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Sunday, November the 29th
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Horoscope for Cancer for April 2014

  Written by Daisy

Need some air?
Tensions in April? Especially on the family front, where Mars has imposed his presence (since last December) and fanned the flames between you and those close to you! There will be no question of avoiding aggravating matters, at the risk for some of currently seeing things explode as a result of intense cosmic pressure (especially this month). Your need to change things and carry out a comprehensive personal review, not to say rock the boat between yourself and your partner, will now be extended to everyone, including relations and those close to you! You will have an irrepressible desire to get some air, Friend Cancer, and find the space you need to express yourself freely!

A change of scene...
You won't do things by halves in April, to the point of causing displeasure, rebelling and whatever else to accelerate the pace of the reforms needed (at least as far as you are concerned)! Fortunately, you can count on Saturn (who has been pushing you to examine your attachments, approach to love and commitment) to have made you take more mature decisions and not do things lightly! You will basically feel that making drastic decisions will be unavoidable, so that you can re-engage with life and intense feelings. Since last June, Jupiter has had a tendency to awaken your desire for fulfilment (in a different way?), boost your potential and determination to write a new page in your personal story, Friend Cancer, in full possession of your means?

And as soon as possible!
This will probably be achieved within three months, but not without changing your relationships and exchanges with others (children included) completely! From the 5th, Venus will raise the level of debate and widen your prospects concerning what happens and what will be tempting. Being satisfied with the status quo will be out of the question, Friend Cancer, but instead it will be a case of asserting your ambitions and realising them in all areas, including your love-life. This won't be achieved without awareness, but it will be urgent in April, when you will not be able to bear situations that narrow your horizons (any longer) and this will force you to tone things down. Putting up and shutting up will no longer be an option. Instead, it will be about saying what we want and doing what we have to do, in order to reach our goals ...however revolutionary they could appear in the eyes of those close to us and sometimes, even our own eyes!

My advice if you live in the northern hemisphere:
In April, you will have the courage to assert yourself in the face of everyone? You're going to create waves, but you won't let yourself be diverted from your path! If you are afraid of pushing things too far, learn to determine where your responsibilities stop (so that you can accept them) and where guilt sets in (to avoid falling into a trap)!

My advice if you live in the southern hemisphere:
Take your time before you come to definite conclusions about other people's intentions. There will be misunderstandings in the air and only an atmosphere of calm will enable you to make them out clearly!

Over the month of for April 2014 for the star sign for Cancer:

The first week,
On the 1st, You will want it all and preferably straightaway, running a strong risk of being up against those in authority, who will not really be inclined to let you through. Don't provoke anyone or anything today, if you want to watch your back or prepare yourself an exit as well as you can!
On the 2nd, You will create sparks and your boss won't appreciate this? You had been warned. It will be your place to handle the consequences of your actions with as great awareness as possible.
On the 3rd, You will tone things down and try to use your brains to control the situation, but the damage will basically have been done. You will be backed into a corner by your partners (at home and at work), who frankly won't be very conciliatory.
On the 6th, Your charisma will have some effect and enable you to bluff with those around you, but this will also make you vulnerable to being countermanded, especially at work, where your desire to do things your own way will cause disruption!

The second week,
On the 8th, Tempers will be frayed on the family front, where those close to you will rebel against your authority and desire to impose your own codes and laws! Unless it's you straining at the leash in the face of a past tugging you backwards, threatening your creative flair and thirst for living your life as you wish!
On the 12th, Aspiring to bring an ideal to fruition? Your dream will win the day and you could succeed in sharing it around on a day when you will insist more on its universal impact than your own interests!

The third week,
On the 14th, You won't be able to resist the temptation to say aloud what you think of your colleagues, your boss or the way your section is run. The result will set the cat among the pigeons and the resulting smears will run a high risk of threatening your equilibrium, which will already have been weakened by your stated intentions for quite a while. Because of your desire to stand out, you could end up ... pushing yourself out!
On the 15th, You will be up against a brick wall at work, where your colleagues will disapprove (not necessarily openly, but profoundly nevertheless) of your comments and actions! The Full Moon will highlight your family relationships, which will also be stormy, and recommend you to weigh up your actions in this domain carefully, if you want to express your wishes without being rejected and then forced to make drastic decisions!
On the 16th, Raised voices and criticisms flying from all directions. With criticisms at work and disapproval at home, you won't just sit and take it, or hesitate to raise your voice too! Fortunately, you will examine your conscience over the course of the day and direct the debate in a different direction!
On the 18th, Your opting for consensus will pay off and you will have effective success in raising the level of debate and persuading others to follow your dream!
On the 20th, Unfortunately, the leopard doesn't change its spots by nature and at the moment, it's your nature to be rebellious!

The fourth week (and the end of the month in general),
On the 21st, At odds on the work front, where your demands and different approach will wear down your colleagues. You are in the hot seat (and have been for quite a while) and could be forced into changing your ways, whether you want to or not.
On the 22nd, Reproaches will rain down on the family front, where your current radiance will seem to work against the general good!
On the 23rd, Making concessions will be out of the question as far as you are concerned! You will definitely prefer to be against everyone to finding a way to regain a kind of peace you would find more alienating than liberating!
On the 25th, You will succeed in getting your message across and making some of those around you aware of the extent of your dreams and the height of your ambitions!
On the 26th, Your plans will have the wind in their sails and you will be able to talk about them with a great overview, which will go down well with those who understand your quest more, or better still, in a different way!
On the 27th, You will succeed in touching on a dream and manage to convince your friends, a network, clients or people in general that you are the right person, the one to follow!
On the 29th, The New Moon will be about the future and connect you to a future on the immediate cards ... Your arguments will be convincing and your strategies sharpened. You will be listened to and understood? As will be your right!
On the 30th, You will end this electrically charged month on a high note, borne along by enthusiastic communication and fans ready to defend your interests and cause, ready to follow you wherever you want!

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