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Wednesday, July the 23rd
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Love horoscope for July 2014 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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An end to the combat!
Since December 2013, Mars has added tension to your exchanges with others and set you in opposition to your partner, who won't really be prepared simply to go along with things. A time of confrontation and potential open warfare, where each of you will pit him/herself against the needs and expectations of the other and no-one will seem to find away to peace or even consensus! Fortunately in July, Mars is going to end his argumentative, warlike phase and stop creating tension between you and your loved-one from the 26th! You will tone things down, friend Libra, or abandon your provocative tone? You can also count on Venus (from 23rd June) to raise the level of debate and encourage you to widen your horizons, no doubt to include greater tolerance, a more mutual perspective, or a point of view which will enable you to see ahead and imagine your future life together.

Commitment reviewed and amended!
Those who haven't found common ground since the winter may have broken off the relationship or found other compromises, leaving each of them freer in their movements! Because, while Mars has managed to increase the pressure on the relationship, keeping things calm and quiet or giving up expressing your rights or aspiration to act according to your own code of behaviour have been out of the question. But be careful here, friend Libra, as you can expect your other half to break free as well from rules which were stifling or restricting his/her margin of manoeuvre in one way or another! This month will therefore invite you to redefine the principles that will enable the relationship to move forward without being muzzled by principles, which no longer work and were preventing you from feeling fulfilled individually and (or) together!

To open up the future together!
From mid-July, Jupiter, who has been piling on the tension at work, strewing your path with challenges to be taken up and a need to prove yourself, will finally open doors and exciting prospects. These could help your relationship to bounce back and form togetherness around unifying projects, which are likely to breathe in fresh air and enthusiasm to your feelings! This will probably give you the means to write a new page in your romance, #friend Libra, by getting away from the beaten track and creating others, which will take you far away from habits which have become stultifying. These will give you the desire to pursue adventure, more aware of your differences, but also of the pleasure you will have in developing a mutual dream and inspiring future!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
July should put an end to a controversy which had set you in opposition to each other since last winter and possibly reunite you around a common ideal to achieve together! Make sure, however, that you don't keep quiet about your personal demands (no more than your other half), if you don't want your differences regarding understanding and the foundations of your relationship to resurface another day!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
A need to expand your own inner boundaries is going to make itself felt in your relationships in particular. It will be time to put down your weapons and stake out your territory without fighting and act quite simply according to your basic needs.


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