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Thursday, March the 5th
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Love horoscope for March 2015 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Disruption on the cards!
Are you going to turn a page of your own personal story this month and close a chapter that ties you painfully to a past you wish to put behind you? The square aspect between Uranus and Pluto, which has been shaking you up internally (and externally) since 2012, will make its last stand in March (on the 17th) and could boost the process of transformation that goes back to 2008 for some! You can therefore expect ... anything and everything! Between misplaced decisions concerning the family, the break-up of a relationship or a commitment (essentially to yourself) to change tack completely, friend Capricorn, you are going to be on the receiving end of disruptive, but completely transforming, influences of a seething cosmic configuration!

A turning point!
It will therefore be time to take action rather than simply envisaging the complete changes you will want to apply, so you can feel totally at one with yourself and follow the curve of the successive changes that have led you today or yesterday to realise that you can't continue any longer without being in tune with the diktats of your heart and soul. There will be no question then of pretending, adapting to circumstances or going with the flow, friend Capricorn, but of having the courage to stand out from the crowd, be different, and assert your identity, even if that means shocking others, being unpopular and in certain cases, leaving behind a feeling of comfort and security that have become alien to you! You can therefore expect to go through all kinds of upheavals, which will end up shaking the foundations that haven't lasted the course, merely feeding your frustration and reinforcing your feelings of powerlessness.

Breaking ties!
At the beginning of the month (the 3rd), you should obtain resources for your ambitions and maybe release the funds you need to enable you to fly the nest, or at least abandon your usual reference points! Make the most of this welcome support, which for some will be unexpected, to prepare for what is coming and promises turbulence! In fact, from the 5th, you will be at high risk of being shaken by the elements, which will probably ultimately test your ability to cope with the pressure upon you to stay within accepted norms (in the eyes of others and those close to you)! However, you won't be deterred, friend Capricorn, and will more readily light the blue touch-paper to get things moving and put the finishing touches to your transformation, even if that means making drastic decisions, if forced to do so by lively opposition! At the very end of the month, you will be able to rest on your laurels, or at least ascertain that you have more or less reached your goals and that your take on life and love will never be the same again!

1st decan (22nd December – 2nd January): Stopping ... to reflect!
Since the end of December 2014, Saturn has backed you into a corner and urged you to sort through your memories and your life! If you are in a relationship, shadowy areas will be harder and harder to disguise or bear and you will be less and less inclined to make concessions on the things that matter. You will find it hard to understand your partner, who will find it harder to understand you, and you will be tempted this month to cold-shoulder and keep him/her at a distance! You should therefore end the month (by the 25th) at one with yourself in the main! If you are single, family conflicts will reinforce your idea and desire to draw a line underneath what has been stopping you for too long from moving forward and being completely yourself! You will aspire to an ideal encounter (on the 24th), one that will enable you to cast off your shackles! Take advantage of this unsettled period to turn round, sort out what is essential from what is unnecessary, so that you can ultimately continue on your path in the right direction, i.e. right for you!

2nd decan (3rd – 11th January): Storm alert!
The final round of the duel between Uranus and Pluto (on the 17th) will probably help you take some essential decisions, which for some will be definitive! If you are in a relationship, making concessions which will feel oppressive and depressing will be out of the question. The time has come for revolution and moving forward in particular! If your clan manage to accept your personal transformation, you will move forward with them. If they appear determined to continue, not to say increase the pressure on you to remain as you are and in particular as they want you to be, then it will probably be ... without them! If you are single, you will be angry with the entire world, especially those who are trying to hold you back and stop you spreading your wings! Family splits could be clean breaks, because no-one from now on will be able to hold you back from being a person who has, over the course of time and after successive transformations, found his/her identity and will now insist on being free and true to him/herself. You could even follow a path leading to creativity and why not a love-life to satisfy both your heart and your soul!

3rd decan (12th – 20th January): The first alarm signals!
There will be probable clashes on the family front, where you won't be in the mood (and nor will others) for putting up with the demands of those who would like to contain your rightful aspiration to identify more closely with your real needs! If you are in a relationship, while you will basically (apart from tendencies in your personal chart) be protected from powerful cosmic jolts, whose influence will primarily be on the 2nd decan, you won't escape an increasingly urgent desire to review your family bases, to enable you to move forward with greater freedom, and in particular, more at one with yourself and your own desires! If you are single, it will be on the family front that you will have problems in March and you won't really feel inclined to find a way through them, but will feel more like taking up opposition, not to say fanning the flames. Maybe this will be a need to assert who you are with a growing intuition that you will soon try to take the reins of your destiny in hand and break free for good from anything that could stop your advancement ... towards your true self!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A decisive month for many! Soon, the chrysalis will have to release the butterfly, which will be ready to spread its wings to take off into the air, more aware and more in tune with its future life from now on, gradually revealing more of its true self!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
The past will hold you back and cracks will start to appear in the present, but there will be visible indications of your real development. Don't try to cling on to situations with nothing in them for you on the pretext of security. Your boldness will bring you what you hope for!


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