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Saturday, November the 28th
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Horoscope for Aries for March 2014

  Written by Daisy

Storms in the air!
Since last December, Mars has been straining at your nerves and doing little to ease the flow of communication with your partner! Feeling criticised and rejected? Unless you are the one backing your other half into a corner and provoking a crisis which will be in danger of lasting until summer! In March, however, the warlike energy of this planet will seem to die down, Friend Aries, but be wary. This will only be to bring to the surface the things left unsaid, the resentment below the surface and the latent (and recurrent) conflicts, which will distance, even separate, you from your other half and others in general!

Back-pedalling advisable!
Up until the 20th, you should opt for sifting through the good (and especially the bad) reasons for thinking that you are right in all respects, and accept taking some time out to sort things out, shake up the past, not necessarily to dig up grievances, but more for learning some valuable lessons. These will help you bounce back with greater foresight, but also with greater determination to move forward, Friend Aries, even if that means cutting off connections that are no longer satisfying or have more or less done their time! Your thirst for freedom and your current quest for greater independence (which you have been asserting since March 2011) will actually encourage you to jettison inflexible relationships and companions, to be more true to yourself, whatever the price to pay!

A new cycle beginning on 20th March
You will therefore be determined to have a clear out and you have been able to count on Jupiter since the end of June 2013 to speed up the timeframe for change and reform, both inwardly and in your private life. Moving house to broaden your horizons, change the family situation and feel fulfilled in an environment which will make you feel reconciled with life! To emerge from a period of relative incarceration, you should also focus on Venus, who will take it upon herself from 5th March to open up and illuminate the future, by linking you up with your friends, your clan or a network. They will support your plans enthusiastically, offer you valuable advice and help you from the 20th, Friend Aries, to turn a page over to a new one, if possible in full possession of your means!

My Advice:

A month when reflection should prevail over taking action. This will enable you to choose in full awareness what it would be useful to keep and what to let go, in order to move forward in the right direction from now on!

Over the month of for March 2014 for the star sign for Aries:

The first week,
On the 1st, You will score points in your private life by activating your inner resources. Some will buy property or start to add make a new phase in their family or intimate relationship official! Better however to avoid creating sparks and go for greater influence ... gently and in your own interests!
On the 2nd, conflicts with social partners or your other half. Criticisms will be flying and confrontations will be explosive, but not necessarily frank and open or devoid of blows below the belt or slyness! Watch out all along the way!
On the 3rd, you will pull things off by manipulating those in authority according to your own ideas (though gently). You will rely on support from behind the scenes to achieve your goals!
On the 5th, you will make progress come hell or high water towards and in the face of everyone today, when you will be guided by your intuition ... in particular towards fruitful transactions!
On the 6th, be careful you don't exceed your budget today, when you will be called to order by financial reality, which has been rather frustrating recently!

The second week,
On the 11th, your plans will be held in check by your bank manager and creditors, who will considerably restrain your margin for manoeuvre. Your morale will take a knock, but you still won't just give in!
On the 13th, you will naturally plead your case gently and in particular ... quietly! Flair and reflection will serve you better at the moment than turmoil!
On the 14th, tense discussions, but ones which move forward? You won't let anything go!
On the 16th, The full moon will encourage you to ease up the pressure and take a rest. It will be time to get down to work without complaint, to forget yourself somewhat, while you wait for ... better things!

The third week,
On the 18th, you will be galvanised into action and maybe not averse to falling for someone? Your freedom of approach and originality will serve your plans well and they will quickly move apace!
On the 22nd, You be inspired, intuitive and creative, knowing admirably how to get the best out of every situation. This will particularly apply to your friends and those around you in your social life, where you will assert your ideas, plans and desire to open up the future in other more exciting dimensions!

The fourth week,
On the 24th, you won't be immune from power struggles, especially at work, where those in authority won't much appreciate your way of doing things!
On the 26th, thanks to your inner sense of strategy, you will succeed in guiding your private life in the right direction (the one that's right for you) and in unravelling the threads of a complex issue, winning a trial, buying property or sorting out an inheritance!
On the 28th, your plans and tactics will be sharpened and manage to rally support in high places!
On the 29th, with your long-term vision, attractive projects and friends with good advice, you will manage to turn the situation round (or at least a little bit) to your advantage (in the face of colleagues who are stubborn, not to say hostile). But don't push things too far on the financial front, where life won't be a bed of roses!
On the 30th, the second new moon of the month will throw light on your sign and encourage you to get things moving and have courage ...But don't overdo things in your private life, where you will continue to be in the hot seat!

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