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Tuesday, September the 23rd
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Love horoscope for September 2014 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Seeking togetherness!
A month under the sign of dialogue? You certainly won't want to go it alone (any longer) and could well attract the one who will be receptive and listen to you emphatically and even admiringly in September! Until the 23rd, the Sun is going to highlight relationships and urge you to take a step towards your other half, friend Pisces, cultivating your relationship so that it grows and gets better and better. From the 5th, Venus is going to consolidate this excellent trend, adding a more sensual note and in some cases, a more passionate one! But you won't lose sight of your long-term ambitions!

The future in your line of sight!
It will be a case of laying down the foundations for building your future over the long term. You won't be tempted by one-night stands or short-lived romances. You will seek to give a solid foundation to your exchanges with others for the long term and develop (improve) a relationship in tune with your deeper hopes and expectations. Since 2008, you've been searching for a lifelong project which will inspire you, friend Pisces, and enable you to bring an ideal to fruition. Pluto will tell you which direction to take, but not always the details about how you can achieve your goal. You can count on Saturn, who has been trying since autumn 2012 to give you a framework and identify the ground, on which you will be able to build solid foundations and realise your dreams!

Distracted by issues at work?
You will be hard at it until the 13th! Mars will encourage you to take off (and travel?), take your loved-one on a romantic interlude, or defend your point of view with determination! Your loved-one will follow you wherever you want, thanks to all the zeal and ardour you will put in to convince him/her that you are the one who's got it right; and that you are the right person who can be counted on today and tomorrow, to forge a path in the right direction and benefit from the support and love to which he/she aspires! You will therefore be prepared in September to be over-zealous and demonstrate your affection to your partner. However, you could also have to put in a presence at work, where your cooperation will be very much in demand, friend Pisces. Opportunities to be seized and a chance to stand out from the crowd? You won't really hesitate to accentuate your distinctive qualities and opt for innovation, even though your options will force you to relax your stranglehold at home to devote your time to your professional ambitions!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month for developing togetherness, rekindling the flame and getting closer to your other half, whatever the issue. Whether this relates to an old, current or future relationship, you will have plenty of assets in September for capturing your other half's attention in September and holding on to it at will, to head your love-life in the direction you want!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Your situation at work is going to develop rapidly and suddenly this month. This will be the moment to sharpen your claws and reveal your talents in full. Aiming high isn't just for the elite!


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