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Wednesday, July the 1st
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Love horoscope for July 2015 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Tropical forecast!
June will have opened doors and increased your opportunities to have a good time with your friends, those close to you and your colleagues! This summery and festive atmosphere, which you have largely been able to appreciate and has contributed to your morale and self-confidence, will be prolonged for an exciting first week in July! Whether you have just had an encounter (at work?) or are living the perfect romance with your loved-one, you will fully enjoy the moment on the 1st, especially when declarations of love and tenderness will be on the agenda of a very promising day! You should make the most unreservedly of your amazing charm, friend Pisces, to win over all and sundry, with the certainty of making an impression and hitting the right note on the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th. Then, your torrid personal magnetism and bubbling libido won't fail to arouse attention (and much more, if you find an affinity here) of the one who attracts you and you intend to entice into your net as soon as possible!

The climate deteriorating!
The second half of the month could be less gratifying and stir up a few resentments and conflicts, which could cast a shadow over this idyllic picture. Matters of financial concern could suddenly undermine your happiness. Communication won't be as good between you and your other half. Your children will cause you problems and tie your stomach in a knot. If you were born at the end of the 3rd decan (after 17th March), you will have to cope with the return of Saturn, who will have a tendency to dampen your enthusiasm and bring you back down to earth, whether you like it or not. This will be an almost unbearable position for any Pisces worthy of the name. You will be tempted to dig in your heels and try to live in the way you see fit, which will be tempting, but you will probably be forced to review your desires downwards and restrain your desire to rekindle (or kindle) the flame for the moment. Better then to accept the need to cope with frustration and learn lessons from the problems you come across, rather than ignoring them, if you eventually want to move your relationship in the right direction, re-evaluating and re-orientating your love-life in a positive way!

Lancing the boil!
Everyone (except maybe those born in the 1st decan, who will be rather spared from the summer's upheavals) will have to face areas of turbulence between the 13th and 19th, and around the 25th, which will frustrate your precious plans and could even set off confrontations between you and your loved-one. There will be adjustments to make and shadowy areas to clear up, probably to work out other people's intentions and bring the things left unvoiced or underlying tensions to the light of day. It will be good and useful to tackle these without getting worked up in July, in the hope that things will continue on a good note and a sound basis!

1st decan (19th – 28th February): On cloud nine!
You will definitely be the only ones in July not to be affected by the turbulent undercurrents that could create quite a stir for those born in the other two decans. Your love-life will bear you aloft and inspire you on the 8th and 13th in particular, when communication between you and your other half will be very satisfying! If you are in a relationship, communication will be good between you and your other half. Your desires will be orders and people will no doubt try to respond attentively on the 1st, 8th and 13th, when you will be surfing on the same vibes as your other half and may touch on an ideal that will definitely be within hand's reach, sorry … fin's reach! If you are single, June will have brought you love on a plate. If not, rely on the warm, voluptuous currents of July to cast your nets and capture whoever you please, allowing yourself the desire to enjoy a romance that will be everything you could hope for!

2nd decan (1st to 10th March): Everything reeling!
June has been rich in opportunities for love and enjoyment. You will continue on this wonderful trajectory during a first week that will fulfil your desires. You will then need to hold on tight to the rails, as a howling storm could somewhat (or greatly) derail your landing on firm ground. If you are in a relationship, you will begin this month on a high note, but it will lying in wait for for your love-life! Tensions, jealousy and conflicts of interest will seem inclined to cast something of a shadow over the picture and push you into speaking your mind. Try to calm things down, rather than finding yourself caught in an awkward situation by a partner who will probably force you to review your exciting plans downwards for the moment! If you are single, you will have made an impression in June and can count on fully enjoying the moment with your loved-one. Make the most of the first week in July to create sparks and encounters if you are still single. And after that? Be careful around the 15th, when communication won't be as good with your partner. Try to identify immediately what isn't right, if you want to go further without making concessions on what is essential and making a commitment with full awareness.

3rd decan (11th – 20th March): Tensions!
Just like the amazing month of June, July will start on a high note! There will be commitment on the cards and whispered sweet nothings to be hoped for during a promising first week of the month. And then? It gets a little more complicated! If you are in a relationship, Differences of viewpoint on the essential (financial matters and your vision of the future) could create trouble within your relationship between the 13th and 19th, and around the 25th, when tensions will mount, the temperature will rise and you could be facing clashes. If you want to avoid the storm breaking and compromising your happiness, you should dig more deeply into annoying subjects and take a clear stance on all fronts, but please avoid fanning the flames! If you are single, June will have been incredible and the beginning of July promises to be fulfilling on many fronts! Be careful of the tidal waves that could upset your love-life and lead you to doubt your other half and the validity of your choices. Try as far as possible to not to mix your love-life with money matters, and don't make too many compromises that you could soon regret. Identify your needs and those of your other half. This fundamental analysis could avoid certain annoying misunderstandings!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
July will start on a high note. After a first harmonious week, magnificent for some, the climate is going to deteriorate and you won't be at bay from conflicts that could undermine your wonderful mutual understanding. To avoid tensions building and ultimately casting a shadow over your future prospects, try to look more deeply into aggravating areas without lighting the blue touch-paper! Quite a difficult exercise, but far from impossible!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
Try to stop seeking power over your other half. It will be up to you to identify your own motivations to decide how you are going to behave, and above all, why! A more rational approach and you will avoid these tendencies!


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