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Friday, November the 27th
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Horoscope for Leo for April 2014

  Written by Daisy

Family problems?
In March, you probably reached out to your other half, built bridges and tried to restore harmony between you and more widely, with those around you, who have been edgy since December! This will be more difficult in April, when the heavens will fan the flames and scramble communication on all fronts! You will probably be less affected than most, at least in your love-life, where you will gently pull the strings, using your influence to unravel the threads of complicated matters on the quiet, as well as awkward relationships and family exchanges, which will remain the source of problems. This has been the case since autumn 2012, while Saturn has been freshening up the atmosphere and loading you with responsibilities, Friend Leo, which will need to be handled, borne and if possible overcome, if you want to enjoy a good time and at least relax the atmosphere!

Misunderstandings dragging on ...
In April, you'll find it even harder to communicate with those close to you. You will sometimes feel as if your message is going down badly, not to say being twisted, and everything you say or do is being turned against you! The atmosphere will be electric and you will have a desire to be manipulative to conclude discussions to your advantage? You would do better to raise the level of debate and offer innovative solutions, Friend Leo, if you don't want to end up in a deadlock situation, which would be dangerous for your relationship with your clan!

Conflicts hanging over?
Jealousy, rivalry, unexpressed resentment and unresolved conflicts will seem to reappear and disrupt the skies which are promising to create sparks! Try then to use your remarkable strategic sense to smooth things over and end the month amicably, rather than engaging in trench warfare, which will be exhausting and depressing. Until 20th April, you will be keen to move relationships, which are stuck or up against rigid mentalities (on both sides) which are difficult to soften, forward. From the 20th, you will take things in hand, whatever the cost, which will basically be for the better, Friend Leo, as long as you manage (on the 21st)to avoid the worst (an explosive daily lifestyle, which may not exclude domestic incidents). Hope you are listening!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
A complex month which is going to require caution and awareness! It will no longer be a case of letting others do and say what they want, but probably one of taking action to establish the truth, or at least a form of balance which is currently difficult to maintain at home!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
To get your message across and move discussion forward, you will need to jettison a tendency to be impatient. Your hastiness isn't a good driving force. It's your concern for excellence which will definitely enable you to win.

Over the month of for April 2014 for the star sign for Leo:

The first week,
On the 1st, Beware of enemies lying in wait, so-called good decisions and wild impulses or strong-arm tactics, which won't be to everyone's tastes!
On the 2nd, You will be overflowing with ideas, each one bolder than the last, but they will probably upset those around you or family members, who will certainly let you know!
On the 3rd, You will succeed in calming things down on the family front, thanks to your sharpened strategic sense, which will have an impact! Today, however, beware of power struggles, which could get in the way of your everyday goodwill and ruin your efforts to keep things calm!
On the 6th, You will call on your intuition or support from behind the scenes to turn things round to suit you! However, you should avoid trying to stand out from the crowd as in no way will you be squeaky clean!

The second week,
On the 8th, Discussions will be cut short and turn sour. Supposing you toned things down a notch instead of pushing things too far!
On the 12th, Exceptional inspiration will connect you with higher-level realities and truths on a day when you would do well to make the most of shedding light on your situation at work, as well as your family situation, which will be rather unclear!

The third week,
On the 14th, Misunderstandings will continue and irritate you to the point of making you lose your temper. Accept this, if you want to avoid broken communication, which could stand in the way of exchanges with others and not necessarily be to your advantage!
On the 15th, Your daily life will be punctuated by things left unsaid and persistent resentment. Try to shed some light on the situation if you don't want to be caught out, especially in the traps laid for you and that you are heading for, unconsciously!
On the 16th, Disputes and tensions on the horizon despite a desire to calm things down, especially on the family front, where you will hope for reason to prevail!
On the 18th, A brighter interval, fuelled by a desire to raise the level of debate. Mission accomplished on a day when you will manage to build bridges between you and those who are currently resisting your arguments! If you cultivate a secret (illegal) affair, you will have some great moments!
On the 20th, Fundamental problems will come back to the surface on a day when no words will be able to counter the bad faith or bad will of everyone around (yours included)!

The fourth week (and the end of the month in general),
On the 21st, Daily life undermined and unpredictable. Don't try anything which is likely to compromise your achievements on a day when the storms will be roaring away and you could lose out big-time!
On the 22nd, Those you have dealings with will back you into a corner and you will respond vehemently. There's no certainty you will have the last word today, when you would do well to think carefully before you act or open your mouth!
On the 25th, You will succeed in calming things down on the family front, where your goodwill is going to have an impact and reassure those around you!
On the 26th, You will make use of your flair and amazing intuition to head your boat into safe harbour on the work front. About time!
On the 27th, You will be tuned into the right frequency, one where you will serve your own interests by working with things rather than taking up systematic opposition. Otherwise, it will be at your own risk and peril!
On the 29th, The New Moon will place you centre stage, probably with an aim to stay in a comfortable position after a chaotic month on all fronts, including your social life. The ball will be in your court and you won't lack assets (a sharp mind and an enlightened way of playing the game) for pulling things off!
On the 30th, You will end this turbulent month on a high note by making the most of your secret support from those who are backing you behind the scenes, but also from your mental resources which are almost a bottomless pit. As the true king of the zodiac, you are so strong!

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