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Sunday, November the 23rd
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Love horoscope for November 2014 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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Off to a strong start!
A rather auspicious start to the month! You will keep the flame burning and know how to play on your charm to perfection with your loved-one or the one you have in mind. A desire to arouse passion, find that special person and win over others, friend Virgo, with your amazing personal magnetism and your chosen words, hitting just the right note? You also won't lack the determination to carry out your sensual offensive very effectively. Mars, who will be resident in the sector of your chart devoted to love, is going to fan the flames, definitely for the better, at least until 9th November. Use your major trump-cards to your advantage to plead your case and plan for likely upheavals to follow, by closing ranks and assuring your other half of your sincere, passionate feelings before the atmosphere turns to chill!

Things are going to turn wild!
This will be down to Saturn, who will cause you doubts about everything, yourself especially in some cases! While this austere planet has been affecting your sign since autumn 2012, it will be the 3rd decan that has to bear the brunt of his influence in November, when you could have difficulty in communicating your emotions, friend Virgo, especially around the 13th, 18th and 26th, when you will shut yourself away in your ivory tower, take everything the wrong way and pull back from the game of love, rather than openly face the things that aren't right or feel wrong! Be equally careful on the 13th, when you won't impress with your impatience and will have a tendency to speak your mind, not to say provoke your other half and poison the atmosphere! Watch out for ill-channelled jealousy (yours or your other half's) and anger, which could break out if you don't manage to control your moods, put up with criticism or come out of your seclusion to deal consciously with the problems distancing you from your partner!

Even on the family front!
You will also flee confrontation (on the 20th and 27th) and would prefer to delude yourself in order to avoid having to take a clear position regarding those around you, who will struggle to understand your current state of mind! Try to get your concerns in November into perspective and take the heat out of a situation which is getting you down somewhat. This feeling of melancholy will be temporary, friend Virgo, and it will simply reflect a period of preparation for an envisaged revival next summer, when you will be borne along under the auspices of Jupiter and stop having doubts.

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
Accept the need to review everything in November, but not necessarily by unleashing storms, which won't solve any problems and would only have the effect in November of depressing you still further.

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Your way of expressing yourself will become more candid and precise this month. Inevitably, this won't really go down well with those around you! However, it will have the advantage of making things completely clear and establishing your limits. You will calm down next month, especially in your love-life!


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