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Monday, November the 20th
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The Sign of Sagittarius
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Around the Stars this month !

  Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope November 2017 ! here, they are for this month of November 2017!

Your ephemeris November 2017

Thus, in November the Sun will evolve in Scorpio until the 22nd, where it will stimulate our imagination and our intuition on the 3rd and enable us to identify constructive solutions capable of offering answers to the problems we encounter or the material or metaphysical questions that we will ask ourselves on the 9th. Bet on the transforming energy of this demanding sign to transform positively and accompany the wind of change that blows in the right direction. Beginning on the 22nd, the star of the day migrates to Sagittarius, opening us possibly to new perspectives, hopefully, more concerned with the common good and with more humanistic projects!

Mercury will leave the sign of Scorpio as of the 5th to evolve in Sagittarius. In search of greater spaces of thought, more freedom to be, to act and to create, on the 13th, let us watch out so we are not overflowed and deceived by hollow dreams and initiatives or ideas disconnected from reality . Therefore, pay attention to the mistakes in your aim and the risks of disillusionment, which lie in wait if we take off without a safety net. We will no doubt be better inspired and more determined to face up to what is, in order to change it into better on the 17th: our willingness to move forward can help us open doors and engage in creative debates. A stroke of genius, or at least an original tone, will animate the day of the 25th, when new ideas and proposals could be cast and redistributed, both on the political and private levels. But we will not end the month without asking ourselves about the substance and the necessity of sorting between the essential and the superfluous, which may or may not hold steady on the 28th. A story of anchoring the progress made and the new schemes that unroll for the long-term and on solid bases!

Vénus in Libra until the 7th will tend to connect us solidly to each other on the 3rd but will however, collide on the 4th, with social dissensions and a discontent with changes that are probably inevitable but not necessarily well understood and a change of rules that are not diplomatically explained and applied. However, count on a positive transformation and a few generous impulses, a possible openness of mentalities and a phenomenon of beneficial catharsis on the 13th, to revive the debates and lead (on the 16th and 21st) to a social consensus or a more spiritual perspective on the events and developments. Our vision of social good and of love in general must certainly evolve by counting on the contribution of each one rather than on the dependence of all and on the active participation rather than on a passivity that will sooner or later generate failures and low self-esteem!

Mars present all month in Libra might agitate the crowds and provoke or stir up general discontent. Between the warrior planet and the arbiter, the diplomat of the zodiac, there is not really anything in common ... Let us then wait, around the 19th, for disputes, vivid protests that will seek to thwart the initiatives of power in place and to shake up the building. If these movements stir up the crowds and sometimes the wind, they will probably guarantee everyone's freedom of thought, even if the opposition is not necessarily very constructive in November!

Jupiter has evolved in Scorpio since October 10th, 2017 and will leave this symbol of metamorphosis only on November 8th, 2018. We now need, under the pressure of Scorpio, to take and traverse the new way seen in Libra. There will undoubtedly be transformations, difficulties to come and challenges to face until November 2018, but we hope that our efforts will not be in vain and that we can soon (at the end of 2018) begin to reap the fruits of a sometimes turbulent crossing but with infinitely positive transformations! In November, then, Jupiter rolls the dice and opens the floor for necessary changes. The 13th, allied to Vénus, this giant planet of the zodiac will accentuate our desire to move forward and innovate with the heart as much as possible! The revolution is irrevocably underway and with Scorpio it is better to follow and accompany the movement than to resist it!

Saturn evolves since September 18th, 2015 in Sagittarius and will leave this sign next month. Let us hope that by then we will have benefited from the teachings of this rigorous but fair planet to build laws that will balance our societies and channel excesses of all kinds (religious fanaticism, the stock market, among others). In November, Saturn unites one last time in Uranus (1st trine in December 2016) to inaugurate a period of radical (and original) change on the social level. How to draw lessons from the past in a bold vision of the future, a unifying vision, a movement that invites everyone to move, to renew themselves but taking into account ancestral, cultural and moral traditions. A cosmic duo that turns a page and allows us to open a new one. The good news? The sky and what it says!

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