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Friday, July the 3rd
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Love horoscope for July 2015 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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Evident sensuality!
There will be no question of fading into the background or keeping quiet with your demands in July! You will also begin the month with a fanfare, borne aloft by the good vibes of June and determined to satisfy your considerable appetites! You can count on Venus and Jupiter to respond to your needs and desires especially to give you some great highlights! You will rely on your amazing personal magnetism to hit the right note and build on your success! Especially as the presence of the Sun in your sign will make you the star of the show, friend Cancer, inviting you to be daring and take your chance in your love-life and on all fronts. As for Mars, you can count on him to add spice to your exchanges with others and highlight your love-life! You won't be bored then during the first week, when you could be a hair's breadth away from an ideal and you won't hold back from enjoying the moment to the full!

A moment's reflection!
Only those born at the end of the 3rd decan (after 19th July) will have to put up with the return of Saturn, who will drag down their love-life until 18th September! There will be frustrations in your relationship and difficulties in making yourself heard and understood by your children, as well as an obligation to review your approach to love and commitment. You should take advantage of these overcast skies to examine the way you operate, friend Cancer, and learn lessons from the past. You will ultimately congratulate yourself on having broken with the conditioning that was leading you to repeat the same behaviour patterns (and affairs) again and again, so you can look to the future with greater awareness and a new maturity!

Storms threatening!
While the first week will spare (and spoil in some cases) everyone, you can expect the atmosphere to cool off a little in the following days! Mars will have whetted your desire to create sparks and rekindle the flame, and he could incite you to provoke your partner and raise controversial issues, which, if you don't manage to get your emotions under control, could degenerate into open conflict around mid-July, when head-on confrontation could occur. Your nerves on edge, leaving you unable to bear any upsets? The same with your other half! Try to tone things down and sweeten your mutual exchanges, so you don't adversely affect your communication, but end the month on a smooth rather than a furious note!

1st decan (21st June – 1st July): Safe from turbulence!
You won't really need to worry in July, when you will seem to be the only one dodging the flak. You will basically do all you can to achieve your objectives in your love-life and not be afraid to set the bar high! If you are in a relationship, June will have been everything you could hope for? You will continue on this wonderful trajectory in July, when you could expand your horizons and whisk your partner off on a romantic interlude! You will have the benefit of sharp intuition, which will enable you to second-guess and be one step ahead of your other half's desires …and fulfil them! If you are single, , if you haven't hit quite the right note in June, you will be able to surf along on prevailing currents in July and this will enliven your imagination, giving you a desire to push back the boundaries as far as possible! You will have excellent qualities for finding that special person, fulfilling his/her dreams and hopefully hanging on to him/her!

2nd decan (2nd – 12th July): Tensions?
At the beginning of the month, the Sun will highlight and encourage your enthusiasm! Felt jubilant in June? In July, the cosmos will face you with open conflict with your partner. It will be time to explain how you feel openly, and do all you can to shed light on the shadowy areas undermining your understanding and preventing you from having confidence in your relationship! If you are in a relationship, after a fairly pleasant first week, the skies will darken and a few hitches will be likely around the middle of the month! Try not to be aggressive with people. It will be better to open dialogue and keep it open than vent your aggression, with the risk of raising your partner's hackles and unleashing trench warfare! Say what you think clearly and let your other half have a chance to do the same! If you are single, June will have favoured encounters and falling in love! July will enable you to continue your trajectory, at least at the beginning of the month! Then, the climate will deteriorate. You won't tolerate very much or even anything at all, and your strained nerves could play you some ugly tricks. If you want to have calm and constructive exchanges with your other half, you should stop raising your voice or believing you are right about everything! If you give voice to your grievances (and let your other half do the same), you will succeed in finding (or rediscovering) common ground and communicating without reaching deadlock!

3rd decan (13th – 22nd July): Cloud-free skies for everyone … or almost!
June will have spoilt you and offered you new, exciting experiences. You will begin July on this excellent trajectory and the first few days of the month will offer you an opportunity to seal a relationship, have a magical encounter and make your love-life enchanting. The one shadow over the picture? The aftermath of Saturn, who will darken the horizons for those born at the end of the 3rd decan, who will be subjected to an obligation to develop their awareness and reflect on their behaviour in their love-life, or grapple with the reality of a love-life which will be rather depressing! If you are in a relationship, the skies will be cloud-free or everyone, along with the potential for revelling in your intimate relations with uplifting declarations and inspiring involvement! You will express your desires clearly and completely, enjoying an aura to which no-one will be indifferent, especially your other half! The only reservation? Beware from the 19th of a tendency to let yourself be caught up in worries about work, which could disturb your moods and therefore … your happiness! If you are single, you will have found your soul mate in June? If not, you could hit the right note at the beginning of this month. With your charisma to die for, you won't lack either the arguments to qualities for attracting and holding on to anyone you want! However, caution at the end of the month! You will be more irritable and your nerviness could cause disruption in your mutual exchanges. You have to admit, this would be a shame!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month that will get off to a good start, but one that it would be a good idea to handle with the greatest possible awareness from the 13th, if you want to avoid glitches and preserve your private life and the closeness you so need for fulfilment!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
Don't stint on the fundamental reflection you will need to carry out, especially if you are in a relationship, or are aspiring to a stable, long-term relationship. It will be about developing awareness without delay, to avoid repeating former behaviour patterns, which have worked against you and could still happen.


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