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Tuesday, September the 1st
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Love horoscope for September 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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Very discreetly!
Venus has been in the shadow of your sign since 5th June! You will live your love-life quietly, only expressing your feelings in the privacy of your own lair, or plunging back into the past in search of your memories, previous love-affairs and dreams and fantasies that will stir your imagination, friend Virgo, but could also awaken regrets. Make sure, however, you don't chew things over too much or you could sink into nostalgia that would distance you too much from the present. Unless you take advantage of this period to maintain an illicit romance on the quiet, or platonic feelings for someone who inspires you but for whom you won't manage to declare your feelings!

But not without passion!
Mars will consolidate this trend with a tendency to repress your desires somewhat, or at least hold them over a barrel until the 24th. You will forced to repress your aspirations temporarily and channel your libido, which will still be very much in evidence and very demanding! However, you will find indirect ways in September of experiencing some powerful moments, not to say torrid ones and sharing new sensations with your other half, which will probably titillate your senses and give you a desire, friend Virgo, to transform your relationship and move it forward. Until 8th October, you will be preparing to feel reborn on a higher level and tackle your ascension towards the heights, even if that means for some having to make a definite decision about the past, which will have done its time!

A difficult period!
You can count on Jupiter in September to make it easier for you to start on a new life cycle, which you will find enchanting. Since 11th August, this warm-hearted planet will have a tendency to force you out of your corner and invite you to live life to the full! Keeping quiet about your inner thoughts, repressing your appetites and living a half-life will now be out of the question? Beware, however, of your enthusiasm, which won't always be infectious and a partner whose intentions won't always be easy to pin down. This end-of-holiday period will force you to face situations that aren't always clear, exchanges with others that will be difficult to see through and dialogue that won't necessarily be transparent. If you or your other half are hiding something, keeping quiet about a secret and not managing to say what you really think or want, you could have a feeling of unease that would be useful to express! From the 18th, Saturn will have a tendency to bring old and (or) recurrent family problems to the surface (those born in the 1st decan for the moment) and it will be necessary to get these out of your system. You won't necessarily enjoy this exercise, which could clip your wings at the end of the month (on the 26th), but you would be well advised, friend Virgo, to take up the challenge and face reality!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September): A heavy load at the end of the season!
It will be you that has to face Saturn from 18th September! This austere planet will expose you to family conflicts that you will have to try to sort out. You will also have to deal with quite a troubled climate where exchanges with others will be undermined by untruths, half-truths or problems that you will find hard to deal with in a clear way! If you are in a relationship, you won't really appreciate the atmosphere of this end-of-holiday period, which will reawaken clan-related conflicts or responsibilities to be assumed that will make you anxious. You also won't be at bay from disruption and misunderstandings that could weigh heavily over your relationship with your partner and instil an uneasy feeling that you will struggle to banish. To get through this rather unsettling month without coming off badly, try as far as you can to be honest with your other half, and maybe with yourself, first and foremost! If you are single, your family will plunge you into torment. You will have to face family conflicts that will resurface and back you into a corner. You won't greatly appreciate the exercise, but will need all the same to face up to things. In your love-life, you will be more ready to kick things into touch and run from discussions that upset you than face a reality you find tedious!

2nd decan (4th – 13th September): In search of powerful emotions!
Venus will encourage you to experience a secret but intense love-life, rather than sink into nostalgia. You will basically be able to rely on this sensual planet and Mars until the 9th to boost your libido and spice up your days … and nights! If you are in a relationship, you will aspire to add novelty to your mutual exchanges and experience powerful emotions that will give you higher sensual vibrations. There will be no question in September of merely being content … but more about experiencing new things with your partner, if he/she follows you in your wild frenzies, or if not, maybe on the quiet with someone else? If you are single, you will seek powerful emotions and want to realise a secret fantasy? Venus and Mars will help you in September to cross boundaries and powerfully stimulate your need to break through certain limits. Maybe to make a greater break with the past?

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September):
Saturn will be moving away and you will cease feeling despondent? Make the most of this quite protected end-of-holiday period to recover your mojo, even though you will still have some difficulty until the 25th in releasing your energy, and openly and easily expressing your desires! If you are in a relationship, you will only be very slightly affected by the rather disruptive influences of the month. Make the most then of this relative phoney neutrality to prepare for taking your destiny in hand again from next month onwards! If you are feeling some frustration and don't manage to express your feelings, don't rush things, as it would be better to wait until you can see things more clearly, or have recovered your mojo before launching to reconquer your partner. If you are single,
You will get through the month relatively unscathed by the inclement weather. The cosmic influences of this end-of-holiday period will tend to fuel a feeling of unease with situations that are difficult to pin down troubling everyone. You will only feel this unsettling trend from afar, but you will still prefer to stay somewhat on the side-lines, rather than set off willy-nilly in September in search of your soul mate.

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month when relations with your partner will be complicated to handle. Try not to ignore matters that cause annoyance or problems, or lying to protect yourself or spare your other half. Better to face things with awareness, as you will have to tackle family problems that are dragging on sooner or later!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
A chaotic month, when you will find it hard to stick to a relaxed pace. There will be changes on the cards that will be informative but will force you to ask yourself questions and show that you can be more flexible than your partner.


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