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Saturday, May the 23rd
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Love horoscope for May 2015 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Troubled waters?
Your private universe and exchanges with those close to you will be important in May! You will need to understand and look more deeply into the subjects that come up and this won't necessarily put you in a good mood! An atmosphere of dishonesty or quite simple things left unvoiced could therefore cause you irritation, friend Pisces, and poison a dialogue that it would still be in your interests to keep open, if you want to shed light on the grey areas that you can sense (and maybe subconsciously are maintaining) with a clearer vision of what is awaiting you! However, don't bank on truly getting out of fundamental deliberations, which may not end until July and could find themselves seriously held back from the 19th, when whatever you do or try, you will be up against a brick wall.

Keep your cool!
No point in rebelling, then. The debate won't really get going again until June (from the 11th), so try to be patient and use this interlude to make the most of your strengths (charm among others), which could earn you great success, and why not a few moments shared with those you love, or a new conquest, or your loved-one, as long as he/she isn't the one setting you on edge! Try to reduce the pressure, especially around the 15th and 23rd, when any attempts to force the issue could be turned round against you. This will also apply on the 25th, when conflicts of interest and differences of opinion concerning your budget (or your other half's deficiencies in this area) could light the blue touch-paper at home, friend Pisces, and give you a desire to rebel, not to say break up a process that has run its course and no longer fits in with your hopes and expectations!

Don't rush things!
You will therefore have great difficulty in doing what you want in May and will fume at having to spend your time and energy defending yourself against injustice or pleading your case in the face of relations or your partner, who won't agree on anything or will use roundabout means to get what they want. You will have to fight to unmask the more ambiguous strategies of your other half to rally your support, mostly against your will and above all against your stated intentions! Make sure you don't use ploys of your own or play a double game, if you ultimately want to pull things off victoriously here, friend Pisces, or at least without coming off worst! Wait until June to be able to see more clearly and take the necessary decisions in full awareness of what you are doing!

1st decan (19th - 28th February): Grey skies and troubled waters!
Saturn won't really add warmth to your exchanges with your other half, or others in general! You will feel you have to fight to defend your achievements on all fronts. There will probably be some truth here with regard to taking up the challenge without casting a shadow over the picture, so take a step back over everything and everyone before you take action! If you are in a relationship, you won't manage to communicate clearly with your partner and will feel quite exhausted in your attempts to face up to things at work and at home, where you will feel you have no support and in some cases, even feel let down or betrayed. Try not to make a drama out of things in May, when your exchanges with others will founder and important decisions will have to be postponed until later (in June)! In the meantime, don't despair, but play on your irresistible charm between the 7th and 17th, when it should be very effective (on the 16th?)! If you are single, pressures at work and family conflicts? The cup will overflow and you will have had more than enough of swimming against the tide? However, this is what will be awaiting you in May, when you will often paddle through troubled waters and will need to be wary of what is said or done to you! However, your powers of attraction will be no less intact and could even enable you to hit the right note and make an impression (on the 16th?)!

2nd decan (1st – 10th March): Rather overwhelmed by events?
You will probably feel somewhat on edge in May, when your everyday life with its many tasks and additional responsibilities will wear you out both at work and at home! If you are in a relationship, you won't lose sight of your long-term objectives, but will probably struggle to cope with all kinds of burdens that will be overwhelming and leave you very little margin for manoeuvre. Make the most of your irresistible charm (between the 17th and the 26th) to raise your head above the water and maybe lessen the current conflicts setting your love-life against your interests (on the 22nd and 25th)! If you are worried that an awkward situation could degenerate, don't rush anything, but wait for June to raise the level of debate! If you are single, you would like to devote your time to chasing love-interests and making conquests? However, despite your ardent desires and amazing charm, you will be considerably held back by having to manage your affairs very closely and the (financial) tension causing you exasperation. Make sure you don't mix your love-life with business, or your affections with money matters in May, when the situation will be beyond you (on the 22nd and 25th), if you lose sight of the fact that not everyone is as disinterested as you!

3rd decan (11th – 20th March: Calmer seas!
You should be able to dodge the flak (apart from tendencies in your personal chart of course) during this inclement month, which will reserve a few brighter periods just for you! There will be no hope of bright sunshine during a month when you will be at bay from great storms, but not necessarily from their aftermath, which could lessen your desires, if not your charms! If you are in a relationship, communication will be the name of the day between the 10th and the 21st, when it will be in your interests to be clear about your intentions and desires! You can't be sure your other half will respond spontaneously, so you will use your powers of attraction to rally support at work or by looking elsewhere! If you are in a relationship, you will probably feel the pace of work is speeding up and that opportunities are within your grasp! Rely on your charm (though don't overdo it) to obtain what you want and why not make an impression! This will reassure you about your effectiveness and prepare you (from the 26th) for casting your nets?

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month of confusion, when you will sometimes feel your other half is trying to have it both ways. And you're a fish who should feel at home in any kind of water! However, you are more at home in clear waters than troubled ones! So, to avoid any potential trap, stay on your guard, buff up your scales, and don't make any rushed decisions!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
If you resist the desire to enliven reality by being secretive where your partner is concerned, you will get through the month without any major obstruction. Beware of this tendency, which will push you into fleeing from certain elements of reality!


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