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Wednesday, July the 30th
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Love horoscope for August 2014 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Not really concerned?
Worried by the state of your finances, making investments or paying off debts? You will be motivated by resolving a crisis until 23rd August, or quite simply re-establishing a balance. Jupiter has added his support since mid-July by increasing your opportunities (between now and July 2015) to get back on your feet and find success again. So, what about love? Relegated to oblivion? Until the 12th, Venus is going to invite you to share, start listening and make the first move if there is a conflict, or quite simply add harmony to your exchanges or establish greater closeness between you and your other half, who could feel somewhat forgotten in the raging battle. This will involve a dialogue where altercations can't be excluded (especially on the 1st, when your plans will come in for some criticism from your loved-one)! In fact, friend Capricorn, you aren't always easy to keep up with

A thirst for novelty!
Since 2012 in particular (and since 2008 for some), you have wanted to review your mission in life, overturn the status quo and go for a complete transformation, to the point of changing everything, notably within the family, where you need space, autonomy and fantasy to be fulfilled on your own terms (which won't necessarily be to everyone's taste)! In August, you will have difficulty in giving up your dreams, friend Capricorn, and will continue to give them full rein, without hesitating to shake up received wisdom and fuel controversy. There will be a high spot around the 18th, when nothing will seem able to stand in your way and you will be carried away and devoured by passion or an old flame. Unless an excellent piece of news (a great financial return, obtaining a loan or an unexpected but considerable win) gives you a lift and the desire to head for seventh heaven straightaway, preferably in very good company!

To be satisfied, but it won't be devoid of risks and perils!
Be careful all the same not to push things too far at the end of the month, when you will be tempted to speed things up, including the pace of the reforms you want to bring to your daily life, but not without creating sparks or provoking a defensive reaction. Beware too of overdoing the enthusiasm (between the 25th and 27th), when you could be brought to a grinding halt in your eagerness, friend Capricorn, and rebuffed by your partner, who will clearly be firmly opposed to your plans! It will be up to you then to find out and see how far you can go without risking alienating (or even losing) your other half, as he/she definitely won't be prepared to follow you to the realisation of your dreams!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month which will waver between a desire for change and the risk of doing too much about it! Try as far as you can to get your message across smoothly and in particular, to involve your other half in your plans, if you don't want to find yourself the only one on board!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Current planetary movements are going to bring out the best in you and encourage you to communicate the kind of person you are deep down. However, if you are particularly careful in your communication, you will avoid adopting a totally rigid attitude, which those around you would see as tyranny!


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