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Saturday, April the 19th
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Love horoscope for April 2014 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Changing everything!
Would you like to get some fresh air, change your life or ways or way of doing things? In April, the seething skies could well break down a few doors and throw you into a new phase of understanding of who you are and what you can do with your life! Until the 20th, it will be at home that you will carry out your revolution! No longer able to live as you did before? A need for more space to express your personality, which has been going through a profound change since 2008? Maybe it will be time to break free of the past and the ties which no longer have any meaning, so that you can see what could give you inspiration or suit you elsewhere or in other ways. Nothing will be simple in April, when our world is set to change at a rate of knots, but within this seething cosmos, it would be a good idea, friend Capricorn, to break with the habits which have been undermining your morale and physical health for too long!

Reconnecting with life!
You will be able to count on Venus from the 5th to get your message across smoothly and discuss your plans as calmly as possible. You will probably set off some sharp reactions around you, friend Capricorn, but will no doubt manage to justify your need for something new, a breath of fresh air and widening your horizons! Expect some upheavals within your family throughout a month which will be chaotic as a result of both events and your decisions, which will have an effect on those close to you! If you had the impression of following others rather than being an initiator, of putting up rather than living, be prepared to take command! A creative flair which will seek to emerge or be asserted, a need for love hoping to be completely fulfilled, without too many concessions and more in line with an inner ideal?

Now it will be time!
You will benefit from support from Jupiter until mid-July to break free of relationships which will tug you backwards, and seal those which give you motivation and are basically in line with your current thirst for essential harmony … with yourself! Plans which will involve you long term to be developed and initiated? You will have support, come hell or high water! Saturn will guarantee a follow-up and encourage you to get involved with full awareness. It probably took a wild streak to make you launch into adventure. In April, the cup will be full, friend Capricorn, and it will just need your decision to continue and give meaning to your existence!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
There will lots to do and trouble will be brewing, but you will basically need this bubbling atmosphere to take advantage while it is there!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Time for action this month and you won't have time to find excuses for the changes which will need to be made. A growing desire for recognition will fortunately push you in this direction, but don't make promises which are unrealistic!


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