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Friday, January the 30th
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Love horoscope for February 2015 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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On your way back up!
The end of January will probably have brought its frustrations, whether at work or in your personal life. While you may feel disillusioned, you will still have the opportunity to re-establish an ideal at the very beginning of the month, when your dreams and hopes will return to the spotlight and reconnect you with a world which will seem attractive and inspiring. Whether it's a case of encounters or a different perception of love, you will evolve in a world that should reconcile you with love, friend Pisces, and help you to be less dramatic about things, not to say forget your recent setbacks! Until the 20th, you can count on the dynamic duo of Venus and Mars to increase your powers of attraction and keep you under the spotlight. You won't go unnoticed and will probably have no desire whatsoever to melt into the background or be a wallflower!

Love as an asset!
You will increase your charm offensives and could hit just the right note and make an impression, in spite of a wintry Sun and being obsessed by worries and questions left hanging (at work), which for the moment remain unanswered. You will suffer from a tendency to chew things over and be fearful about the future, friend Pisces, but your qualms shouldn't really stem your appetite for life, which will force you out of your corner to rekindle the flame, or kindle it in anyone you want! And we can bet that you won't want to be content with very little!

To face upheavals!
From the 18th, the Sun will stick his oar in and consolidate this burgeoning trend. The questions obsessing you will have found an answer and you will emerge from your fallback position (in relative terms) to assert your determination to occupy your rightful place in all respects! You won't lack either the arguments or talents for asserting your right to love and be loved, and to obtain your hoped-for recognition both at work and at home! You won't be afraid to ask for a lot and make use of your torrid personal magnetism, which should have an effect on achieving your goals, friend Pisces, and fulfilling your quest, as well as your urgent need to live passionately. However, you should beware (especially those born in the 1st decan) of creating too many sparks at the end of the month (on the 23rd), if you don't want to be reproached or for people to try to put you in a place that you feel isn't yours any more!

1st decan (19th – 28th February): Obsessed by work!
Saturn is forcing you to face work-related responsibilities that are worrying you and getting you down, giving you doubts about everything and yourself most of all. While the end of January will have left a sour taste in your mouth, you will have an opportunity in February to recover from this and reconnect with your dreams! If you are in a relationship, had a rough time at the end of January? From 1st February, your hopes will regain their rightful place and despite being haunted by worries at work, you will do your utmost to find answers that will confirm your rights and achievements, enabling you to preserve your private life, which could be suffering from the probable repeated challenges you will have to face at work! If you are single, your head and heart will be elsewhere. The end of January clipped your wings and gnawed away at your self-confidence? You won't delay in regaining your desire to win people over, especially once the debates resume at work, enabling you to see your future prospects more clearly! However, you will still find it difficult to let go completely and devote yourself to your love-life without a backward glance!

2nd decan (1st – 10th March): Fearing nothing!
The Sun will be in a sulk until the 18th, but you will be able to count on Mars and Venus to compensate for your potential lack of energy, pushing you forward and probably propelling you into conquests! If you are in a relationship, you will be undergoing the effects of the square aspect between Pluto and Uranus, which has been baiting you since June 2012, with a tendency to overturn your certainties and urging you to explore other resources and head your destiny more in accordance with your needs and deepest desires! However, you will have no fears in February and will basically try to understand what you need to change and awaken together, in order to have a hope of responding fully to your thirst for life, and loving and being loved! If you are single, there will be no question of sleeping your way through February or hibernating. Your obvious sensuality and desire to track down your soul mate will enable you to give (or restore) some sense to your life and will respond to your quest for a different life that has been an obsession with you for quite some time (since 2012?)!

3rd decan (11th – 20th March): Love as a bulwark ... and master!
Until the 20th, you will enjoy the aphrodisiac influences exuded by the dynamic duo of Venus and Mars, who will boost your libido and urge you to be daring, excel and demand all kinds of sensual gratification, helping to compensate for a certain tendency to chew things over and go back over the past! If you are in a relationship, you will do your utmost to awaken the ardours of your partner who shouldn't really need asking to share some powerful moments and steamy frolics with you. This will be a good way to avoid dwelling laboriously on regrets and past pressures, which love and unbridled sensuality will help you get into perspective without too much difficulty! If you are single, you will want to have it all and if possible, have it now! However, you will have to reckon with a need to go back over the past to learn its lessons, but this will no way stop you from launching into adventure and abandoning yourself delightfully and quite successfully to the dizzying spiral of love!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
You will want to have it all in February, but should channel your desires to a certain extent and think about the way to go about it, so that your assets don't end up being turned round against you!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Your hopes will be reborn and give you renewed boldness during this time. You will be able to access a world that will reconcile you with life's pleasures, which will be ideal for boosting your self-confidence and laying the cornerstone of your plans.


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