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Friday, June the 23rd
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Around the Stars this month !

  Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope June 2017 ! here, they are for this month of June 2017!

Your ephemeris June 2017

The Sun will be moving through Gemini up until the 21st, enabling us to engage in creative discussion and get things moving forward. At the start of the month, the day star will invite us to cooperate, to open our minds, to throw open the hatches, ,so that we might get to establish together just laws and constructive exchanges with the good of all in mind! We should, however, continue to beware of obscurantism, which could cloud our view of things and undermine our ideals on the 15th, when your grand ideas and big picture mindset could hit a brick wall! Fortunately, starting on the 18th, our attraction to new things will win out, and bold new ideas will pour forth! Starting on the 21st, the sun will enter Cancer and favor introspection, examinations of the past (without getting stuck on it, let's hope), and a certain level of conservatism and protectionism that could cause some controversy at the end of the month, when communication will be at a standstill, and things will get heated!

Mercury will leave Taurus on the 6th without making too many waves, entering Gemini, where it will remain until the 21st. Though the "messenger of the Gods" will encourage us to take initiative for the common good on the 13th, let's make sure not to build castles in the sky or overestimate our possibilities on the 14th if we don't want our propositions, ideas, and undertakings to go under on the 18th, when they will hit reach their less-than-thrilling, but oh-so-realistic, limitations! We can, however, count on a little cosmic genius from the stars to help us come up with magic solutions and dare to take some risks around the 20th! Starting on the 21st, Mercury will begin moving through Cancer but for the worse at the end of the month, when communication will break down, and discussion will become temporarily difficult, if not totally shut down (on the 27th and 30th)! Let's make sure, then, not to let discussion degenerate further into open warfare if we want it to end fruitfully.

Vénus will finish its course in Aries (started in February) on June 6th. After throwing some fuel on the fire at the end of May, this planet will calm things back down at the start of this month (on the 1st) and could rush (fortunately) rush along events to come and help us get out of our current crisis on the 3rd, when the spring should take on warmer, more summery tones, when the world will at least seem to make sense! On the 6th, Vénus will enter Taurus, where it will naturally move at its own pace, being master of this sign. In this generally pacifist and pleasure-loving sign (that is, as long as you don't wave a red flag, or ideas they don't share, before them), this delightful planet could offer us a chance to love and titillate our senses. Let us share our desires and enjoy these winds of passion that should do us all some good! No need to hold yourself back. Take full advantage, spending as much good time as possible and in great company. A slight wind of idealism could blow into our love-lives but also boost our creativity and urge us to dream, to get away on the 20th. This way, you can get to bring a gentle close to this (animated and not always graceful) spring!

Mars will leave Gemini without any ruckus, entering Cancer on the 4th. At the start of the month, this fiery planet will seemingly desire to awaken our passions, boost our libidos, and favor some sensual alone time, though it will be much less cooperative and well intentioned at the end of the month, when, instead of setting our hearts (and bodies) ablaze, it could light the powder keg instead, especially on the 25th, when considerable tension could erupt and cause a social crisis and all sorts of violence and rebellion. We ought to beware of this insurrectionary mood that favors warriors, conflict, and attacks, not to mention possible climate issues or earthquakes that are but a physical, earthly manifestation of our sadness and destructive capacity! Though the common good and certain nations seem to win out on the 26th, the pressure will have trouble dying down and could even rise up another notch on the 28th and 30th!

Jupiter entered Libra on September 9th, which it won't leave again until October 10th, 2017! Under such auspices as these, we will enter a transitional period between two stages of life, two ways of functioning. We will start to understand that we must change paths and organize our world, our societies differently! Libra invites us to seek harmony, to band together rather than oppose or fight each other. We can count on Jupiter, too, to inspire us with ideas and make decisions easier to make for a great number of people, favoring social engagement that is concerned with balance and the collective good. At the start of June (on the 3rd), agreements, consensus, action, and decisions for the common good will be favored. A pleasant period should come after the upheaval of this spring, which most likely changed a few of the rules. Let's take advantage of this great auspices to reconnect with one another and advance as one. We can also expect to nurture constructive discussion on the 13th and form connections rather than exacerbate divides. Alas, around the 25th, the stars lose control, and militant fundamentalism and conservatism could shatter our great resolutions. Same for the 27th, when certain suggestions will be shot down and challenged, if not totally ignored!

Saturn has been moving through Sagittarius since September 18th, 2015 and won't leave it again until December 2017! Let's hope that, in the meantime, we will have learned from the lessons taught by this strict, but always just, planet so that we can create laws that are likely to bring balance to our society and channel any sort of excess (religious fanaticism, overspending, etc.)! In June, Saturn will help to keep us in check and prevent abuse on the 1st but will tend to curb discussion and block any solutions on the 15th and 18th. This will make it difficult to open up dialog and keep it open. Beware of mental rigidity, or, even worse: obscurantism, which could favor reactionary ideas and tempations, as well as a limited view of the future.

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