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Love horoscope for March 2015 for the sign of for Virgo

  Written by Daisy

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Playing fair!
It will be in your interests to open dialogue and keep it open in all respects in March, when the heavens will break loose, settling scores and encouraging you to launch into battle without any real safety net. The month will get off to quite a good start and lively discussions will benefit from your enlightened suggestions and manifest goodwill for the climate to improve. However, while you will have the feeling at the beginning of the month of having your exchanges with others under control and do all you can to handle inevitable changes and the smooth development of your relationship, you probably won't escape the turmoil on the cards from the 5th (at least until the 17th). Your other half will then accuse you of trying to manipulate him/her, playing with his/her nerves or abusing your rights (or power) to arrange things for your own benefit, friend Virgo, and lead the debate in whatever direction takes your fancy!

A bit overwhelmed?
So try to avoid fanning the flames because this period looks set to be explosive and you will have little inclination to allow yourself to be influenced. Your other half will be ready to spill out his/her resentment, after maybe remaining silent for a long time, and back you up against the wall. So please, avoid adding fuel to the fire by playing the ringmaster, friend Virgo, and go for smoothing things over by making your other half feel worthwhile, rather than upsetting your good relations by playing on your influence, making him/her feel on edge and arousing his/her jealousy, with a risk of doing everything to excess! You will also have other concerns on your mind, especially at work, where negotiations will turn out to be forceful, and with your bank manager, whom you will need to persuade to back you, without really having any guarantees to offer!

Try to switch off a little ... or completely!
While the general atmosphere will keep you under pressure from the 17th, you will still be able to count on Venus to plead your case and try to raise the level of debate, especially in your love-life, friend Virgo, where you will need to feel you have support in the face of the controversies and negotiations motivating (and irritating) you elsewhere. You will develop greater closeness to your partner (on the 24th) by focusing on a shared ideal and a dream for you to realise together in intimacy with your irresistible charm. This should be effective at the very end of the month (on the 30th), as long as you give up trying to have it all, but devote your time completely to satisfying your other half, for example by not peering (over his/her shoulder) at your diary, to make sure you don't lose sight for a minute of your bubbling affairs!

1st decan (23rd August – 3rd September: Many (too many?) responsibilities!
Since last December, your family responsibilities will have been crushing and you will feel as if all the light-heartedness has gone out of your life. In March, even if you seem to be relatively spared from the pressure around you, we can bet that the disruptive climate won't fail to rebound on the already grim atmosphere in the family! If you are in a relationship, you should make dialogue a priority if you want to avoid deadlock (on the 16th) and handle the problems that come up successfully and with the greatest possible awareness (on the 25th). It will be a month that will be far from euphoric, but it could enable you to open constructive discussion and purge your life of ancient matters which have been hard to come to terms with! If you are single, you will constantly feel tugged backwards by those close to you, who will basically need you. Make sure, however, that they don't abuse your goodwill and your natural tendency to be helpful. To avoid falling into this trap, as well as finding yourself up against a brick wall (on the 16th), it would be better to retreat to your small corner for a while to reflect, so that you can ultimately (on the 25th) offer solutions that will suit everyone and finally leave you some time to think about yourself!

2nd decan (4th - 13th September): Rather disorientated by events!
You will have your work cut out this month to pull things off successfully in a risky game, but don't expect to lose sight of things for a moment. Make sure you reserve some time to unwind and devote to your love-life while forging greater closeness! You'll ultimately manage to win through one day or another ... on all fronts! If you are in a relationship, social opportunities at the beginning of the month will put you in a state of turmoil and the negotiations that follow in one of excitement! And what about your love-life? Well, if you don't want your other half to throw your schedules and business plans back in your face, you will need to understand that your loved-one isn't just an accessory to your business, but a loving partner first and foremost! If you are single, you will play on your charm and talents to make progress in all areas in your own way. We can bet that you will use your strengths to win over your colleagues as well as your potential prey. Be careful, however, not to forget that it takes time and a bit more than talent to attract attention (and even more to hold on to it)!

3rd decan (14th – 22nd September): Let things go!
Focus on dialogue in March to unravel the rather tangled threads of your affairs until the 20th! You will probably struggle to win your case in business matters, but try not to mingle your private life with your working life, if you don't want your love-life to take too controversial a turn, which you will then struggle to handle! If you are in a relationship, you will have your work cut out and try in March to head your business affairs in the right direction, i.e. right for you! You will rely on a strategy of taking the offensive to achieve your goals, but make sure your methods don't rub off too much on your way of handling your love-life at the moment. Your other half certainly wouldn't appreciate it and would let you know! If you are single, Your head and heart will probably be elsewhere, but opportunities to hit the right note and make an impression could come up this month, so make sure you soften your approach and understand that your partner shouldn't be treated like ... a business competitior!

My advice if you are in the northern hemisphere:
A month when your love-life will probably be quite (or very) dependent on your business affairs. Try to play fair with your other half to keep things calm and when you do give him/her some of your valuable time, if you wish to avoid outbursts, give it all you've got and banish from your mind the problems and concerns that will have a tendency this month to undermine you and distance you from your loved-one, or worse still ... turn him/her against you!

My advice if you are in the southern hemisphere:
It will be necessary and even profitable to resist the temptation to withdraw into your shell where your partner is concerned. Don't think that a temporary limit will be a complete impossibility, or forget that a stone is eroded by drops of water more slowly and surely than by a sledgehammer.


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