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Monday, January the 26th
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Love horoscope for February 2015 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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No desire to go unnoticed!
You will start the month feeling quite inspired and determined to improve your everyday life. After a rather dispirited end to January, you will aspire to give your everyday life a boost and breathe life back into your relationship, or emerge from your cocoon to make some new, enriching contacts (and even more, if you find an affinity here)! Until the 18th, the Sun will encourage you to revisit your love-life and show what you can do! So, melting into the background will be out of the question, friend Libra, but instead, you will do your utmost to fire on all cylinders and make yourself noticed! However, it will be with those around you that you will make an impression on hearts and minds in February!

Major trump cards!
The combined forces of Venus and Mars will enable you to get your message across smoothly, but not without using your powers of attraction to bring a note of glamour to your exchanges with others. This could therefore turn out to be quite gratifying, as long as you don't exploit it to obtain advantages in too obvious a way, in an attempt to accelerate the setting up of your brilliant projects by over-abusing your assets and amazing personal magnetism! However, you will know perfectly how to boost your contributions, friend Libra, and be popular without abusing your influence, especially on the family front, where your goodwill is going to go down well with everyone, and in your love-life where your sensuality should make sure your loved-one is attentive! From the 20th, you will also be able to count on the combined forces of Venus and Mars to boost your relationships and why not rekindle the flame, or rediscover an intensity you had lost sight of recently.

However, take your time in revealing your hand!
Beware, however, of your clear tendency to overdo the passion in your discussions, as this could just as likely light the blue touch-paper between you and your other half as set your heart aflame. If you manage to express your emotions and your need for recognition and quite simply attention without creating too many sparks, you should end the month on a high note and in good company. If you let yourself be ruled by passion and provoke your other half about the past, with old resentments that didn't go down well, you will be in danger of not really appreciating the stunning encounter between Venus and Mars (on the 22nd), which could have the best in store for you, friend Libra, or the worst. However, we can bet that you will be very aware of the dangers as well as the stakes and will know how to deal with this with the sense of balance you are known for, between fighting hand-to-hand with heart-felt enthusiasm and ... taking things in bad spirit, which should be avoided if possible!

1st decan (23rd September - 3rd October): Living your desires yet being true to yourself!
Saturn will enable you to rationalise your thoughts but could also restrain your spontaneity. All the more reason to handle your heartfelt fieriness with awareness and experience emotions without being overwhelmed and going over the top! If you are in a relationship, ended January feeling depressed? In February, you will re-establish a shared ideal and make the most of this to rekindle the flame and prove to your other half that you are indispensable. Don't let yourself be diverted from your goals at the end of the month (on the 23rd?), when communication won't be as good. Rely on your enhanced diplomatic skills to smooth things over and resolve problems, rather than ending up in deadlock! If you are single, and you ended January feeling rather frustrated or disappointed, you will feel more inspired in February and quite prepared to work hard at being indispensable, and of course, infinitely desirable! However, you will know how to keep control of your senses, even if passion comes knocking on your door (on the 22nd) and will succeed in expressing your heartfelt feelings without too much risk of casting a chill over a warm climate!

2nd decan (4th – 14th October): Regaining control of your destiny!
You will be exposed time and time again to the cosmic upheavals that have been piling on the pressure since June 2012 and maybe creating trials and tribulations in your love-life! Uranus will ask you to rethink your relationship and break with an ideal of fused togetherness, while Pluto will be working on your mind and body to enable you to let go of the past and rebuild things on a more conscious and personal basis! If you are in a relationship, you will be operating until the end of March under the effects of the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto, which will put your relationship to the test and your exchanges with your family at the centre of frequently stormy debates. In February, you will succeed in developing greater closeness with your loved-one by expressing your heightened sensuality and playing on your devastating charm, but don't lose sight of the fact that the problems you have been encountering at home for quite some time will one day need to be sorted out once and for all! If you are single, you will be in full control of your affairs and determined to attract attention. You should actually make an impression on hearts and minds, but will continue to ask yourself questions about how much room you want to give your other half in your life. Uranus will tend to insist you keep a certain amount of distance and not commit unreservedly. This will give you time to mature, probably, and tackle the issue without digging in your heels, so you can learn to love without necessarily subsuming yourself!

3rd decan (15th – 23rd October): Incredible charm!
You will progress through February relatively immune from the great astral upheavals affecting the first two decans and backing them into a corner! You will be able to rely on the Sun until the 18th to fire on all cylinders and openly express your desires, which should be fulfilled! If you are in a relationship, apart from differing tendencies in your own personal chart, you should surf in February along a cosmic wave which will augur well for your love-life. An evident desire to please, love and be loved, with plans put in place before mid-January enabling you to look forward together in the same direction? Everything you need for a warm winter and to rekindle the flame! If you are single, you won't fail to do all you can in February to attract attention and experience some powerful moments! You will spared for the moment from the rather turbulent astral situation, so make the most of this period of relative ease to try your luck, forge contacts and hit the right note! Until the 18th, you will be irresistible!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
This month will be anything but wintry, but it will still need to be handled with a certain restraint if you want to surf along on an enhanced wave of sensuality, rather than getting caught up in score-settling, which could take you a long way, too far away, especially from the love you so need!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Your love-life will be centre stage! Uranus will insist you stop being so impatient and encourage you to let go of the past, so you can rebuild things on foundations that are more in tune with yourself and the person you fundamentally want to be.


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