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Tuesday, January the 27th
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Love horoscope for February 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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A shadow cast over the picture!
If differences have arisen in January between you and your partner, you will probably be keen in February to smooth things over and round things off, adding warmth to your relationship, so you don't let feelings of pessimism set in and gnaw away at your private life. Saturn has been resident in the area of your chart devoted to your relations with those close to you since the end of December 2014, friend Virgo, and will have a tendency to cast a shadow over the picture! Difficulties regarding the health an elderly relative and additional burdens will encumber you, potentially reducing your margin for manoeuvre, as well as tension (often recurrent and resulting from conflicts which haven't been resolved in the past), which will drag down the atmosphere at home!

Strategy rather than ill-feeling!
Fortunately in February, you will have the necessary means to raise the level of debate and make your other half understand that you are prepared to assume your responsibilities and do your utmost to clarify shady areas and balance difficult equations. You will be able to count on Venus until the 20th to demonstrate your love or your desire to tackle events gently rather than by force, even though Mars will be keeping up the pressure at the same time, with a tendency to electrify your exchanges with others. However, you will have your alliances under control and play on your charms to restore peace within households or defuse the general aggression! If you have had to face concerns about keeping things running smoothly or managing a stressful and overwhelming everyday existence, friend Virgo, you should feel a certain relief from the 11th and see that dialogue, which had been held back and blocked by lack of understanding, will be able to resume with a positive outcome!

Developing closeness!
From the 18th, the Sun will also encourage you to pay greater attention to your other half and not neglect any avenue that could bring up solutions, or at least prove to your loved-one that you are prepared to listen! At the end of the month, Venus and Mars will endow you with remarkable flair and intuition for sensing awkward subjects and trying to contain them, but this won't avoid your finding yourself once again confronting a reality (on the 23rd), that will catch up with you and temporarily disarm you. In fact, you will end the month quite determined to overcome the tensions within your family and will have the necessary ammunition to do so. The combined forces of Venus and Mars will offer you unfailing assistance, helping you not to give in but take up the challenge and perfect strategies (on the 26th?), which could put everyone in agreement!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September): Your clan will be the issue!
Saturn is going to cast a shadow over your relations with those close to you. Worries about keeping things running smoothly or problems from the past now resurfacing and demanding to be dealt with? If you are in a relationship, and the last month has shaken up your relationship, creating a rift between you, you will do your utmost in February to bridge this and forge greater closeness. You should be successful, but don't take advantage of this to bury difficult subjects, which will in one way or another have to be looked at closely! If you are single, those close to you will give you something to think about and you will have a tendency to rebel or take up opposition and head in a different direction. However, if you start to listen in February and take action to smooth out potential differences, or find answers to problem areas raised by your clan, you will restore peace at home! You will end the month happy to have succeeded in calming things down and handling a rather disruptive emotional climate without too much ado, thanks to your involved and controlled approach!

2nd decan (4th - 13th September): Fundamental questions!
Exchanges with others will be anything but lukewarm! You will have probably been going through a period feeling an urgent need for a complete change for quite some time and this could upset and even change your approach to love! If you are in a relationship, you will suffer from tension and pressure, which will often be subconscious and awaken a desire to break free or change your attitude towards love. Between now and the end of March, the atmosphere could be somewhat explosive, but in February, you should succeed in making your other half understand the depth and intensity of the upheavals you are facing. Don't stint on your efforts to brighten up those shadowy areas if you wish your other half to stay with you and above all, don't jump to hasty conclusions! If you are single, , you will probably have difficulty in overcoming your hypersensitivity and your internal contradictions regarding your vision of love and the urgent demands of your libido. Maybe you will aspire to change your understanding of relationships by trying to reconcile great thrills and passion with a more or less subconscious desire to remain free and escape the togetherness that too often seems to involve loss of individuality!

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September): Immune!
Up until the 22nd, you can count on Venus and Mars to add spice to your exchanges with others and keep you on the alert. You will basically be immune from the torment experienced by the first two decans (apart from any tendencies in your personal chart), and should be able in February to make the most of quite favourable circumstances to reinforce your closeness around a constructive dialogue! If you are in a relationship, you will take advantage of the presence of Venus and Mars to rekindle the flame and re-launch the debate with your loved-one. There will be nothing half-hearted about this, but it will be an opportunity to start listening to your other half and awaken his/her ardours, even if that means using provocation to attract his/her attention and lead him/her into your little shared games! if you are single, you will have numerous trump cards at your disposal in February for making an impression on hearts and minds. You will happily focus on your charm and innuendo to attract the attention of the person who could hold on to yours, and you won't hesitate to launch an offensive, if you feel an adventure is in the offing and your other half is just waiting to hear from you (and more if there is an affinity here)!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month for building bridges rather than drawing a line underneath! It will also be a month when you would do well to start listening, reflecting and taking action in full awareness!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
Being aware of what is essential and moving forward towards your goals, as well as armed with your sense of detail, will enable you to eliminate obstacles one by one and choose the best way in all conscience.


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