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Monday, January the 26th
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Love horoscope for February 2015 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Opening dialogue and keeping it open!
While last month ended on a rather sour note, the beginning of February will bring you back in touch with your dreams and give you the desire to believe in them. You will benefit from the influence of Venus to reconnect you with the world around you and get your message across smoothly. Now will be the time to reinforce togetherness with those close to you, if you feel that frustration and misunderstandings are weighing heavily on your exchanges with them, and do all you can to raise the level of debate! Until the 20th, you will have a number of trump cards for pleading your case and defending your interests on all fronts. Make the most of this month which will be relatively at bay from the cosmic fray, friend Capricorn, to increase your number of pleasant, useful encounters and communicate with all and sundry quite successfully!

Going back over the past!
While February won't particularly encourage emotional outpourings or falling in love, it won't rule them out and will invite you to smooth things over, though without really toning things down. There will be a subtle kind of harmony to preserve in order to prepare for what is coming and face a rather turbulent end to the winter! From the 18th, the Sun will confirm this trend and encourage you to be diplomatic rather than controversial. It will be up to you to play your hand (close to your chest in some cases) to counteract the pressure probably exerted on you by those who would like to keep you in your place (difficult with the influences giving you a lift since 2008) and won't miss an opportunity to arouse feelings of guilt or refer to memories likely to discourage you, friend Capricorn, and clip your wings. Since the end of December 2014, Saturn has been making you look back over the past and encouraging you to eliminate relationships that are unlikely to survive from the picture (whether friends, lovers or social acquaintances)! This will be a time for sorting through what is essential and what is unimportant, what gives you support and what is crushing you!

To prepare for the future!
From the 20th, you will be more motivated on the family front. Whether to do with keeping a close watch on making things run smoothly, conflicts resurfacing and disrupting the atmosphere, assuming responsibilities or changing or improving your living environment, you will act with great determination to direct your destiny with awareness, without letting yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions (or other people's)! This way, you should end the month enlivened by the ambition to paddle your own canoe into safe harbour, despite the potential setbacks and clashes awaiting you, friend Capricorn, around the 23rd (especially those born in the 1st decan) and the upheavals which won't fail to usher in changes next month!

1st decan (22nd December – 2nd January): Facing your fears!
Saturn will encourage you to concentrate on the past to eliminate anything from your life that is constantly tugging you backwards, and assert your personality, which will be freed from automatic reaction and subconscious pressure, which have too often stopped you from advancing and making progress! If you are in a relationship, you will no longer be able to put your other half's interests before your own? Pluto will have given you a desire to change your life completely. If this isn't done, you can count on Saturn to finish the job and help you draw a line underneath anything hindering your personal self-expression (whether this means fears or people)! You can expect to have to fight (not to say make drastic decisions) to impose what you want. There will be obstacles to get round on the 23rd, but you will feel a resolve to look deeply into things (on the family front) and this won't weaken! If you are single, it will be time to sort out what is right for you and what is decidedly no longer right at all. While the end of January will have brought some disappointments, you will be keen in February to reflect on the fundamental nature of problem areas, which have for a long time (not to say always) backed you into a corner and prevented you from fully expressing yourself. You will be determined to look thoroughly into all difficult areas, even if that means coming up against, friend Capricorn, a wall of incomprehension, which in any case won't stop you!

2nd decan (3rd – 11th January): Making your moves!
In February, you will have a long period of relative peace and quiet for initiating the changes you have been preparing for a long time (since June 2012?)! Make the most of this period of lesser turbulence to release the necessary funds for your plans and communicate your desires without much risk (for the moment) of being stopped in your tracks! If you are in a relationship, and great life changes are underway or on the cards, you will probably discuss the terms (especially on the financial front) in February, when communication will be favoured and you will basically succeed in making yourself heard! You should double your efforts to speed things up before the great storms on the cards in March, as these will probably force you out of your corner, ultimately for the better! If you are single, and are planning life changes, to leave your family, move abroad or quite simply, redefine your existence on your own terms and in accordance with your changing personality, you should focus in February on expressing your determination without upsetting those around you too much. That way you will succeed in rallying support and maybe obtaining the necessary means (financial ones?) for paddling your canoe in the right direction (i.e. right for you)!

3rd Decan (12th – 20th January): Opening up your heart ... and discussion!
Until the 20th, you will defend your ideas and plead your case with faith and determination with those around you, who will basically welcome your proposals without too much complaint! Between the end of October 2014 and mid-January, Jupiter awakened your desire to make progress in your exchanges with others regarding your hopes to change the situation in your family, especially regarding your desire to reassign roles and renew codes of behaviour! If you are in a relationship, make the most of a month spared from the great storms to discuss things with those close to you and get your message across smoothly. You won't be short of arguments for laying down the foundations of an inspiring future and starting to initiate debate about the need to move the goalposts on the family front, where you could be experiencing a feeling of being constrained within a code which is stifling and holding back your personality! If you are single, you will probably find it harder and harder to be simply content to ... maintain relations (especially family ones) which too often force you to tone things down and keep quiet about your desire to decide your own actions. In February, you will have relatively free rein to express your desires and assert your arguments without causing too much dissatisfaction! Make the most of this to demand greater independence, and open doors and creative discussion without too many risks of upsetting those around you for the moment!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month for communicating without creating too many waves, but mainly for trying to calm things down before you surf along the tidal waves on the cards for March, as these will capsize your vessel!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Consolidating your inner resources with intense fundamental reflection in your moments alone will be extremely beneficial. In February, you will have free rein for understanding your desires and asserting your talents, and above all, accepting them!


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