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Love horoscope for May 2015 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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Other priorities?
In a combative mood in May? Doubling your efforts to finish a project before the summer? There's no certainty that you will really be available for devoting your time to your loved-ones who could feel rather neglected. Make sure you keep dialogue open if you don't want to be up against a wall of incomprehension (or disapproval) around the 15th, when the climate could be extremely tense and communication break down! Since summer 2014, you have been working away to open up the future and benefit from openness in matters involving your emotions (children, a new life project, continuing friendships), but this month you'll have difficulty in obtaining the help you are seeking, friend Libra, and will struggle to rally support! An overcast sky that probably won't really dissipate before next month, when you will regain your enthusiasm and a certain flow in your exchanges with others, as well as a possibility of raising the level of debate in family matters and your love-life!

Rather overcast skies!
For the moment, you will have to contend with probable misunderstandings or things left unsaid, which could affect your everyday life and undermine your relations with those who are important to you! Try to express yourself clearly, friend Libra, if you want to be heard and especially if you want those around you to use the same language! You won't be at bay from relatively confused feelings, if you (wrongly) think that people only half-understand you, or that they have no problem seeing your rather uncertain qualms in May. While you won't be able to do exactly what you want, you may still want to muddy the waters (to attract attention) or fan the flames to vent your frustration. Don't go there, as the disruption casting a shadow over your personal picture will also darken the skies for your other half and drag everyone's morale downwards! A great prospect?

Spring will return in June!
However, you will need to be subtle and play on your unfailing charm, which will help you take the heat out of potential points of friction and get conflicts into perspective (on the 16th)! Don't try to force things through from the 19th and don't take offence if you think in an obscure way that you are being held back or backed into a corner! There's no point in playing the injured party, rebelling or standing on your dignity! Wait for the evident tension to disappear of its own volition! Don't enter into conflicts that will pick at your relationship or disrupt your relationship with those who are close to you, friend Libra, as the climate in May, while seeming to increase the pressure in all areas, should enable us to let go and give up constantly getting ideas about all kinds of things, often to no avail! We will need to channel our reactions about what is essential and prepare ourselves for unconditional love in June, when springs arrives, rather late, but it should offer you some joyful compensations in your love-life! And about time!

1st decan (23rd September – 3rd October): In a grim mood?
Saturn will definitely favour depth rather than a light-hearted approach, but please, don't take life too seriously if you want to be able to communicate without reaching deadlock in May! If you are in a relationship, you will find it hard not to dig in your heels mulishly this month, but be careful of your other half's reactions, as he/she won't just go along with everything, but could also go off and sulk. To avoid bringing communication to a complete standstill, compromise a little and stop thinking you are right about everything! It may be true (but so what?), but your other half has the right to speak and if you try to prevent this, he/she will take revenge by piling on the pressure! If you are single, this definitely won't be an ideal month for launching into adventure and abandoning yourself to the dizzying spiral of love. Your mind and heart will probably be … elsewhere! You will also be more inclined to be critical and reproach those around you than confide in them, let yourself go and allow yourself to be loved! If you feel a certain frustration and temptation to rebel, give it a miss! This won't be the time or the month to create a fuss. Better to wait till June to create sparks and kindle the flame!

2nd decan (4th – 14th October): Focus on the future!
Aspiring to expand your horizons and bring projects close to your heart to fruition? In May, however, you will have to accept the need to slow down if you want to forge greater closeness, rather than aggravate current tensions! If you are in a relationship, your eyes are on great, long-term projects? In May, however, you are going to have to face certain limitations, which will be irritating, with a tendency to make your exchanges with your other half quite tense! Recurrent problems pushing you to demand more independence? Wait for June to tackle the problems that have long been present with greater awareness and every chance of being able to resolve them …together! If you are single, you will dream of opening and spreading your wings and taking off, loving and being loved. This probably won't happen in May, when your doubts and qualms, and an element of confusion will take over and tend to work against the realisation of your desires. Try to be patient without complaint until next month, when the overcast skies will clear and you will recover your mojo, rediscovering your desire to conquer the world in its entirety!

3rd decan (15th - 23rd October): Safe from harm … or almost!
The overcast skies forecast for May will only affect you very slightly. The stars will ignore you and you won't be inclined to complain, because a rather pernicious climate will only appear to undermine the strength and morale of those born under the first two decans! If you are in a relationship, it can't be certain that you won't have to bear some of the consequences of the rather heavy skies for the entire world! If you feel tensions mounting between you and your other half, don't ignore this, but prepare instead to ask yourself some in-depth questions about your relationship and the quality of your mutual exchanges! Maybe it will be time to evaluate what is missing (possibly independence) to make a start on opening the hatches and changing your outlook on the world, especially your relationship, which will need to move on … from July onwards! If you are single, there won't be too many clouds on the horizon, but there won't be any great thrills either in this inclement weather for everyone else, which will seem to want to spare you a little! However, pay some attention to your desires, which could change in the near future and cause you to open your eyes to a less conventional approach to your relationship, which will start to kick in from the summer …

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month of May with little likelihood of flirting around and salacious jokes? It will be a journey through the shadows, when you will be quite on edge and will need to handle things with as great an awareness as possible, to avoid slipping up or setbacks, which should sort themselves out in June, when there will be the promise of a much hoped-for and well-earned improvement!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Lack of tact could well cast a shadow over your most loving relationships and stand between you and the satisfaction you are hoping for. Don't push difficult discussions. Being right the first time doesn't mean victory in the long term.


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