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Friday, October the 9th
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Love horoscope for October 2015 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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Love in secret!
Until the 8th, Venus will enable you to connect with your clan and spend time with your networks and faithful supporters to get their valuable advice, or quite simply share some happy and joyful moments of conviviality! From the 8th, Venus could temporarily put your love-life on hold. Some will ask themselves about past events, stirring up old memories or former regrets! Others will prefer to live their love-life in private and not so much in the cold light of day, or will be tempted to have secret, not to say illicit relationships! Unless you embark on a period of fundamental questioning, where you will evaluate the validity of your relationship in one way or another, its depth and influence on your life, and its potential future development. This moment of withdrawal may encourage you to “start” a baby or extend the family. In fact, this period devoted to maturing your feelings and a sensitive appraisal of your emotions will seem to favour gestation, friend Libra, and you will be able to make the most of this to “launch” your plans for your love-life!

A rich and promising month for everyone …
Especially since Jupiter has effectively been encouraging you to withdraw somewhat from the scene to reflect on the nature of your relationship and behaviour patterns (yours in particular) that again and again produce the same effect! Eventually (from September 2016), you will have learnt the lessons of the past and will be ready to start a new 12-year cycle in your development (a full cycle of Jupiter) in full control of your affairs! In October, if you feel the need to step back and slow down to observe, do a U-turn and reflect, you will still be tempted to make the utmost of your intense reflections. You can therefore count on the Sun until the 23rd to open up the road ahead and free up new avenues, even if you don't necessarily use them straightaway! You won't be afraid to express your feelings or desires, friend Libra, and in any case, you won't want, despite the situation encouraging you to take a step back rather than be exuberant, to give up on your priorities or laying down the foundations for your future plans, especially within the family, where you could reach the heights this month (on the 11th, 23rd and 25th)!

Or almost!
Only those born in the 1st decan will be faced with difficulties in communication with those around them. Try not to dig in your heels, or you could maybe find yourself in control of the ship but alone on board, in particular around the 11th, when your attempts to forge connections and rally support will be up against a brick wall and incomprehension! Try to let things go! It's true your intense reflection will inspire you with ideas that you will aspire to share (or impose?)! Don't think, however, that you are in the right on all fronts, if you don't want to create misunderstandings at home, friend Libra, and even outside. Better to wait a little to give yourself time to sort out the essential from the unimportant, before speaking your mind and trying to convince people you have a monopoly on the truth …Otherwise it would be at your own risk and peril, naturally!

1st decan (23rd September – 3rd October): You will think too much!
Since mid-September, Saturn will have had a tendency to make your thinking more rigid. You have been afraid of seeing the old world fall apart and having to give up on a vision of the world that you have softened, or change. Beware of your statements or emotions that won't necessarily be shared by those around you, especially around the 7th, 11th and 17th! If you are in a relationship, you won't succeed in communicating with your other half. You will reflect a lot and have many doubts (about yourself and the depth of others' feelings towards you). You won't be in the best possible frame of mind for making yourself loved and understood. Wait patiently until the end of the month to re-launch the debate (and in particular raise its level). You will then be more in touch with reality than your inner world, which will currently be playing tricks on you! If you are single, you will be moving forward while looking backwards? If you turn your back on reality and those around you, thinking that you have a monopoly on the truth, you could soon be isolated and frustration will build up. Don't lock yourself away in your own little world of memories, fantasies and regrets, but use this period of relative withdrawal to learn lessons from the past and prepare to bounce back soon with greater awareness and certainly less bitterness!

2nd decan (4th – 14th October): building on better foundations!
You will refine the future plans that are important to you and that you have for the moment been developing more or less in secret. You can count on a wonderful situation in October to fulfil your amorous hopes and improve the atmosphere at home, especially around the 11th, when you will lay down exciting foundations for your next achievements. If you are in a relationship, you will decide to extend your family, have a child or do all you can to change the foundations of your family (for the better) and improve your living environment! Focus on fairly cloud-free skies with encouragement to begin to create a life in October that will inspire you. If you are single, you will have all kinds of ideas in mind and desires that will just be waiting for you (and a little bit of time) to be achieved. You will aspire to create a cosy nest that could easily welcome the family you wish to have, or finish with the ancestral ties that will prevent you from feeling fulfilled in your own way. Make the most of the wonderful energy this month to put together your plans and start to achieve them!

3rd decan (15th – 23rd October): In gestation!
Until the 8th, you will make the most of your friends around you to be entertained and get some valuable advice. You will then surf far along on the wonderful situation for those born in the 2nd decan, but this should help you achieve (in your head and heart for the moment) everything to which you aspire and dream of setting up to improve your living environment and family relations. If you are in a relationship, you will start the month with good support and get through October without too many shadows over the picture. You will ask yourself what needs to be modified in order for family relations to change for the better. Between the 13th and 23rd, you will regain control of the reins of your destiny and decide to take action, though continuing to take a step back from events. If you are single, you will develop plans in October, first of all among friends until the 8th, when you will be surrounded by faithful supporters giving you guidance. Between the 13th and 23rd, you will start on a new cycle of development, but continue to perfect the elements and means in your heart and mind, to serve your future achievements and desire to have a family on solid foundations, in some cases, having eliminated the remnants of the past, which could still cast a shadow over your future happiness!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month that will augur well for the gestation of a new world and the deepening of your feelings about life (your own in particular), where reflection will be more important than action, favouring deeper relations with your loved-ones! If you were born in the 1st decan, and you wish to forge greater closeness and rediscover the togetherness you have rather forgotten since September, you will need to be patient in October, as, if you are trying to rally support by imposing your vision of the world on those around you, you can't be certain others will want to follow you! It may be time to think about your rigid ideas and sound out the potential mental inflexibility on your part, rather than blame your other half, who won't necessarily be the only one behind the problems surfacing at the moment!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
A month to put to use by reflecting actively on the different means at your disposal, to draw a definite line under the past and enjoy your love-life in the light-hearted way you so need …


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