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Tuesday, July the 29th
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Love horoscope for August 2014 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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Seething inside!
Until 23rd August, the Sun is going to hold you more or less over a barrel. This will be the time to retire from the scene and go on holiday, where you would do better to have a rest than frolicking around or launching into adventure. You won't really feel inclined to search for the Holy Grail in August, or a great love affair or making conquests! In addition, until the 15th, Mercury will encourage you to reflect on things rather than amusing yourself. You can focus on the combined forces of the Sun and Mercury to look into your soul and ask yourself some fundamental questions, especially regarding your love-life, so that you can identify its contours, troughs and what needs to be changed, in order to rediscover the ardour of the early days. Don't try to run from these doubts, which could temporarily darken your horizons, but they will force you into a position which will ultimately help you, friend Virgo, to sort out the essential from the trivial and question your motives!

Resorting to friendship!
You will fortunately be able to count on Venus to smooth out the road ahead and support your efforts or your journey through the tunnel! Until the 12th, your faithful supporters won't stint on valuable advice, distracting you from your torment and increasing their initiatives to coax you out of your lair! This will be in vain from this date onwards, as Venus will also slip into the shadow of your sign, encouraging you to sound out the bad (as well as the good) factors influencing your love-life and will take it upon herself to shake up the past! You will then be more inclined to chew things over and ruminate than dance on the table, friend Virgo, and should basically wait for the clouds to pass over, so you can recover and put some distance between you and your emotions, which will currently be more inclined towards melancholy, remorse and regrets than the bubbling of your senses.

An improvement set for the end of the month!
From the 23rd, the Sun is going to illuminate your sign at last! There will be no question of rediscovering passion or the desire to find your soul mate without further ado, but you may wish to take back the reins of control and no longer let yourself be eaten up by the past! Watch out throughout this rather mixed month that you don't try to impose your views on those around you, but preserve your relationships, friend Virgo, by distancing yourself from your inner emotions, which would be rather difficult to share. Your sense of humour will enable you to lighten the atmosphere! Avoid playing the kill-joy and wait sensibly for September to be less than sensible!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month reserved for introspection rather than sharing your feelings? Warn those around you that you are going to sort yourself out and take a rest from pleasure. Take a step back from things, without giving them the idea that they bear the responsibility!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
The introspection you are carrying out this month will be essential for resetting the clock with those around you, but also for breaking free from certain behaviour patterns from the past, which are spoiling the present and stopping you from finding different ways of handling your relationships in particular.


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