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Tuesday, January the 24th
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  Written by Evie

You too can be up-to-date in astrology today! Horoscopes and articles everyone's talking about, exclusive writings from our astrologers – a wealth of information that just keeps on coming for you to discover and share around you.

Your astrological sign and sales
Sales season!!! Good deals are just around the corner and electricity is in the air... How will you react? What are your sign's weaknesses? Share, and love, our exclusive horoscope

Mardi Gras is here again!
Let the good times roll on Mardi Gras, this symbol of spring's much awaited, and earned, return during the harsh winter! This is your chance to relax, find your inner child, and dress up however you desire.

Horoscope 2017: Winning through the crisis!
After a shadowy year 2016 the planets associate in 2017 with a view to create decent alchemy for driving us out of difficulties, overcoming the crisis and helping us recover our confidence in the future.

Horoscope 2017: strong points, dangers and challenges for the twelve signs!
After a rather stirring year 2016 it seems as if the planets wish to mobilize for suggesting us solutions! Find out, trimester by trimester, what the stars have in stock for you in 2017 and what challenges are to be taken for each sign!

Your New Year resolutions for 2017
Like every beginning of the year you've got dozens of good resolutions! For granting yourself maximum chances to make your 2017 a great year, find out what good resolutions each of the twelve signs should make.

12 suggestions for facing the autumn
Autumn is a season full of bright colours: yellow, red, orange, ochre… Sign by sign, here is how to spend an autumn full of vitality!

Occupying your children this winter!

You and the festivities at Christmas and New Year!

Festivities at Christmas and New Year!

- Dressing for the occasion!
- How do you rediscover your inner child?
- Making changes to what you eat this winter!
- You and Halloween!
- So, the end of the summer holidays, what about it?
- Test: What kind of vacation-goer are you?
- What type of father are you?
- Astrology: slim down for the summer
- Effect of the Sun on your sign !
- Child-mother relationship !
- What type of mother are you?
- Which color is best for you sign?
- Health and beauty horoscope
- Women's astrological profile at each life stage
- Enjoy a different experience on Valentine's Day this year!
- Chinese New Year 2016: the sign of the Monkey
- The challenges of 2016
- Coping with change
- Who are you going on holiday with?
- Knowing who you are dealing with!
- August holidays: great escapes!
- Love coaching !
- When are things going to look any happier?
- Luck and your horoscope for this Friday the 13th
- The great spring clean
- Easter: children and their beliefs
- Call up the Sun and dare to laugh!
- Star signs and the Internet
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The 6 cards of the Conquest of the Golden Fleece in detail

The 6 cards of the Conquest of the Golden Fleece in detail
You've drawn one of the six cards of the Tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormand? Find out what this means [...]

Numerology and your love-life!

Numerology and your love-life!
With your date-of-birth, find out which number is going to tell you where love will take you over [...]

Could you be unfaithful?

Could you be unfaithful?
Use this quiz to discover how committed you are to love and [...]

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Horoscope 2017: Winning through the crisis!
With this article, find out the astral vibes that will with the course of the months dissipate [...]

Fixed mode in Astrology.
The fixed signs are always in the middle of the season. Browse the symbolic meaning of this mode in [...]

Tibetan Astrology
Browse through this astrology, which takes much of its inspiration from Buddhism and is linked to [...]

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