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Saturday, October the 10th
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Love horoscope for October 2015 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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Your private life a priority!
Since mid-August, Jupiter has been encouraging you to get moving specifically to try to improve your communication with those close to you. You will be keen to respond to the expectations of those around you, friend Cancer, but will also want to satisfy your own personal needs! If you aspire to broaden your knowledge, spread your wings, expand your vision of the world and get your ideas and views across, you will have an ideal period between now and the end of summer 2016 to achieve your desires and escape from frames of reference that are too narrow for you! Until the 23rd, the Sun will at the same time encourage you to keep things running smoothly on the home front and do all you can to improve your living environment and maybe that of your clan. You will devote a good part of your time to giving full rein to your dreams with your family and envisage your everyday life from a new, more exciting angle.

Expanding your horizons!
In October, it will therefore be all about pushing back the boundaries that have restricted your life. While negotiations begun on this subject (in connection with a real-estate, home-based or family project, or one linked to your personal development) from the end of August will have dragged on eternally, they will resume with more vigour from the 9th! You will then have every chance on your side to conclude discussions to your advantage and as quickly as possible! Venus will enable you from the 8th to get your message across smoothly, rally support and enchant those you deal with! As for Mars, you can count on his fiery nature to speed things up and give you that tried and tested oomph and determination. It's therefore hard to see, friend Cancer, who could resist your convincing arguments and irresistible charm for very long! It certainly won't be your partner, who will equally benefit from your initiatives around the 11th, and will be ready to follow you to ends of the earth and your dreams! You will therefore benefit from assets worth their weight in gold and an exceptional situation in October to move on a stage, bring a personal project to fruition and access happiness that will rebound over the whole of your clan!

Wait and see!
Everyone at last … or almost! The only ones temporarily excluded from the winners are those born in the 1st decan, who will have to deal with skies that will smile on them rather less. You will run a strong risk of encountering obstacles on your path that will be difficult to identify and to overcome. You can expect to have to put up with delays and probably a few disappointments, especially around the 11th, when your hopes will be up against a brick wall. You may feel overcome by increased responsibilities and burdens that will clip your wings (from mid-September) and prevent you from taking off successfully. While you will sometimes have the impression you are tilting at windmills and all alone in the world, you should all the same avoid playing the victim. Better to wait for resistance to fall away in the face of your perseverance. Whatever you do, don't try to force things through. From the 23rd, the Sun will come to your rescue and usher in an end to the month that will augur well for your fulfilment in both your personal and love-life! You will then have the opportunity to soften hearts, break the ice and rediscover the togetherness you had tended to forget recently, pleading your case, friend Cancer, with the certainty of winning the day, come hell or high water!

1st decan (21st June – 1st July): Constraints!
From mid-September, Saturn will have had tendency to slow things down and face you with obstacles and a weightiness that will tend to drag down your everyday life and clip your wings. In October, you will effectively have to deal with setbacks that will cause you irritation, but you will have to try to overcome these gradually, rather than speaking your mind. If you are in a relationship, you will find it hard to make yourself understood by those close to you and those around you in general? Your initiatives to improve the lives of your clan and access happiness will appear to come up against a brick wall. Rely on time to get to the end of the restrictions that will hold back your fulfilment. At the end of the month, you will recover your mojo and take over the reins of your destiny! If you are single, you won't be managing to get your ideas across? Communication poor between you and others? For the moment, Saturn will be blocking your progress, asking you to fulfil your obligations and assume some heavy responsibilities. At the end of the month, the burdens will lighten a little and you will regain your lustre, along with your desire to love and be loved!

2nd decan (2nd – 12th July): Your turn!
In October, you will benefit from a cosmic situation worth its weight in gold and amply favouring your fulfilment. This will definitely be the moment to do all you can to realise a dream and push back the boundaries that were holding back your ambitions! If you are in a relationship, you will want to improve your living environment, broaden your horizons and forge greater closeness with your partner? Around the 11th, 23rd and 25th, you won't hesitate to take a step towards your other half and use persuasive arguments to invite him/her to follow you and create projects together! If you are single, you will have a beautiful clean page for starting to write a new inspiring life-story. You will want to improve your living environment and in some cases that of those around you. Make the most of this Indian summer to open up the hatches and start building your future on inspiring new foundations. You will have all kinds of assets for attracting people who appeal to you and maybe having some exciting encounters!

3rd decan (13th – 22nd July): Cloud-free skies!
Until the 8th, Venus will encourage you to explore your potential and focus on your obvious talents to win over all and sundry, regaining confidence in yourself and your powers of attraction! At the end of the month, this delightful planet will take it upon herself to exalt your charm and improve your exchanges with others, along with your chances of going down well with whoever you like! If you are in a relationship, Saturn will leave you be and Venus will exalt your desires and your evident sensuality. Make the most of these clement skies throughout the month to enjoy the present to the full and revisit your love-life with your other half! A case of waiting for a promising end to the month without feeling impatient! If you are single, you will be more sure of your strengths (especially your charm) and endowed with more voracious appetites. You won't hesitate to cast your net wide in October, testing out your seductive powers on anyone you like. At the end of the month, Venus will help you get your tender message across very smoothly!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month that will definitely favour your personal fulfilment! If you were born in the 1st decan, try to be patient while you wait for the wind to change (to your advantage), and if you sometimes have the impression you are feeling your way, tune into your internal compass (intuition), which will guide you in the right direction, enabling you to achieve your goals and re-launch the debate to your advantage.

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Your sentimental imagination won't fail to evolve and monopolise your thoughts. However, there will be a gap between your ideals and reality, which it will be more essential than ever to overcome by advancing towards concrete achievement in demonstrating your goodwill to your partner.


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