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Wednesday, November the 25th
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Horoscope for Virgo for December 2013

  Written by Daisy

Keeping things running smoothly!
Up until the 21st, your family and home will demand all your attention and you would do well to listen to those close to you and watch out for their well-being in general. The Sun will highlight your relations with the members of your clan and ask you to keep things running smoothly, coming up with solutions which have been negotiated with your family, to satisfy the requests of each person who is important to you, so that you can sort out matters such as behaviour, attitude and commitment. You can count on Mercury from the 5th to open up debate and achieve a good outcome before the 24th! If you manage to control your impatience until the 7th, you will be able to attune your violins successfully and understand each other on the fundamentals, if certain shady areas still exist or your relationship with your partner is rather vague at the moment. While it will therefore seem urgent to take an interest in those around you, you won't allow yourself to miss out on any favours from Venus. Since last month, Venus has seemed to want to add enchantment to your love-life, Friend Virgo, intensifying your relationship and boosting your desires and libido to boiling point!

But not without abandoning yourself to the dizzying spirals of love!
Since 5th November, you have benefited from the favour of this delightful planet, who is going to be a voluptuous resident in the area of your chart devoted to your love-life until 5th March 2014. She will encourage you to kindle or rekindle the flame, launch into adventure and increase your number of opportunities for getting things right, and why not add your famous touch at the same time! With torrid personal magnetism and a powerful desire to express this immediately, you will have only one idea in mind, Friend Virgo: a romantic interlude in very good company, and why not stay there for a while, savouring your happiness, away from the hustle and bustle. Some will wish to extend their family, others will think about more hands-on commitment to a relationship (whether former or more recent), and others will simply want to enjoy the present moment to the full.

A moment of doubt... but one which won't last!
You will also be in a romantic mood and tend to idealise your partner (maybe too much), but, if you manage to keep your feet on the ground, you could well reach seventh heaven (at least until the 21st) and be on first-name terms with the angels. From the 21st (the 3rd decan), you will retrace your steps, in order to get a better understanding of how you got there, standing back or calming things down. At the end of the month, the Sun will take over from Venus to maintain you in constant orbit around your exciting projects for existing couples and your promising encounters (soon to come), for those in search of their soul mate, whom they should effectively find before the end of winter!

My Advice:

A scorching hot winter and a month to be savoured (at least until the 21st) without holding back, again at least until the 21st!

Over the month of for December 2013 for the star sign for Virgo:

The first week,
On the 1st, you will need to be careful what you say today, when effective communication will enable you to put your plans into practice and bring comfort to your love-life.
On the 3rd, the new moon will recommend you don't neglect the demands of your family, despite your pressing desire to devote yourself exclusively to your love-life. This will be a day when your sharp wit will successfully rally support, enabling you to score brownie-points and assert your authority!
On the 4th, don't mix business with your love-life. Abusing your authority and playing on your charm won't do anything to resolve a crisis!
On the 6th, there will be misunderstandings on the family front to be cleared up immediately, if you don't want the atmosphere to deteriorate.

The second week,
On the 9th, things will reach deadlock within the family, but you will succeed in pulling things off, if you adopt a reassuring tone and look ahead to an inspiring future.
On the 10th, you will sort out a family crisis by releasing funds and looking into an inheritance or sum of money, which will change the situation!
On the 11th, don't ask too much, on a day when you would run the risk of being refused!
On the 13th, “let those who love me, follow me”! Basically, you will have people behind you today, when things will augur well for your plans, or certain plans will be endorsed immediately and in the long term!

The third week,
On the 17th, The full moon will place you centre-stage socially and you will remain there. You're going to have to prove your worth and triumph against adversity, while you avoid creating sparks, especially at the end of the month, when the atmosphere will be stormy and tension will mount higher and higher!
On the 18th, you will win over your partners (at home and at work), but your dreams will be up against reality, especially on the finance front, where you would do well to come back down to earth!
On the 19th, you won't abandon your weapons and will succeed in reversing the trend ... to your advantage, of course!

The fourth week,
On the 25th, beware of making blunders and being over-enthusiastic today, when your excessive behaviour will immediately be penalised. This would be at the risk of an acute crisis and sudden confrontations, which should be avoided by finding solutions rather than taking up systematic opposition!
On the 26th, love will give you inspiration and enable you to be less dramatic, getting the pressure around into perspective!
On the 29th, your creative flair will come up against financial barriers and your love-life will run into problems. The end of the month will definitely be difficult to handle and control.
On the 30th, a clash or break-up caused by your taking up an entrenched position, or your originality going down badly, or you may overdo things and then have to bear the consequences?
On the 31st, you'll end an eventful but enriching month feeling disgruntled. You will need handling with kid gloves, as will your partner, and any discussion getting off on the wrong track could well degenerate at this end of the year. You should try to forget it all and calm down by taking a step back in your love-life and at work, to reflect on your future successes, rather than chewing things over and lighting the blue touch-paper to no avail!

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