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Sunday, November the 23rd
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Love horoscope for November 2014 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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Fixed ideas!
Many projects have been on your mind since the summer, friend Libra, with the possibility of concluding them successfully before next July, but you will have difficulty in freeing up the necessary resources to realise your dreams! In November, you will be obsessed by your financial quest and search for the means you will need to help you improve your ordinary life, and maybe go beyond that to achieve some extraordinary things! You will therefore have little time to put aside for your love-life, which will be somewhat neglected this month for your business affairs. Beware of Mars, who, while pushing you to take action and construct things for your family, won't put you in an ideal position for maintaining harmonious relations with those around you...

Tensions in sight!
Until 10th November, however, your combative energy will be commendable and drive you to move mountains to keep your home-life running smoothly and make changes to your living conditions, but be careful all the same of your mood swings, which could cast a cold shadow over your conjugal or family life, especially around the 13th, when your love-life will be anything but ideal and you, friend Libra, won't be prepared to make concessions. You should avoid provoking your partner however, who won't be happy and will let you know about it. If you are experiencing problems of a material kind, don't let frustration get to you and poison your exchanges with your loved-one, as the skies in November will be overcast for everyone and this will affect you in particular in terms of your desires and potential, which could be blocked by circumstances!

Avoiding score-settling!
A time for a temporary retreat, but this won't help your morale. You can expect to weaken your resolve a little around the 18th and 26th, when Saturn will limit your margins for manoeuvre and increase your exasperation! You should use this rather dispiriting month to hone your plans and strategies, and seriously evaluate your family's needs, rather than speaking your mind and blaming your partner for your current problems. If you fully accept your share of responsibility as you cross this wilderness, you will get through it more easily and turn it into a cornerstone for reflection, closing ranks around the work you need to get done, rather than shutting yourself away in your ivory tower in a counter-productive way, which would be at your own risk and peril where romance is concerned!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month to tackle with caution to avoid being aggressive to your other half and understanding that in November, you're going to have to find a way come hell or high water of dealing with people's shortcomings and waiting patiently for the skies to clear, to regain your freedom of action and reconnect with the pleasure of love, with no backwards glances!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Transformations will be on the cards for this month in your relationships. The situation of those close to you will evolve and this will affect your relationships. This won't be a negative, as long as you accept that people will need time to adapt and will be less available during this transition period.


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