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Wednesday, April the 1st
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When will we find happiness again
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Love horoscope for April 2015 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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Open warfare?
The Sun is going to encourage you until the 20th to open dialogue and do all you can to keep it open, as it could be rather (or very) raucous, especially from the 5th, when the heavens will be creating sparks! A recurring family problem will cast a shadow over the picture during a month under high cosmic tension for you and everybody else. Watch out in particular on the 5th, 6th and 7th for exchanges with others, which will turn sour and could even degenerate into open conflict, if you don't manage to keep calm and express your feelings without hesitation! For quite a while (since 2008 for some), you have been going through a phase of questioning your family bases, but you will also have to face your instincts, which won't necessarily give you good advice, and your subconscious mind, which you will need to study more closely, friend Libra, if you want to learn lessons from the past and emerge as a winner from these trials and tribulations!

Look at yourself and your life … head-on!
Try not to dig in your heels or be mulish even, if you are forced out of your entrenched position! After a long period of fundamental questions, you will be facing the aftermath of the storm in April. This will be a trial and ask you to take a clear position regarding events and the things that have been tugging you backwards for too long! Don't expect to get much rest this month! Mars will probably have been trying and in April, you will be recommended to keep a cool head as far as is possible, friend Libra, to try to bring some creative responses to the problem areas unsettling you, so you can gradually heal your wounds!

To close the chapter and finally propel you freely towards tomorrow!
You will begin to emerge from this crisis situation around the 21st, when Venus will help you to raise the level of debate and move your relationship forward. Through shared projects, you will manage to develop greater closeness to your partner, rekindle the flame and focus on the power of your desires and plans, in order to emerge from a grim daily grind and restore some colour to your life! You will also rediscover your innate sense of diplomacy and re-establish your quest for harmony, which will enable you to end a rather tortuous month on a high note. This should also close a rather painful chapter of your own life one way or another, friend Libra, and open the doors of the future for you to build or rebuild in your own way!

1st decan (23rd September – 3rd October): Feeling rather depressed, maybe?
Saturn will have a tendency to cast a shadow over the landscape and push you to reason more than will always be necessary. It will be difficult to get your message across smoothly and re-establish the light-heartedness that has been lacking and dragging down your relationships! If you are in a relationship, you don't feel like laughing? You will find it the right thing to do, to focus very seriously on the things causing problems, but also on what is going all right? Be careful around the 15th and 19th that you don't plummet your relationship by trying to impose your way of seeing things and living a way of life that won't necessarily suit everyone, especially not your partner! If you are single, you have been lost in thought and inclined to brood since the end of last December? In April, you will find it even harder to distance yourself from the things causing you problems and will even conversely have a tendency to add to them. Don't be surprised then if your friends tend to keep their distance, or if you soon freeze out those who would otherwise ask nothing more than to get closer to you. Things will sort themselves out at the very end of the month, when you will use your intuition to tackle things and turn your life round in the right direction!

2nd decan (4th – 14th October): A promising end to the month!
The aftermath of the combined forces of Pluto and Uranus, who entered their final round last month, will still be floating around above your head and heart until the 20th! If you are in a relationship, stormy discussions will be on the cards on the family front and with your partner, with a tendency for you to ignore your responsibilities? Before you focus on what is causing you problems with your other half, make sure you carry out a minute post-mortem of your subconscious mind, which isn't necessarily guiding you in the right direction. If you succeed in moving forward without ignoring matters (especially your share of the responsibility), you will enjoy a radiant end to the month, which will open on to the future. If you are single, you will need handling with kid gloves and won't always be very objective? Above all, don't dig in your heels in your certainties (which suit you), which will clash with reality as others see it. Better to use your legendary sense of diplomacy and desire for balance to tackle problems without hesitation and then try to draw a line under the past. At the end of the month, better things will await you, you can be sure! So, if you want to lower your guard before the end of April, think about bringing your clan together and tackling annoying issues first!

3rd decan (15th – 23rd October): A thirst for things new!
Less targeted (apart from tendencies in your personal chart) by the elements than the other decans? You will make the most of this to ask yourself questions about your needs and expectations with regard to your other half, while waiting for Uranus to come along this summer and shake up your relationship! If you are in a relationship, you will focus on dialogue until the 20th to lighten up the shadowy areas and develop greater closeness! You won't really be under threat from the sparks created by the heavens, but it would still be in your interests to question your relationship with your partner to try to understand how you could infuse a little bit of novelty into things, as your relationships will soon (from summer in some cases) be put to the test! If you are single, you will aspire to a less conventional relationship and could benefit from the celestial upheavals to identify what is missing from your life and your needs, so that from July, you can contact people who will take you out of your usual habitat and emotional comfort zone, which has tied you down to a search for security no longer right for you …

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
This month could be turbulent (in the same vein as last month) and force you up against realities that will be difficult to face without grumbling! You will feel ready to explode (and maybe will do), but if you ask yourself some personal questions, you will succeed in breaking free from your family's control, but also from your own subconscious behaviour, which has been fuelling conflict!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
You are going to need to tackle the things that don't suit you in your personal relationships. This will enable you to avoid tension or long silences, which your partner will have no problem in misinterpreting!


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