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Friday, July the 3rd
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Love horoscope for July 2015 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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A good beginning!
While you will have made the most of June to make the transformations you aspire to, especially on the family front, you will continue on this course during the first week in July, which will favour your self-fulfilment. Your current strong desire to improve your living environment and (or) those of your clan will benefit from the energy of Venus and Jupiter, who will boost your resources and appetites. Whether this means moving house, buying property, announcing a birth or restructuring your life, you will know how to transmit your enthusiasm to those around you, who will be ready to follow you, and why not to the end of the world!

Asking questions … about yourself!
Those born at the end of the 3rd decan will have to bear the return of Saturn who will tend to hold back their lift-off and put a temporary block on their plans! You can expect a rather turbulent second half of the month, when you will have to be content with what you have and in some cases rein in your activities. You won't much appreciate this situation (especially on the 14th), which will cast a veil over your relationship, friendships and social life, as well as over your morale. In particular, don't let yourself feel discouraged, but try to understand what isn't right and what is causing problems. While a rather unorthodox management of your resources or a poor evaluation of reality will tend to set your plans back even further, it will probably be time to carry out an examination of your conscience, friend Capricorn, to pin down your share of responsibility in the matter. Eventually, you will be able to get round obstacles or fears inherited from the past and your childhood, and have the courage to take a chance, finally believing in yourself and your ability to be happy, as well as making those close to you happy as well.

Summer storms on the horizon!
However, you will all have to cope this month with a general cooling of the atmosphere. After a magical start to the summer, when communication has been good with everyone, you will probably have difficulties in communicating with your other half! Caution between the 13th and the 19th, and on the 25th, when tensions could mount and mutual exchanges degenerate into open conflict, if you add fuel to the flames and persist in believing, friend Capricorn, that you are right about everything! Your partner won't fail to let you know that it is time to change your approach or methods, if you want to avoid clashes. You would do well in July to tone things down and do all you can to calm matters, though there will be no need to deny your fundamental desires. Whatever the situation, opt for dialogue. You will then end this month of contrasts at one with yourself without making a scene or raising the hackles with those around you, who will be rather shaken in July by your rather bossy proposals and decisions!

1st decan (22nd December – 2nd January): Out of harm's way!
This month, you will be relatively safe from the inclement weather! Make the most of your amazing energy levels to initiate the changes you want to make in your immediate environment, as you will feel inspired in July and determined to make people and things move along in the right direction, i.e. right for you. If you are in a relationship, you will be doubly keen in July to head your private life in the direction you want and won't lack either the resources or the will to achieve what is close to your heart! Until the 9th, you won't really be inclined to make concessions, but you will be able to persuade your partner to follow you by falling back on your unshakeable enthusiasm! If you are single, June will have given you a change of air or enabled you to make some important choices. You will aspire to set up home or improve your living environment, so you can feel completely at home and prepare to welcome the one who should soon share your existence. In July, you will be effective and doubly keen to fulfil your desires. Don't hesitate to increase your number of initiatives to free up some means or funds that could help you make progress towards your dreams!

2nd decan (3rd – 11th January): On edge!
June will have enabled you to move the goalposts and express your immense thirst for change? In July, you will continue on this wonderful trajectory, but you will need to face your other half, who won't always understand your point of view, or your life choices, which he/she may see as going against his/hers! If you are in a relationship, you will have taken advantage last month of a planetary situation that could boost your creative flair and your desire for change. While July will get off to a good start, you can expect to have to face some controversies from the 15th. Your partner will rebel or oppose your decisions. You will have to fight every inch of the way to defend your choices. Be careful, however, to moderate your words and temper, if you don't want discussion to founder! Be very clear in your words and intentions, if you don't want to raise the hackles of those around you, who will have difficulty in getting their heads round your plans… and your doubts! If you are single, you will pursue your quest for complete change and not be too keen to make concessions on what you feel is essential for you. While the first week in July will still encourage you to be enthusiastic, you should be aware of your rather stubborn attitude, especially between the 14th and 16th, when you won't be very tactful, but more inclined to express your desires without any argument! If you are hoping to rally support, you're going to have to find a way. If you are hoping to win over anyone you want, you will need to smooth things over, and start listening to your other half!

3rd decan (12th – 20th January): Dialogue advisable!
June will have enabled you to open up the hatches and delightfully breathe in the great winds of change. You will have been able to make some positive transformations in your home-life and achieve a certain level of happiness. In July, you will start the month on this excellent trajectory, but from the 13th, you will be confronted by your other half, who will back you (somewhat) into a corner and ask for explanations about everything! If you are in a relationship, the first week will augur well for commitments and a white-hot rekindling of the flame. There will be no shadows on the picture before the 13th, when minds will overheat and your partner will suddenly appear to oppose your choices. To avoid discussions turning sour, make sure you let your other half express his/her views and make yourself understood. It would be a pity to ruin the atmosphere by provoking conflicts that could be avoided, if you agree to share your feelings and emotions, and go for dialogue rather than confrontation! If you are single, you will have just had an encounter and experienced some strong emotions. The first week of July will highlight this excellent trend and offer you a number of opportunities to hit the right note and make an impression. And after that? Caution from the 13th, when communication won't be as good between you and your other half. You would therefore do well to tone things down rather than add fuel to the fire, when you describe your vision of the world and the future to your loved-one, who won't necessarily share this in all respects!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
Make the most of the first week to fill up on the energy and enthusiasm you will need to turn a few difficult corners and find a way without causing too many conflicts with your partner, who won't necessarily be open to your suggestions!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Make sure you allow your partner the space he/she needs to express his/her ideas fully, especially those in connection with your relationship. You could soon impose your vision of things, without realising it.


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