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Thursday, May the 28th
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Love horoscope for June 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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Happy are they who value their privacy!
Until the 5th, Venus will ensure you of the support of your friends and those close to you! If you need advice, you will be able to count on your loyal supporters, who won't fail to help you and distract you from your professional goals, which will seem rather overwhelming! You will do all you can this month to speed up the pace of your activities and in particular, bring them to fruition. This will basically be a success, but it may be at the expense of your love-life, which doesn't appear to be your priority in June! From the 5th, Venus will move into the shadow of your sign and then act behind the scenes, with discreet charm applied with restraint, but also with a certain sense of strategy. Inspiring secret love affairs and titillating fantasies, friend Virgo, but there could also be a potential review of the past in detail, which will add an element of nostalgia to your everyday life, but it shouldn't prevent you from fully enjoying the present and the good vibes of a month that will be reasonably clement for everyone!

Inner ferment!
While family concerns and heavy responsibilities have cast something of a shadow over the picture since the end of December 2014, you will be able to feel a lightening of the load. From the 15th, Saturn will stop weighing over your family life. This austere planet will leave you sufficient margin to enjoy a good life, enabling you to focus on your memories and desires, as well as the direction you would like to give your private life without stress or anxiety. He will also enhance your sensuality and romantic side, which you will express in a very subtle way. There will be no question then of being over-effusive or externalising your feelings with sweeping statements, friend Virgo. Instead, you will feel and experience love and intimacy in secret and (or) in your heart!

Let yourself be carried along!
From the 21st, the Sun will encourage you to give full rein to your dreams? You will work incessantly at turning your dreams and desires into reality and surround yourself with those who are important to you to move forward in the right direction, i.e. related to your rebirth on 11th August, when Jupiter will move into your sign and encourage you to do and be whatever you like, expressing what has tempted you for a while in the open! In the meantime, in June, you should make the most of the gentle atmosphere, which will be favourable to your bubbling senses, to exert your charm and powers of attraction, which won't fail to make an impression on hearts and minds, friend Virgo, even if they manifest themselves for the moment without fanfare!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September): Love going smoothly!
From the 15th, Saturn will leave you in peace and should lighten the burden on the family front! Make the most of this truce, then, to soften your everyday existence and express your love discreetly but effectively! If you are in a relationship, while additional responsibilities in connection with your clan have been dragging you down since the winter, you should feel something of a relief in June and even a desire to enjoy life to the full. Time maybe to express your feelings to your other half without fanfare, but with moderation and tenderness! Unless you have someone else in mind in your fantasies. Fortunately in June, you will manage to balance temptation and a measured expression of your desires! If you are single, Venus is going to encourage you to focus on the past, exploring your memories or sending out secret but no less intense vibrations to someone who inspires you. You won't be tempted to create sparks, but you will certainly want to set hearts and minds aflame!

2nd decan (4th – 13th September): Other priorities?
With your great motivation on the work front, you will probably thinking a great deal about love, but won't really give yourself time to express your feelings! You will prefer to dream in June or fantasise about giving yourself body and soul to your other half! If you are in a relationship, you won't necessarily be around at home very much. You will be overwhelmed by the amount of work and very excited by the future prospects shaping up. You will fantasise a great deal but put little into your private life! We can bet, however, that your exciting plans will largely compensate for your lack of commitment to your other half and will keep you very preoccupied! If you are single, the pace of your activities at work will accelerate. You will aim high and not be too interested in your love-life? You will actually be cultivating your fantasies rather than engaging with reality in June! You could also be tempted to take refuge in the past and events that have left their mark! However, there will be no danger of melancholy setting in. In June, the heavens will bear you wherever you want, but certainly won't drag you down!

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September): A promising end to the month)!
It will be at the end of the month (the 22nd) that Jupiter arrives with inspiration for those born in this decan! You will feel the sap rising, and your desires emerging from the shadows, on the increase? Yes, but so what? You will be less inspired by love in June than by the direction you want to give your actions! However, this won't stop you exploiting your charms and expressing your sensuality quite gently, to be aware of what is happening but not create sparks! If you are in a relationship, you will be completely surrounded by your friends and more inclined to ask for their help than invest yourself in a love-life that is taking a back seat! You will seek above all to look deeply at your potential and bring your plans to fruition, rather than reassuring your other half! Make sure, however, that you involve him/her in your future prospects, so you don't end up isolated and give the impression he/she is of no importance to you! If you are single, you will feel the sap rising, but it will be more your imagination taking over than the desire to bring an affair to fruition! One doesn't necessarily preclude the other, but we can bet that you will be mobilised elsewhere in June! However, there will be no danger of frustration, as you will work away passionately at developing ideas close to your heart, while waiting to focus on your private life, which can wait for a while!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month for loving on the quiet … or it will go smoothly! You could reveal your feelings or share them in secret, with mainly legitimate romances and a desire to protect your private life? In June, you will prefer to create sparks at work and not give away your feelings too openly? And why not, as whatever method you use, you will feel fulfilled and be able to give free rein to your exalted imagination!

If you are in the southern hemisphere:
You will find it easier to forget what you need to do for others for a time, for the sake of your own personal advancement. Planning, reorganising and listening to your true needs will be the best action, enabling you to right various mistakes the next month.


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