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The Planets of the Zodiac

  Written by Evie

In Astrology, there are 10 planets capable of influencing our destinies and your personality - apart from the Earth, which provides a focal point for analysing the heavens.

Each planet plays an important and very precise role in Astrology. In this way, the position of the Moon or the Sun in our birth chart will not have the same significance for each person, as each planet has its own well-defined function. Whatever our birth sign, the planets will have a different impact on our birth chart and everyday life!

The Influence of the Moon
The Moon plays a very important role in astrology. It influences our emotions and our personality!

The Sun
Above all, the Sun symbolises light, warmth and vital energy! It is also that which rules over our masculine side (Yang)!

Mercury: between the Earth and the Sun
Did you know that Mercury orbits the zodiac in 87 days? Discover the secrets of this rapid-moving planet!

The Planet Venus
Discover the planet Venus, visible in the night sky with its blue hue. It is also known as the Evening Star!

The Planet Mars
Mars, an inner planet, rules the sign of Aries. Mars invites us to initiate, make a start, be enterprising and take action!

The Planet Jupiter
Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and tells us about a person's ambitions.

The Planet Saturn
Saturn, a dense, oute planert, is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn and represents all that determines our individuality!

The Planet Uranus
Uranus, an outer, slow-moving planet, is the ruler of the sign of Aquarius. Uranus overturns established codes and cuts to the quick!

The Planet Neptune
Neptune, a slow-moving outer planet, is the ruler of Pisces. Having Neptune in your astral chart means being receptive to emotion!

The Planet Pluto
Pluto, the planet of the depths of space, is the ruler of pluto. Having Pluto in your chart means taking your destiny into your own hands!

The Moon
Are you moody, a lunatic or moon-faced? All you need to know about the Moon: its influence, its transits and its impact!

The Importance of the Planets
In Astrology, each planet has a specific role and represents an energy of its own.

The Influence of the Planets
The ten planets of our solar system have a direct influence on our Sun sign and our behaviour.

The heavens still probably have a few surprises in store for us.

To the 7 planets recorded by the ancients, we have had to add Uranus, which was discovered on the night of 13 March 1781 by astronomer William Herschel. The drawings of Galileo show that he had observed Neptune on 28 December 1612, but it took until halfway through the 19th century (over 200 years!) for its existence to come to light and its orbit to be calculated with accuracy. Finally, the existence of Pluto was discovered in 1930 with the telescope of Percival Lowell.

These new arrivals generated an immense amount of interpretation work for astrologers at the time, to the extent that Pluto is still not listed by some old-school astrologers, although its influence can be substantiated in birth charts in particular.

Since then, other small planets have also joined the family:

Sedna was discovered on 14 November 2003, but this information was only made public on 15 March 2004. It was provisionally given the name of Sedna after the Inuit princess of the sea. This planet has a reddish appearance, similar to Mars, but redder and brighter than any other object in the Solar System and currently situated at a distance equivalent to three times the distance between the Sun and Pluto! Its orbit is highly elliptical and it takes 10,500 years to orbit the Sun. Entire civilisations have Sedna in the same sign, making its influence collective in the extreme. Maybe this is the planet that rules over the destiny of the entire human race... Needless to say there are still no astrological interpretations for Sedna...

Ceres is a small planet with a diameter of 700km, gravitating between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It was discovered in 1801 and is still rarely used in astrology, though it has been the subject of some research, especially in the USA. In symbolic analogy with the sign of Virgo (replacing Mercury, which is associated with Gemini), Ceres appears to represent mathematical and analytical intelligence. It could be said that Mercury represents verbal ability and Ceres ability with numbers; and that Mercury represents intelligence through understanding and perception, whereas Ceres represents intelligence through analysis and minute dissection. In astrological charts, Ceres presides over the rigorous management of everyday affairs: health, food and the environment.

Chiron is the name given to a small planet gravitating between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. It is the only planet in the Solar System to change its usual position of alignment. It therefore creates a link, making it an intermediary or bridge between all kinds of different people. It represents wisdom, patience and the ability to reduce the suffering of others. It is said to be the “great healer” of the zodiac and certain analogies can be found with the sign of Libra. Some astrologers are starting to include it in people's charts and do research into its potential influence. Its place in a chart would appear to mean the presence of a psychological wound, which the individual will need to heal him or herself. Chiron enables us to change direction and start afresh.

What do these new planets mean to astrologers?

Many of their detractors proclaim that these discoveries pull the rug out from underneath the entire system of Astrology. Nothing could be further from the truth. Didn't the ancients, who only had 7 planets at their disposal (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto being unknown), practise an Astrology that we continue to envy today? The ancients practised Astrology as a true science (in Ancient Greece, Astrology could only be studied post-graduation, following Maths, Philosophy, etc.) and already suspected that there were other heavenly bodies that eluded them. Their Astrology was based on common-sense and they had to be content with known and recognised experience. They lacked information and we lack information now. It will always be lacking. It can therefore be concluded by saying that we work with the data we know and if the skies are not entirely easy to read, it probably means that we still lack the philosophical means to interpret new discoveries. Each astronomical discovery is a gamble for future astrologers, who will be able to integrate this new information into their research and experience, thus building an Astrology that is increasingly accurate, collective and humanistic.

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