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Saturday, September the 5th
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Love horoscope for September 2015 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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A new beginning?
Since the beginning of June, Venus has been urging you to change tack, especially on the family front, where your thirst for things new will manifest itself urgently. You will aspire to detach yourself from the past and cast off, friend Capricorn, to set up elsewhere or in a different way! In September, you will have numerous assets at your disposal to conclude your projects successfully and achieve your desires, not to say spice up your everyday life a little (or considerably). Some will consider moving house (if they haven't already done so) to a place that inspires them and will enable them to feel more fulfilled and at ease. Others will want to set up home or try to break with the relationships that were clipping their wings and preventing them from taking off, and (or) distancing them from their reference points, ultimately dampening their desire to live life to the full! You can expect in September to rise again from the ashes and come out of your shell (especially if you were born in the 2nd decan) to reconnect with your appetites that you had often put aside, sometimes out of necessity but more often out of weariness!

Don't push things too far!
Be careful however what you establish or set in place in September as you may not communicate your intentions very clearly, especially if you were born in the 1st decan, and you could scramble the airwaves, distort the picture and make errors of judgement that could distance you from those around you and those who are ready to listen to you. Make sure in particular at the beginning of the month and around the 17th that you don't push things too far, when you try to get across your ambitions and expectations, whether at work or in your love-life. Since mid-August, Jupiter has endowed you with exceptional enthusiasm and force you out of your corner. You will be quite ready to push back the boundaries as far as possible and surpass yourself to reach your goals, but there's no certainty that everyone will want to follow you, friend Capricorn, if you make too much of things and worry those who appreciate you, but could be less impressed with your declarations of authority or self-assurance, which will seem to want to ignore all boundaries!

Assets … and traps!
Try not to fall into the trap of overestimating your potential to remember your previous mistakes and learn lessons from them, if you don't want to find yourself backed at the end of the month into a corner rather than free to do as you please! Everyone born under this sign will have the potential in September to be seductive and a torrid personal magnetism, which should make an impact, but if you abuse your power and fail to take the necessary precautions, you could drive everyone around you away, rather than widening your circles and forging greater closeness! It would be a pity and completely avoidable, if you use your charms to rekindle the flame, or kindle a flame in the heart of someone you fancy, as opposed to trying to lord it all over a world that loves you, friend Capricorn, for your generous heart in particular! Hope you are listening …

1st decan (22nd December – 2nd January): In danger of pushing things too far1
It will be you who will need to beware of overdoing the enthusiasm, which could damage you rather than bearing you aloft. Make sure you don't provoke the distrust of those around you by overstepping the mark and being too greedy! If you are in a relationship, try to take into account the lessons you have learned since last winter, to avoid arousing the distrust of those who are ready to listen to and follow you, but not just at any price. So, if you think you are entitled to everything, you will risk distorting the picture and creating misunderstandings, which will ultimately (at the end of the month) confront you with your past mistakes! It will be up to you to find out … and see! If you are single, you will certainly aspire to take off and express your desires, but if you persist in ignoring the opinions and advice of those close to you, you could well get your fingers burnt (at the end of the month). To avoid potential disappointment and disillusions, listen more to what you are told and don't give in to the temptation to lord it over everyone or impose your disputable views and whims on others!

2nd decan (3rd – 11th January): Freedom of movement!
In September, your desires will be pressing and you will have everything you need for satisfying them! You will aspire to renew your everyday life and change the parameters to boost your private life. If you are in a relationship, and you have dreamed of creating a more party-like atmosphere, opening up the hatches and adding some spice to your private life, you should focus on this dynamic and optimistic end-of-holiday period to realise your dreams. Moving house, a birth, moving to another country? Anything will seem possible and be allowed, especially around the 8th and the 23rd, when resistance to change will vanish and the barriers will open. If you are single, and you aspire to change tack, your living environment or even emigrate, don't hesitate to cast off in September when your desires will be your word. You won't lack either the enthusiasm or the boldness to launch into adventure, and won't hesitate for a second to use your charms to hit the right note and make an impression throughout a very promising month!

3rd decan (12th – 20th January): Watch out ahead!
You will aspire to push back the boundaries as far as possible and express your desires openly. You won't lack either the determination or the wherewithal to seize life, borne aloft by a dynamic Mars until the 25th. Venus will take over in terms of sensuality from the 24th, to inflame your days … and nights! If you are in a relationship, Saturn will now have stopped creating trouble for you and holding back your plans? You will make the most of this in September to give free rein to your desire to live life to the full. With your infectious enthusiasm, you won't hesitate to challenge your destiny and lead your partner in your frenzy up until the 25th. In addition, you will be assured of being able to conclude your quest from the 24th … together! If you are single, you will make the most of your torrid personal magnetism and magical libido to have tempting experiences that could turn at the end of the month into a sensual and tender romance! Now that you have shaken off the weight of Saturn, nothing will seem sizeable enough to restrict the expression of your desires and your ability to assuage your enormous appetites!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A rather torrid end to the holidays, if you expend your sensual energy on love. A more difficult month, when you could feel disappointed, not to say betrayed, if you use your personal magnetism to reign supreme and impose your desires on those around you, who won't necessarily be prepared to follow you wherever and whenever you want to go.

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
A month of high intensity to be savoured with intensity, despite a heavy workload. Your love-life will be positively flourishing on the whole, as long as you appreciate things without seeking to take control, which won't even be necessary!


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