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Tuesday, October the 6th
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Love horoscope for October 2015 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Your relationship a priority!
Since mid-August, Jupiter has been resident in the area of your chart devoted to relationships. This warm-hearted planet will encourage you to celebrate relationships, connect with your other half, make a commitment or pull out (if the relationship is no longer working and you agree on this with your partner) amicably, but in awareness. In October, you will make the most of this considerable support to improve your love-life, restore colour to your relationship or launch into the adventures of communal living. While you can effectively rely on Jupiter to serve your cause in your love-life, you will also be able to benefit from a celestial armada that will reinforce your powers of attraction and achievement. You will also be able to count on reinforcement by Mars throughout the month and from Venus (from the 8th) to regain confidence in yourself, friend Pisces, and your ability to love and be loved in return.

Excellent assets in October for everyone …
Some (especially those born in the 2nd decan), will have the benefit of an ideal springboard to broaden their horizons, open up the future and do all they can to share their dreams, expectations and projects with the one who has been part of their life for a long or a short time, or one who is about to make an entrance. You can expect, especially around the 11th and 25th, to find that special person, conclude agreements in your love-life and join together for the better, in order to start on a new phase in your life in very good company. To achieve your aims and favour your fulfilment in your love-life and relationship, you will have tried and tested determination to succeed in your delightful enterprises, along with an exceptional ability to start listening to your other half's needs and desires. These qualities will enable you to hit the right note, friend Pisces, and build on good foundations. Respect, consideration and the highest dimensions of your heart will help you channel your emotions, which don't always given you good advice on this subject!

Or almost!
While the cosmos will offer you a royal way in October to break with your solitude, or forge greater closeness around your rediscovered, exalted togetherness, you won't all necessarily be invited to take advantage of the goodwill of the heavens! Those born in the 1st decan will have to be content with less! Since mid-September, Saturn will have been exerting pressure at work and in their social life, putting a distance between them and any festivities. Heavy responsibilities, additional burdens and challenges to be taken up will probably detract from your freedom of thought and likely hold you over a barrel! Sometimes feeling rejected and neglected, and that nobody listens to you? However, you should avoid seeing yourself as a victim! Try to face up to things without being melodramatic. Don't take criticism and trials and tribulations personally, but wait till the end of the month, friend Pisces, to break the relative deadlock and take your life in hand again. Between now and the end of December, you will have been through the worst. So, in October, try not to dig in your heels against anyone and adapt without rebellion, forcing yourself to learn lessons from this difficult period, which will enable you to bounce back with awareness, all the stronger!

1st decan (19th – 28th February): Your mind elsewhere!
Saturn causing you problems since mid-September? Having to face challenges to take up and trials to get through in your social life or at work? You can't be certain of having the mind-set or heart for love or giving time to your other half. If you are in a relationship, you will definitely be motivated in your work and have to face difficulties that will prevent you from enjoying the present moment. To avoid poisoning your exchanges with the one you love, try at first to get your concerns into perspective and secondly, to avoid taking it out on those around you. Better to get down to the task and wait patiently for the skies to clear (at the end of the month)! If you are single, and Jupiter has been spoiling you this summer, you won't much appreciate this rather gloomy autumn month. Too much work, too many responsibilities, and the impression you need to give up life's pleasures to face the challenges thrown at you in your working life. Try as far as possible not to cut yourself off from the world and in particular, not feel resentful towards others who will temporarily be happier than you. You would only attract further problems and find yourself alone in your private hell!

2nd decan (1st – 10th March): Wonderful horizons in your love-life!
Jupiter will offer you some wonderful opportunities to improve your love-life and turn a corner towards better things. If you are in a relationship, you will have an aspiration to rekindle the flame and make the most of the good vibes to rediscover the togetherness of earlier days, or decide, if you feel your relationship has done its time, to separate on good terms. If you are single, you could find that special person this month, one who will give you a desire to commit straightaway. A golden month for declaring your feelings or launching into adventure with every chance it will last!

You will increase your initiatives up till the 8th to make your exchanges with others and those close to you more harmonious. At the end of the month, Venus and Mars will help you move on a stage and establish intense relationships with your other half. If you are in a relationship, you will get moving until the 8th to smooth things over on the family front, keep things calm and get your message across clearly. At the end of the month, you can expect your love-life to recover its mojo! If you are single, you will work away at the beginning of the month to make sure peace reigns around you. The temperature will rise at the end of the month and your amorous desires will take precedence over your hunger for peace and quiet. It will then be time to speak your mind and get moving to exert your seductive powers unreservedly, and probably successfully, benefitting from an intense cosmic situation to rise again from the ashes!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month offering you numerous opportunities to help your love-life take off. Make the most of this without hesitation, to improve the quality of your exchanges with others in general, but especially in your love-life. If you were born in the 1st decan, in order to get through the predictable upheavals without too many problems, try to understand why you are currently going through low spots, in order to use this understanding to gain in maturity … and bounce back!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Listen to your inner voice, natural emotions and spontaneous reactions to move your love-life in the right direction. Your major asset will more than ever be your emotional receptiveness to your other half!


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