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Horoscope for Pisces for February 2014

  Written by Daisy

You'll continue to surf along on a wonderful trend, even though you have been more motivated since November by friendship than wild adventures! Only, Jupiter has been resident since last June in the area of your chart dealing with your love-life and will hone your appetites, boost your seductive powers and favour pleasant encounters, rekindling of the flame and a variety of diverse emotions up until mid-July. In February, you will be inclined to give full rein to your dreams and look forward to an inspiring future, Friend Pisces, , but until the 18th, you will have to deal with the Sun, who will be at a low ebb and making you feel under par, both physically and psychologically. This could be accompanied by a very temporary fall in libido.

Don't rush things!
It will be a time to go back over the recent or more distant past, to learn from this and be ready to re-emerge on the scene from the 18th, feeling fully empowered and ready to do anything to satisfy your desires. However, there will be precautions to take and nuances to observe, especially since a fiery Mars will keep up the pressure until the end of July, titillating your desire to sparkle and set aflame the heart (and body) of the one you have your eyes on and are preparing to win over, or the one who has been with you for quite a while. There's no doubt that you will achieve your goals soon, but beware this month of overdoing the enthusiasm and making over-bold attempts, which could pull you up short, Friend Pisces, or hurtle you into a situation, which you would have difficulty in controlling, or whose intensity could disturb your equilibrium!

An end of the month to be tackled with awareness to avoid ... slip-ups!
It won't be a case of deciding not to give way to the dizzying spiral of love, but you should be aware of the high price to be paid around the 26th. Make sure the game will is worth the candle and that falling in love won't lead you into chaos, which instead of feeling exalting, will set you on edge! Trust in your friends, who will give you sound advice and sometimes serve as a buffer against temptations (illicit ones) or rushes of adrenaline, which won't necessarily turn out to be satisfying in either the short or the long term. You should therefore refrain at the end of the month from tempting fate, my dear Pisces, or you could meet it on the road ahead!

My Advice:

A month for reflection and abstention! While you wait for the skies to clear and invite you back to join the party and fill up your dance card ...without reservation!

Over the month of for February 2014 for the star sign for Pisces:

The first week,
On the 1st, with your inspiration and creative flair, ambitions and feelings of love, you will make an impression on hearts and minds in all areas! You should surf along on this wonderful trend ...without overdoing it!
On the 3rd, you will want to change things at work, earn more and be free to do other things. Don't push things too far on a day when your impatience will be rivalled only by the intolerance of those you deal with!
On the 4th, you will be decidedly too greedy and therefore feel disappointed today, when no-one will seem to want to grant your desires!
On the 5th, you will get your message across smoothly and succeed in pulling things off.
On the 6th, it will be the same today, when you will lean on your friends or network to ask for advice and support to realise your ambitious plans. The message will get through and your ideas will hit the right note, but you should refrain from boasting!
On the 7th, you will run headlong into the law or those in authority, who will stand in the way of your advancement! Make some concessions rather than risking gridlock!

The second week,
On the 11th, it won't be worth speaking your mind on a day when all progress will seem doomed to failure. Better to stay in your corner and reflect than go headlong into a brick wall!
On the 14th, the full moon will make you feel fragile and hold you over a barrel, during which time to you should roll up your sleeves and work hard without complaint.
On the 15th, with your unrivalled combative spirit, and strategies based on discretion and support from behind the scenes, you will progress in the right direction with natural aplomb.
On the 16th, negotiations behind the scenes will be going well and should sooner or later work out to your advantage. This will be the time to place your chess-pieces in the right place!

The third week,
On the 19th, don't try anything on today, when all attempts at communication will fail. You won't be listened to or heard and will be sent back into your corner, where you would do well to remain, while those you deal with regain their good opinion of you!
On the 20th, with your honed intuition and amazing flair, you will finally succeed in pushing back the boundaries and widening your horizons.
On the 21st, your plans will gather pace, but you should avoid giving way to malicious gossip or being critical, if you don't want the same to happen to you!
On the 23rd, your imagination will rule the day and an ideal will take shape, guiding you and giving you inspiration in your love-life and social life. Anything will be possible on a day when your dreams will lead the way!

The fourth week,
On the 25th, your friends will give you good advice and tell you to tone things down in particular!
On the 26th, you will decide they are right, given the overwhelming emotions tempting you, which could only do you harm! Try to stay calm and moderate your desires, if you don't want them to lead you too far astray!

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