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Friday, February the 27th
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Love horoscope for March 2015 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Other priorities!
The Sun will be in your sign until 20th March, endowing you with unfailing energy for tackling and getting through a month that could bring you a few challenges and some powerful emotions you will need to try to channel, so that they serve your purpose rather than sending you into a tailspin! In fact, this promises to be a turbulent March for everyone and should present you personally, friend Pisces, with all kinds of opportunities to distinguish yourself at work in particular, which will be the source of your main motivation. Great changes will be on the cards, with opportunities to achieve the impossible, but your plans could also be rather (or very) disrupted and you could need to adapt your vision of the future in line with circumstances and unexpected happenings, which could temporarily be very unsettling!

Love can wait!
A period when it will be totally in your interest to hold tight to the rails, so you can adapt to the rather disruptive currents that will momentarily deprive you of the security that is important to you! However, you will have to accept the need to ask yourself some fundamental questions so that you can ultimately start anew and forge ahead! And where will love be in all this? It won't be an issue in March, when your attention will basically be focused on the great fundamental events rocking society and probably affecting the atmosphere at work, maybe including the structure of your business! You will therefore fight harder to get what you want and defend your interests, friend Pisces, rather than to conquer the heart of the one you may fancy (but whom you won't really have time to court), or satisfy your loved-one, who will have to accept being relegated to second place for the moment!

Preparing for the future!
From the 11th, however, Venus will move into the area of your chart devoted to communication and exchanges with others. We can bet that you will use your indisputable charm to rally support, make an impression on hearts and minds and get your message across smoothly. However, even though you will be fighting to access an ideal and preserve a quality of life that is important to you, you will be above all determined not to give in too easily and will get mobilised to make the future more or less respond to your desires. So love can wait? Not for long, but long enough for you to use your fierce determination to smooth the path ahead, so that you will soon be able to benefit from a clear run to express your desire to love unreservedly in complete intimacy, friend Pisces, without your mind and heart being elsewhere!

1st decan (19th – 28th February): Saturn will give you food for thought!
Saturn has had a tendency to put the brakes on your enthusiasm at work since last December and has given you the chance to take up a few challenges in this area of your life, which at the moment will seem rather grim? If you are in a relationship, you will be obsessed with your work and overloaded with responsibilities that will put something of a distance between you and your other half? Not serious, but make sure you explain that while your mind is elsewhere, your slumbering heart will simply be waiting to be awakened (or regained) soon! If you are single, someone will try to create trouble for you at work, where you will have to double your efforts and do extra hours to fulfil your obligations. No time to devote to love? Maybe at the end of the month (on the 24th), you will feel a need or desire to dream and escape, and have an opportunity to be distracted from your worries in a pleasant way!

2nd decan (1st – 10th March): Too much pressure!
The atmosphere will be stormy at work and you will probably be on edge in March, when you will need to defend your financial interests and position tooth and nail. It will be a socially charged, not to say chaotic period, but it should ultimately help you to move on a stage, in some case opening up a new path or other avenues! If you are in a relationship, the least that can be said is that you won't be in much of a mood for treating love with light-heartedness! With your head in the sand and your nerves on edge in March? Not the thing for thrilling your loved-one, who will probably look at you askance! Try to make him/her understand quite simply that you won't be available! If he/she hasn't worked that one out for him/herself yet! If you are single, you will expend phenomenal energy holding on to the reins of your destiny, taking the helm confidently and heading your future in the right direction, towards your desires? You won't really have the heart (or mindset) to set off in search of your soul mate? However, open your eyes around the 30th, when love could raise its head and why not lift your head up from your work!

3rd decan (11th – 20th March): What is love?
You won't really be in the viewfinder of the stars, which promise to shake up the entire planet this month and rattle our foundations both personally and collectively! However, like the first two decans, you will be inclined to be busy with your own affairs full-stop, rather than affairs of the heart! If you are in a relationship, you will try to make an impression, score points and get what you want on the finance front, or you will want to defend your interests in the face of rivalries causing you concern (but not so much as all that)! And where will love be in all this? You will come back to it in April, but for the moment, you will only think about pleading your case and less about bothering with others and your other half! If you are single, nothing and no-one will be able to stop your conquering spirit in March, but your arena won't have much to do with the dizzying spiral of love! You will devote most of your time to trying to improve your income and spend money like water to boost your career. You will therefore have little time or energy for looking around you to see whether your soul mate is giving out signals. If you are going to be in a position to capture him/her, you will need to wait until at least next month!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month devoted to establishing or re-establishing your foundations and anchor-stone, or defending or changing them at work. A month when you won't necessarily have the time to murmur sweet nothings or look more deeply into love! In March you will deal with the most urgent matters and the urgency will basically seem to be asserting your position, come hell or high water!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
You will have a tendency to have a better understanding of what your intimate relationship is bringing to you with a more lucid approach than usual. It will be an ideal time to take a break or a step back in order to light the fire of love with greater energy!


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