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Thursday, April the 17th
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Love horoscope for April 2014 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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Some stormy debates!
Until the 20th, the Sun will invite you to engage in dialogue, listen to what is said and avoid going it alone! You will however find it difficult to keep quiet about the things arousing your interest, not to say the things that hurt you, and you will have a tendency in April to be systematically opposed to the arguments put forward by your partner, but also by those close to you, who will currently be backing you into a corner. In April, the seething skies won't spare you much more than everyone else, friend Libra, and it will therefore seem advisable to draw on all your patience, wisdom and awareness to stand up to and face the criticism, in an effort to keep things calm!

Don't want to give way?
You will therefore be caught in a trap between the demands of your loved-one, who will probably hope to soften the behaviour patterns dominating your life as a couple; your family, who will continue to cause problems, hold you over a barrel (this has gone on since 2008 for some) and demand too much of you; and the pressures on you at work to maintain your position, assert your authority and defend your territory! In April, telling you to tone it down and be (a little) more flexible will be in vain, as you won't be in the mood, friend Libra, and will have more of a tendency (in spite of the risks involved) to give a sharp response to those who come looking for you and find you straightaway this month! However, try to avoid getting worked up about nothing or riding at full tilt into those close to you, who could make you bite the dust, if you fail to pay much attention to the arguments put forward by those who will effectively be waiting to pounce.

So, better to find a way of dealing with things than taking up systematic opposition!
While a thunderous Mars will boost your ego and involve you in pushing forward, not to say pushing things too far, you will fortunately be able to rely on a more consensual Venus, who will try to smooth things over and soften a rather turbulent climate. You who are usually so skilful in handling your concerns tactfully, will be wound up like a coiled spring, but thanks to Venus, you will certainly manage to put forward solutions capable of limiting the eruptions in your daily life and finally open up constructive debates, as long as you avoid settling scores, of course, friend Libra, and opt for softening the cosmic blows by taking them on the chin …without systematically returning them. Hope you are listening.

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
If you try to create sparks in April, be prepared to lay yourself open …at your own risk and peril (break-ups, annoyances and intensefeelings, which could undermine you)! Try to keep things under control, come hell or high water!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
If you don't forget to add a tinge of humour to your remarks, everything will work out for the best. Some truths can hurt people easily. Don't forget that you will have a stronger impact this month on those around you.


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