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Sunday, November the 23rd
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Love horoscope for November 2014 for the sign of for Pisces

  Written by Daisy

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The wind in your sails at the beginning of the month!
A start to the month when you will feel at one with your plans, friend Pisces, and your need to broaden your horizons, both at work and in your love-life. You should make the most of this background of togetherness to move your relationship forward, raise the level of debate between you and your loved-one, or try your luck at finding your soul mate elsewhere or in a different way. You will effectively aspire to instil a breath of fresh air into your love-life and will have no intention of being content with very little! You will seem ready for that great adventure or to push back the boundaries of your current relationship as far as possible, but would do well to hurry things along a little to bring some of your desires to fruition. This is because from 9th November, the tone will change and you will find yourself caught up in cosmic tensions, which will be much less favourable to your fulfilment.

Things will cool off!
Especially from the 13th, when Venus will meet up with Saturn and not necessarily for the better! This will be an opportunity to look more deeply into your relationship, but above all to face up to feelings of frustration and that something is lacking, which will soon bring you back to reality! There will be no question of getting out of evaluating your relationship, or your hopes and expectations, which will probably be somewhat disappointed in November. Unless an external situation (at work) puts the dampers on your enthusiasm and holds you back, when you will be dreaming, friend Pisces, of taking off or heading for a romantic interlude! There will be nothing dramatic about this either, as long as you understand that you will currently be influenced by your doubts and need to deal with rather depressing but temporary setbacks regarding your actions and ambitions, which will be held back by circumstances!

Overcoming fears and abandoning your fantasies!
You who appreciate nothing more than the fusion of hearts, bodies and minds won't escape the need to face limitations, which will force you to examine the genuine nature of your relationships or your hopes and expectations! Floating on high, evading annoying truths or refusing the evidence before you will be out of the question and at your own risk and peril. You will be on slippery ground until the end of the month and feel you are being grounded, with people toying with your evident sensitivity! Try to get your emotions (and fears) under control and face things without flinching. This will be the price to pay for quickly regaining your equilibrium and it will enable you to enhance your love-life, or begin a romance, starry-eyed but with your feet on the ground, in full awareness! None of this will stop you (at the very end of the month, on the 27th?) hoping for some wonderful surprises, and maybe a return of passion or something new, so that you can end this month of trials, not to say tribulations, ###prenom ###, on a high note!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A warning to those who are tender-hearted, who could suffer somewhat in November from a sudden cooling of their exchanges with their other half! Confront what happens by taking an overview, rather than making things into a drama and finding yourself disappointed! The skies dragging you downwards? This won't be in order to destroy your dreams, but to be able to tackle them with the right level of maturity!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Keep a cool head where your love-life is concerned. In many cases, a period of calm will be essential for starting afresh with greater passion, and in particular awareness of your strengths, so you can regain your self-assurance and dignity, which will give you self-confidence!


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