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Thursday, April the 2nd
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When will we find happiness again
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The Age of Aquarius
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The Sign of Aries
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Horoscope for April 2015

It wouldn't be a good idea to drop your guard in April, when the aftermath of the storm will persist in keeping up the pressure over our heads and accentuating social and economic tension (especially at the beginning of the month), with a risk of offensives (or aggression) being launched on a national scale, but this can't be ruled out outside our borders either! It will be a situation that will sorely try our patience, but it should eventually put us on the right track for changing our behaviour patterns and eliminating or reinventing things, so we can push ahead without sacrificing any of our precious achievements! It will be a challenge between making progress towards awareness and preserving respect for our most cherished values, come hell or high water!

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