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Thursday, October the 23rd
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Love horoscope for October 2014 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Under the spotlight!
You will probably be more inclined to shine in public than take refuge in intimacy in October. Until the 23rd, the combined forces of the Sun and Venus will place you centre stage and force you out of your corner, especially in your social life, where you will no doubt seek to make an impression on everyone, not to say play to the gallery. This is a situation which won't really incline you towards whispering sweet nothings in your private life, or tenderness, demonstrations of affection and frolicking with your partner, who will have to be content with watching from the sidelines! There won't be any foreseeable annoyances or estrangement, except at the beginning of the month, when your attention-seeking won't really be appreciated and members of your family could pile on the pressure, friend Capricorn, or address a few acerbic remarks in your direction!

Torn between material concerns and what is essential!
Unless you yourself feel out of step with your fundamental needs or personal expectations, which have been heading you more towards seeking a meaning to your life than creating an artificial image or coveting material possessions, which you will feel won't be enough to satisfy you (any longer)! In October, Mars will have you caught up in an inner turmoil (lack of satisfaction?), which you will manage to overcome to achieve your goals quietly, using your rather inhibited life force, playing subtly on people's moods or using skilful strategies to reach your goals. So, while your current aims are concerned more with your social advancement and your brand image than your genuine love-life, you will succeed in making an impression on hearts and minds, and scoring a few points by focusing on your support or relationships behind the scenes, your hidden talent and your ability, friend Capricorn, to insert your presence when and where it is necessary.

Focusing on the future!
If however, you are smitten with someone you work with, you will have complete latitude this month to ensnare them and maybe hold on to them for the moment! Then, from the 23rd, friendship will take over. You will be less obsessed with success and the impression you are making on those around you. You can expect support and encouragement from your clan or network, who will give you valuable advice and one way or another, open up paths to the future, giving full rein to your dreams and fulfilment, friend Capricorn, in very good company!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month for doing your utmost to shine in company and also improve your standing. You will ultimately go down well with everyone, as long as you take care (at least until the 10th) not to ignore those who are really important to you!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Sentimental demonstrations in your private life will seem irrelevant. You are there and that should be enough... All the same, you will need to go easy on the sensibilities of those around you!


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