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Tuesday, January the 16th
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2018 Horoscope
2018 Horoscope
The Sign of Aquarius
The Sign of Aquarius
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Your children this winter
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Colors and astrological signs
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Around the Stars this month !

  Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope January 2018 ! here, they are for this month of January 2018!

Your ephemeris January 2018

Thus in January the Sun evolves in Capricorn until the 20th! If the crossing of this rather austere sign usually invites us to withdraw from the world, to meditate or concentrate on the essential, then we should, in this first month of the year 2018, acquire a rather dynamic and harmonious energy, through the star of the day, which on the 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 9th, will not lack to inspire us and push us to move the lines and engage in a process of positive transformations. Influxes that will carry us should also illuminate a promising start to the year! The Sun will invite us again to act and to build, to take in hand our destiny on the 10th but caution and moderation will however be recommended on the 14th where in our momentum, we could be tempted to go beyond the limits, to search for the devil and find him! From the 20th, the Sun will invest in the powerful reforming sign of Aquarius and play the free spirit until next February 18th!

Mercury ends its race in Sagittarius (started on November 5th) on the 11th, having definitely closed the debates on an innovative note on the 6th, when the messenger of the gods will meet Uranus to form an inventive, even somewhat revolutionary duo. As a result? Original ideas to clear the issues and a fresh wind, proposals that may well allow us to reverse some limits, taboos and outdated principles that have slowed our progress for too long. From the 11th, Mercury in Capricorn will connect successively to our intuition (the 20th) and our desire to broaden our horizons on the 25th, to actually push the boundaries of the possible. Be careful however on the 28th not to go too far at the risk that our desire for better could sabotage our quest for good. It's up to us to dare, to have audacity without hurting too much the sensibilities and feelings of those around!

Vénus invites us to take love seriously but also to seek an ideal version of it, on the 3rd, without forgetting to add an intensity in the expression (including sensual and emotional) of our feelings on the 8th. Good vibes that could well spice up our winter and warm up the atmosphere on the 9th, where all the elements will be gathered to favor, crushes, love at first sight and other incandescent returns of old flames! It's up to us not to overuse the pleasures and to control this effervescence at least a little on the 13th, if we want the party to last and keep on creating sparks without risk of burning our wings! From the 18th, Vénus will evolve in Aquarius, reversing the codes, the barriers and probably helping us overcome our fears!

Mars in Scorpio until the 26th will likely contribute in boosting our appetites, including sexual and sensual, but also our desire to transform, reform and evolve our destiny. There is no question of procrastinating in January when globally the cosmic situation should accelerate the movement and help us make things happen. Especially around the 7th when Mars will join forces with Jupiter to incite us to dare, to precipitate a positive alchemy between action, desire and enthusiasm! It is up to us to use this infinitely dynamic celestial fuel to go ahead, set up a business, change jobs, our course or even our life! Count again on Mars to boost all kinds of metamorphoses on the 8th and 10th where we will want to act and where there is the possibility to succeed! It is up to us to exploit this fertile breeding ground in January, in order to sow our destiny and try to direct it to our idea!

Jupiter evolves in Scorpio since October 10th, 2017 and will not leave this sign, a symbol of metamorphosis, until November 8th, 2018! We must now, under the pressure of Scorpio, take and traverse the new path that we have in Libra. There will undoubtedly be transformations to be made, difficulties to face, and challenges to take on until November 2018, but we hope that our efforts will not be in vain and that we will soon (end 2018) begin to reap the rewards of a sometimes stormy crossing, which is however, an infinite carrier of positive transformations! In January, Jupiter will be responsible for mobilizing our forces and our thirst for evolution to lay the foundations for something else, to build on other bases, but aiming still for the long term. A beautiful energy at hand then to engage bold and growth-enhancing reforms on the 7th, the 8th and even more so around the 16th where positive openings should be enacted and aim for our fulfillment. Yet, not without daring and engaging body and soul to straighten the ship. We will end the month on track (on the 25th) and make a point of noting our progress legally, socially or privately.

Saturn evolves since December 20th, 2017 (and until December 2020) in the sign of Capricorn, which it controls. At ease and in its element, Saturn will attempt to materialize the changes that began last time and actually started a while ago! Not necessarily in joy and good humor but with the firm intention to build on a solid foundation! In January, this "great teacher" of the zodiac will continue its momentum and invite us to dig into the hot topics and step back before taking action. No question of getting carried away despite a cosmic climate that is largely dynamic and should boost our entrepreneurial spirit! Let us bet that Saturn will be able to remind us of order and reflection around the 13th, where this austere planet will actually take care of putting us in the lead and following ideas. A priori for the best since, in January it is time to lay the foundations of the future, relayed by bold and constructive flows!

Uranus has been evolving in the sign of Aries since 2011! This planet directs us, willingly or by force, to undertake the great changes necessary to our evolution, he raises the debates and provokes much turbulence, which is often difficult to support and to turn into the fuel needed to evolve but this is the goal! In January, Uranus resumes its live race on the 2nd and then promotes our forward march and accelerates the movement! Let's count on this provocative planet of the great changes in life to boost our minds and help us find innovative answers to the problems that have plagued us for awhile and to boost our grey matter on the 6th! However, let's avoid going too far, at the risk of shocking people's minds and provoking a revolt or a crisis around the 14th and 28th when there could be some shouting matches and chaos if decisions are made towards and against all or at least without doing it in good form and without taking kid gloves!

Neptune at home (*) in the sign of Pisces, where he has been invested since February 2012, we gradually emerge from the spirit of the clan and broaden our horizons on all levels whether moral, ethical or religious. In any event, difficult aspects with other planets reveal the part of illusion, confusion and wandering contained in each of us and especially in our political, ethical and religious systems, currently so sadly human. In January, this planet of the deep sea will inspire us with great ideas and feelings and could, at the beginning of the month (the 1st and 2nd), connect us to a powerful ideal! This is the time to dream and to hope, in order to realize our dreams, carried by a cosmic climate that encourages our initiatives and promotes our development! Ditto around the 20th, where a more humanistic worldview could allow us to express generously our will to evolve individually and collectively towards a better world!

Pluto continues to progress in the sign of Capricorn from where he has been operating a drastic change in our societies and all our major systems (political, economic) since 2008! In January, Pluto will be solicited successively by Mars (the 8th), Vénus and the Sun (the 9th) and by Jupiter on the 16th! A cosmic network that could well generate a powerful vibratory field that could boost our thirst for positive transformations. It is up to us to surf lightly on these good waves and to be bold enough to jump on the train of reform and metamorphoses in progress and end the month in the right direction rather than permanently and stubbornly in an impasse!

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