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Around the Stars this month !

  Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope April 2017 ! here, they are for this month of April 2017!

Your ephemeris April 2017

In April, the Sun will be moving through Aries until the 19th. Watch out for pressure and tension around the 7th and 9th, when relations with others could degenerate into power struggles. Let's make sure then to pinpoint the reasons why we are fighting so that we might get the chance to keep our mood under control and try to cope rather than start a useless and potentially dangerous war. Be careful as well on the 14th, when the day star might also help us find a way to get out as much as it will push us to add fuel to the fire. From the 19th on, the sun will be in Taurus. This is our chance, hopefully, to restore a sense of security to our lives and end the battle as long, that is, as no one baits us into a fight.

Mercury will be moving through Taurus but will go into retrograde (*) starting on the 9th, returning to Aries on the 20th. This will be a time for challenging what we've learned, our chance to use our knowledge wisely. So, let's use this downtime to think, to sift through the good and bad reasons that are currently motivating our positions. At the end of the month (on the 24th), the messenger of the gods will link up with Saturn (the great teacher of the zodiac) to help us learn from the past and could, on the 28th, stimulate our minds and plant the seeds of a few brilliant ideas.

Vénus will continue its path through Aries and won't stop until June 6th, though it will go into retrograde between April 3rd and 28th in Pisces, where this planet will hardly be in a festive mood. It will collide with Saturn twice (on the 8th and 21st), temporarily darkening our romantic horizons, which have been a little lacking this month. In April, our heart would do best to assert itself if it wants to resist the rigors of this climate that will hardly be great for our romantic fulfillment at the start of spring. Expect disappointment and frustration, which should, in the end, make your grow and mature. It is time to approach your romantic life more conscious of your limits, of the effort you must make, steps you must take to reach out to others or to look back over how far you've come so you can restore harmony to your relationship. In April, carefully avoid giving into manipulation or making your loved ones feel guilty if you want to come out of this gridlock on top.

Mars will be moving through Taurus up until the 21st. Ill at ease in this notoriously slow-moving sign, this fiery planet will use all of its constructive energy to make up for this rocky and underwhelming astral atmosphere in April. Let's rely on this agreement between Mars and Pluto on the 6th to take initiative and fight without destroying anything but moving forward without dragging our feet. On the 17th, Mars and Vénus will be in (fleeting) harmony and could let us once again enjoy the dizzying thrill of love or at least to positively control our currently disruptive emotions. From the 22nd on, Mars will be in Gemini. Debates over ideas will pick back up and could get a little heated, too.

Jupiter entered Libra on September 9th, which it won't leave again until October 10th, 2017. Under such auspices as these, we will enter a transitional period between two stages of life, two ways of functioning. We will start to understand that we must change paths and organize our world, our societies differently! Libra invites us to seek harmony, to band together rather than oppose or fight each other. We can count on Jupiter, too, to inspire us with ideas and make decisions easier to make for a great number of people, favoring social engagement that is concerned with balance and the collective good. This giant of the zodiac will tend to emphasize differences of opinion and tension in society as well as in our relationships in April, especially around the 7th, when conflicts of interest or inequality, injustice could lead to protest movements and accentuate class divides. In our personal lives, this conjuncture will also reflect our partners' unhappiness, who often feel misunderstood and so will put up a figt or at the very least come looking for one.

Saturn has been moving through Sagittarius since September 18, 2015 and won't leave this sign again until December 2017. Let's hope that, in the meantime, we will have learned from the lessons taught by this strict, but always just, planet so that we can create laws that are likely to bring balance to our society and channel any sort of excess (religious fanaticism, overspending, etc.). In April, Saturn will lighten up the mood, especially in our romantic lives, where it will let down a few of us around the 8th and 21st. Mourning, separation, and conflict are in the air. You will have some trouble in April putting up with this frustrating climate that will reign supreme all month long and will hardly favor outpourings of emotion. We can count, however, on this strict planet to screw our heads on straight (on the 24th) and put us on the path towards wisdom or at least moderation, hopefully.

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