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Wednesday, July the 23rd
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Love horoscope for July 2014 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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b> Love will be the priority!
Until 22nd July, the Sun will open up the way in your love-life and involve you in living life to the full. Taking a break (if not a naughty one) will be out of the question. Instead, you will need to open your eyes (and your heart), and start listening to a cosmos, which will basically be totally (or almost) devoted to your cause! You can count on our daily star to boost your charisma and libido, friend Pisces, and hasten you into a whirlwind of strong sensations and emotions, for you to discover and experience without further ado. On the 16th, Jupiter will leave the area of your chart devoted to fulfilment in your love-life, but not without first shining his final rays of promise!

Coming full-circle with a flourish!
Since June 2013, the planet of generosity has no doubt enabled you to make a few conquests, extend your family, develop some good plans or meet your soul mate, but he has also had to contend with some considerable obstacles on his path. We can bet, then, that you will still be feeling somewhat hungry! In July, you will have opportunities to assuage this hunger with promising things to come. In addition, while the Sun will favour your achieving happiness until the 22nd, Venus will take over in sensual terms from the 18th and the party will continue with a flourish! It will be a time to take a break with monotony, daring to come out of your shell and comfort zone, friend Pisces, and why not, win over all and sundry, and launch into adventure!

And remain on red alert Passion!
Some will be absorbed from the end of May by family affairs (negotiations with close relatives, moving house, buying or selling a house, small differences of opinion about handling property or an inheritance). From 1st July, communication will be re-established and flow more easily, ending in a happy agreement before the 31st, and in some cases decisions involving the future (decision to live together, for example)! A month to be savoured, then, without reserve or qualms, friend Pisces, but particularly with curiosity and appetite. A month which could have some wonderful surprises in store, especially around the 24th, when your dreams could become reality!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A torrid month filled with promise waiting around the corner and you can bet that you will know how to negotiate this with a flourish. Your main trump card? Your confidence in your ability to win people over, to love and be loved! Cultivate this! It could pay off in a big way!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
The influence of Mars will have a positive effect on the way you deal with conflict in your social and professional life. Your intuition will hit the right note for supporting and improving the relationships which could enable you to achieve your ambitions!


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