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Thursday, August the 21st
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Love horoscope for August 2014 for the sign of for Cancer

  Written by Daisy

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Light-heartedness, but not without depth!
Until mid-August, Venus is going to boost your charisma and seductive powers. You will begin the month on a high note and very much decided to make the most of your light-hearted mood to go for encounters, kindle the flame and enjoy yourself after a long period of stress caused by cosmic conflicts, which have been grumbling away above your head. Nothing will be completely resolved, friend Cancer, but you will be able to breathe more freely and basically want to live life to the full. Saturn will certainly continue to weigh over your love-life by forcing you to face fundamental issues, past and present limitations and the measures you need to take in awareness to be able to live more in line with your desires, but also your needs. This will be achieved by trying to overcome your fantasies about the perfect union and romantic love, to come down to earth and into the land of compromise, lucidity and commitments made after reflection.

It will be a hot summer!
Some of you will also have been hesitating since autumn 2012 to move on a stage, launch into adventure or be highly critical (or very reserved) of your relationships when sifting through them, and will find it hard to live spontaneously or let go! In August, you will be able to count on Venus to add warmth to the atmosphere and give you a boost. In addition, Mars, who has been disrupting your exchanges with your clan and those close to you since winter 2013, withdrew at the end of July to focus on your love-life, titillating your senses, boosting your libido and encouraging torrid impulses, exciting emotions and steamy nights! You won't hesitate to take the initiative and be daring! We can wager that that your boldness will be well received in August, friend Cancer. You will happily and passionately make the most of these cooperative skies to develop greater closeness (which has in some cases suffered from having to handle recurrent tension on all fronts: work, in intimate relationships, family and in some cases health) and rediscover your confidence in yourself (and your other half), which has been lacking in recent times and could have undermined your relationship.

Dialogue recommended at the end of the month!
Beware however of a more difficult end of the month, when your enthusiasm could be dampened by obstacles (related to the past?), doubts and disappointments, which you would do well to anticipate, friend Cancer. Do this by opening up discussions with your partner from the 15th, when Mercury will make constructive exchanges easier, enabling you to build bridges (around the 25th, 26th and 27th), rather than digging in your heels against your other half or backing him/her into a corner. This would be at the risk and perils of the relationship, which will be somewhat on the edge!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month to savour with appetite, a love of good things and light-heartedness you had tended to forget for quite a while! A slight snag at the end of the month, which will need to be handled with awareness, when resentments and aggravating subject areas will temporarily come to the fore! The only solution for moving on to the next stage without tension? Accept the need to ask yourself questions and not dig in your heels, thinking you are right about everything (and everyone)! A little flexibility and a burgeoning ego will help you overcome differences of opinion or timing between you and your other half!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Try not to make hasty judgements about your potential on the finance front this month. It will be essential to stick with reality before you launch into operations for moving your situation forward. This will ensure your success, even if you need to be armed with patience here!


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