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Sunday, October the 4th
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Love horoscope for October 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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You will be radiant!
Since mid-August, Jupiter has been resident in your sign and will remain there until September 2016! An opportunity for you to start a new cycle in your life and development, in full control of your means. You will aspire to push back the boundaries and live according to the lessons you have learned from the past and absorbed, in order to move forward devoid of certain baggage (psychological and emotional), which had been hindering your progress! You will therefore have a sizeable asset for improving your existence on all fronts, realising your desires, friend Virgo, and spreading your wings in the hope of soaring into the sky! Venus will have been sleeping for a while (since June) in the shadow of your sign, forcing you to take a step back from your love-life, even if that temporarily means sacrificing it for the moment to devote more time to other priorities. Others may have spent the summer fantasising about an impossible or difficult love-affair, or taking on a relationship that they are hiding from others and may be more or less illicit!

Success guaranteed for everyone …
From the 8th, Venus will also move into your sign and should enable you to experience a great love-affair in the open, putting your love-life back on the centre stage. There will be no question of dodging things, hiding away or sulking, but it will be a case of restoring colour to your relationship and reinforcing your enthusiasm! Mars will equally consolidate this excellent trend by boosting your libido, thirst for conquest and desire to express your ardent sensuality. You will therefore have a dynamic trio (formed by the partnership in Virgo of Jupiter, Venus and Mars) in October to add magic to your love-life. You will rekindle the flame or launch into adventure with every chance of hitting the right note, making an impression and fully enjoying the moment, reinforced by a charm to die for, which should, friend Virgo, bring you great success! Until the 23rd, the Sun will invite you to do all you can to reach for the moon (and hit the jackpot)! You can count on our daily star to trawl through your resources and exalt your potential. An opportunity for you to shine in company, show off your talents and regain wonderful confidence in yourself and your abilities. You could all be touched by grace?

Or almost …
Everyone, apart from those born in the 1st decan, will be directly affected by the return of Saturn, who will have tried them sorely last winter. This austere planet will appear to want to cast something of a shadow (or a considerable one) over the picture and face you with family problems and heavy responsibilities relating to a parent or loved-one! There will be no question, then, of abandoning yourself to the dizzying spiral of love, but more of facing reality, which won't always be very pleasant. Whether you have to take a member of your clan under your wing, review your relationship as a couple or plunge into painful experiences from the past that will need to be sorted between now and the end of December, friend Virgo, you won't feel very festive! However, you will need as far as possible to get down to the task and deal with certain frustrations and disillusions that will probably give you hope of being able to turn a page soon, to reach a new level or emotional maturity!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September): Family affairs!
Since mid-September, Saturn will have faced you with family problems, burdens and heavy responsibilities that will have to be borne. It will probably be time to ask yourself fundamental questions about your role within your clan and determine which aspects need to be sorted out and (or) eliminated, so that you can continue on your way, without always being haunted by the same ghosts! If you are in a relationship, you will go through a period of review in depth. Whether this concerns helping a parent, a family matter resurfacing, or your relationship going downhill, try as far as you can to face up to this. If you consciously face the things that aren't right or are causing problems, you will probably manage to turn a corner between now and winter. You will then be able to continue on your way, free of the heavy weight that was preventing your take-off and too often sapping your morale! If you are single, worries about your clan will catch up with you and will need to be grappled with in October. There will be no question of ignoring the things causing problems and annoyance, but it will be a case of getting down to clearing up the shadowy areas damaging your mutual exchanges, and assuming your responsibilities in matters that are already underway. You can then hope to move on to other things and reach a greater level of maturity, even if that means breaking certain connections that have become too alienating!

2nd decan (4th – 13th September): All aflame!
You will have the potent backing of the elements in October, when they should enable you to experience some powerful moments and wonderful success, which you will remember for a long time! If you are in a relationship, passion will be reborn after wavering for a time. If you have had other priorities this summer, you can expect to fire on all cylinders in October and to set your other half's heart aflame, as well as his/her body. There will be no question of beating about the bush and hiding your feelings! You will have a desire to live life to the full and make delightfully short work of your other half, who won't need to be asked to offer him/herself up for sharing! If you are single, now will be the time to emerge from the shadows, declare your love or launch into adventure. Everything will seem to want to smile on you and support your amorous initiatives this month, when your amazing charm should have an effect, and your bubbling libido, sparkle and declarations … should hit the right note! It will be up to you, then, to play the game and win the day, including winning the heart of the one you fancy, who won't be able to resist your enthusiasm for long!

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September): A promising end to the month!
Until the 8th, you will love without voicing it, experience a romance on the quiet and only express your feelings in privacy. You will probably have to wait until the end of the month to restore your love-life to the centre of your interests, or live it openly without going about things in a roundabout way. If you are in a relationship, you will struggle to declare your feelings totally, or have doubts about yourself or your other half? Unless you are reflecting a little (or a lot) on your past and present love-life. You will be haunted by memories and ghosts, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia that will be quite disruptive to your relationship. At the end of the month, you will recover your mojo and desire to seize life and love … as well as hearts! If you are single, you will have had a tendency this summer to be silent in your emotions or look back over the past. You will be troubled by elements of nostalgia. Unless you have been fantasising about a love-affair that would be difficult or impossible to bring about, or anchor for the long term. At the end of the month, you will be more in control of the situation and determined to live your great love-affair in the open!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
Whilst those born in the first two decans will be jubilant (especially the 2nd decan), those born in the 1st decan will have to face a resurfacing of the past in October, causing them problems! Don't dodge those vexatious issues or heavy responsibilities, if you are to have a hope of finally breaking free of matters that have been getting you down for quite a while! A difficult mission, but not impossible!

You will benefit from wonderful potential for personal growth this month from an external point of view. The brakes that need lifting will be within you, along with behaviour patterns to be overcome and an inner growth to be completed, to enable you to live your love-life to the full and reconcile it with the ease you dream of!


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