you are still single, you will notice that you are no longer really taking the time to look over your shoulder to see if there is anyone who attracts you and could distract you from your overloaded schedule! This fact will get you down somewhat (or a lot) around the 15th, when you will note that your everyday life no longer includes time for expressing your feelings and that frustration is stealing up on you, probably unawares!

Spring returning!
The end of the month will fortunately be more favourable for your love-life and this will suddenly be boosted by potential success (in your finances or social life?)! You will regain your enthusiasm and burn to share your good mood and dreams with your loved-one! You will therefore be able to make an impression on hearts and minds on the 22nd and 26th, when success in your undertakings will give you a lift, friend Cancer, and encourage you to go for a romantic interlude or deploy your powers of attraction to captivate the one who could retain all your attention (and much more if you find an affinity here)!

1st decan (21st June – 1st July): Keep an eye on your love-life!
Had your nose to the grindstone since the end of last December? You will have a feeling of being immersed in a very (or too?) demanding everyday existence! If you are in a relationship, be careful you don't neglect your partner, who could take umbrage. You will certainly be overworked and tired, but this isn't a reason for depriving yourself (and your other half) of love! The very end of the month will enable you to develop greater closeness, but try not to wait until the 30th to express your feelings at least a little bit (a lot or passionately)! If you are single, constantly bringing work back home? No time to devote to love? Be careful you don't isolate yourself, or you could sink into depression. You will reconnect with your aspirations at the end of the month, but would do well first to take a step back regarding your absorbing activities and avoid feeling overwhelmed, or you could miss out on something important!

2nd decan (2nd – 12th July): April will blow hot and then cold!
You will have to put up with tension and pressure at work, which will end up stressing you out and cutting you off from your love-life! If you are in a relationship, the month will get off to a rather turbulent start and make you feel insecure regarding your situation and the defence of your interests! You should end up winning over a particularly tough adversary, but please, avoid creating total deadlock in your private life, which should improve immensely at the end of the month and bring you great satisfaction! Don't you think it would be a good idea to look forward to this potential success by sharing your concerns with your other half, but being available for sharing his/hers, too? If you are single, the atmosphere at work will be stormy at work and you will sometimes feel you are in the hot seat, with a need to defend your convictions tooth and nail. Try not to waste all your energy on fighting but go for preserving some of your forcefulness for tackling a promising month in your love-life in full control of your affairs. It could have a few happy surprises in store for you (on the 22nd and 26th?)!

3rd decan (13th – 22nd July): Not overly concerned!
Your main priority in April will be to defend your interests! Not much time for flirting around with love? If you are in a relationship, you won't have time to devote to your partner in April and will be more inclined to mobilise your troops (friends and loyal supporters) to guarantee the success of your plans. Make sure however that you reserve some of your valuable time and no less valuable energy for reassuring your other half, especially in explaining that your distant behaviour (not to say neglect) is only temporary and that it is ultimately for your future together that you are battling! If you are single, your eyes will be more on the future than anchored in the present. You will be keen to open up a future that inspires you and count on your friends or clan to support your initiatives. So where will love fit in? It will have to wait for next month!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month when you will probably fight to defend your ideas and job by ignoring your private life to a certain extent? Make the most, however, of a promising end to the month to make up for lost time and show some concern for your love-life, which will be somewhat neglected and welcome your administrations with gratitude and enthusiasm!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Lack of communication could undermine established relationships or very recent ones which want nothing more than to flourish … Your desire to make gradual progress shouldn't prevent you from glimpsing the deeper recesses of your soul and heart!


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