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Saturday, January the 18th
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Love Compatibility of Pisces

  Written by Alison

Pisces, you are sentimental and sensual, a happy mix that makes you very attractive. But you do not really understand the effect you have and your ideas about your relationship are not always very clear. Your need to be loved is so powerful that it can sometimes bind you to strong but selfish people, ready to take advantage of your kindness. Advice from loved ones is often helpful in choosing your partners.

To help you better understand your bond with other signs, quickly discover all possible compatibilities!

An amorous relationship for Aries and Pisces
Aries is demanding and Pisces is much more romantic when it comes to exchanges in love!

An amorous relationship for Taurus and Pisces
Taurus - Pisces: discover, without further delay, your compatibility in love!

A loving relationship between the Gemini and the Pisces sign
Gemini Pisces: you will need to acquire greater emotional flexibility to stay in a relationship!

Affinities in love between Cancer and Pisces
It's an excellent mix of positive energies to build, support, and prolong your relationship!

Love Compatibility of Leo with Pisces sign
Pisces Leo: you complete each other rather well with Leo as the protector and sentimental Pisces as they like it!

Your relationship between the sign of Virgo and the Pisces
Virgo Pisces duo: try to find other interests in your relationship rather than passion itself if you want to stay in love!

An amorous relationship for Libra and Pisces
Libra Pisces duo: you have every chance of meeting between your ideals and your ability to adapt for love.

The relationship between Scorpio and Pisces
Pisces Scorpio: Pisces loves the magnetic charm of Scorpio and for their part, they are fascinated by the sweetness of Pisces.

Compatibility of Sagittarius in love with the Pisces sign
Discover, without further delay, the love compatibility between Sagittarius and Pisces!

Love Compatibility of Capricorn with Pisces sign
Your couple is not very sociable and you prefer the tranquility of your privacy over social gatherings!

Your relationship between the sign of Aquarius and the Pisces
Aquarius - Pisces duo: Aquarius is very attentive and Pisces is all emotions!

Relationships and love between two Pisces
Pisces Pisces: If the attraction is strong, you risk diluting it in fantasies, confusion, and indolence...

They work with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn.
They get stuck with Gemini and Sagittarius

The Men:
1st decan
This decan develops an often ambivalent attitude in their romantic relationships. He wants to love and be loved but without always knowing what is possible, fantasy, or normality. This confusion easily makes him feel guilty. On the other hand, he is very lucid about the feelings of others, his deep motivations, and the true nature of his relationships.
A Capricorn woman will know how to structure their relationship by highlighting the refined feelings she experiences for a Pisces of the 1st decan. She will be amazed by the richness and delicacy of her feelings.

2nd decan
He is a man in love with life and pleasures. He gives himself the means to achieve emotional comfort and develops an exceptional kindness of heart. However, he tends to dramatize everything and suffer from irrational fears. He is then worried, demanding, and emotional. He is a charming man, handsome, capable of loving and being loved madly.
A Scorpio woman can peel back and understand the moods of a Pisces of the 2nd decan. She will be touched by his kindness and seduced by his unconscious but powerful charm.

3rd decan
From the outside, this man seems perfectly calm and serene. He is good, attentive, receptive, and very helpful. He has a good background, but he often shows himself confused and imprecise in his outbursts of the heart. He is easily overwhelmed by his emotions. He easily confuses the satisfaction of a desire with absolute love and alternates tenderness and recriminations.
A Taurus woman, solid, realistic, and warm can reassure a Pisces of the 3rd decan on the nature and the quality of her feelings. She will be moved by the sensitivity and sensuality of this very endearing man.

The Women:
1st decan
This woman loves as she breathes, full of sensations, emotions, presentiments, and fantasies. She has trouble sorting out the real from the imaginary and constantly wanders between intuition and reason. In true Pisces fashions, she is generally the dream that prevails. She often prefers a secure relationship to an ideal relationship, which saves her love life, even if she rarely finds it perfect!
A Scorpio man will be fascinated by the emotional wealth of this Pisces woman from the 1st decan. He will be happy to dissect the relationship. It can be a perfect catalyst for these disordered emotions.

2nd decan
This decan lives love as a mystical vocation. She loves "religiously," sacrificing herself if necessary but with a powerful sensual connotation. This conception of love makes her demanding in her choices. It pushes her to adopt a defensive attitude as soon as the emotional turmoil is experienced too intensely. For her, love is a sacred quest.
A Cancer man will meet the emotional needs of a Pisces woman from the 2nd decan while reassuring her about the depth of their relationship. He will be the rock of love in the permanent storm and will feel unique in the heart of his beautiful lover.

3rd decan
This decan is particularly adaptable, even influential. This woman is the prey of her passionate turmoil and is easily anxious. She is susceptible and can then have excessive reactions, which alternate with moments of tenderness and great sweetness. She constantly needs to be reassured so as not to be the victim of her too great sensitivity.
A Virgo man will be the lucid bulwark of all the overflows of a Pisces woman of the 3rd decan. He will be charmed by the intense poetry that emerges from her and can mark out everyday life to make it reassuring and comfortable.

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