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Sunday, November the 29th
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Horoscope for Libra for February 2014

  Written by Daisy

Leaving the past behind!
There will still be basic issues to deal with on the family front, where Pluto has been calling you to account since 2008 regarding the past, your upbringing and the affection you received (or didn't), all of which are still conditioning your choices and behaviour. The moment has come to rid yourself of everything holding back your development and fulfilment, settling scores with your childhood, parents or others close to you who “weigh too heavily on you”! Since November 2013, Venus has encouraged you to treat those around you with respect and double your efforts to smooth things over rather than forcing the issue, Friend Libra (at the risk of doing irreparable damage), even though the presence of Mars in your sign has effectively drawn you out of your shell to leap to action and roar away!

In February, the Sun is fortunately going to play the kindly referee and you'll be more inclined to show your affection than make drastic decisions! Up until the 18th, you will be firing on all cylinders and be popular with everyone. It will be a delightful interlude for having a good time, pampering your children, rekindling the flame in your relationship and launching into adventure with whoever you want! You will be in a light-hearted mood and this gentle breeze of optimism will enable you to enjoy the moment to the full, even though you will currently be more or less the hostage of the turbulent heavens, which will shake you up, Friend Libra, and force you to change without further ado!

Love...first and foremost!
Make the most of this cosmic respite to close ranks and enjoy yourself, allowing yourself to be borne along by love and express your desires, because the tense climate coming your way will reveal its presence again around the 26th, when your exchanges with your partner could suffer in a social or professional context, which will have become very ... too ...demanding? You can anticipate potential quarrels or differences by allowing regular breaks in your busy schedule, dedicated to love, pleasure and those you wish to keep safe above all else (your other half or children). It will be up to you, Friend Libra, to find out and see ...

My Advice:

An awkward month and one that will be difficult for everyone! To be handled gently so you can dodge the flak by surfing along ... on the crest of love!

Over the month of for February 2014 for the star sign for Libra:

The first week,
On the 1st, flair and a determination to win over the decision-makers? You will double your efforts and express your talents creatively on a day when your intuition will also help you to see things clearly in family matters, which you hope to sort out as smoothly as possible!
On the 3rd, you'll stamp your feet regarding colleagues or your other half, who will seem opposed to your desires?
On the 4th, you won't be in a mood for making concessions on a day when the tone will be raised and you would do well to give way a little, in order to try to achieve your aims without hurtling into a brick wall!
On the 5th, negotiations will win the day and tend to calm a crisis situation (financial or connected with a power struggle).
On the 7th, you'll find it hard to win through and carry off the prize today, when you will have to be content with what you are given.

The second week,
On the 11th, tensions with your superiors? A desire to be a presence, get promotion and take the reins? You are going to run a strong risk of being thwarted in your ambitions on a day when you will be overcome with frustration and boiling inside. Try to express your anger rather than constantly repressing it, or you will soon find yourself suffering from burn-out, or ready to lunge without restraint at those holding you back, but this would be at your own risk and peril!
On the 14th, the full moon will increase your desire to widen your horizons and give full rein to your exciting dreams. You will have the support of your friends, a network or clients, but less so from your boss, who will be waiting to pounce!
On the 15th, you will pay personally for pushing forward your talents and your right to recognition. The message will get through today between you and those who admire you ... and quite right, too!
On the 16th, exchanges with others will be lively and constructive. You will seem to be in the process of convincing those who will choose ... to follow you!

The third week,
On the 19th, alas! Your aggressive behaviour could cause damage and stand in the way of your progress. You will be refused a loan or your work will be contested!
On the 20th, you will use your intuition and ingenuity to move debates forward in the right direction for you, especially where your finances are concerned.
On the 21st, you will succeed in watching your back, but need to accept the need to moderate your appetites, while you wait for something better!
On the 23rd, you will move forward, guided by your sixth sense, which will shed light on the road ahead which will be rather unclear at the moment!

The fourth week,
On the 25th, you will have the support of your family on the financial front. You will consider investing in commercial property, selling a house or repairing your own. You will focus on security to fight against a current feeling of fragility and instability!
On the 26th, a clash with authority, a dispute or confrontation which could turn out not to be to your advantage, if you persist in breaking free of the guidance that you need to assert your power. So, try to remain calm, or at least channel your aggression to avoid causing damage!

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