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Wednesday, September the 17th
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Love horoscope for September 2014 for the sign of for Capricorn

  Written by Daisy

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Opening up the hatches!
Until 23rd September, the Sun is going to encourage you to be more adventurous, to dare to go beyond your usual limits and push back the boundaries as far as possible! Achieving an ideal, finding that special person elsewhere or in a different way, or opening up your relationship with a more progressive vision of the road ahead for both of you? You will feel inspired, friend Capricorn, and want to take your loved-one away for a romantic interlude or try to realise your dreams. This will be even more the case from the 5th, when Venus will accentuate this wonderful trend and boost your feelings, thrill your imagination and elevate your feelings. You won't be content with just anything (any longer) and will aspire to spread your wings, if you can, to fly away (and get married) in good company!

Time for change, now!
You will be able to count on Mars to boost your plans and your desire to give full rein to your dreams where your love-life is concerned. You won't lack either the determination or desire to see your mission accomplished, even though this fiery planet is going to part company from the 13th, moving into the shadow of your sign. This is going to back you into a corner and maybe cause you doubt, chewing things over and not necessarily in a productive manner! Try then to get your message across as clearly as possible to those you love and those around you, if you don't want to create misunderstandings or lack of comprehension, which could damage the understanding and closeness you've been searching for so much! Since mid-July, you have basically been seeking greater stimulation on all fronts. Jupiter has been boosting your appetites and enjoyment of good things, and even though he doesn't give you something for nothing, friend Capricorn, he could change things between now and summer 2015 in all areas. The planet of warmth and generosity will force you to move physically or mentally and could bring about events which will turn your path in a different direction.

And straightaway!
So you will need to be on the alert around the 25th, when Jupiter should enable you to change the parameters, in your family in particular, and paddle your canoe elsewhere or in a different way. There could be some nice surprises to boot, friend Capricorn, which could lead in a positive way to upheavals in an everyday existence that was getting you down. Whether through moving house, moving abroad or a providential arrival of funds helping you to improve and add something new to your home comforts, your exchanges with others and the atmosphere in general, you can expect to enjoy a fresh look at things, a stroke of luck or love-at-first-sight. This will brighten up your days and probably open up some exhilarating prospects!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
Dreaming of things new? These will happen at the end of the month and could change the atmosphere of the month, the year or your life! Don't hesitate (any longer). Go for it!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
A fundamental transformation is going to lead you down new paths, where you will find unexpected energy levels to escape indefinitely from certain recurring concerns. It will be about daring to go beyond certain well-established ideas!


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