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When will we find happiness again
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Love horoscope for April 2015 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Storms in the air!
Material problems and worries about things running smoothly which have arisen since last month will come up again for discussion in April and could well, friend Pisces, relegate your love-life to a secondary place in your concerns! Unless projects you have undertaken together, in the company of your soul mate, come into question in a situation derailing your finances and (or) putting you on notice to reinvent your future, taking the current chaotic circumstances into account. You can expect at the beginning of the month (especially between the 5th and 8th) to initiate debates and epic combats with people who won't always be very straightforward! Try as far as possible to smooth things over, if you don't want to compromise the dialogue between you and your partner, your friends and those around you, who won't appear to share your views, or at least will criticise them quite openly!

Too much pressure!
You could feel quite unsettled by pressures at work, where you will be more or less backed into a corner and won't always know where you stand in terms of imposing your presence or even saving the situation. It will be a month that won't spare you, friend Pisces, but you won't lower the flag so easily. While you will be able to count on Venus until the 11th to get your message across smoothly and try a consensual approach with your partner, you will also have to deal with Mars on the offensive (not to say on the attack), in some cases (on the 18th?) inciting you to rebel and in most cases, it won't be in your interests! Watch out for making unexpected slip-ups on the family front, where your exchanges with others could be compromised around the 15th and 19th, when communication will be poor and your confidence will be eroded!

A promising end to the month giving you a lift!
Whatever you do, don't let situations in your social life or at work influence and spill over into your love-life, if you want to preserve your former and more recent relationships, or hold on to your desire to lower your guard and search for that special person in April. If you manage to handle the wobbles, clashes and differences with as great awareness as possible, you will probably succeed in clearing the stormy, overcast skies to enjoy a better and brighter period, which will warm your heart and prove to be healing! Some great opportunities for improving your ordinary life by releasing the funds you were lacking to realise a dream and a rediscovered desire to look together in the same direction? Make the most, then, of this clement end to the month to reconnect with your forgotten closeness and put the things that are annoying aside (or resolve them), to make way for the happiness of loving and being loved … quite simply!

1st decan (19th – 28th February): Other priorities?
Saturn piling on the pressure at work and you're finding it hard to work off your stress and preserve your intimate relationship? If you are in a relationship, try not to fix on problem areas outside, which could end up undermining your relations with your partner, who will accuse you of neglect and forgetting your shared goals. To avoid misunderstandings (not to say incomprehension), it would be better to explain your anxieties (even if they are irrational) than remain silent and rattle the trust of your other half! If you are single, you will feel as if you are having to face considerable challenges in your working life and will be tempted to concentrate exclusively on defending your job. Take good care, then, that your priorities don't mask a different reality. Those around you could also reproach you for being away too often and living purely for your job. Watch out for fits of the sulks, which should peter out at the end of the month, whatever the situation, in the face of your persuasive arguments and your particular way of getting your message across smoothly!

2nd decan (1st – 10th March): Focus on the future!
Between your aspirations to realise a dream or bring an ideal to fruition, you will have to put up with controversy this month and it could be that some of your objectives will openly (or otherwise) come into question! If you are in a relationship, tensions will mount increasingly between the 5th and 8th, when your desire to rid yourself of certain burdens and obligations will make you feel rebellious and could upset the sensitivities (susceptibilities) of your other half. Try to gauge the impact of your words and actions, if you want to preserve your mutual understanding and enjoy rekindling your love at the end of the month, along with rediscovered closeness within your family and with your soul mate! If you are single, you will be fully prepared to defend your position in the face of colleagues who will contest your way of doing things and be waiting to pounce. If you are greatly worried by your future, you won't really be available for love until the 20th, when your desires will become important and you will recover your mojo. You can expect to have some great moments with those close to you, and why not make a few promising conquests around the 22nd and 26th, when spring returns … at last!

3rd decan (11th – 20th March): Safe from harm … or almost!
You will dodge the flak in April when you won't be able to lower your guard until the 20th, when spring will finally return for you and everyone else! If you are in a relationship, Venus will encourage you until the 11th to make dialogue, not to say consensus, a priority where there are problems! There can be no certainty that you will completely escape the threats from the heavens, even if you are relatively protected from the fray this month. A tendency to be stormy, with your plans being rather frustrated? Try to find solutions to get things going again and develop greater closeness within your family, rather than fanning the flames, which of course would be at your own risk and peril. If you are single, it will be external matters that get you moving as a priority in April and you should be able to pull things off successfully, as long as you manage to assert yourself without being drawn into arguments. At the end of the month, you will benefit from this cosmic respite to develop greater closeness on the family front and recharge your batteries in good company. And why not go off in search of your soul mate, something which you had relegated to second place recently!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month when you will be motivated by conflicts of interest and your vision of the future will seem rather compromised. Hang on in there and get things across smoothly, rather than forcing things, to end the month feeling reassured about what's coming and feeling certain of getting there in good company!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Problems elsewhere could undermine your good relations with your partner, who will accuse you of neglect and sidestepping the promises you agreed last month …Take the time to reacquaint yourself fully!


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