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Wednesday, November the 25th
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Love horoscope for December 2015 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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Spreading your wings!
While the end of November had somewhat clipped your wings (fins, rather), making you vulnerable to problems in your social or working life, which will have sapped your morale, you should be able to breathe a sigh of relief in December, friend Pisces, and bounce back gradually, buoyed up by your intuition and inspiration, which will connect you favourably with the world around you, other people, your other half and yourself! From the 5th, Venus will encourage your ambitions for your love-life and give you a desire to improve your emotional affairs. Some will seek to move their relationship forward, renew constructive dialogue and raise the level of debate. Others will aspire to find that special person and could hook up with a person who will feed their dreams and inspire them, enabling them to cast off into the distance and break with former codes of behaviour! There will be no question of just being content or maintaining routine love-affairs, but of taking off, if possible into the distance and aiming high!

Don't let yourself be distracted by your priorities in your love-life!
Since mid-August. Jupiter has favoured bringing people together, outstanding encounters, unions and in some cases, amicable separations, when relationships no longer live up to expectations. In December, you will have all kinds of cosmic advantages for achieving fulfilment, but you will need to deal with a rather demanding social life, which could, if you don't take care, lead you into futile battles and conflicts of interest, compromising your happiness, friend Pisces, and holding you back! So, until the 22nd, the Sun will place you centre-stage at work. People trying to pick quarrels? Your yourself expressing anger that has been repressed for a long time? You will struggle to contain an aggression that will consume you and stop you fully enjoying the moment?

Focus on the future!
You won't lack for challenges to take up, and will sometime tempted to fight to win the day and quieten your potential detractors. And why not, friend Pisces, as long as you take care to channel your energy, preserve your enthusiasm and evident sensitivity to defend a good cause and favour your amorous quest! From the 22nd, the Sun will encourage you to open up the future and give full rein to your dreams. You will then be freer in your movements and in an excellent position to embody an ideal. Some will also benefit from this excellent situation to end the month and the year on a high note, borne along by cloud-free skies and amazing enthusiasm!

1st decan (19th – 28th February): The skies will clear at last!
After a rather difficult end of November, you should be able to reconnect gradually with a certain light-heartedness, which has been lacking for quite a while! So, with your exceptional intuition and thirst for life, you should be able to start to live again in December and love without obstacles or boundaries!
If you are in a relationship, your aspirations for your love-life will recover and you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Prepare in December to experience some powerful moments and enjoy a cosmic support that will be on a level with your ambitions. Make the most of this to move your relationship forward on the 11th, give full rein to your dreams on the 14th and realise these dreams on the 29th. Happy New Year!
If you are single, you have had the impression of being all alone in the world and the victim of bad luck in November? No way! In December, your prospects in life will broaden and you will immediately set off in search of a lifelong love, with a few chances of finding that rare person around the 11th, 14th, and (or) the 29th!

2nd decan (1st -10th March): Feeling backed into a corner?
You are probably going to have to fight to defend your financial interests or face the power struggles that will put some distance between you and your aspirations in your love-life around the 6th, 11th, 19th and 21st! To stop yourself being consumed by your worries at work and in your social life, imagine a future that inspires you and try to let go (or at least a little) in the face of those putting spanners in the works!
If you are in a relationship, you will probably find it hard to take off on a romantic interlude in December. Between the 13th and the 23rd, Venus will invite you to do so, however, but you will probably be held back by challenges to be taken up at work, or financial problems that will clip your wings.
If you are single, you won't lack either the desires or the wish to satisfy these in December, but you will probably be in the grip of financial difficulties (a trial or dispute), which will cause you irritation and force you to face up to things. Try to put the pressure around you into perspective, if you want to end the year on a high note and preferably, with support!

3rd decan (11th – 20th March): It's Christmas!
Since the end of November, Jupiter will have been supporting your relationships. If you don't try too hard or try to play too much to the gallery, you can expect to experience some exceptional moments, especially at the end of the month, when you could reach seventh heaven!
If you are in a relationship, you will have the opportunity this month to forge greater closeness and redevelop the closeness that has tended to be forgotten in recent times. Make the most of the cloud-free skies to breathe fresh air back into your relationship and end the year on a high note (on the 24th and 25th). And why not set off on a romantic interlude, heading off into the distance to boost your love-life and fully express your exalted sensuality!
If you are single, Jupiter will support you in your quest and could well offer you that special person on a plate on the 24th and the 25th. You will benefit throughout the month from golden opportunities (as long as you don't abuse your powers of attraction to win over everyone around without settling on one person) to launch into adventure and transform it into a long-term romance!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere
A month that will exalt your love-life, my dear Piscean friends, but will keep those born in the 2nd decan on edge! To avoid losing control or slipping up, and in order to end the circle on a high and peaceful note, don't provoke people, but refrain from arousing the possible tension that could arise among those around you at work!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere
Focus on your love-life without letting yourself be distracted by potential problems in your social life or at work. This will be the price of a wonderful summer filled with love. Stop whinging (especially if you were born in the 2nd decan) and make a better job of separating your love-life from your circle of friends or social life. Intimacy will come at this price …

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