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Sunday, November the 29th
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Horoscope for Aquarius for March 2014

  Written by Daisy

Return to the light!
After a long absence and hiding in the shadow of your sign (since 5th November 2013), Venus is now going to hold you more or less over a barrel, making you more committed to reflecting on the past and the lessons to be learned, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes again, than flirting with love. This delightful planet will finally move into Aquarius on 5th March and could then herald renewal and revelations; the rebirth of repressed feelings, which have long been in existence but kept quiet; the decision to turn over the page and (or) open a new one with greater awareness, Friend Aquarius, with a decision to start a new cycle of fulfilment, reconciling you with life again!

Fewer questions and more answers!
Up until the 5th, you will come full circle and put an end to your fundamental questions, sweeping away the remaining vestiges of nostalgia, which could encumber your passage towards the light. From the 5th, it will be out with chewing things over and hesitation. Instead, you will be ready to come out of your shell, be daring and win over anyone you want! You can count on Venus to boost your charm and put some colour back into your life, Friend Aquarius, as well as Mercury, who until the 17th will endow you with ease and eloquence, enabling you to move on a stage, forge connections and leave behind your isolation, which has gone on too long!

Your self-confidence returning!
As for Mars, who has been feeding your ambitions in all areas since 7th December 2013 and giving you a desire to aim for the moon and why not that special person while you're at it, you will focus his strength and enthusiasm to launch in to adventure, believe in your potential and acquire the means to start up, continue or make something long-lasting, without ever devaluing yourself again. So why not achieve your goals in your love-life straightaway, Friend Aquarius, or at least very soon? From the 20th, the Sun will prioritise communication, exchanges with others, and interesting encounters (which could turn into more, if you find an affinity here) and will probably help you handle social and professional tensions, which could taint a picture which is otherwise so promising!

My Advice:

A month for breaking with solitude and reconnecting with love? Your prolonged hibernation (since last November) will have given you an appetite, but also served to help you sort out what matters and what doesn't! A desire for commitment maybe...and why not?

Over the month of for March 2014 for the star sign for Aquarius:

The first week,
On the 1st, signing a financial agreement, substantial advantages in sight or a chance to create sparks? Take the opportunity while it is there, as it will pay dividends! In addition, the new moon will encourage you to ask for a rise, position or recognition you deserve ...but no more than that!
On the 2nd, final doubts or potential confrontation between thwarted desires and an irrepressible wish to get moving, be bold and assert yourself? Don't' rush things before the 5th, when Venus will open the floodgates!
On the 3rd, with your support behind the scenes, you will score points and succeed in imposing your presence ... quite naturally!
On the 5th, you will extend your influence and focus on your intuition and flair to lay down foundations, free up opportunities and take advantage to stand out from the crowd!
On the 6th, a few doubts in connection with family concerns and social pressures? Get things into perspective!

The second week,
On the 11th, communication will be poor between you and those in authority. Don't force the issue, or you could risk offending those who will be waiting to pounce!
On the 13th, you will return to the fray today when your demands could be accepted, if you succeed in toning them down!
On the 14th, your self-assurance and boldness will go down well, helping you make an impression and push back the boundaries as far as possible!
On the 16th, the full moon will encourage you to monitor your bank account closely, pay off your debts and stick to the safe and narrow. Your current fragile social situation won't be very auspicious for taking ill-considered risks, despite the fact that you will be in the grip of a desire to try your luck where you can!

The third week,
On the 18th, an attractive encounter, an unexpected contact and ravishing charm. You will be determined to make the most of a situation which will promise to reconnect you with pleasure!
On the 22nd, you will focus on your flair to seek out good deals or boost your credit? And why not, as long as you don't push things beyond the limit!

The fourth week,
On the 24th, feeling self-doubt or bad vibes around you? To avoid making mistakes, take a step back from things, especially from opening your mouth in a critical way, or the tables could be turned on you!
On the 26th, a fortune to be seized or negotiations going in the right direction? You will finalise a contract dear to your heart with enthusiasm and aplomb.
On the 28th, your interests will be defended by those supporting you from behind the scenes. Focus on this secret support to assert your authority!
On the 29th, while your seductive powers will win over those who focus on your originality to make a difference, you could be in danger of upsetting the sensibilities (sensitivities) of those who will appear to be the ones guaranteeing your security. This will therefore be a day for tensions between reason and desire, choosing the safe option and taking risks. You will need to apply moderation to avoid reaching deadlock!
On the 30th, the new moon will open up dialogue and encourage you to communicate with all and sundry to put forward your ideas and round off those sharp corners to smooth things over!

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