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Tuesday, April the 21st
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When will we find happiness again
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Love horoscope for April 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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Between evolution and revolution!
For quite a while, you have been going through a zone of turbulence, which is derailing everyone and hitting you personally where your emotions are concerned. Pluto has taken it upon himself to overturn your codes of behaviour and reference points in this respect (in some cases since 2008) and Uranus is ushering in the need to bring about great changes, to free you from beliefs and behaviour patterns that have had their day, in order to enable this transformation to take place, friend Virgo, and for you to access a more genuine version of love and yourself! These shake-ups will also have an influence on your creativity and your desire to express your talents more freely and fully, and in a more general way, matters close to your heart. This was already the case last month, but this will now disrupt your serenity, at least until the 20th! This rather trying aftermath could incite you to rebel against the one or ones trying to impose their vision of the world and (or) your relationship on you!

Too many burdens to bear!
You can therefore expect to live in rather a state of crisis and should try to moderate your moods, which could be quite explosive! You will feel you are being squeezed dry, without any margin for manoeuvre for being fulfilled as you would wish. In addition, a rather gloomy Saturn will tend to cast a shadow over the picture on the family front! Additional responsibilities and finding it rather (or too?) heavy-going, trying to keep things running smoothly? You will probably feel torn between your desire to open up the hatches and move on a stage, not to say make drastic decisions, and a sense of duty, which will tug you backwards, friend Virgo, asking you to deal with a rather restrictive everyday life on the family front! They may feel that you aren't spending enough of your valuable time at home (on the 15th) and that your social ambitions are leading you to neglect your loved-ones!

Brighter periods on the horizon at the end of the month!
Try as far as you can to calm things down (without losing your nerve), by waiting for the horizons to clear and solutions to appear of their own volition, or emerge from your own fundamental reflections around the 22nd and 26th. You will then succeed in rallying support regarding your actions and social achievements, which should have a favourable influence on those close to you! This may quite simply be because you will be in a better mood, friend Virgo, and more prepared to share things, developing greater closeness around inspiring plans that will go down well all round, enabling you to emerge from the shadows in business matters and from your old ways in your love-life!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September): Don't give in to depression!
Saturn casting a shadow over the picture in undermining your family atmosphere since last December? If you are in a relationship, try to understand what is creating the distance between you and your other half. Maybe you are allowing yourself to be overwhelmed and overcome by your obligations, forgetting to enjoy yourself and look after your relationship? Watch out around the 15th and 19th, when the climate will be ice-cold, your responsibilities heavy-going and you will be determined not sacrifice yourself! Try to keep a dialogue going with your partner until the end of the month proves more clement and your desire to raise the level of debate helps you regain your former closeness! If you are single, you will feel caught up in and absorbed by family responsibilities, which will heavily upon you and drag down both your everyday existence and your morale! You will be tempted to try to win over all and sundry as a distraction and to forget your incumbent obligations for a while, but these shouldn't in any way deprive you of your dreams, which you will revive at the end of the month (around the 29th), when the skies clear and you will make the most of this to open and spread your wings!

2nd decan (4th – 13th September): Going through a complete transformation!
You will feel completely shaken up in April (as in March) by turbulent skies, that won't spare you in any way, but will urge you to move and progress, like it or not. To go with the flow (not to say, get ahead) and prepare to end the month on a high note, you should accept the need for a review without being overwhelmed by the tides of emotion, which will make you feel queasy! If you are in a relationship, the skies won't spare you very much and could dangerously combine love with business matters and your private interests with social ones. Be careful not to open your mouth before you think (or make other slip-ups), which could take you too far. Get a grip if you want to end a rather stormy month in harmony with the rest of the world and reconciled with your other half, because you will basically be at one with yourself! If you are single, you will feel under pressure in April! Between demands from those around you (in your social life as well as from your family, emotionally), you won't really manage to handle the tension and could end up feeling rebellious. And why not, as long as your anger doesn't lead you into a tailspin! However, you will manage to shift your position and find your own path (and voice) in the eye of the storm in April! This won't be without a few hiccups, but you will intuitively feel that the transformation and development of your private life can only be achieved by casting off certain ties to be more true to yourself!

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September): Immune, but not on all fronts!
You will move forward quite immune from the fray (apart from tendencies in your personal chart) on the cards in April, when you would do well not to drop your guard until the end of the month, when the skies will clear for you and everyone else! Until the 11th, Venus is going to encourage you to push back the boundaries and raise the level of debate! if you are in a relationship, you will seem to be relatively spared in April from the sparks created by the heavens unleashing passions all round and not always for the better! If you do all you can to avoid potentially stirring up tensions and develop greater closeness by relying on your listening skills with an open heart and open mind, you will only have yourself to congratulate at the end of the month, when the storms will abate and happiness will be within your grasp! If you are single, you will aspire to expand your horizons in your love-life and on all fronts! You will dream of searching in your love-life, which will take you away from your usual position and enable you to look on life from a higher perspective? And why not, as long as you focus on your imagination and excitement to widen your horizons, rather than being passive, not to say resigned, which would only fuel your frustration and push you to complain about everyone and everything!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
In April you will be under pressure on all fronts and won't really feel inclined to just go along with things and tolerate annoyance or others standing in your way. Prepare yourself, then for some tough jousting and power struggles, which should end up mellowing at the end of the month, when the atmosphere will warm up and spring will return!

b> My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
It will be a case of showing greater tact than you are in a position to do this month where your partner is concerned, if you really want to dodge the flak and avoid pointless tension. But don't think that this means you have to simply put up with things, quite the reverse!


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