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Wednesday, September the 24th
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Love horoscope for September 2014 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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From the shadows to the light!
You will have no chance of going unnoticed up to 23rd September! The Sun is going to illuminate your sign and encourage you to come out of the woodwork, even though a rather sulky Venus will be camping in the shadow of your sign at the beginning of the month, depriving you, albeit temporarily, of charisma, influence and the desire to win people over unreservedly. You will turn this to your advantage to learn lessons from the past and evaluate your love-life, which will come back into its own from the 5th, when Venus enters the centre stage, endowing you with amazing charm and a definite desire to be noticed! So it will be a month under the spotlight, when you will be irresistible, friend Virgo, and determined to look more closely at recent romances (on the cards for this month), or even older ones, not to say build solid, long-term foundations. Or, if you are still on the look-out, you could search for your soul mate!

Asking fundamental questions!
In fact, there will be no question of skirting around issues in September, when you will ask questions (the right ones) about the future of your relationship and maybe where it is heading in particular, plus what you share with your other half and what you would really like to develop and improve, friend Virgo. This will be to maintain, not to say add to, a relationship which will have every chance of overwhelming you (and your partner) around the 14th and the 21st. It will be a time when you will manage to combine reason with passion, and stability with the dizzying spiral of love! Make the most of these wonderful trends to illuminate certain shadowy areas between you and your other half! Since 2012, Neptune has had a tendency to disrupt communication sometimes, by instilling doubt in your partner's sincerity and yours as well! Be careful on the 10th and 22nd, when you won't be at bay from illusions, not to say confusion (lies and misunderstandings), which could cast a shadow over the overall picture!

Tempers frayed on the family front!
Be careful as well from the 13th of a wind of revolt and anger, which will blow over your home-life, where reproaches will fly in all directions and exchanges with others will be very tense. It will be time to open up discussion, rather than taking up the cudgel, or you could run the risk of opening up trench warfare. Admit you were wrong and accept your share of responsibility in the problems that surface, and don't add fuel to the fire in any circumstances! From the 23rd, you will suddenly become more interested in other matters (financial affairs in particular) than your love-life, friend Virgo, and will happily use your intuition and support from behind the scenes, those working with you in the shadows, to promote your own brand or business, or to pick up a few well-earned rewards!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A month divided between your need to lay down roots and secure your relationship, and pressure from your clan, who will be settling scores and forcing you out of your corner. Try to get things off your chest without forgetting your diplomatic skills!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Your desire for commitment is an avenue you cannot ignore, as you will have the means of achieving your ambitions this month, as well as communication skills perfectly suited to moving your life up a notch quality-wise!


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