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Monday, November the 30th
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Love horoscope for December 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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If you have gone through family upheavals last month, where the atmosphere (especially at the end of the month) has sapped your morale and clipped your wings, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief in December, friend Virgo, and rediscover the light-heartedness you have tended to forget recently. From the 5th, Venus will favour communication with your loved-ones and those around you in general, endowing you with a charm that should enable you to rally support and melt a few hearts! You won't lack either the assets or arguments for pleading your cause in your love-life, especially since Jupiter, who moved into your sign in mid-August, will considerably reinforce this trend (especially at the end of the month) and guarantee you flamboyant success and a self-confidence that will help you overcome some of the inner turmoil that could dampen your delightful prospects a little in December.

And traps!
Beware of a combative Mars on the offensive (not to say aggressive), who will stoke your appetite and give you a desire to have it all and preferably straightaway. If you don't take care to be more subtle in your approach (mainly those born in the 2nd decan), you will risk short-circuiting exchanges that will otherwise be promising (on the 6th and the 11th), compromising discussion (at least temporarily) and upsetting the sensitivities of your other half. Take care not to tantalise the jealousy of the one you love or get involved in power struggles, which could be destructive! Better to listen to your partner (or your children) and tackle vexatious issues gently until the 22nd. The Sun will encourage you, friend Virgo, to get fully mobilised to keep things running smoothly, appease certain conflicts and try to re-establish (or maintain) harmony within your clan.

A promising end to the year!
From the 22nd, you will be more receptive to the development of your love-life. Our daily star will illuminate your emotional universe and boost your libido. You will manage to stem an impatience that won't always give you good advice and should benefit from a quite radiant end to the year, which will enable you to add some warmth to the atmosphere. Saturn, who has been forcing you to assume some heavy burdens and additional family responsibilities since the end of summer (and for some, since December 2014), will give you a break. The clouds will disperse (temporarily), the skies will clear and you won't need to be asked to make the most of this brighter period. You will therefore have every chance (on the 24th and 25th) of developing greater closeness and celebrating Christmas with great support, friend Virgo, and in full control of your means (those born in the 3rd decan in particular), as long as you avoid imposing your demands (on the 29th) on others!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September): Phew!
Saturn, who has been probably somewhat (or considerably) dragging down the atmosphere since the end of December 2014, will move gradually move away from your decan and finally enable you to breathe a sigh of relief. You will recover your mojo and regain your desire for love, which will be evident in December.
If you are in a relationship, after a period of grey and wintry weather, where family responsibilities have weighed heavily in the balance, you will have an opportunity in December to rediscover the togetherness that has been lacking. You can expect to share some tender moments around the 11th,14th and 29th, when love will give you a lift, enabling you to forge greater closeness and feel understood once more!
If you are single, you will have been feeling rather crushed, not to say overwhelmed by the family responsibilities you have needed to assume very rapidly. In December, these concerns will fade away, problems will be resolved or about to be, and you can once again devote your time to improving your private life. You would do well to do so this month and you could have some wonderful encounters. You will know how to find the words you need to attract and persuade anyone you like to follow you, and why not for a long time!

2nd decan (4th – 13th September): A bit (too?) feverish!
Beware until the 16th of fits of anger or impatience, which could damage the tenor of your exchanges with others. You will find it hard to control your impulses and could regret this around the 6th and 11th, when your attitude won't go down well. Try to control your rather disruptive emotions if you want to end the year on a high note and in particular in good company.
If you are in a relationship, you will be rather on edge (money problems?) and your volatile moods could considerably spoil the atmosphere in December. Avoid fanning the flames on the 6th, 11th and 19th, if you don't want to irritate your partner and undermine his/her patience, not to say trust.
If you are single, you won't be in much of a mood for dealing with family or financial difficulties, which will cause you irritation in December. You will make the most of the blessings of Venus, who will favour encounters (especially on the 17th), as long as you manage to detach yourself from your concerns, which could be obsessive, but also at the same time, drive you to provoke those who you like and frighten them off. Better to try to evaluate things and not mix business matters with affairs of the heart, pure and simple!

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September): It's Christmas!
From the end of November, Jupiter will have been resident in your decan and endow you with an irresistible charm and a wild but achievable desire to conquer the world.
If you are in a relationship, and you make sure you don't try to impose your authority within the family (on the 4th and 14th), you could hope to end the month with an effervescent love-life. You can then count on Jupiter to rekindle the flame and strengthen your togetherness with the one you love, but also with those around you, who will be won over by your enthusiasm and generosity! Caution at the end of the month (on the 29th), when you would do better to tone it down, if you don't want to spoil the atmosphere!
If you are single, don't add fuel to the fire in your family (on the 4th and 14th), when you will be tempted to launch into controversy, simply to test your power over others. Better to preserve all your powerful energy for creating a few sparks at the end of the year, when the Christmas celebrations will turn out to be promising for your love-life. Wonderful encounters? The desire to forge greater closeness with those around you who will be under your spell? You won't lack for opportunities to shine and win people over, fully enjoying the moment, as long as (on the 29th) you avoid raising certain questions (financial ones?) that will cause annoyance!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere
A month that will allow you to breathe a little and get the pressure you are having to bear on the family front into perspective. Make the most of this happy Christmas break to recharge your batteries and (or) enjoy yourself without trying to control everything and everybody (if you were born in the 2nd decan).

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere
Your situation will become more flexible as you go towards the summer. You will temporarily drop your family concerns and focus on the object of your desire, ending the spring on a high note and … in love.

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