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Monday, July the 28th
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Love horoscope for August 2014 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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Not really concerned!
More on a quest for social recognition than love up until mid-August? Until the 12th, Venus will effectively favour your charm offensives and encourage you to influence those around you, trying to play to the gallery rather than succumbing to the dizzying spiral of love. You will exert your powers of attraction to boost your business affairs and further your status, getting your message across smoothly to those in high places. You will feel more concerned with the progress of your plans than maintaining personal relationships. In August, you will probably concentrate on plans which are close to your heart. Defending ideas or opening up the future? Until the 23rd, you will benefit from the support of friends, a network, clients or people in general to achieve what is important to you and will encourage you to develop exchanges with your faithful supporters, friend Libra, rather than romance, which will be relegated to second place.

Friendship given priority!
From the 12th, Venus will leave the social scene (though not entirely?) and appear determined to offer you a good time (holidays?). Until September, you will move within an inspiring group, who will help you give full rein to your dreams and even lay down the foundations of structures for the future. You will probably prefer to travel in a group, friend Libra, than by yourself and make connections! You will be available for others and ready to do all you can to cooperate, with a desire to share your vision with those important to you, in order to obtain valuable advice and maybe include a long-term friend in your plans!

Opening up the future!
In addition, since mid-July, you will have been finding it hard to live in the present and will have ever a tendency to think ahead of the rest of the world. Jupiter has been resident in the area of your chart devoted to the future and what you want to make of it since 16th July. Between now and next July, you will turn as a priority to what is to come, friend Libra, rather than what is happening now or was in the past! There will be no question then of clinging on to previous conventions or values, which will seem outmoded. Instead, you will want to include your other half in your adventures, which should eventually reveal some exciting prospects and definitely extricate you from weighty obligations or a routine which has been stultifying your activities, even those which are the most promising!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A demanding month, when you will battle away in your business concerns and rather tend to neglect your love-life? You will be acting in a good cause (a common cause) and could therefore hope that your other half will follow you to the end of the world! Simply make sure you don't completely keep your partner out of your plans, but include him/her in your future course in one way or another!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Your social life is going to demand a great deal of your attention, but the beginnings of success appearing across your horizon will have a tendency to make you focus on this area of your life. Try to be receptive to the needs of those around you and your own, which by the same token could achieve satisfaction, as long as you allow yourself this.


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