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Love horoscope for May 2015 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Great tendencies … but!
The Sun is going to highlight your love-life until 21st May and Venus will favour dialogue with your loved-one until the 7th! You will therefore have some serious assets, friend Capricorn, up your sleeve (and in your heart) for pleading your case in your love-life and launching into adventure to do whatever you want in May! This will be heightened by Jupiter who has had a tendency to boost your desires and libido since July 2014 and enable you to make positive transformations! You should be relatively able to dodge the flak in a month that will be very overcast for everyone! In spite of the wonderful tendencies in your personal skies, you can therefore expect to have to deal with a rather depressing everyday grind, which won't stand in the way of loving and being loved, but it could put the dampers on your enthusiasm! You could effectively find yourself grounded by obligations and responsibilities at work and (or) at home, which will often prevent you from devoting yourself to your emotional fulfilment without a qualm!

To create sparks in your love-life, be calm and collected at work!
You will actually have to deal throughout the month with administrative concerns and small aggravations or an adversary (peers and colleagues and in some cases, loved-ones who will be rather aggressive), who will block (or hold back) your success and cause you great irritation! Make the most of the clear road ahead to play on your powers of attraction, which should hit the right note (on the 6th) and on your attentive listening skills and ability to enthral those you deal with on the 16th, when you will feel inspired, ready to do anything to rally support and basically … be irresistible! While you will appear to be having a better time than other signs in May, friend Capricorn, and the stars will helpi you to initiate or consolidate a relationship, or rekindle the flame for both of you, try to weigh your words carefully and be clear in word and intention, because you won't be entirely at bay from misunderstandings. which could undermine understanding or promises from the heavens!

Don't give in to surrounding pressure!
If you're finding your workload too heavy and buckling under the weight, or you feel that you aren't being told everything and you're being lied to, try to clear up these situations. If you are the one tempted to hide your annoyance or keep something from your other half, you could well be caught out! To avoid any excessive behaviour that could undermine your relationship and chances of popularity, you should play fair with everyone, friend Capricorn, and this applies even more at home, where your innuendos and aggression wouldn't be forgiven (especially from the 12th) and could create damage! So, to take optimum advantage of the favours of the heavens and put an end to frustration or irritation, hold your nerve and express your aspirations and heartfelt enthusiasm to the full!

1st decan (22nd December – 2nd January): Sort things through … and hold on to love!
Saturn has been encouraging you since December to go over the past and this could somewhat hinder your pleasure in May, when you will still be at the top of your game and determined to forge greater closeness or try your luck! If you are in a relationship, you will be all ears and your tender listening skills should please and captivate your other half, who will be far from indifferent to your charming words (on the 16th). However, you should refrain from undermining your relationship by accepting too much work at the office or taking on too many responsibilities on a daily basis, as you could end up buckling under your obligations, and ignoring pleasure due to lack of time and energy. It would be a great pity, but it will be your call! If you are single, don't miss out on love in May, when the heavens will invite you to express your desires and try your luck., but won't spare you from worries and subjects of annoyance on an everyday basis. So, if you want to optimise your potential, open and spread your wings and launch into adventure. Try to get the pressure around you into perspective, to devote yourself to the noble cause of love and keep yourself afloat, with the hope of soon being able to set off on a romantic interlude in very good company!

2nd decan (3rd – 11th January): Refraining from excess and independence in particular!
Your charm should be effective in May and your words could help you score points and make an impression on people's hearts! However, you should refrain from imposing a vision of the world that could worry and unsettle your other half! If you are in a relationship, you could work wonders by doing your utmost to experience some wonderful moments of listening and sharing with your loved-one. But watch out at the end of the month when your demands and priorities (expanding your own private space?) could go down badly. To avoid any terrible mistakes, try to get your message across smoothly! If you are single, you will enjoy a certain charisma in May, when you will have every intention of doing what you want, but to what extent? If you push things too far (on the 22nd and 25th) and try to make your partner understand that your need for space is greater than your desire for intimacy and togetherness, you can't be certain of this being appreciated! It will be up to you then to see how far you can go without compromising your chances to love and be loved!

3rd decan (12th – 20th January): Safe from harm, or almost!
The Sun warming your heart, senses and love-life, with Venus helping you develop a closer relationship? These will be charming prospects, but they will be qualified (depending on the tendencies of your personal chart, of course), by the overcast skies, which could weigh over the general climate and cast something of a shadow over your prospects, which will otherwise be very cheering! If you are in a relationship, there will be nothing more to be said … more or less! You should have no problem in titillating the sensuality of your partner and will successfully play on your seductive powers to rekindle the flame. The only shadow over the picture: a depressing celestial backdrop for everyone and maybe a mounting desire to express your need for independence and space at home! If you are single, it will be up to you to try things and why not win someone's heart in May, when, apart from the influences around you (see above), you'll have nothing to complain about, but could feel the stirrings of a need to assert yourself in the face of a rather intrusive family, or to break free from family burdens which you will now find too heavy-going!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month when you will pull things off successfully in your love-life, if you agree to keep your nerve and contain your relative impatience! It will be up to you to find out whether it would be better to develop a thicker skin or open up your heart! The answer will be yours, but you will be on the starting block …Love will always win through!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Luck will be on your side if you are single this month. Conquests will be made easy and you will captivate others without forcing the issue! If you are in a relationship, it will be essential to open your emotional shutters to strengthen your relationship!


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