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Thursday, May the 28th
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Love horoscope for June 2015 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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A desire to change tack completely?
Until the 21st, you will be more motivated by keeping things running smoothly at home than by the state of your love-life! Your aspiration will be to improve your living environment and everyday existence, which will weigh heavily upon you and be hard to bear! You can count on the heavens in June to give you inspiration and above all, give you the resources to make changes! You will work away tirelessly to turn your existence in the right direction, friend Capricorn, and will have the benefit of the strong forces of the Sun and Mars to accomplish what needs to be and access the comfort or happiness that have kept you waiting! Some will have the desire to move house to try to find the harmony that is missing from their lives elsewhere. You will find it quite hard to find your way at home and sometimes dream of getting away and pushing back some of the boundaries that you have imposed on the familyfront to access the freedom of movement you really need for your fulfilment.

Prevailing winds!
Others will quite simply wish to shake up the rules that have been dragging them down too long and giving them the impression they are missing out on life! In June, you will have the means to undertake reforms that will be essential for heading your destiny in the way you want! Your demands will become more exacting and you will be seething inside, tempted to rush things while borne along by a cosmic wind, which will be blowing in your direction friend Capricorn! Jupiter has favoured transformation and increased awareness since July 2014 (though not without drawing attention to the problems that will need to be faced and resolved if you are to be able to move on a stage). He will speed up the tempo this month, making the most of dynamic alliances to offer you a variety of paths to take. These could be frightening and make you feel vulnerable, but they could certainly be tempting at the same time. Don't miss out on a chance to break with a process that has had you tied, so you can initiate a new one, which will be likely to give you freedom and help you rediscover your creative flair and enthusiasm!

Decisions to be made?
So what about love? You will be so focused on the work you need to do in identifying opportunities and taking them while they are there, that you could feel totally unconcerned with the way your heart is beating. However, you won't lack either the appetite or the desire to enjoy life to the full, friend Capricorn, and your senses will be on the alert! You could take advantage of this time at a standstill (will there be one?) during this effervescent month to rekindle the flame, or ignite it in the heart (or body) of the one you love or someone you could meet by chance (or not exactly) on the way to taking over your destiny! From the 21st, your other half will regain a place of importance in your sphere of action. Maybe the time to share your doubts, progress and discoveries, and invite him/her to follow you (or not) to the end of the world, or at least …to the end of the night!

1st decan (22nd December – 2nd January): Everything will be moving!
Since December 2014, you have been trying to sort out the essential from the unimportant and put your house in order (in some cases have a total clear-out) in your life! In June, this process will speed up! If you are in a relationship, Venus will have you in a trance. You can count on the planet of sensuality to awaken your ardour for your partner, or awaken it elsewhere! Whatever the case, you will have a profound feeling of the need to change something and will have all the assets you need in June to move your situation in the right direction, one which will be right for you and your essential needs! If you are single, it will be a month when you may wish to draw a line under the past and usher in the changes you have aspired to for a long time! Maybe this will be under the auspices of a torrid affair, which will be titillating, or through opportunities to transform your existence, which shouldn't be ignored without at least examining them closely!

2nd decan (3rd – 11th January): Time for a complete transformation!
A month that should considerably help you to change the things that need to be! It will be time for you to transform your living environment to achieve fulfilment without constantly feeling you need to make concessions! If you are in a relationship, you have aspired to break with a process that was tying you down, or make changes to your living environment to bring it in line with what you genuinely felt was missing? In June, the planets will get moving to make it easier for you to change, and give you the means to achieve your ambitions and make things flow better. Whether you are seeking to forge greater closeness with your other half or break free from burdensome strings, you will have moved on an important stage this month! If you are single, You have dreamt for a long time of pushing back the boundaries and moving house to break free from a family that has been weighing you down, or redefine your vision of love and intimacy! In June, the skies will make your task easy and could well speed up the pace of transformation, to enable you to feel at one with yourself. And why not, as a bonus, offer you the experience of some strong sensations in very good company?

3rd decan (12th – 20th January): When Jupiter gets involved!
Maybe you have felt the need for quite a while to change your parameters and reference points in your home life! No longer able to bear feeling imprisoned in a system that seems totally wrong for you? You can count on Uranus to shake up your habits and give you a desire for other things! If you are in a relationship, you will listen to your other half until the 5th, but you will seek above all to keep things running smoothly in your everyday life and quite consciously usher in the changes you need to restore direction to your life! From the 22nd, Jupiter should speed up the tempo of the changes that could help you alter the things that aren't right, even if that means breaking with things that have done their time! If you are single, you will have formidable energy levels this month for undertaking the changes you aspire to, in order to breathe fresh air into your love-life and existence! You will find it increasingly difficult to tolerate routine and habits that seem alienating? Now will therefore be the time to move the goalposts (especially on the family front), break free from the past, move house, change jobs and do all you can to dissipate the clouds that have obscured your horizons for too long! Jupiter will boost your appetites in all kinds of ways from the 22nd and place a few good opportunities on your path to break with a past that has passed its sell-by date!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month when you won't be lazing around, but will try to speed up the process of change, and why not move on a definite stage! You will be busy in June sorting out potential problems in keeping things running smoothly, so you can make decisions as freely as possible! Don't miss out on any opportunity to clarify your relationship (if you are in one) or to play a part in your own future landscape!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Certain realities will become clearer and the resolution of certain problems will become more evident. Your ability to concentrate will increase and you will be more rigorous than usual in your reasoning. Make the most of this to live the way you want to live without further ado!


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