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Wednesday, August the 5th
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Love horoscope for August 2015 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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Wonderful prospects for everyone …
Since the beginning of June, Venus has been encouraging you to explore your potential and push yourself forward, both in your personal life and at work. There will be no question of going unnoticed, but instead, you will show your desire to please, and love and be loved. You can count on this delightful planet to boost your personal magnetism and favour passionate love and attachment! You won't really be tempted by lukewarm affairs. Be careful of jealousy or overdoing the enthusiasm. You don't actually own your other half. If you are searching for emotional security, you should think first about building your self-confidence, rather than trying to keep your other half under lock and key, even in the most loving relationships. However, you will have no fear this month of falling too much into this trap, thanks to guess who! To Jupiter, who will favour a more open mind and heart, and encourage you to open up to the world, friend Cancer, rather than withdrawing into yourself or hypothetical amorous possessions. Under the auspices of this generous-hearted planet, you can expect to get to know a large number of people and fill up your address book very rapidly. Remaining confined to your lair will be out of the question, but it will be about coming out of your shell! Communication and exchanges with others will be the name of the day until September 2016. You will make the most of these excellent auspices to have some interesting encounters (and more if you find an affinity here), reinforce the dialogue between you and your loved-one, and rediscover the closeness that will enable you to forge greater togetherness and rekindle the flame.

Or almost!
A charming programme, from which those born at the end of the 3rd decan (after 19th July) will temporarily be excluded! They will have to put up with the return of Saturn, who won't give them an easy time in August and will even back them somewhat, or a lot, into a corner! Try as far as possible to tackle this difficult period by accepting the need to ask yourself some fundamental questions. Saturn will encourage you to lay bare your heart and identify the repeated behaviour patterns that are stopping you from feeling fulfilled in your love-life. Whatever you do, don't ignore the work that needs to be done and accept the need to look further into the subject. Are you asking too much of your other half? Are you too possessive? Do you always go for the same sort of relationship, which invariably leads to failure and reopens the same wounds? It will be time to examine your behaviour in your love-life, so that you can eventually (between now and the end of summer) jettison this, turn a page, and change your vision of the world!

You will have great support!
You won't necessarily appreciate this exercise imposed upon you, but you should realise that in the end, you will derive great benefit from this post-mortem of your emotions, which will enable you to make your choices with awareness, in the hope that your relationship will last and fulfil your real needs! The luckiest will be those born in the 1st decan, who will welcome Jupiter into their ranks and benefit from an exciting second half of the month. Great enthusiasm will be on the cards, whether in your love-life or friendships, and those around you who will be available, joyful and ready to offer prayers. You will all actually be fond of the good life in August and determined to live things to the full. Whatever your decan (except those born at the end of the 3rd decan), you will want to introduce a little fantasy into your life, move the goalposts and make the most of your assets (charm and torrid magnetism) to create sparks and kindle the flame!

1st decan (21st June – 1st July): Favoured contacts!
From the 11th, Jupiter will connect you with the world around you. You will aspire to things new and to extend your social circle. You will be very much appreciated and your presence will be very much sought after. If you are in a relationship, more open communication should enable you to enrich your relationship and forge greater togetherness in your rediscovered closeness. A wonderful second half of the month should bring you close to your other half and others in general! If you are single, staying in your small corner will be out of the question while you re-enter the fray. Jupiter will in effect invite you to establish warm contact with personalities that attract you and will largely contribute to opening up your future prospects. Make the most of this wonderful second half of the month to come out of your shell and appreciate the summer in very good company!

2nd decan (2nd – 12th July): Involved!
Harmonious communication and fundamental exchanges with your other half will enable you to spend August a long way from overcast skies. If you are in a relationship, you can count on Venus to intensify your emotions and rekindle the flame from 18th August, and on Mercury around the 15th to add depth to your dialogue. A rather intense month that you will really try to share with your other half, rather than skirting over things! If you are single, an exalted sensuality should help you attract attention and hit the right note in August! Focus on Mercury to establish profound exchanges with your other half and others in general, beyond sensuality. You will actually be keen to commit to your relationships, whatever they are like!

3rd decan (13th – 22nd July): Breaking with routine!
You will aspire to spice your life up a little bit, for it to gain in intensity and continue to surprise you? You can count on Uranus in August to create a party atmosphere, especially around the 2nd, 13th and 19th, when you won't be at bay from a nice surprise! Those born at the end of this decan are the only ones to have to deal with Saturn (who has already shaken them up last winter) and will now come back to hold them to account. It will therefore be time to change tack and by means of a thorough examination of your past and present relationships, understand what it is again and again preventing you form having a balanced relationship. If you are in a relationship, you should make the most of the pranks of Uranus, who will tug at your sleeve in August and give you a desire to change tack, maybe introducing an element of fantasy in your life, to persuade your other half to follow you in your wild action, and especially in your desires for sharing until the end of time! If you are single, you will want to be surprised in August and could actually be so around the 2nd, 13th and 19th, when a fit of enthusiasm or a sudden desire to break free of certain prejudices will enable you to shake off your fears, and why not launch into adventure without a safety net!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
An exciting, passionate month, to make the most of by opening up your mind and … your heart in particular! And to boot, some exciting encounters and a desire to widen your horizons, enabling you to extend your circle of acquaintances, make an impression, or share your thirst for more and better things with your loved-one!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Good fortune will be with you in terms of encounters, so make the most of this to add depth to your exchanges with others and discover the fundamental values of your partner. This is an excellent way of preserving and intensifying the best in your relationship!


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