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Saturday, November the 22nd
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Love horoscope for November 2014 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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Off to a strong start!
An auspicious start to the month for your love-life! The Sun and Venus will boost your charisma and libido, inviting you to become closer in your relationship, and ignite or reignite the spark with your loved-one. This will mean rediscovering togetherness, thrilling encounters and a thirst for strong emotions, bringing you closer to your partner, friend Cancer, and forcing you out of your corner, ready to launch into adventure, or continue things more loudly and forcefully! You will feel inspired and probably wish to move your relationship forward, raising the level of debate, or find that special person, the one who will encourage you to excel, push back the boundaries and try to fulfil a dream!

Tensions on the horizon!
Some wonderful trends and not particularly affected by the presence of Mars in the area of your chart devoted to relationships. His presence could exacerbate your reactions (or your other half's) during exchanges which will benefit from the backdrop of passion, potentially enabling you to express your need for intense communication without sinking into a more aggressive approach to your relationship, which could eventually cause problems! However, you won't be able to avoid a definite cooling of the atmosphere (from the 10th and especially around the 13th)! Saturn, with his tendency to rationalise your feelings, and his encouragement (from autumn 2014) to scrutinise your desires and evaluate your true needs in your love-life, will take it upon himself to make the climate more sombre, friend Cancer, and remind you of your obligation to be more aware.

A period of retreat advised!
A return to earth, which you won't much appreciate, but it will enable you to test the strength of your feelings and the quality of your attachment to your partner! You could be going through an awkward period in your working life, which will make you on edge and prevent you from fully enjoying the moment! Try to get your trials and tribulations into perspective and avoid putting up a wall between you and your other half as far as possible, because he/she won't necessarily be responsible for your current concerns. It would therefore be preferable to analyse your feelings alone, friend Cancer, and learn lessons from your experiences in a creative rather than aggressive way! At the very end of the month, a positive imagination will enable you to free up unforeseen paths socially and at work. You will be able to rediscover your (somewhat forgotten) light-hearted approach, even if that means giving up (a little) on too idealistic a take on life!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
Your exchanges will be anything but lukewarm and your feelings will be powerful in November. This will assuredly be for the better as the cosmos will invite you to be more aware of your demanding nature, and for the worse if you chew things over, ruminate and feel depressed, instead of evaluating reality, so that you can hold on to its strong points as well as its weak ones!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Your working life will benefit from a stroke of luck, which will enable your relations with those above you and clients etc. to flow more easily. These relationships will easily gain depth and a climate of trust will clearly be well aspected. Make the most of this to move your pawns forward on the chess-board and show off your abilities. In your love-life, suggestion will work better than force.


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