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Sunday, August the 2nd
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Love coaching before summer holidays
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Love horoscope for August 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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Return to the sunlight for everyone on the cards!
Since the beginning of June, Venus has been skulking in the shadow of your sign, encouraging secret love-affairs, in some cases illicit ones, but ones which will also lead you to dream, look back over the past, bringing back memories, sometimes with regret. Whatever the case, this will distance you to a certain extent from reality. Between your fantasies, idealised relationships and doubts, your love-life could be tinged with nostalgia, or encourage you, whether you like it or not, to take a step back from your emotions, friend Virgo, to sort between your desires and your needs, between what is essential and what is unimportant! Make the most of this interlude, then, which won't in any way prevent you from experiencing some strong moments, whether in your mind, physically or away from prying eyes, to review your hopes and expectations, enabling you to express your feelings more openly this autumn! Fortunately, Jupiter, who has more or less had you over a barrel since July 2014, potentially holding you back from action and adopting a clear position, will help you move on a stage from the 11th. You can count on this warm-hearted planet to give your life and your energy a boost, and maybe force you out of your corner. It will no longer be a question of keeping quiet about or holding back your emotions, but of daring to launch into adventure, rekindle the flame and (or) draw a line under the past to start on a new cycle of personal development!

Or almost!
Only those born at the end of the 3rd decan (after 19th September) could be in danger of paying the price of the return of Saturn, who has already given them a hard time last winter (in December 2014) and could give them some black thoughts. You could be faced with loved-ones causing you problems. If those around you seem to want to cast a shadow over your summer (health concerns or recurring conflicts to be settled), try not to tackle events in a too personal way. You will actually have an annoying tendency to paint a black picture and dig in your heels in a stubborn way, clinging on to the past and ways of behaviour that won't enable you to face up to things. You will quickly realise that your approach doesn't and won't work any longer, but will find it hard to let go! Better however to deal with reality, however restrictive and upsetting it may be, friend Virgo, rather than taking refuge in your own little mental bubble!

A number of strengths!
If you open up the hatches and accept the need to soften your stance, you will be better at casting off your chains and the burdens that will affect your rather tedious exchanges with others during a first week of the month, which will be rather difficult to tolerate. Otherwise, you will all be able to rely on dialogue and communication to make yourselves understood. Between the 7th and the 27th, Mercury will enable you to get your message across. From the 8th, Mars will give you the necessary wherewithal to forge ahead and create sparks. From the 11th, Jupiter will endow you with the necessary radiance to stand out from the crowd. With charm to die for and an exceptional determination to hog the limelight, there's no doubt you will manage to hit the right note without delay and whisk off anyone you want on a romantic interlude!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September): A sticky patch ahead!
It will definitely be you opening the celebrations in August! You will play host to Jupiter from 11th August and be able to rely on this planet's exceptional radiance to give some lustre to your love-life and considerably boost your powers of attraction! If you are in a relationship, and you've had the impression for quite a while that your love-life has lost its sheen, that passion is being buried in habit, or that your relationship has no longer been among your priorities, you can prepare to see it rise again from the ashes in August. With your astounding personal magnetism and enormous appetites, you won't hesitate for a second to rekindle the flame and set the summer alight, to your own great pleasure and that of your other half! If you are single, you have spent your time chewing things over, and been content to dream and fantasise about impossible love-affairs, or entertained the idea of a romance that would be difficult to turn into reality? In August, living life by half-measures will no longer be an option, but instead, you will experience love in the full light of day! If you are still searching for your soul mate, make the most of your return to the limelight to dazzle, captivate and hold on to anyone you want, especially during the second half of the month, which promises to be exceptional!

2nd decan (4th – 13th September): Between dreams and reality!
Between the 18th and the 24th, Venus (in echo of the second half of June, which highlighted your love-life), will encourage you to continue to entertain secret and discreet feelings, which will soon be able to be expressed in the full light of day! If you are in a relationship, the fires will have been smouldering beneath the ashes since June! You will experience tender feelings in secret or develop a restrained passion for your partner (or someone else). In August, you still won't be inclined to trumpet your deeper feelings out loud and will wait until autumn to declare your feelings more openly, rekindle the flame or start on a new chapter in your love-life, more inclined to open up and abandon yourself without further reserve or reticence to your enthusiasm. If you are single, you will love someone in secret and hesitate to declare your feelings. You will nourish a fantasy or entertain a dream. Soon, you won't hesitate any further to launch into adventure or move on a stage, and will no longer be content with living your love-life by halves. In the meantime, in August, you will allow yourself to be lulled by romances that would be difficult to bring to fruition, or passions or fantasies that will transport you to seventh heaven, before you actually come back to earth (this autumn) in very good company!

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September): Trying something different!
You will probably aspire to renew your love-life. Whether by regaining former passion, adopting another approach to your relationship, freer and less complex, or with an irrepressible desire to change the code or completely change tack, you could experience a more thrilling version of your shared love. Only those born at the end of the 3rd decan (after 19th September) will have their mind and heart elsewhere. Held back by concerns about those around them and forced to review their way of thinking and dealing with life, they will have little concern for their love-life, which will be relegated to second place for the moment! If you are in a relationship, you will want to have other things and to lead your other half to follow you along paths enabling your relationship to evolve and be renewed. You can basically expect to be followed without too much hesitation in your desires and frenzies, especially around the 2nd, 13th and 19th, when your suggestions will have an effect on your partner! Unless you are tempted to look elsewhere, where your hopes and expectations could find response without taboo! If you are single, you will definitely be determined to try new experiences and offer the one who inspires you to take a different route, exploring unexpected emotions and paths to spice up your mutual exchanges and create a more party atmosphere. You will be quite keen in August to experience emotions that will be expressed in secret and appreciate secret love-affairs, which will be no less surprising or intense!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
On 11th August, Jupiter will move into your sign for a year! An opportunity for you to start a new cycle in your development, with the firm intention of taking action and loving in your own way. Keeping quiet about your feelings and desires will now be out of the question. Only those born at the end of the 3rd decan will feel the aftermath of Saturn, who won't be much in favour of emotional outpourings. To make the absolute most of these overcast skies, you will need to face the shadowy areas that again and again prevent you from feeling fulfilled, and give up a means of communication that has probably done its time!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
It will be essential to break free from certain received ideas that are still alive within you, for the complete fulfilment of your love-life. This month, the evidence will be crying out and it would be a good idea not to run from this. Don't hesitate to question some of your judgement criteria!


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