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Saturday, November the 28th
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Horoscope for Capricorn for February 2014

  Written by Daisy

Venus for you alone ... and your love-life!
Since last November, Venus has occupied your sign and put your love-life, Friend Capricorn, at the centre of your concerns! With a torrid magnetism and amazing seductive powers, you will do your utmost to enrich your love-life, close ranks or go in search of a soul-mate! After a period of evaluation, doubts, questions and waiting, you can probably hope to conclude things to your advantage (from 31st January)and, at the same time, make your relationship official before July 2014! In fact, until the 14th July, you'll enjoy the benevolent presence of Jupiter, who encourages commitment of all kinds! However, there'll be no question of putting things off too long or beating about the bush.

A desire for something different?
From February onwards, you are going to define your options and choices clearly, and will declare your intentions in one way or another! Besides, Saturn has been directing your decisions since autumn 2012 and will be responsible for giving full rein to your dreams, inviting you to open up the future for the long term and modify your vision of the future, so it can last! If you take Uranus into account, who for his part will bring a breath of freedom into the structure of your life, bringing you out of your shell to create new rules, change things on the family front and open up the hatches to freshen things up, you can expect anything, Friend Capricorn, except for maintaining a status quo which ceased to be satisfying a long time ago.

An ideal ...but it won't be painless!
A lot of key discussions and exchanges with those around you throughout the month, to set out what needs to be established (especially where your means are concerned), so that you can soon achieve your dreams, turn the pages that need to be turned and finally head for a destiny that has been reviewed and amended. It won't be over yet, Friend Capricorn, but things will be on the right track so you can soon change cycle after a slow and sometimes trying period of change!

My Advice:

A line to draw under the past to open up the future? You still won't have come to the end of your troubles, but you will be on the right track for taking the reins into your hands. To make sure you don't miss the boat, don't leave anything in the dark (especially where the family are concerned) and sort out your relationships!

Over the month of for February 2014 for the star sign for Capricorn:

The first week,
On the 1st, your amazing flair will help you close ranks in your love-life and at work on a day when you will be eloquent and inspired!
On the 3rd, losing patience on the family front, where old conflicts will be dragging on endlessly? Unless you feel the desire or need to get set and break free from the weight of the past!
On the 4th, tempers will be frayed between you and those close to you. You will find it hard to accept guidance from those who themselves have difficulty in letting you go, grow and move forward of your own volition!
On the 5th, there will be exchanges with others, which will be tinged with tenderness. Love will give you inspiration and guide you in the right direction, towards greater closeness!
On the 7th, don't give in to negative doubts when confronted by plans which could take time to materialise!

The second week,
On the 11th, the message won't get across between you and those close to you. The outcome will be electric! Watch out today for plans which will be foiled or deferred for lack of funds. Disappointment will be on the cards and your ambitions will need to be provisionally reviewed at base?
On the 14th, the full moon and a crisis situation (financial or family-related) will force you to deal with vexing issues and put you on the spot without being able to avoid things!
On the 15th, thanks to your unusual combative approach and an unshakeable determination to beat back your adversary and achieve your goals, you will make progress and manage to convince those in authority of your real entitlements!
On the 16th, you will negotiate without giving too much and manage to pull things off on a day when you will be a fearful ... and feared ... person to deal with!

The third week,
On the 19th, don't push things too far, if you don't want to be stopped dead in your tracks. You won't be able to rely on anyone today (including yourself) to take up the challenge. Better to hold back and go for communication on a day when you could well be up against a brick wall!
On the 20th, exchanges with others will start up again. You will manage to raise the level of debate and in particular, move things to your advantage!
On the 23rd, you will be intuitive and charismatic, winning people over with a speech that will hit the right note and enchant those around you. However, resist the temptation to manipulate others!

The fourth week,
On the 25th, you will succeed in imposing your presence, thanks to your seductive powers, with those who will influence your future or enable your plans to be put into action!
On the 26th, beware of overdoing things on all fronts on a day when you will have to face the anger of your partner, a colleague or a relation, who will criticise your freedom of spirit or thirst for independence, which will be worrying for some people. Try to open up discussion, rather than speaking your mind, which will be at your own risk and peril on a day which won't be free from friction or collateral damage!

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