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Monday, July the 6th
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Love horoscope for July 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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It will be summer for everyone!
Since the beginning of June, Venus will have been skulking in the shadow of your sign and won't really encourage you to express your feelings openly! Too busy elsewhere? During the first exciting week, however, you will manage to seize the wonderful opportunities that will encourage you, friend Virgo, to enjoy the moment to the full! There will be some great moments to savour and a love-life that you will live more behind the scenes than in the full light of day! This tendency to discretion and retreat won't stop you from giving full rein to your dreams. The Sun and Mars will encourage you to look to the future and do all you can to make your intentions completely clear. Between 18th and 31st July, those born at the beginning of the sign (on 23rd and 24th August) will benefit from the rapid arrival of Venus in Virgo, to reveal their emotions and open up their heart. This will be a period of radiance and completeness, from which they will be the only ones to benefit, because while love will blossom during the first days of July, with togetherness and shared vows taking place away from prying eyes, what comes next won't seem as promising!

Or almost!
This will particularly apply to those born at the end of the 3rd decan, who will have to face the final return of Saturn (already experienced this winter), which could drag down their morale and temporarily clip their wings. Struggling to communicate? Rationalising your feelings to an extreme? You won't manage to express what you feel and your apparent coldness could seriously cool the atmosphere around the 14th! Giving others the impression you are walling yourself up in your ivory tower? Unless you are going through a period of trials and tribulations, or misunderstandings, with those around, who will be in difficulty! Make sure you don't withdraw too much into yourself, friend Virgo, or cling on to your principles and (fixed) ideas, or your exchanges with others could freeze in their tracks! Try to let go (at least a little) and explain to your other half, or others in general, that your approach to the world is changing and you need time to assimilate the new, without digging in your heels in the face of upheavals that could scare you!

Smoothing things over!
July therefore promises to be a month of contrasts for everyone! An effort will be necessary around mid-July, the 19th and 25th, to get your message across without getting people's backs up or clashing with others! Putting too much into your work? Your mind and heart will be elsewhere! You won't be safe from criticism or annoyances that will pile on the pressure, while you await the arrival of Jupiter in your sign next month, which will finally force you out of your corner, ready to radiate, love and win over anyone you want!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September): Good vibes!
You will benefit in July (especially if you were born at the beginning of the decan) from the rapid but remarkable arrival of Venus, who will illuminate your sign between 18th and 31st July! This will be the time to come out of your reserve and express your feelings openly. You will all enjoy cosmic protection this month, seeming to want to keep you safe from upheavals and prepare for the arrival of Jupiter in Virgo (on 11th August), which will herald a new cycle of development! If you are in a relationship, you will work away for the future and make plans together? Around the 8th and 13th, you will do all you can to persuade your other half to follow you to the end of your dreams! You can count on Venus between the 18th and 31st to awaken your ardours and rekindle the flame! If you are single, Venus will add warmth to everyone's hearts between the 18th and 31st and boost your charisma. This will be the time to take your chance. With your eyes riveted on the future, you will get moving to persuade your friends and partner to stick with your plans. You will be dynamic and your zest for life could attract the attention (and retain it) of anyone you like and add to your growing popularity!

2nd decan (4th - 13th September): Upheavals on the cards, if possible… to be avoided!
You will tackle July feeling titillated and borne along by the good vibes of June! You will be in a hurry to realise some of your dreams and turn a corner? You will need, however to deal with a few frustrations (especially in the second half of the month) and these will put you on edge! Your other half not necessarily sharing your vision of the future? Rather than rebelling or trying to convince him/her at all costs, you should opt for a softly, softly approach in waiting until autumn, when the clouds … will clear! If you are in a relationship, you aspire to surf along on the prevailing currents of June? While the first week will be preparing for the realisation of your ambitions, you should be careful around the 6th and 15th, when you could be come up against the disapproval of your partner, which will force you to slow things down. Try to curb your impatience and irritation to avoid misunderstandings, which could frankly spoil the atmosphere! If you are single, if you didn't find that special person last month, you should make the most of the quite summery first week of July to hit a high note! You won't really win over everyone, especially around the 6th, 15th and 16th, when your determination to realise your dreams won't necessarily go down well with everybody. Try to communicate with as great a warmth as usual to thaw the ice and re-establish contact.

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September): Keep calm!
Feeling jubilant in June? You will continue on this excellent trajectory during an exciting first week! Anything will seem possible and allowed, with exciting corners to be turned (on the 1st)! Be careful, however, around the 13th, 19th and 25th, when your stubborn determination to realise some of your plans won't go down well with everyone! As for those born at the end of the decan (after the 19th), you should prepare to hibernate at the height of the summer around the 14th, when the atmosphere between you and your other half could be ice-cold! If you are in a relationship, you will start the month on a high note and determined to make the party last! However, you can expect to meet a few obstacles on the way. If you force the issue and insist on bringing about change at all costs, you could well pay the price in July! Try to tone things down and accept the need for compromise, if you want to be convincing and achieve your goals! If you are single, you will have just made a commitment, or are about to do so during an amazing first week! Be careful after that, because you won't be at bay from (financial) obstacles, which could slow down your progress and tie your stomach in a knot, especially around the 19th and 25th, when your patience will be sorely tried and your relationships (with friends and your partner) could turn out to be difficult to handle!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A rather complex month to handle. July will get off to a strong start, continuing on a quite inspiring trajectory from June, but the climate will deteriorate during a rather mixed second half of the month. To remain on cloud nine, try to get out of your cocoon to sort out potential conflicts or concerns … without losing too much height and going too far away from seventh heaven!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Cloud-free skies on the horizon, if you accept the need to be more flexible in your stance and aspiration to perfection where your partner is concerned. Don't forget, you wouldn't accept being treated in the same way and if you question your reasoning, it will help you get a better angle on your mutual exchanges.


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