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Friday, August the 18th
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Free Lunar horoscope for the week of 14 August 2017

  Written by Alison

Monday, the moon in Taurus will favor feelings and the home. Now is a good time to use your charm or have a child, to rest and relax at home, do some manual work, or renovate the interior. Wednesday, with the moon in Gemini, we will get to study, teach, make some publicity, join a new social group, or go to a show or performance. During the weekend, the moon in Cancer will encourage family reunions, visits to our grandparents, and spending joyous time with children. We must avoid gossip and not divulge secrets: trust is the foundation of any social group.

The ambiance of the moon this week

Monday 14 August 2017, Moon in Taurus: Now will be the time to consider making improvements or big changes to your home.

Tuesday 15 August 2017, Moon in Taurus: Make the most of opportunities for dialogue with those close to you, to get qway from your own worries.

Wednesday 16 August 2017, Moon in Gemini: Don't launch into too many activities at once or you could feel soverwhelmed and not finish any of them ...

Thursday 17 August 2017, Moon in Gemini: To be in tune with things today, you will need to keep moving and join in the prevailing mood, enjoying the general atmosphere of togetherness.

Friday 18 August 2017, Moon in Cancer: The atmosphere will be combative ... Don't retreat into your shell. You need to take action! And you'll see it's not so complicated.

Saturday 19 August 2017, Moon in Cancer: It will be easier to listen to your heart and your true, fundamental aspirations. It will be time to live some moments of complete fusion in your love-life!

Sunday 20 August 2017, Moon in Leo: You will be teeming with ideas in all senses of the word ... Don't just dismiss them, even if you can't put them into place straightaway!

The moon, next week

Monday 21 August 2017, Moon in Leo: There will be many discussions on the agenda ... Don't spend too much time on them as you will also need some intimacy.

Tuesday 22 August 2017, Moon in Virgo: Searching for perfection is an ideal and one enabling you to make progress today!

Wednesday 23 August 2017, Moon in Virgo: Women will have a desire to clean up and men to tidy up. The atmosphere will be one of hard work rather than pointless trivia.

Thursday 24 August 2017, Moon in Virgo: Whether you are aware of this or not, we all aspire to be clean, tidy and methodical, as well as wanting material stability ... but don't forget about feelings!

Friday 25 August 2017, Moon in Libra: This is a day for feelings, whether it concerns love, friendship or relationships. Be attentive and available.

Saturday 26 August 2017, Moon in Libra: The atmosphere will be more conducive to being tactful than frank. Don't take what you are told at face value.

Sunday 27 August 2017, Moon in Scorpio: The climate will be one of great passion, but all the same, there's no need to be merciless, dogmatic, domineering , manipulative ...

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