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Your free annual horoscope for 2016

The duel between Uranus and Plato, which has upset the balance on our planet, in our lives, and in our societies, will be slowly winding down towards the end of winter between 2015 and 2016.

Sudden, vital realizations and upheavals, coming at times at a high price, are associated with this global phenomenon. This difficult transit is an invitation, whether we like it or not, to change our behaviors and the way we approach the world, humanity, and the underlying structures that reign over our major political, economic, and religious systems, leaving room for the Saturn/Neptune cycle. Since autumn 2015, it has been influencing the form that our revolutions will take as well as the deeper meaning to give to our development in the end.

It is out of the question to make mistakes or give in to comfort. We will need to get over our differences, conquer our fears - especially of other people - and not give up on the task set before us. It will be up to us in 2016 to keep our heads held high in order to confront, instead of surrender to, helplessness. The challenge in 2016 will be to gather our strength, our brain power, and our hearts to build a different vision for the world, come hell or high water. Laws will need to be put into place that guarantee liberty for each person and respect for all. We will need also to move away from chaos, confusion, and pessimism, and steer instead, together and confident, toward hope.

In order to reach our goal, we must contain the tensions and possible implosions of the collective discontent that come with a crisis that has shaken the very fabric of society. Our youth is burdened by a lack of viable options for the future, which, out of despair, feeds fanatic ideologies. We must, then, try to reconcile the two extremes, rethink rules that are liable to unite rather than divide, that enlighten rather than simply handle only the most urgent cases, but above all, we must have patience!

This will indeed be a slow cycle, but one that will set the tone for the rest of the year! In 2016, it is not a matter of forcing laws through, at our own risk, without discussing it with each other first. Saturn speaks with authority, but if it plans on ruling without sharing, this harsh planet will run up against the power of Neptune, the god of oceans and master of the infinite, who will have no qualms about crushing its efforts like the sea destroys sand castles.

It is time, in 2016, to shore up our proposals, to set our sights high, to believe in love and inspiration in order to build a new world together, to strive to hold on to our dreams and to make them a reality with a sense of brotherhood and with wisdom, instead of with foolish ignorance.

2016 is asking us to take action in order to grow, mature, and be fulfilled, but is also inviting us to roll up our sleeves, get down to work, and pay no attention to pessimistic naysayers. It's time to focus on the work ahead of us and on ideas that open up new possibilities, since this will be a trying year of hard work, most definitely, yet one that will turn out to be crucial in weathering the storm.

The end of the year, December 2016, should allow us to really move forward and open the hatches onto a world that we could really like! Keep an eye out for this in 2016, and expect it to continue through 2017, while focusing on connectedness, patience, and open-heartedness rather than the divisiveness, criticism, and narrow-mindedness that separate us from the goodness in our souls!

Believe in love - this the huge and wonderful challenge that let us, in 2016, move out of the shadow and into the light!

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