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Monday, December the 22nd
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Love horoscope for December 2014 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Shining in company!
You will expend more energy in December improving your status at work than enriching your love-life, which could temporarily be relegated to second place! Mars will be pushing you to open up the future and use your authority to impose your plans. Venus will endow you with formidable charm, or at least until the 10th, but you will more willingly use this to boost your popularity on the social scene, friend Pisces, than entertain the idea of romance! A desire to put on a show and rally support for your noble cause and your interests, in particular? You won't lack either the boldness or assets for coaxing those around you, who won't put up resistance for very long! You will probably be offered a job that will tempt you or have your eyes on a promotion that will require you to flatter those above you or double your efforts to show goodwill! Gentle strategies, support behind the scenes and an infallible flair will help you shine and carry things off, though maybe to the detriment of your affections, which, if not relegated to total oblivion, will have to be content with playing second fiddle in December!

The future in your line of sight!
From the 10th, however, Venus will bring your dreams back on to the agenda and should enable you to reconnect with the closeness you have tended to forget. Whether in your friendships or your love-life, you will want to recreate the world together, but in line with your own ideas, giving full rein to your dreams. You should be able to realise these around the 14th, when you will feel at one with the world around you, friend Pisces, and tuned into a subtle (and sentimental) dimension, which will help you touch the hearts of those who are important to you! Beware however, during this period halfway through the month, of the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto, who have been amusing themselves (at our expense) by fanning the flames and creating trouble for us and the whole of society since summer 2012!

Looking after your private life!
You can expect to see a question mark hanging over one of your plans. You could be afraid of losing what you have gained or having to give up on some tempting prospects. Try to find a way round the difficulties that appear (an unexpected situation turned on you?) and don't dig in your heels against anyone in any situation, especially with your friends or partner, who could take the rap for your disappointment (on the 20th)! You're going to have to get used to accepting the situation and fight to hold on to your place, because from the 23rd, Saturn, who has been leading you slowly but surely towards the heights since autumn 2012, is going to move into the area of your chart devoted to your status at work. He could in one way or another bring it into question and (or) test your resistance and aptitude, friend Pisces, for taking up the challenge! However, the end of December will give you a chance to end the month and the year smoothly, with your eyes riveted on the future and in harmony with your other half (or others); in other words looking in the same direction as your loved-one, who will appreciate being paid some attention!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
Not really concerned with love in December? However, don't neglect your love-life or your friends, whom you will need to cherish you and reassure you, when you have doubts and have to fight to hold on to your position, which won't necessarily be under threat, but it could be contested! A lot being asked of you at work? Be prepared to forge that closeness at home, so that you will soon be able to recharge your batteries in good company!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
An authority more powerful than you will enable you to get your plans through and give them official approval. The stars will endow you with stronger charisma, which will be ideal for the progress of your social life. Hope you are listening!


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