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Love horoscope for June 2015 for the sign of for Libra

  Written by Daisy

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Determined to love and be loved!
The skies in June will invite you to open up the hatches, broaden your horizons and give full rein to your dreams! A charming agenda that you will fulfil with zeal and enthusiasm! Until the 21st, the Sun will help you to push back the boundaries as far as possible! Some will be unreservedly motivated by moving their relationship forward, while others will set off in search of that special person, with every chance of finding him/her this month, elsewhere or in a different way. In fact, June will offer you the chance to change tack completely, give rein to your dreams and have the courage to realise some of your goals, without paying attention (this being one of your tendencies) to the opinions or recommendations of others! Mars will further highlight your ambitions for your love-life (and other aspects of your existence), endowing you with an energy that will give you a lift, friend Libra, with an unshakeable determination to improve your love-life and live life to the full!

Focus on the future!
In June, your head will be full of ideas? Jupiter has been urging you to bring them to fruition since summer 2014 and boosting your imagination as well as your relationships! You will be able to count on Jupiter's powers to get the emotional support you so need to open up the future in line with your own ideas and connect creatively with the world around you! Especially as Venus will take it upon herself from the 5th to enhance your radiance! You will go down well with everyone and more importantly, with those you would like to tempt into your nets! Whether in your love-life or friendships, you will have no complaints. In fact it will be quite the reverse, with light-hearted and tender vibes that should enable you, friend Libra, to rediscover the closeness that had tended to be forgotten recently!

A need for fantasy?
Need to spice up your existence? You won't lack opportunities to add novelty to your everyday life and add some spice to your relationship, helping you to develop greater closeness, maybe by investing in a vision or plans that will inspire you (a baby, moving house or marriage). No question of getting into a rut! Uranus who is currently ruling your relationship as a couple (and has been since 2011) will bait you and tend to shake things up to enable things to move forward and be renewed, or break up if you decide you have run out of steam! You won't say no to pleasure and will be doubly enthusiastic, ardent and passionate, and maybe in the first instance, delightfully … reach the end of the night!

1st decan (23rd September – 3rd October): Good vibes!
You will have been asking yourself lots of questions since May about the future of your relationship and your destiny in general? In June, you should find the right answers, ones which will enable you to run the show without going round in circles any more! If you are in a relationship, June could help you restart the process! You will have a clearer idea of the direction you want to take together. You should make the most without further ado of the good vibes of a month that will favour the development of a closer relationship around constructive plans, because from the 21st, your mind will often be elsewhere! At work, in fact! If you are single, you will begin to identify what you expect from life in June and what you are prepared to do to reach your goal, both in your love-life and business matters! There will be dreams to realise and the potential this month to meet the one who could add magic to your life! If you can't make up your mind, you will still have some great times with the excellent company of your friends!

2nd decan (4th – 14th October): A touch of madness!
You will up the pace in June and could benefit from the heavens' excellent disposition to bring some of your dearly-held plans to fruition. This could give a favourable boost to your love-life and everything else! If you are in a relationship, there will be no risk of boredom this month! Astonishing creativity and very evident imagination …and heartfelt. This is a perfect combination for boosting your relationship, changing complete tack and breaking with a routine that was starting to become very heavy-going? Don't hesitate for a second in June to inject a bit of fantasy into your everyday routine! You will then be able to enjoy life to the full without reservation and we can wager that this small note of fantasy could well boost your ardour and that of your partner! If you are single, there will be no question of quietly purring along or simply being content! Your ambitions will be enormous in June in all respects. In your love-life, you will want to have it all and have it now, and preferably the best! You will have a variety of assets for satisfying your demands and winning over all and sundry! Your irresistible charm will have no difficulty in rallying the support of your friends and why not that of someone who could please you and respond to all (or nearly all) of your criteria!

3rd decan (15th – 23rd October): The pace will quicken!
From the 22nd, Jupiter is going to boost your plans and set you afloat on dreams to be realised, and why not straightaway! As for Venus, she will pay you a visit at the end of the month (on the 28th) and give you a lift! If you are in a relationship, feeling the emergence of new desires? An aspiration to change tack completely and revive an everyday existence that has seemed quite depressing recently? In June, everything will be a possibility and allowed! Regained enthusiasm and creativity? Nothing will seem able to dampen your zeal and thirst for life, or for enjoying sharing things with your other half, as long as your partner accepts the need to integrate the fantasy that has been lacking for quite a while into your mutual exchanges and frolics! If you are single, nothing will appear able to get in the way of your enthusiasm or contain your desires! Your aspiration will be to love and be loved, and you could find the one who could surprise you and bring the touch of madness you so need at the moment, to restore charm and meaning to your life. Open your eyes (and heart), as you could meet your ideal partner in June, one who will give you a desire to open up a different future and above all … together!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month of intensity, when the surprises (happy ones) won't yet be over. You will allow yourself to borne along delightfully by the elements, but without forgetting to use your charm and desire to excel, to push beyond certain boundaries, which could have been holding you back from fully expressing your hopes and expectations. And you will be right!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
This June will be ideal for consolidating your closest relationships. Your creativity will be enhanced and you will feel inspired, if you have to start or continue with a particular piece and spread the word. Awareness will be well-aspected, especially when it concerns your basic emotional needs.


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