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Around the Stars this month !

  Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope May 2017 ! here, they are for this month of May 2017!

Your ephemeris May 2017

In May, the sun will be moving through Taurus up until the 20th, bringing us into contact with our instincts (4th). Let's hope they have good advice to offer us... We will then be more in touch with our ideals and will get to serve a cause, to follow our compassionate values, and outdo ourselves. The Sun should let us (starting on the 9th) make our desires come true and make our dreams reality. Starting on the 20th, the day star will migrate through Gemini, enabling us to engage in constructive debate and push things forward. As much of an intellectual agitator as Gemini is, we can count on this lively and skillful sign to help us (re)define laws that are more just and expand our vision of the world rather than conform or, worse, take reactionary stances!

Mercury, who has been in retrograde(*) since April 9th, will move back into Aries on the 20th. This will be a time for challenging what we've learned, our chance to use our knowledge wisely, perhaps? So, let's use this downtime to think, to sift through the good and bad reasons that are currently motivating our positions. The "messenger of the gods" will resume its direct path starting on the 3rd. This is our chance to freely and quickly express our selves (via elections?) and opinions. Let's hope that this fiery (and bellicose) sign will bring to us enthusiastic defenders of freedom rather than sad bands of reactionaries. On the 10th, Mercury will bring about, no matter what happens (on the 11th), renewal through learning from the past and our experiences. Starting on the 16th, this planet will re-enter the more peaceful Taurus and send us messages of encouragement at the end of the month. On the 28th, it will unite with Neptune and elevate discussion while, on the 3&st, working in our favor to change things and up open constructive dialog!

Vénus will follow its path in Aries and won't quit until June 6th. After a difficult retrograde in Pisces in April, this delightful planet, its energy incompatible with the Aries' irascible energy, will keep quiet. We can bet that our heads and hearts will be elsewhere in May and that our love-life will have to take a backseat. Vénus will perk back up around the 19th, however, challenging our view of the world and each other on the 25th, when, if we are being too individualistic, we could end up getting nowhere at all. This looks to be an end to the month that will be rather aggressive and full of conflict instead of tender!

In May, Mars will be moving through Gemini, perking back up ideological debates and potentially getting a few a little hot under the collar. Beware of slip-ups, traps, misunderstandings, and mistakes around the 11th, when we should be careful not to have the wool pulled over our eyes. We run a high risk of being lied to, stolen from, and tricked. Fortunately, immediately after, justice and explanations will be demanded and should gain on the murky and vague! At the end of the month (the 29th), Mars will stop dead. No matter what debates or arguments are raging, they will have to make room for and give way to more important matters, leading to a downright glacial and rebellious atmosphere, depending on how much control we have over our emotions and impulses. On the 31st, fortunately, Mars will help to get our brains going again and make us think instead of just adding fuel to the fire. Although...? Joined with Uranus, it could back us into a corner. We will have to see just how far we are willing to go to change.

Jupiter entered Libra on September 9th and won't leave it again until October 10th, 2017. Under such auspices as these, we are due to enter a transitional period between two stages of life, two ways of functioning. We will begin to understand that we need to change paths and organize our world, our societies differently. Libra will invite us to seek harmony, to band together rather fight amongst each other. We can count on Jupiter, too, to inspire us with ideas and make decisions easier to make for a great number of people, favoring social engagement that is concerned with balance and the collective good. In May, Jupiter will urge us to set the bar higher, to act creatively and ardently for the good of all (on the 12th), to use our impressive mental powers to reform society. Around the 19th, this giant of the zodiac will run into Vénus in Aries and bring us face to face with our responsibility to focus on and serve the common good rather than our own personal interests, or else we could get a little roughed up or lose popularity!

Saturn has been moving through Sagittarius since September 18th, 2015 and won't leave it again until December 2017. Let's hope that, in the meantime, we will have learned from the lessons taught by this strict, but always just, planet so that we can create laws that are likely to bring balance to our society and channel any sort of excess (religious fanaticism, overspending, etc.). In May, Saturn should even things out, teaming up with the troublemaker Uranus, the king of surprises and change, to help us reform our society and our ideas, and urge us to learn from the past so that we can build a better future. And so, on the 19th, we can expect the stars to push the envelope without doing away with our most fundamental values (life, liberty, happiness) but in fact reaffirming them. At the very end of the month, Saturn will block Mars' path, as well as any ideas of ours that are too revolutionary or violent!

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