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Friday, September the 4th
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Love horoscope for September 2015 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Your relationship … under review!
Since mid-august, Jupiter will have been resident in the area of your chart devoted to relationships! You will therefore have a valuable asset between now and summer 2016 for looking into things and developing greater closeness, making a commitment, or separating (amicably) if you feel your relationship has run its course and is unlikely to last. Under Jupiter's guidance, you will aspire to broaden your horizons and breathe fresh life into your relationship, or make a romance official if it enables you to look forward to the future with optimism. There will be no question of establishing a relationship that ties you down, friend Pisces, but it will be about launching yourselves together along the path of life! In September, however, a rather complex cosmic situation is likely to cast something of a shadow over your prospects. So, if you have a natural tendency to see life on the bright side, you should take care this month not to lose your sense of reality completely.

Watching out for traps!
A climate of general confusion could create a rather vague landscape, distorting your view of the world and ytour other half. Be very careful, then (mainly those born in the 1st decan) not to invest your energy in a love-affair that inspires you but doesn't really sound out your heart in a profound way! You will be quite vulnerable, friend Pisces, and inclined to lull yourself with sweet dreams, which could quickly (not to say straightaway) founder, especially at the beginning of the month and around the 17th, when the coach could turn back into a pumpkin and your fantasies into disillusion! Expect to keep your feet on the ground (next month) to study the nature of your emotions and the promises you may have been made. You won't really feel inclined to think lucidly in September and will therefore be in danger of losing your way and then regretting it, if you launch into adventure without a safety net!

Wait and see!
You can fortunately count on Venus (especially if you were born in the 2nd decan) to smooth things over and get your message across smoothly. Since the beginning of June, this delightful planet has been making life easier for you, whispering good ideas and some good ways, friend Pisces, of improving your everyday life! Some will use this charming fuel to pamper those around them or maintain a promising relationship with a work colleague or simply fully enjoy the moment, dodging the flak of a rather nebulous end-of-holiday period. Those born in the 3rd decan will benefit from these good vibes from the 24th, but those born under this sign as a whole will feel concern throughout the month for their relationships with their other half and others in general! You will therefore need to listen as far as possible to your other half, in order to determine whether your relationship is heading in the right direction or not!

1st decan (19th – 28th February): Through the mists!
You will have difficulty in escaping the confusion reigning over your mind (and everywhere else) during this end-of-holiday period, when you will need to be wary of everything, even your own shadow! You will be vulnerable to optical illusions and would do well to put all your efforts into banishing these, rather than trying to maintain an atmosphere of illusion, which could only ultimately harm your relationship with your other half and other in general! If you are in a relationship, try to look at what is happening in your relationship … in the face! If you try in September to ignore the information you find awkward, you will soon be caught up by reality and probably disappointed in your other half or the relationship! To get through a month when your credulity will be heightened without too many glitches, try above all to avoid making decisions that you could quickly regret! If you are single, , don't try to embellish reality at all costs! In September, you will be particularly keen to dream and float on air, but you could fall from on high if you decide that in the end, your fantasies don't have anything to do with reality. To avoid coming undone on the way, it would be better not to take off without a safety net!

2nd decan (1st – 10th March): Fully enjoying the present moment!
You should be able to dodge the flak and a vid the traps of a rather nebulous end-of-holiday period. You can count on Mars and Venus to preserve harmony within your relationship! If you are in a relationship, you won't know what to do to please your other half and will double your efforts and charisma to surprise him/her and create a party atmosphere. You will succeed in doing so with too many problems around the 8th and the 23rd, when you will be beyond compare for enchanting your everyday life and avoiding your relationship going to sleep! If you are single, if you have someone in your sights (at work), you will play on your amazing charm to attract and retain his/her attention. You will basically be irresistible around the 8th and the 23rd, when your originality will be surprising … and go down well!

3rd decan (11th – 20th March): A busy end to the holidays!
Saturn will cease casting a shadow over the horizons of those born at the end of the decan from the 18th! Phew! Most of those born in this decan will be focused on their working life, but they will get moving to develop the relationships that are important, and (or) win over their other half by purposely listening to his/her concerns! If you are in a relationship, you would do well between the 13th and the 23rd to devote yourself to improving you're your exchanges with your other half, who will demand all your attention! From the 24th, Venus will enable you to improve your everyday life, smooth things over on the family front and increase your number of initiatives to preserve (or restore) harmony at home! If you are single, You will need to keep things running smoothly on the home front and at work in September, which will keep you completely busy. However, you would do well to take your other half and his/her into account between the 13th and 23rd, as well as from the 24th, when Venus will encourage you to get your message across smoothly and win over anyone passing through!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A difficult month to handle for those born in the 1st decan, who are going to have to deal with a nebulous atmosphere, when appearances will often be deceptive. It will be up to you to keep your feet on the ground (a difficult exercise for a fish!), even if that means falling off your own little cloud. It would actually be better to come down a notch … than fall from on high in September. So, in order to preserve what is really important to you without telling yourself stories, you should accept the need to see reality without blinking!

If you are in the southern hemisphere:
There will be doubts that can't be swept aside with a stroke of the hand this month in particular. You will need time to see things clearly, especially within yourself and among your desires, so you can identify them more precisely and move forward with a clearer vision.


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