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Love Compatibility of Virgo

  Written by Alison

Virgo, with immense devotion, you need to make yourself useful and help others. Even under colder circumstances, you open yourself like a flower for those you love. Simple and scrupulous but very honest, you distinguish yourself by your elegance and sobriety. You are a passionate lover whose main concern is the comfort and safety of your partner.

Do not wait any longer to discover how your relationships with each of the other zodiac signs will take place:

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A focus on the compatibility of Aries with the sign of Virgo

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Learn everything about matters of the heart and the agreement between a Gemini Virgo couple

Affinities in love between Cancer and Virgo
Discover, without further delay, the secrets of the Cancer - Virgo couple, very compatible.

An analysis of the relationship between Leo and Virgo
You have common values ??like loyalty, fidelity, realism, and a taste for lasting love!

Relationships and love between two Virgo
Discover the compatibility of two Virgo lovers: a solid relationship but one that does not guarantee romance!

Tips for love for the Virgo and Libra couple
It will be necessary to think of evolving over time towards more responsibilities, depth, and common projects.

Love Compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio
Between the practical spirit of the Virgo and the excellent intuitions of Scorpio, the current goes well and for a long time!

The relationship between Virgo and Sagittarius
The Virgin is restrictive and Sagittarius does not compromise with her freedom: splinters are likely!

Compatibility of Virgo in love with the Capricorn sign
Virgo's anxiety is reassured by the strength of Capricorn who appreciates the value of their partner's loyalty.

Love Compatibility of Virgo with Aquarius sign
Matters of the heart for the Virgo-Aquarius duo: everyone will have to make an effort to share their feelings in the long run!

Your relationship between the sign of Virgo and the Pisces
Virgo Pisces duo: try to find other interests in your relationship rather than passion itself if you want to stay in love!

They work with Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, and Cancer
They get stuck with Gemini and Sagittarius

The Men:
1st decan
This decan is an intellectual who rationalizes his feelings and his emotions. He is often conservative in love. He prefers proven recipes like marriage to passionate but unstable adventures. He takes the time before committing and his torrid impulses are underlined with great delicacy. He is a charming and refined man, discreet about his romantic life.
A Pisces woman, very gentle and poetic, will illuminate the life of the 1st decan of the Virgo and find a great inner peace near him.

2nd decan
This decan is somewhat inhibited, emotionally, and has trouble verbalizing their feelings. He easily confuses emotion with weakness and this permanent self-discipline gives him a special charm. It is a strong character that plays the card of modesty and refinement while keeping a well-tempered energy.
A Scorpio woman can dissect the moods of a Virgo man of the 2nd decan. She will appreciate very much the intimate atmosphere that he installs around him.

3rd decan
This decan is in permanent existential crisis, seeking to justify each of its actions and each of its emotions. He is demanding and picky in his relationships, so selective that he sometimes loses all chance of finding a soulmate. Love is lifelong learning for him as he finds it difficult to trust feelings.
A Capricorn woman can bring a solid structure to her emotions and reassure a Virgo man of the 3rd decan on the reality of his feelings. She will also appreciate his discretion.

The Women:
1st decan
She is a strong-headed woman with a big heart, intelligent and discreet without underestimating herself. She instinctively follows her impulses and apprehends reality with clairvoyance, without dramatizing: she is full of common sense. This does not prevent a touch of madness when she is in love and her hope is to keep this touch of madness for a long time in her love life.
A Cancer man will immediately capture the grain of fantasy of a Virgo of the 1st decan. She will respond ardently to his feelings. For everyday life, their common sense will make their home most comforting.

2nd decan
This decan is often laidback and does not seek to attract attention. However, this woman is very affectionate and has a keen awareness of the feelings that she nourishes and that she arouses. She takes time to gain confidence and has trouble letting go. But once conquered, she loves with all her strength and for a long time.
A Taurus man will understand the rhythm of a Virgo of the 2nd decan and will slip into it without difficulty. He is seduced by the modesty and intellectual efficiency of his companion who will appreciate his consistency.

3rd decan
She is the most perfectionist of the decans, demanding and meticulous. We perceive her as hyper organized, multiplying plans and assessments. However, she only seeks to organize the great emotional confusion where she often bathes. She is devoted to the point of sacrifice to calm her overwhelming guilt, not without criticizing others as much as herself.
A Capricorn man can support this particular temperament of a Virgo of the 3rd decan and soften it with his unshakable presence. He will appreciate the devotion of his companion.

They work with Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, and Leo
They get stuck with Cancer and Capricorn

The Men:
1st decan
He is a refined, sensitive man with a very safe aesthetic taste. He seeks perfect inner harmony, a balance that does not exist. He puts the object of his love on a pedestal, at the risk of no longer daring to approach it! In any case, he will choose an aesthetically "perfect" woman in his eyes and cultivate privileged relationships.
A Leo woman will honor the 1st decan of Libra and will take care to keep elegance and passion in a relationship that will enhance her through an often prestigious social life.

2nd decan
He is the most independent of the Libra. This man knows what he wants and is very selective. However, he knows more easily what he does not like than what he desires. Beneath his affable and nuanced air, he is a perfectionist who has great difficulty in feeling fully satisfied with his romantic relationships.
An Aries woman can make things more comfortable with her spontaneity and her deep conviction. She will be charmed by the 2nd decan of Libra's delicate feelings.

3rd decan
This decan is, in a way, obsessed with ethics, justice, law, and the rules which must prevail in any society worthy of the name. He is often fairly conventional, but his loyalty can sometimes coexist with temptations to please or fall completely under the charm of another woman. In any case, he will act elegantly.
A Sagittarius woman will share the main principles of the 3rd decan of Libra and will not be consumed with jealousy. A tight bond can unite them lastingly.

The Women:
1st decan
She is a charming and graceful woman. She has the art of showing off, without ostentation but with a very sure taste. In her love life, she seeks the middle ground: passions mingle with delicacy. She sees the romantic relationship as a constant sharing, a perfect reciprocal equality. Once the relationship is established, she does everything she can to make it last.
A Gemini man will be captivated by the grace of the conversation of a woman from the 1st decan of Libra and will be a precious ally in a probably lively social life.

2nd decan
Unlike other Libras, this woman is not at all indecisive. She knows how to make decisions and even shows a good spirit of independence. This does not prevent her from being friendly and diplomatic. She is very lucid in gauging her meetings and will set her sights on solid ties, based on perfect relationships, without lies or hypocrisy.
An Aquarius man will fulfill all the expectations of a Libra from the 2nd decan by finding for himself the independence to which he aspires and the intellectual movement he needs.

3rd decan
This decan is too agreeable. This woman wants to do too well and often lacks firmness. Above all, she aspires to live in peace and security, far from the turmoil and polemics that destabilize her. The expectation, the hope, or the dream sometimes takes over and can then prevent her from materializing. She fears that reality will disappoint her.
A Sagittarius man will not formalize the doubts of the Libra of the 3rd decan and will bring fresh air with him. For his part, he is seduced by the kindness of this woman, particularly forgiving.

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