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Tuesday, November the 24th
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Love horoscope for November 2015 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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A good start
The Sun will boost your libido and favour encounters and rekindling the flame, ensuring you of an irresistible charm, which you won't hesitate to use to play to the gallery and win over all and sundry. This will enable you to ensnare a few fully-consenting victims, especially during the first half of the month, when the heavens will endow you with every form of grace. You can count on Jupiter, who has been encouraging your communication skills and enabling you since mid-August to place people on your path ahead to retain your attention, friend Cancer, and be added, as you will, to your list of friends and loved-ones. You will basically have a sizeable ally to add to your address book.

Watch out for slip-ups on the family front
From the 8th, you will do all you can to improve your family life, forge closer relations with your other half, children or parents, and smooth things over, if conflicts arise or poison the atmosphere. You won't lack either the conviction or the tact to get your message across smoothly and thus get through the first half of the month, with support and in harmony with the rest of the world. Make the most of this happy period because from the 16th, the climate will turn and clouds will be in danger of gathering over your head. Watch out if you provoke your partner or pretend to be unaware of the signs (of discontent) that he/she is sending you. If tensions appear and recurring, underlying conflicts highly charge your mutual exchanges, try to open dialogue and keep it open, friend Cancer, rather than waiting for things to pass.

Take a step back over events and distance yourself from your emotions
You may be reproached for doing whatever you feel like and only acting in your own interests and desires. If you are irritated by these objections, you should examine them closely all the same. It could be that you are showing your need for independence or to manage your life as you wish very (or too) explicitly. Try to tone things down a notch, if you want to end the month without creating too many sparks. Between the 25th and 30th, the climate could deteriorate and you could feel all alone in the world. Too many responsibilities to take in hand, keeping things running smoothly at home and the weight of the entire world on your shoulders. Don't over-dramatise things, friend Cancer, and try to cope for the moment with setbacks and overwork that could be stopping you from realising your dreams. It won't actually be either the time or the place to take off, but rather to keep your feet on the ground and accept life's challenges.

1st decan (21st June – 1st July): Learning
Saturn will have a tendency to drag down your everyday existence and morale. While the first fortnight will enable you to bring your family closer together, you should guard against discouragement at the end of the month, as this could lead you to throw in the towel in the face of a demanding everyday existence.
If you are in a relationship, you will manage (on the 6th and 13th) to make the most of your creative flair to deal with an overload at work, which could clip your wings between the 25th and 30th, when you will have a tendency to look at everything on the dark side. To avoid feeling depressed, do what needs to be done by making sure you don't play the victim, but have no qualms about sorting out the essential and the superfluous.
If you are single, you will feel as if the entire world is in league against you at the end of the month? You will definitely have plenty of work to do and responsibilities to accept. The horizon will appear to be blocked, but this won't be the time to give in. Instead, you should make the most of the current situation to understand your mode of operating and try to preserve what is working and jettison anything that again and again drags you down.

2nd decan ( 2nd – 12th July): Finding a way rather than standing out from the crowd
Until the 16th, you will benefit from the prevailing currents that could give you a lift and why not to Nirvana. It will then be more complicated.
If you are in a relationship, make the most of a wonderful fortnight to rediscover the togetherness you had tended to forget recently, rekindling the flame and engaging in constructive dialogue with your partner. The second half of the month looks stormier. You will no longer manage to get your message across and could run the risk of displeasing your partner, if you don't appear to put his/her desires before yours.
If you are single, you should focus on the first half of the month to make an impression and hit the right note around the 6th, 11th and 13th, when you will basically be irresistible. From the 16th, try to find a way round things on the family front, rather than imposing on those close to you, who could take your initiatives the wrong way, judging them to be too personal. To avoid conflict (on the 21st and 23rd), don't add fuel to the fire, whatever you do, but give up your too obvious desires for freedom to rally support from those around you.

3rd decan (13th – 22nd July): Safe from harm
While the first two decans will have to deal with a climate of contrasts in November, you for your part will move forward under the protection of skies that will boost your love-life in the first week and promise you a smooth passage until the end of the month.
If you are in a relationship, you will develop some inspiring plans with your partner and both be looking in the same direction on the 6th. Your mutual exchanges will be passionate and there will be no danger of boredom at the beginning of the month (on the 3rd). You will escape the upheavals and squalls that will undermine the harmony of those born in the first two decans, going through the month protected by wonderful cosmic immunity.
If you are single, you will shine and win over all and sundry during a first week that will augur well for passionate emotions and exciting encounters. You will then go through the month at bay from the fray that will cast a shadow over the picture of those born in the first two decans.

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A mixed month. The first two weeks will be light-hearted and favourable to love's emotions and unexpected encounters filling you with delight, while the second two weeks will find you feeling gloomy and not inclined to make much effort to improve the situation. However, if you adapt and participate, you will manage to pull things off successfully in a game that won't fill you with enchantment, but it will enable you to grow as a person and gain in maturity, as long as you accept the need to act with awareness, rather than skirting over essential subject areas.

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
At the heart of this highly-charged spring, you should make the most of the first fortnight to establish your achievements or create new openings. The end of the month will be less cheerful and you will be more focused on yourself, your doubts and chronic anxiety, at the risk of letting your imagination take over, which with you is rarely a positive development

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