The loves of Capricorn !

Written by Alison

Capricorn, it is in the foundation of a solid home whose bases are based in the long-term that you can best fulfill yourself. You are looking for a reliable partner, warm and sensual, who is able to reassure you enough so that you forget your doubts, your uncertainties, and your deep anxiety about the depth of your feelings. Nothing light in your loves, your loving nature is penetrating and demanding. Discover now with what signs you will be likely to live the most beautiful love story, lasting and sincere.

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The Men:
1st decan
He is an organized man who leaves nothing to chance. His centers of interest, his collections, his perpetual curiosity suggest that there is little room for love. However, under his serious armor and his sense of duty hides a deep desire to love and be loved. He is as sensitive to plastic beauty as to kindness of mind and brilliant intelligence.
A dedicated and intuitive Pisces woman will warm the daily life of a Capricorn from the 1st decan. She will respect his collections and appreciate the common sense and stability of her lover.

2nd decan
There is something fanatic about this decan. He is a man of integrity and tenacious to the point of hardness. He does little, but well. He generally gives little room for feelings. He has learned to rely on himself and is perfectly in control of his impulses. However, if he does get married, he will never question his ties.
A Taurus woman will bring warmth and comfort to this 2nd decan of the austere Capricorn. For her part, she may feel fulfilled in her aspirations for dignity and respectability.

3rd decan
He is a courageous and tenacious man, capable of working long and hard to achieve his goals. Loving him involves a big personal investment. You will have to accompany him, help him, and support him. He is, however, full of imagination, romance, and charm. He knows how to be loved unconditionally and brings a lot of poetry to everyday life.
A Virgo woman will be the ideal partner, efficient, discreet, and intelligent. For her part, she will savor the promise of eternal security that the behavior of a Capricorn man of the 3rd decan promises.

The Women:
1st decan
She is a woman with her head on her shoulders and her feet on the ground. She knows what she expects from her love life very early on because she hates being caught off guard and always wants to remain the mistress of her choices. She often chooses a less mature man, more infantile whom she can protect and stimulate and who will reconcile her with her childhood.
A Cancer man will be a perfect partner who will not push the relationship too far into addiction but will share a great tenderness alongside this endearing Capricorn woman of the 1st decan.

2nd decan
This decan quickly feels devalued. It is a woman who seeks to prove that she is right, that she must be taken into consideration. She can sacrifice important things, and she does not lack courage. But she is hard on herself, for fear of abandoning herself to a great repressed sensitivity. Often she takes her need for tenderness and understanding for weakness.
A Scorpio man can detect and decode the emotions of a 2nd decan Capricorn woman. This perpetual detective will be delighted to play the dark and attractive therapist.

3rd decan
She is a woman of character, curious, intelligent and endowed with a touch of fantasy. Ambitious and tenacious, she never lets go and makes few concessions. She can play all registers, from the child-like woman to the femme fatale, to achieve her goals. To love her is to make her dream, to bring water to her mill, to forget herselfÂ…
A Pisces man can find his account in this colorful, poetic relationship alongside a 3rd decan Capricorn woman who is also capable of taking charge of her life.

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