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Saturday, November the 28th
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Horoscope for Virgo for February 2014

  Written by Daisy

Love again and for ever!
After a steamy January, when you were possibly flirting with excess, you will greet February on a high note, Friend Virgo, despite a heavy schedule and a demanding everyday life, at least until the 18th, when you will feel obliged to accept what happens without being over-concerned about your equilibrium. This will need to be looked after, though! Since November 2013, Venus has wooed you, boosting your charisma and libido! You will be absolutely irresistible and won't hesitate to experiment with all aspects of seduction (in some cases too much?) and passion, in order to stoke the flames, light and relight them, creating sparks all around you. A modicum of romance and a good dose of emotions will be on the agenda for a month when you will be under high sensual pressure.

Questioning the future!
This will be all the more the case while Mercury encourages dialogue until the 13th and then the Sun will tenderly take over from the 18th! This will mean loving exchanges and an appetite exacerbated by a torrid atmosphere and the desire to make a former or recent relationship long-lasting, or launch into adventure ... as a couple. You will be overflowing with plans which will be inspiring, but won't absolve you from the need to calm things down, especially around the 26th, Friend Virgo, when you could push things too far and take your dreams to be reality. This could risk provoking a crisis or destabilising your relationship, by giving full reins to your dreams, which would frighten rather than reassure your partner!

But premature answers are to be avoided!
Up until next July, you will be tempted to take wild risks, Friend Virgo, and could win through, provided you remain in control of your instincts and desires, which will blossom and enable you to enjoy the present moment to the full, as long as you don't take on a commitment that is beyond you. In February, you could even find that special person and experience some unforgettable moments with your loved-one, if you give up reaching for the moon, at least for the moment! You can fortunately rely on Saturn to bring you back down to earth before it's too late, by knocking some sense into you, if not... bringing you down with a bump!

My Advice:

A month to be savoured without holding back, or pretty well ...It will be up to you to see how you can soar into the air without cutting yourself off from reality!

Over the month of for February 2014 for the star sign for Virgo:

The first week
On the 1st, dialogue will enable you to forge links today, whether at home or at work. You have a gift for enabling your other half to share your inspired vision of the future and you will use this to make an impression on hearts and minds, and why not ... score points in all respects?
On the 3rd, beware of doing anything silly, especially on the finance front, where your enlightened ideas will tumble out in all directions, but won't necessarily go down well with everyone!
On the 4th, you will already be exposed to rebuffs or criticism from your bank manager or your other half, who won't be too keen on backing your plans, as they will seem rather wild! Calm down!
On the 5th, you will fortunately manage to raise the level of debate and apply pressure ... gently!
On the 6th, the message will get through between you and your loved-one, but don't use this as an advantage to try again and scare him/her with your ideas of grandeur!
On the 7th, you will be stonewalled. Is this what you wanted? For goodness sake, tone it down a bit, if you want to be heard and understood again!

The second week,
On the 11th, your plans will only go down well from your own point of view on a day when communication will seem doomed to failure. You would do better to roll up your sleeves and work away without complaint, instead of trying to be noticed on a day when only your weak points will stand out!
On the 14th, the full moon will also invite you to focus on yourself for a moment, taking the time needed to review your strategies, fine-tune your rather over-exuberant plans, at least for the moment, and identify your enemies in the cold light of day!
On the 15th, you'll be progressing towards your ambitious goals with fierce energy and fearful ... efficiency!
On the 16th, you'll re-establish communication and manage your everyday life with a pair of very safe hands. Your authority will seem uncontested, but don't get the wrong impression. You will be tried and tested soon!

The third week,
On the 19th, there will be deadlock between you and your colleagues, who will contest your rigid approach and back you into a corner! You would also do well to remain there a while, rather than responding aggressively and risking upsetting the sensibilities (sensitivities) of those around you!
On the 20th, you'll re-establish dialogue and use your charm and flair to get things right. And why not make an impression, while closing ranks and enjoying some closeness in your love-life, and at work too!
On the 21st, go for reason and moderation, if you want to persuade others!
On the 23rd, it will be by tuning into your intuition that you will be succeed in winning over those you deal with, keeping them on board with fascination. In some cases, you will manage to dupe them entirely!

The fourth week,
On the 25th, your feelings will deepen (especially for those born in the third decan) and you may wish to commit and form a more substantial relationship? This will be your right on a day when love and for ever could go together!
On the 26th, on the other hand, be prepared to be boiled in oil or eaten for breakfast by your bank manager, colleagues or those following you closely (partner included!) You will lose a trial or start proceedings? You won't benefit from any help today and even your faithful supporters will look askance at you! To avoid clashes, look ahead by flushing out potential disputes or by looking at anything different carefully ...beforehand!

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