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Thursday, July the 24th
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Love horoscope for July 2014 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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Your head and heart elsewhere?
A very effervescent social life in July and basically little time to devote to your love-life? You will expend a lot of energy occupying the centre stage and finalising projects which will matter to you, friend Virgo, moving heaven and earth to win the day in your working life and settle financial matters! Until the 16th, Jupiter will enable you to benefit from definite support and mobilise your friends around unifying objectives. Until the 22nd, the Sun will ensure you of active support from your faithful clan, to bring the matter which is occupying you more or less full-time to fruition. Be careful, however, to avoid neglecting those close to you, who will be able to understand your obsessions but could eventually get tired of your repeated absence, and your obstinacy in prioritising your career and future prospects. You will certainly include those you love here, but your loved-one could end up in a sulk, if you don't (or barely) give him/her the proof of affection he/she expects …And not twenty years hence!

Make sure you are there!
Be careful then not to desert your home life too much, friend Virgo, and make sure you reserve some of your valuable time for maintaining your intimate relationships. Try to communicate clearly about your intentions, so that your other half doesn't entertain doubts about the extent of your commitment … at home. In July, you will more often call on your relations and friends than your partner for support and feedback on your initiatives, which will aim to reassure you about the future. Focus on a clan that has stood the test of time and a network that inspires confidence, to appease your craving for security in the face of decisions this month that could be important in the long term. But don't ignore the fundamental questions that your loved-one won't fail to ask, regarding his/her place in your life.

Don't run away from discussion!
While certain doubts will surface or resurface, or your other half backs you into a corner and holds you to account, don't run from explanations, but justify your current priorities by expressing your anxiety or rightful concerns to make sure of what will happen next. That way, you will disarm any weapons and risky assumptions by clarifying your intentions and communicating your vision. You will obviously become closer by including your other half in your “team”, friend Virgo, rather than excluding him/her to preserve it! From the 18th, you will be more inclined towards confidences, but you may have difficulty in making yourself understood and getting your message across in a difficult situation (sensing setbacks?) to your loved-one, who will sulk a little and will one way or another be waiting to pounce!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
Don't hesitate to confide in your partner about what may be worrying you, if you don't want him/her to distrust you and start to sulk. This would be a pity and counter-productive! It's by operating as a couple that you will confront and take up potential challenges arising in the best possible way!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Your fundamental concerns will have a tendency to put a distance between you and your partner, and your private life. You will have a tendency to communicate in too analytical and synthetic a manner. Emotional warmth will rise to the surface from within you and it will be a case of maintaining that awareness and expressing yourself on this front, too.


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