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Thursday, September the 18th
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Love horoscope for September 2014 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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Your love-life feeling rather flat!
A restrained and even doubtful start to the season? A time for reflection to sort out what's essential and what isn't, and learn lessons from the past? The Sun will be hiding in the shadow of your sign until 23rd September, effectively inviting you to take a step back regarding your love-life to evaluate its quality and depth, so that you can ultimately begin a new cycle of emotional development (at the very end of the month) in all consciousness! Venus is going to join our daily star from the 5th, when she will accentuate this trend, pushing you into a corner rather than celebrating, friend Libra, or expressing your feelings openly!

Tackling the fundamental issues!
Use this quiet period or this inevitable and likely necessary overview to determine your priorities and identify your true needs and desires, in order to trace your path through elements of regret, remorse and a feeling of failure, so you can open up to other possibilities and new avenues from the 29th. Venus is then going to put you centre stage in full control of your means, with perfect charisma and determined to put on a show, play to the gallery, find that special person or hold on to your partner, whom you will have scrutinised enough to consider whether he or she should be part of your future (or not). Besides, if you go through September on the sidelines, it could be because you will actually be busy elsewhere, friend Libra, or that your bubbling social life will be very absorbing, but also enable you to sift carefully through your private life, which will have been under review for quite some time!

Looking together in the same direction!
Thirst for independence gnawing away at you (unless it's your partner slipping between your fingers), the need to review things on the family front, or certain scores still needing to be settled? You won't be totally at peace, but have been able to count on Jupiter since mid-July to connect you with a network, a clan (of faithful supporters) or people in general. This will open up prospects and enable you to get your concerns about your private life into perspective! Around the 24th, you could receive a present or land an opportunity through a friend or sponsor, who will propel you into an inspiring future! You should make the most then of this delightful (and fruitful) nod and a wink from the heavens to adopt an enterprising approach, friend Libra, and why not close the ranks with your loved-one around a common ideal and (or) a promising and unifying project!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
September will start on a flat note but could well end with a fanfare, if you seize the opportunities that come your way to build bridges between you and your other half, rather than drawing a line underneath things It will be up to you to find out and see what you really want!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
It will be essential to put the finishing touches to certain details of your everyday life, to get things back on to the right foot, especially in your love-life. Don't rush into things from fear of loneliness, but examine what you really need.


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