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Thursday, July the 30th
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Love coaching before summer holidays
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Love horoscope for August 2015 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Great changes!
Since the beginning of June, a demanding Venus has been stimulating your need to play with fire and put yourself in danger, or to experience some strong emotions in your love-life! You can count on the pressure exerted by this delightful planet to arouse your desires, stimulate your thirst for sensual gratification and give yourself an opportunity to make a wonderful conquest that will fulfil your quest. A desire to transform your relationship with your other half and restore some colour to your love-life? There will be no question in August of having banal affairs or entertaining relationships that lack savour. You will want to rekindle the flame, create sparks and abandon yourself unreservedly to the dizzying spiral of love. Since July 2014, Jupiter has been encouraging you to open up the hatches and rediscover your most profound and intense desires. This has enabled you to explore your most secret fantasies, but also become aware of the aspirations and expectations haunting you for quite a while and which you now intend to bring to fruition. You will basically do all you can this month to move from dreams to reality, friend Capricorn, transform what needs to be, head your relationship in the right direction and for some, move on to other things, if they feel that they can no longer pick up the pieces and regain the togetherness of earlier days!

Access your dreams!
From 11th August, Jupiter has been encouraging you to move the goalposts and change tack as well as your behaviour in your love-life, pushing you to widen your horizons and push back the boundaries on all fronts! Between now and 9th September 2016, the giant planet of the zodiac will open up new prospects and invite you to see the bigger picture. You will realise that it's time to access an ideal and set off in search of that special person, above all no longer being merely content with … If your family reference points have seemed alienating and you have felt cut off within your clan from your true self, imprisoned in a way of life that has clipped your wings, you will have all kinds of assets in August that could help you cast off your chains, friend Capricorn, and make your take-off! Some will set out to search for that rare person, someone who will know how to respond to your desire for a different lifestyle, in some cases elsewhere, but whatever the case, on a higher level! Others will be motivated to raise the level of debate and encourage their other half to follow them to the end of their dreams!

A shadow over the picture!
Only those born at the end of the 3rd decan (after 17th January) could be at risk of encountering sizeable obstacles, which will probably but temporarily prevent them from carrying out their plans! The future will sometimes appear to be blocked and often dark, giving them the painful feeling of being all alone in the world, rejected by those they love or would like to win over! Don't try, however, to speed things up or impose your will. Better to focus on the tension, contradictions and inner urges that will still tend to block or get in the way of your desires. Between your sense of duty, search for perfection and rightful need to love and be loved, to accept the need to enjoy the moment to the full and let go of a certain amount of control, you are potentially going to have to choose or at least find a balance. While you will find yourself stuck in behaviour patterns that block your rightful emotions in August (and this won't be the first time), you should first ask yourself questions about your sometimes incomprehensible stubbornness in rejecting the potential to access happiness, rather than blame your other half, friend Capricorn, or constantly believe you are a victim of fate!

1st decan (22nd December – 2nd January): An intense month!
The second half of the month should offer you a few great opportunities to reconnect with happiness. Jupiter from the11th and the Sun from the 23rd will be in league in favouring your fulfilment and widening your horizons. If you are in a relationship, you should make the most of the second half of the month to fill up on happiness and clear the way ahead. Wanting to add some lustre to your relationship? You will have all the assets you need in August to rekindle the flame and whisk away your other half on a romantic interlude, and you won't turn down the chance to do so! If you are single, your aspiration is to find your soul mate? You have dreamed of sharing your universe with your other half and a relationship that will be inspiring. From 11th August, Jupiter will give you the key to happiness, encouraging you to believe in yourself, your potential for love in a way that will be up to your hopes, and to be loved in return!

2nd decan (3rd – 11th January): All aflame!
The Sun in the first week and Venus and Mars rom the 18th should noticeably add warmth to the atmosphere, restoring some colour and enthusiasm in particular to your love-life. If you are in a relationship, there will be no question of merely being content. You will aspire to move your relationship forward and rekindle the flame. You will have every chance of achieving your goals in August, as long as your partner lives up to your expectations. If not, you will be tempted to look elsewhere or move the goalposts in one way or another! If you are single, the planets will seem bent in August on increasing your sensual needs. You will do everything you can to satisfy them and have some strong moments in very good company. Make the most of the summer warmth to express your desires and use your torrid personal magnetism to make some conquests. Otherwise, you will be in danger of having to cope with frustration!

3rd decan (12th – 20th January): Breaking the code?
You will want to change tack on the family front, renewing your living environment or breaking with the monotony that has afflicted you and frustrated your deepest aspirations! If you were born after 17th January, Saturn will make things quite (or very) difficult for you (like last winter) and appear to want to reduce your prospects! Try to be patient and accept your responsibilities in a story that keeps repeating itself and whose code you won't really manage to break until you realise that you yourself are everlastingly keeping going the vicious circle that you are trapped in! If you are in a relationship, you should take advantage of the vibes of Uranus this summer to open up the hatches on the family front and break free of the conditioning that is preventing you from expressing your true nature. You basically won't have the means or the opportunity, so don't hesitate to apply your touches of imagination at home. This should be appreciated by your clan. If not, you will consider taking a few measures that will be useful for dusting down your exchanges with others! If you are single, You will desire to escape from the everyday grind and the limits imposed by your family or your upbringing. You can count on Uranus in August to open up the way and force you out of your corner. Some will even think of breaking with an established system to break free from entrenched ideas that are hindering their imagination and potential, maybe preventing them from accessing their own personal version of happiness!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month for speeding up the tempo of change, to decide who you want to be and with whom you want to set out or continue on your path! A summer month that will be anything but lukewarm, or the temperature could rise rapidly if you decide on this, and basically, you will feel tempted!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Your need for personal growth will be felt even more strongly, my dear Capricorns. You will need to develop greater closeness and feel alive without waiting for your true desires in your love-life to be beyond all constraint. You will have many opportunities, so don't hesitate! Time to explore!


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