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Tuesday, October the 6th
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Your free annual horoscope for 2015

It will be 2015, when the duel between Uranus and Pluto, which began in June 2012, will definitely come to an end, on 17th March 2015 to be exact! Having kept the cosmos in a state of turmoil and the world in a state of crisis for quite some time, these two planets are gradually going to loosen their deadly stranglehold and put their swords away! The light at the end of the tunnel is therefore in sight, but we will still have to bear the tail-end of the storm ... At least until 2016, when the two planets will have settled their scores, and hopefully ours as well! It will therefore take time to recover, but we will now need to move forward and take our destiny into our own hands to be able to be constructive and get back on our feet!
It will no longer be about simply enduring, but about starting to lay down the foundations of a society in 2015 with a human face, and in particular, a human heart ticking away, basing our new structures on a vision of the world that will effectively have to change.

Is a collective crisis ever anything other than a reflection of our personal questions and doubts? Are we really seeking reform? Not at the price of freedom or of our dreams, however, where we will certainly need to lower our sights temporarily, but these should gradually form the spearhead of future societies! In 2015, Saturn will end his trajectory through the sign of Scorpio and with it, his quest to lay the past to rest! The “great taskmaster of the zodiac” will move into the sign of Sagittarius at the beginning of the year and then again in autumn 2015 with the remit to broaden our horizons, though not without imposing a few essential constraints. Saturn's mission will be to give us structure, not delusions!

In 2015, the planet of austerity will come up against Neptune, who knows no boundaries and has a tendency to heighten our imagination, raise our ideals, sometimes to the point of feeding our illusions and making us lose direction.
In 2015, we will probably lose some of our illusions, but not our bearings! We will come to understand that evolution isn't just about politics and financiers, but more about solidarity, patience and awareness in particular. We alone will bear responsibility for reinventing our destiny and asserting our will to grow in stature, ultimately blossoming in a world that will bring people together rather than create divisions!

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