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Saturday, February the 28th
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Love horoscope for March 2015 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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Your mind and heart ... elsewhere!
What's the bet that you will have greater motivation in March for giving your career a boost than taking care of your love-life! You will tackle this quite turbulent month determined to move forward and realise your social ambitions, using all your trump-cards (especially your charm) to rally support and make an impression all round. Despite the storm roaring away above your head and probably above everyone's heads this month, there'll be no question this month of hiding away and melting into the background, friend Cancer. Instead, you'll do your utmost to make yourself noticed and show what you can do!

Focus on the future!
Beware however of overdoing the enthusiasm, which could be turned round against you. While some will appreciate your bold interventions and rather overdone attempts to win people over, others could try to put the brakes on your enthusiasm and even quite happily criticise you! You would therefore do well to handle the sensitivity around you by avoiding thinking you are irresistible, friend Cancer, or it will be at your own risk and peril, naturally! From the 17th, Venus won't abandon the scene, but will take it upon herself to reconnect you with friends or your clan, who will give you ardent support and offer you the good advice, which you will appreciate, to try to get you through this difficult stage and take up life's challenges, which won't be absent from the scene.

Making up for lost time!
You will have little time to devote to your private life, which could suffer from your determined efforts in March to boost or at least preserve your popularity! Don't forget to explain to your partner or those close to you that you are fighting for a just cause (your own in particular) and that your efforts will ultimately be designed to protect your assets and thus guarantee family security! You will be believed to a certain extent but not overmuch! You should also make sure at the end of the month, friend Cancer, when you have achieved your goals, that you bring together those who are really important in your closely defended plans and ask them to take part and join in, in order to strengthen your relationship, not to say rekindle the flame after a period of relative emotional and sensual famine. They may have understood, but will certainly have appreciated it much less!

1st decan (21st June – 1st July): Your nose to the grindstone!
Since the end of last December, Saturn has been weighing over your everyday life and piling on responsibilities, probably stopping you from devoting your time to others as much as you would like? Make sure this month, however, that you keep the dialogue open, if you don't want to cast a shadow over the picture! If you are in a relationship, you will be feeling overwhelmed and unavailable? Be careful not to bring down the wrath of partners on your head, or worse still, see them disappear into the distance, if you don't agree to give them some of your valuable time! Fortunately, at the end of the month, you will get it through to them that you are fighting for a common cause and should thus be able to raise the level of debate and strengthen your closeness! If you are single, you will be up to the eyes in work and your mind won't really be free to abandon itself unreservedly to the dizzying spiral of love? Rather go out with friends? However, there will be no certainty that you won't be tempted at the end of the month by a romance that could make you lift your eyes from your work!

2nd decan (2nd – 12th July): Dealing with the most urgent!
The heavens will be piling on the pressure at work and you will have to face challenges that will probably put a temporary distance between you and your other half! Make sure you explain to him/her that you are acting in his/her interests as well as your own (even if that's not entirely true)! If you are in a relationship, your priority in March will be to save your own skin at work, gain promotion, or take advantage of a crisis situation to pull things off successfully! And what about your partner in all this? You won't be particularly concerned, thinking you will have all the time in the world to catch up with things when you have won through. That could be the case, but there are no guarantees! So, in order to avoid nasty surprises later, try to involve him/her in your quest and show that everything you are doing is for his/her benefit as well! If you are single, you will have other things to do than pour your heart out this month, when you will be trying in particular to rally support for your cause. You won't hesitate to speak out in order to take up challenges at work and confront colleagues who aren't very inclined to give you any leeway! It will be the end of the month when love comes back on to the agenda and your love-life will pick up again! And not before time!

3rd decan (13th – 22nd July): Work first of all!
The skies will create sparks in March, but you should easily (apart from tendencies in your personal chart) dodge the flak and avoid the setbacks in store for the first two decans! However, you won't have much time to devote to your other half this month, even though the consequences of your temporary lack of interest in things to do with love will bring you little as a result! If you are in a relationship, you will currently be fighting to defend your interests at work and won't care remotely about the doubts of your loved-one, who will begin to despair of ever awakening your ardours. Simply make sure he/she understands that you are working for a common cause. He/she may not be totally convinced by your arguments, but you will gain the time you need to balance things at work without unleashing anger at home! If you are single, your determination to succeed in your plans and desire to move up the social ladder will take you further away for the moment from your goals in your love-life! You will basically have better things to do and your head will be elsewhere! Love can wait? It can wait a bit longer, you can feel reassured!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month when you will make a priority of defending your personal interests and probably neglect those close to you! Make sure you explain to them the reasons for your actions if you want their support and to end an eventful month with everyone rallying round!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Even if you spend time with your partner, you will have tendency to escape in thought where material and pragmatic considerations are concerned, given that you will want to be prepared for the future. Don't forget that the poetic side of your nature needs to be experienced and expressed outwardly.


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