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Saturday, December the 20th
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Love horoscope for December 2014 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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A gentle lifestyle!
It will be everyday matters (keeping things running smoothly, work or your health) that will be your main motivation at the beginning of the month, friend Cancer, and these could have some nice surprises in store for you! In fact, you will probably be able to enjoy a margin for manoeuvre, which will be enough to improve your ordinary life and your surroundings! Venus is going to make your life easier and should offer you some wonderful opportunities to have a good time with your family and fully enjoy the moment! It will be a pleasant interlude to be appreciated and experienced gently, by welcoming what happens gratefully (especially where your finances are concerned)!

The climate is going to deteriorate!
From 10th December, Venus will be responsible for opening and favouring dialogue between you and your other half! Shared moments and togetherness (on the 12th and 14th), where you will agree on the essential and look together in the same direction! Do all you can then to reinforce this closeness, because the middle of the month will be more difficult to handle and filled with conflict! In fact, you will be back up against the square between Uranus and Pluto, which has reared its head before you since summer 2012, encouraging you to change your approach to your other half and your approach to relationships (not only in your love-life but also in your social life and at work)! You can therefore expect a series of cosmic disruptions, which you will need to get through with the greatest awareness possible, if you want to avoid clashes (on the 15th) and potential break-ups or score-settling (on the 20th?) However, you won't be able to avoid the confrontations coming up for some, mainly at work, but they will unsettle you and sometimes give you the impression you could lose everything and as a result be alone in the world!

Deal with it without dramas!
Try to get the trials and tribulations which won't fail to materialise into perspective, as these will teach you a lot about yourself and your other half. Try too to channel your emotions which will be all over the place at an end to the year, which will call you to order and force you out of your entrenched position! Soon, the cycle of complete change that has been underway since 2012 will come to a conclusion and from spring 2015, the upheavals will calm down and you can then benefit from your newly-acquired maturity to move forward and open up the road ahead with greater freedom! In the meantime, you will need to be patient until the end of the month (the 27th) to have a hope of raising the level of debate and rediscovering serenity at home and primarily in your outlook, which will have been turned upside-down recently!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A peaceful and creative first half of the month, filled with good times to share and good news to be savoured. However, this will be followed by a more wintry second half of the month, when it will be in your interests to play down the potential pressure, so that you can turn it more to your advantage. In particular avoiding blaming your other half for your misfortunes! This won't go down well and you wouldn't derive any benefit from doing so!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
The stars are going to buffet your relationships this month, but don't forget that this process will urge you to stand above events and in particular, react less emotionally than usual. Taking an overview will give you a different way of looking at things.


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