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Saturday, September the 20th
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Love horoscope for September 2014 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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A promising month!
Passion could be in the air this month, thanks to Mars! After the upheavals and setbacks of the last month, the climate will be warm and should encourage you to make the good things last longer! An increased libido, amazing powers of attraction and a desire to make up for lost time and accelerate the pace of enjoyment? The Sun is also going to boost your communication skills up until 23rd September. There will be no question then of isolation and going it alone, especially as Venus is going to join our daily star from the 5th, favouring a variety of different contacts, encounters and closeness, to be discovered or rediscovered! It will therefore be a month enabling you to reconnect with pleasure, friend Cancer, and why build long-term foundations in your relationships! A welcome touch of light-heartedness to spice up your exchanges with others, which have become rather (too?) serious recently!

From questions to answers!
Your questions last month could no doubt contribute to establishing greater closeness between you and your loved-one around essential matters? If you take care to keep the dialogue open and not dig in your heels in the face of problems in the smooth running of the home, working hours, choice of residence or other worries of that ilk, you should be able to build solid foundations for your relationships. Alternately, you could rekindle the flame slowly, but not for long because while Mars keeps you simmering, Saturn will continue to dampen your enthusiasm and control your emotions. From his position in the area of your chart devoted to your love-life, the planet of austerity won't be encouraging fun and frolics, but will more likely encourage you to cast an uncompromising eye on what brought you together or what is undermining your relationship! It will eventually be up to you to find out and see, friend Cancer, whether your commitment deserves to be maintained. It probably will be, as long as you agree to look deeply into matters rather than skirt round the problem, and be aware of the relationship's strengths so you can deal with its weaknesses without too much frustration.

Getting down to the essential!
It won't be at all about being resigned to keeping up a relationship devoid of passion, but of establishing it on the right basis, rather than building on shaky foundations! From the 23rd, you will be motivated by the attention you need to give a clan who will make demands, as well as by taking loving care of your home-life! If you are seeking to buy or sell property, or make an effort to improve your lifestyle, the end of September will give you the chance to undertake this plan in the best of conditions, especially around the 25th, which could have some wonderful surprises in store for you, friend Cancer.

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month for appeasing conflicts, developing togetherness and building foundations for the long term. A month for developing and opening up the future together.

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Moments for sharing and exchanges with others, where you will need some introspection to lay down the roots of a promising future. You will be right not to skirt round exchanges with others this month!


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