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Love horoscope for September 2015 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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A period of gestation!
The Sun will encourage you to take a break and a step back regarding your everyday life, in order to learn lessons from the year gone by and prepare (from your next birthday onwards) for initiating a new cycle in your development and maturity! In fact, Jupiter will have moved into the shadow of your sign in mid-August, friend Libra, and will recommend you examine (until the end of summer 2016) your motivation, priorities and desires so you can ultimately express them openly! You will have a year to hone your strategies, sort out what is essential and what is unimportant, and nurture decisions that will affect your future. You can expect, however, to go through a period of doubt, dissatisfaction and even frustration, especially around the 17th, when you will lack reference points and will sometimes feel you are feeling your way along.

Think before you act or react!
The general climate at this end of season won't actually favour travelling in a straight line? Better then to tune into your feelings to understand what is going on around you (and within you), rather than ignoring the trouble overwhelming you and charging in with your head down … through the mists. Nobody will be at bay in September from a rather hazy celestial cover, which will tend to distort reality and lead us down the wrong path. Try to remain on the alert and not be too quick to judge, and in particular, not take action based on your emotions or in many cases, illusions! Wait quietly for the clouds to disperse, in order to see things more clearly, friend Libra, and take action (or fall in love) when you know what you are doing!

Surrounded by support!
In September, however, you will continue to surf along on the wave of Venus, which has been bearing you aloft since June! You will therefore benefit, friend Libra, from the presence of this delightful planet, who will ensure you support from friends and your clan, who in turn will encourage you to follow your heart and bring your desires to fruition. This will mend your doubts and uncertainties, and the unsettling impression you are drifting. And you won't lack for plans! Some will wish to have a family or extend the one they have. Others will move house to improve their living environment. You will give full rein to your exciting dreams in the company of your loved-one, or plan for an encounter that you could well have between now and 8th October. You will all enjoy excellent opportunities to compensate for the sometimes unpleasant sensation of losing control of your life by developing greater closeness with those you love around a shared vision of an inspiring future!

1st decan (23rd September – 2nd October): A rather hazy end to the season!
It's you that will suffer the consequences in September of the complex cosmic tensions, which will have a tendency to lead you astray and make you lose control of your everyday life. Rather than give in to pessimism or discouragement, you should take a step back and go for cultivating your garden, rather than wanting at all costs to control the situations that are beyond you. If you are in a relationship, you will feel you are losing your footing and won't know where to turn? If you don't succeed in seeing things more clearly in your own world, at home or at work, you should give up for the moment trying to take over the reins at any price. If you do, you will be in danger of getting your fingers burnt at the end of the month, when you could reawaken an adversary, who could derail you even further! If you are single, you will feel your way carefully between opposing currents and in spite of your desire to experience some great love-affairs and open up your future as you see fit, you will sometimes find it hard in September to escape from wondering what's the point, in the face of a situation you have difficulty in making out and channelling in the right direction, i.e. right for you. Try to avoid making a drama out of the situation and go for temporary refuge in your dreams, starting to give shape to your aspirations, rather than heading off into the mists, with a risk of ultimately hitting a brick wall!

2nd decan (4th – 14th October): An Indian summer?
Venus will continue to keep you company (until the 24th) and could offer you a few great opportunities to open up the future in your own way. You won't hesitate a second to seize these and turn them into reality! If you are in a relationship, you shouldn't have reason for complaint about an end of season that you will end in the way you want! Make the most of the presence of Venus at your side until the 24th to inspire you with exciting plans to share immediately with your other half, who shouldn't need much asking to follow you to the ends of the earth, or at least to the end of your dreams! If you are single, you will have more than one idea or plan in mind for boosting your everyday life and broadening your horizons. You can rely on Venus to help you benefit from the support of your faithful followers, who will support you tooth and nail. And why not some wonderful, surprising encounters, maybe through your usual network or the internet?

3rd decan (15th – 23rd October): In search of thinsg new!
The summer will have somewhat shaken up your daily routine and given you a desire for other things or to live life differently? In September, you will seem to move forward protected from the fray that could be disruptive for some and will benefit at the end of the month from the good vibes of Venus to give full rein to some exciting dreams! If you are in a relationship, the summer will have breathed life into your relationship, encouraging you to spice things up through inspiring plans to be shared. You will continue on these lines in September and surf along from the 24th on the vibes of Venus, which should give you inspiration and reinforce your desire to whisk your other half away on a romantic interlude! If you are single, the summer will have enabled you to see the future and your relationship from a new angle. You may feel less imprisoned by received ideas and (or) fears that have sometimes prevented you from making the leap. In September, you will take something of a step back from events to sort out the essential from the unimportant, while awaiting the arrival of Venus, who will invite you to love, emerge from your cocoon and see more of your friends!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
You won't lack either the ideas or enthusiasm for tackling an end-of-holiday period that will be rather difficult to handle or pin down clearly. If your everyday life seems beyond you, don't try at all costs to regain control of the reins, but be content to watch your back, while you continue to cultivate friends and plans that will keep you above the fray!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Letting go would be the key word for moving forward towards an improvement in your love-life. Your instinctively light-hearted nature will bring you great success if you are single and if you are in a relationship, it will be the best way to defuse tension!


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