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Sunday, December the 21st
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Love horoscope for December 2014 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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A promising start to the month:
Harmonious discussions at the beginning of the month, when communication with your other half will be good! The combined forces of the Sun and Venus will encourage you to establish contact with everyone around you, with your amazing charm having an effect, friend Libra, and your words making an impression on hearts and minds! You will make the most of this to forge a closer relationship with your partner around projects that fill you with enthusiasm and a shared vision of the world. In fact, good ideas have been rubbing shoulders since mid-July and the future seems to want to open up in the right direction (right for you)! This will be an excellent reason for sharing your motivation to realise your dreams together or, if you are single, to be doubly alert when an inspiring person touches your heart in December.

Moving backwards!
The first fortnight looks very favourable, not only for renewing your mutual understanding and expanding your horizons, but also for encounters, which could turn into romance over these two weeks. This period will be under good auspices, even though the return of the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto (raging since June 2012) will fan the flames on the family front, with certain problems resurfacing with an urgent need to be tackled, faced and if possible resolved (at least before the beginning of spring 2015)! Watch out too, friend Libra, for clashes with your partner. This could cause you problems, either because he/she won't be able to understand your fears, doubts or anger in the face of recurring conflicts that are spoiling your life; or because you will be angry with him/her for not supporting you in the face of tensions causing you problems and undermining you, which he/she will persist in ignoring, not to say being in denial.

Better to find a way than be at odds!
Watch out for score-settling and other festivities which could considerably spoil an otherwise promising atmosphere at the start of the month, but will suffer in the second half, when from exchanges with those close to you will no longer be as harmonious. Try as far as you can to get things into perspective and play down the stakes, friend Libra, again adopting the approach that suits you best, as this is part of your true nature: diplomacy and your gift for resolving problems smoothly! This will be an indispensable condition for ending the month and the year on a more tender note and coming full circle in a good way, preferring to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. To your good health and ... Happy New Year!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
The first two weeks will be everything you've hoped for. A period to be handled carefully and with awareness, to avoid clashes by smoothing things over rather than fuelling them in a counter-productive way!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
You won't be lacking in productive ideas and the future will seem to want to open up to your creative flair. It will be a case of having the courage to show the extent of your talent without false modesty or pointless timidity!


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