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Tuesday, January the 24th
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Around the Stars this month !

  Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope January 2017 ! here, they are for this month of January 2017!

Your ephemeris January 2017

In January, the Sun will be moving through Capricorn up until the 19th. It is time to structure our plans (on the 28th) and to think hard so that dreams don't stay just that. Let's get ready to question ourselves personally and collectively (on the 7th), as well as to confront the changes that could shake up our habits, lose our bearings, and totally ruin what we felt was certain along the way (on the 10th?).
Power struggles are to be expected around the 12th, when we will be obliged to put up with those around us, whether at home or at work. Starting on the 19th, the Sun will migrate into Aquarius and urge us to throw open the hatches, to dare, to get past our fears, and to perhaps reach a new milestone while taking a step towards something new.

Mercury will leave Capricorn for a short period to retrograde into Sagittarius between the 4th and 12th. This your chance to get back in touch with your ideals, regain your big-picture outlook, and come up with solutions to social (or political) problems around the 3rd, when we all be filled with creativity and inspiration. Starting on the 18th, the "messenger of the gods" will set back off on his path and re-enter Capricorn on the 12th .... until February 7th. We can count on a keen intuition (on the 23rd) to help us lay the foundations for clear principles that will take everyone's aspirations and needs into account. Let's just make sure, however, not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by stubbornness or an overly narrow look at the world at the end of the month (on the 28th) if we don't want to cause a hostile response from those who might feel left behind or excluded.

Vénus will leave Aquarius on the 3rd and move through Pisces until February 3rd.
From the 3rd on, we should put this deep sign's sensitivity to good use, empathetically confronting problems and questions that are now in play socially and personally. This is great day for forming new relationships, bring others closer together, and thinking about how to (re-)establish peace here and elsewhere while respecting everyone's ideas and sensitivities. We can count on the 12th, too, to fine-tune our perceptions and bring us into touch with our divine spark. If we don't let our foolish emotions lead us astray, we could reach new heights of inspiration and empathy today. The same goes for the 20th, when we will be dead set on making the changes that need to be made to this end. Be careful at the end of the month, however, when we could be disappointed and frustrated by events and tempted to react coldly, without taking each other person's fragility (and weaknesses) into account.

Mars, in Pisces since January 19th, will stimulate our imagination, galvanize our emotions, and boost our desire to get involved, to serve a good cause, especially on the 1st and 12th, when we will be guided in our actions by our concern over others' well-being, bound and determined to fulfill our duties as selflessly as possible. We could, however, end up in a sticky situation, our momentum cut short around the 19th, when we can expect to be disappointed. Let's make sure not to try to always be right no matter what, but to let others speak rather than forcing our way through only towards deadlock and failure. Starting on the 28th, Mars will fly into Aries (the sign it rules over) and see to it that things speed up.

Jupiter entered Libra on September 9th, which it won't leave again until October 10th, 2017. Under such auspices as these, we will enter a transitional period between two stages of life, two ways of functioning. We will start to understand that we must change paths and organize our world, our societies differently. Libra invites us to seek harmony, to band together rather than oppose or fight each other. We can count on Jupiter, too, to inspire us with ideas and make decisions easier to make for a great number of people, favoring social engagement that is concerned with balance and the collective good. In January, Jupiter could cause power struggles. Whether in our personal lives or in politics (inside or outside), we can expect excess and abuse of authority around the 12th.

Saturn has been moving through Sagittarius since September 18, 2015 and won't leave this sign again until December 2017. Let's hope that, in the meantime, we will have learned from the lessons taught by this strict, but always just, planet so that we can create laws that are likely to bring balance to our society and channel any sort of excess (religious fanaticism, overspending, etc.). In January, this austere planet could counter our initiatives around the 19th, when we could truly meet our match if we try to win at all costs. Once Saturn expresses itself, there will be little room for freedom our personal fantasies. It is up to us, then, to anticipate any potential abuses or misconduct by thinking before we act and not reacting any way we please.

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