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Monday, December the 22nd
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Love horoscope for December 2014 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Love and discretion guaranteed!
No question of living your love-life out in the open in December? At the beginning of the month, it would effectively appear that the shadows and secrecy (fantasy?) better suit the intense expression of your feelings and ardours! The Sun and Venus will be lurking in the shadow of your sign, inviting you to keep your feelings quiet, or express them not in broad daylight, friend Capricorn, but quietly, in the privacy of your own heart or in the shadows. An illicit affair, secret romance or the desire to tackle your love-life in a different way. Some will spend their time dreaming and imagining romantic or slightly taboo situations, while others will prefer to take action and assuage their need for immense sensual gratification!

Inner effervescence!
Unless you spend your time endlessly looking backwards, chewing things over and remembering, but it would seem you actually take pleasure in evoking the past. Your frustration and regrets don't seem to relate to the present but to an ardent desire to bring back memories of powerful emotions, which could inspire you, titillate you and encourage you to relive sensations you have forgotten or relegated to oblivion for some time! You should take advantage unreservedly (and without taboo) of this period of inner effervescence, to launch (or re-launch) into adventure or review what you want to experience in the future. It seems likely though that you will suddenly be prey to falling in love or a sudden desire, which will force you out of your corner, friend Capricorn, to seize your chance and renew your contact with the pleasures of the senses and the dizzying spiral of love!

And soul-searching questions?
While the first half of the month looks set to be under the best of auspices, the second half looks less bright and will seem to bring you back down to earth, in some cases quite brutally. The square aspect between Pluto and Uranus, which has been lashing you since June 2012, cutting you off from your bases to make you review your priorities from top to bottom and reconnect with your true self and most fundamental needs, will reappear with no further ado around the 15th. This will distance you somewhat (or a lot) from your emotional concerns, so that you can dig into the heart of the matter and force yourself to make a break with aspects of your lifestyle (within your family or at work), which will no longer be right for you! It will be up to you to face the issues which are still arising and to which you will need to respond before the onset of spring 2015!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month divided between romance, increased desire, secret love affairs and an obligation to face up to essential fundamental questions (and the direction of your life)! An opportunity to express your Saturnine nature and maintain control to enjoy the present without forgetting to build for the future!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Being aware of your true priorities and connecting with your true self and most fundamental desires will be in your best interests this month. There will be great satisfaction to be had from this process to boot!


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