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Tuesday, July the 29th
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Love horoscope for August 2014 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Things looking good despite the changeable skies !
You will find it hard to get away completely from a demanding everyday existence, which will seem to want to keep your nose to the grind, friend Pisces! The Sun will boost and protect your activities on all fronts, favouring your promotion, recognition or establishment of an activity (last month around 24th July), which requires your full involvement! Unless you've been taking advantage of great moments with your partner, been tempted by an encounter, or spent time improving your everyday life to keep your loved-one happy! Until the 12th, a sensual and tender-hearted Venus will ensure you of some excellent moments (whatever the scenario) in good company, and if you are still in search of your soul mate, love will encourage you to get out and do all you can to attract someone whom you would like and wish to seduce!

A few spanners in the wheel?
The August skies look as if they will be difficult to manage, however, and cosmic upheavals could compromise your wonderful serenity and undermine (or at least a little) your ability to be fired up, create sparks and radiate all round! Setbacks, barriers and apprehension will effectively disrupt your skies ahead, friend Pisces, and prevent you from abandoning yourself totally to the dizzying spiral of love. Your vision of the future will be darkened by measures which won't concern you directly, but they could slow down your upward progress. Saturn has been encouraging you since October 2012 to factor in the goals which are important to you in the long term and push back some of your former boundaries to achieve an ideal in life, a mission or plan that inspires you.

Good and not so good!
This month, you can expect to have to slow down, for better or worse, especially around the 9th, when in spite of your need for fantasy, you will have to deal with burdens or responsibilities which will keep you grounded, and at the end of the month (between the 25th and 27th), resistance and pressure, which will clip your wings (temporarily). However, this will probably make you aware of your priorities and a sector (your love-life) which requires reinvestment, to try to add (restore) some balance to your life! There will be a high spot around the 18th, when the combined forces of Jupiter and Venus could add warmth to your relationship and give you some wonderful opportunities for a romantic interlude or for finding your soul mate. Whatever the circumstances, this will involve living life to the full!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A mixed bag this month for everyone and a rather frustrating one for you? However, you will easily manage to pull things off in your love-life by surfing along on your heightened sensuality to live your desires, feel fulfilled and forget the tension around you!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
You will be asked to make considerable efforts in your working life this month. This could lead to feelings of frustration and a lack of recognition, which could be reflected in your personal life. Your partner will not be responsible for this in any way, so don't forget that!


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