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Horoscope for Cancer for January 2014

  Written by Daisy

You at the centre of things?
Since June 2013, Jupiter has supported your desire for growth and expansion on all fronts, but you would do well in January to temper your ego (or at least a little) and start listening to your other half, if you want to begin the year on a high note, or at least for things to go smoothly! There will be no question of your putting your own interests before those of your partner, or those around you, who could well rebel against your authority, pushing you into a corner until you agree to notice those who will be waiting for some encouragement and support from you, Friend Cancer,. In some cases, they could simply be asking for your presence at their sides a bit more often!

You will be in demand!
Under the auspices of the Sun and Venus, even if you are as twice as attentive towards your loved-one, you will still find it difficult to avoid family confrontations and some score-settling within your relationship! You can count on Mars to stoke the flames between you, Friend Cancer, and those who reproach you for neglecting them and putting your own plans before those of the family. Throughout the month, you won't be able to avoid criticism and will need to deal with this, rather than taking up opposition towards those keeping you on the spot, so that you will ultimately give in to their demands and expectations, which after all will often be legitimate!

A review needed!
Since 2008, it has been Pluto reigning over your exchanges with others and responsible for changing your approach to your relationship and how you see things! If you cling to former beliefs and past behaviour patterns (past their sell-by date), you won't be able to avoid clashes, Friend Cancer, and in some cases, difficult break-ups. If you agree to “make a move” in your heart and soul, have a clear look at certain subconscious attitudes and reflexes which could damage your relationship or your perception of what it should be, you will have every chance of giving yourselves the opportunity to develop (or be reborn) in a world of tolerance and can then hope to move forward in the right direction.

My Advice:

At the beginning of the year, which will probably be a trying and tense period, draw a line underneath things together, by making moves towards each other, instead of focusing on your differences!

Over the month of for January 2014 for the star sign for Cancer:

The first week (and the beginning of the month in general),
On the 1st, the new moon will commit you to giving time and attention to your other half. There will be no question of going it alone in January. Instead, you should open up to your other half and make dialogue (not to say consensus) a priority, rather than confrontation, which would be in danger of rebounding ...on you! It will be your other half who will currently be directing the show and win, so cooperate!
On the 3rd, tensions are going to mount on the family front and criticism will fly! Your partner will accuse you of everything going and those close to you will put you in the hot seat? Don't go into a huff or things could go really badly for you. Whether at work or at home, try to find a solution rather than impose your view on things, which could go down badly!
On the 5th, conflicts with authority? Your other half will ask you to listen and your colleagues ask you to tone it down. You should cooperate rather than have to face rebuff or sharp rejection ...because of your ego, which will be rather outsize at the moment!
On the 6th, in your own interests, you'll agree to settle down to reflect more rationally about discussion.
On the 7th, your nerves will be on edge and you will be ready to get annoyed about anything and everything? If you don't go for consensus, you'll go head-on into confrontations, which will aggravate you to the limit.
On the 8th, tempers will be frayed on the family front, where your egoism will cause offence and no-one will go easy on you! It will be up to you, as long as you don't take advantage!
On the 11th, a little reflection and awareness will win the day over destructive emotional outpourings! You will then regain your credibility with both your other half and your colleagues!

The second week,
On the 15th, you will want it all, and immediately, seething with impatience at the delays and concessions to be made, and champing at the bit? If you force the issue, however, you could well end up back in a precarious situation. Better to backtrack a little than risk being rebuffed!
On the 16th, the full moon will place you centre stage for better or worse. It will be for the better if you understand the need to cooperate now, but for the worse if you insist on believing you can go it alone! This will be a day when a serious clash could set you in opposition to your loved-one, who could back you into a corner, while you won't hesitate to put him/her in his/her place? And why not take a step towards each other?
On the 17th, your originality will go down well with those above you and enable you to advance in the right direction! You should cultivate your idiosyncrasies (though don't overdo it), as these will make ... the difference one day!

The third week,
On the 22nd, the family atmosphere will leave a lot to be desired and you will be on edge? So will those close to you! Put your moods to one side if you want to avoid lighting the blue touch-paper!
On the 24th, you will manage to resolve a crisis by applying cold logic to your fits of emotion and calming things down with reflection, rather than winding up those around you.
On the 25th, a bitter observation to be made today? Where your love-life is concerned, it will be time to come back down to earth! You won't be very happy about it, but if you persist in wanting to idealise your exchanges with those you love (partner or children), you will be in danger of falling from on high. Better to consider things with awareness than feel depressed in a counter-productive manner!

The fourth week,
On the 29th, your exchanges with your loved-one won't be without their tensions ... or passion! It will be up to you to balance demands (yours and your other half's) to be able to draw a line underneath everything, rather than continuing with the deadlock. On the other hand, this will be a day when you will score points on the professional and social fronts by succeeding in standing out from the crowd as an individual and convincing your superiors that your original strategies are paying off now ... as they will do later!
On the 30th, the second new moon of the month will encourage you to resolve crises, change your approach and accept challenges without forcing things through.
On the 31st, you will find it hard to keep your mouth shut on a day when power struggles and conflicts will be on the cards both at home and at work. You will certainly be in a hurry to impose your authority, but if you don't leave some room for your other half and your opponents, you may come to regret it. Hope you are listening!

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