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Tuesday, October the 21st
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Love horoscope for October 2014 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Channelling your overflowing energy!
Your needs will change in October, friend Pisces, and whether this is an older or recent relationship, or you're still searching for your soul-mate, you can expect to see your desires transformed and quickly move on to a higher plane! Your reference points are going to change under pressure from skies which will be anything but half-hearted and this could force you out of your corner this month, expressing your thirst for pleasure and doing your utmost to enjoy the moment to the full, if possible in good company! Watch out, however, at the beginning of the month, for frustration which will dog you and could disrupt your exchanges with others, especially around the 4th, 7th, 8th and 11th, when you will find it hard to get to grips with a reality which will be quite harassing. It will curb your wild enthusiasm and appear to want to stop you from living your life as you want to (though this will be short-lived)!

On your way to seventh heaven!
You will be particularly adept in October at spicing up your everyday frolics (erotic ones?) and will exert your seductive powers voluptuously and with a certain success. You will hit the right note and make an impression, not merely stopping at the first level! Couples will rekindle the flame and return to the intensity of early days. You will all make the most of the smouldering atmosphere of the autumn to reconnect with pleasure and strong sensations (on the 14th and 20th), to the point of pushing against the limits (on the 11th?)! Some could make a priority of mobilising their efforts to improve their social standing, using their volcanic energy to convince others of their right to get their way and make them accept their demands (salary-related?), but your energy will find a way of expressing itself in a creative and eminently positive way!

Love for ever!
Whatever your demands, friend Pisces, they should be satisfied this month and you certainly won't go hungry! From the 23rd, you will be all aflame, aspiring to raise the level of debate and move your relationship forward to reflect your ideals. Couples will then look together in the same direction and seek means of broadening their horizons and moving on another stage towards happiness and togetherness. If you are single, you will want to find the one who will not only titillate your senses, but also respond to your search for a genuine and inspiring relationship, giving you a desire to excel and push back the boundaries. Look around carefully, because that rare pearl might not be far away!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month under high sensual pressure to be tackled gently, so you can end it on a high note in good company, or well on the way there!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Heightened desires will enable you to go beyond your usual reserve, which could surprise those around you. No room for false modesty. It will be up to you to accept yourself as you are in all simplicity!


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