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Friday, January the 30th
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Love horoscope for February 2015 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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Love as an antidote?
In February, you will wonder where you are heading in your destiny and probably ask yourself many questions about the behaviour patterns you have a tendency to repeat, whether in your love-life, business matters or personal development. Questions about your approach to life may have been essential since the beginning of the year, friend Cancer, and should give answers by mid-March! You can fortunately count on Venus this month to raise the level of debate and try to identify what really inspires you where love is concerned. You will feel a need to move your relationship forward, aspiring to reach an ideal and feel fulfilled in a relationship, which will enable you to escape from an everyday life which will be somewhat dragged down by Saturn, who has been asking you (since December 2014) to roll up your sleeves and work away without complaint, without too many hopes of recognition at the moment!

Wanting more and better things!
If you ended last month still feeling something was missing or frustrated by a love-life which hadn't lived up to your expectations, you will cling on to your dream at the beginning of February (on the 1st) and try to realise this, involving your partner in particular in your plans, or making him/her aware of your rather exalted vision of the world and your relationship (on the 8th)! This will be heightened by the alliance between Mars and Venus until the 20th, which could add a more passionate note to your desires, friend Cancer, inflaming your imagination and ardours. So, while you will feel obliged to follow the rules and operate within a reality that will pile on the pressure at work, you will try to push back the boundaries in your love-life and experience emotions that will give you a lift, embellishing an existence that you will currently be leading under constraint!

Breaking with habit!
From the 18th, the Sun will take over and also invite you to broaden your horizons. Our daily star won't stop you from having to grapple with reality (on the 23rd) or having to cope with a certain amount of frustration, but you will mainly manage to end the month on a high note, friend Cancer. This will be thanks to your charm, which should have an effect on those around you, and your incredible popularity, which will probably easily enable you to obtain the support (and rewards) that Saturn has been holding in reserve since December (mainly those born in the 1st decan)!

1st decan (21st June – 1st July): Don't let yourself be worn down ... by Saturn!
Since the end of last December, Saturn has been weighing heavily over your everyday life and tugging at your (physical) resources! If you ended January on a rather frustrating note, you can count on Venus to give you inspiration and reconcile you with your aspirations in your love-life in February. If you are in a relationship, you will find it hard to reconcile duties and obligations with your relationship, which could bear the cost! Fortunately, Venus will help you this month to open the hatches and reconnect with desires that had been relegated to second place. So, make sure you don't sacrifice your relationship on the altar of your demands at work and take care of your appearance and relationships as well as your reputation! If you are single, your mind and heart will be elsewhere. You will be absorbed in burdens and responsibilities, which will start to weigh you down. You will escape this pressure in February by making sure you don't neglect your quest for an inspiring ideal! While the end of last month had dragged down the atmosphere somewhat, you will reconnect on 1st February with your aspiration to find that special person and will be borne along by your dreams. This will enable you to escape from an everyday routine that has become an obsession!

2nd decan (2nd – 12th July): Love as an ally!
The professional stakes will be considerable and you will have to face some upheavals between now and the end of March which could change the situation and shake up your relationships both at home and outside! If you are in a relationship, you will try to push back the boundaries in your working life, but also make sure in February that you are sharing your apprehensions as well as your hopes with your other half (on the 8th)! You won't be immune from upheavals and fundamental reviews, but with the probable support of Venus and Mars, you will succeed in reinforcing your closeness around an inspiring ideal, which you will want to share with your loved-one to enable you to look forward together ... in the same direction! If you are single, Up until the end of March, you will go through an area of turbulence, where your professional status could find itself the centre of debate! You will mobilise yourself to develop a project that will be dear to your heart, but also to try to find that special person, someone who would understand you and support you come hell or high water. In February? Why not?

3rd decan (13th – 22nd July): Demands!
Until the 20th, Venus and Mars will help you push back the boundaries as far as possible. In business matters ... and in your love-life in particular, you will aspire to spread your wings and experience some great moments, relatively at bay from (apart from tendencies in your personal chart) the challenges and setbacks currently facing the first two decans! If you are in a relationship, you will try to move your relationship forward in February by reinforcing your closeness around a shared vision, which will breathe new life into your relations. This togetherness will be exalted by a wave of passion that will lead you to rekindle the flame, but also to feed an ideal and do all you can to reach it ... together! If you are single, you definitely won't feel in February like being content with very little. You will be given a lift by the combined forces of Venus and Mars, and passion will appear to be on the agenda of a month when you will search for that special person, who can respond to your desires more effectively and in a better way, in a relationship that will be thrilling and exciting, enabling you to spread your wings and glide high above your everyday existence!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month for seeking that special person or moving your relationship forward without going for the easy option. A month for developing your dreams, but also for trying to realise them straightaway, so that you can brighten up a rather depressing everyday existence? It will be a particularly joyful means of escape and getting potential pressures into perspective, putting an end to constantly chewing over your future. There will therefore be dreams to cultivate, though without trying to avoid inevitable (and useful) confrontations with reality!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Fundamental questions about your ideals regarding your love-life will draw you towards unusual people, who could help you expand your horizons and have some breathtaking experiences!


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