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Tuesday, April the 22nd
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Your annual horoscope 2014 free

This is a definite: in 2014, it will be all changed!
Structures (both political and social) will change, as will lives, or they will be revamped to achieve greater fulfilment. We will change the way we view others, life, ourselves ... though not straightaway!

While the Pluto/Uranus partnership hasn't let up (since June 2012) and is going to push us further into a corner (until March 2015) to force us to say goodbye to the past, we're also going to have to deal with another rather belligerent couple in July 2014, who will, however, force us to accelerate the pace on all fronts!

We can count on Mars and Jupiter, who will be looking daggers at each other up until summer 2014, to create sparks and shake up our convictions even further! We are going to have to redefine our future, taking account of the cosmic upheavals which have thrown everything up into the air since 2008, and start to lay down the foundations of a new world. This should take shape over the second half of 2014 and will start to show signs of life (joyfully) around spring 2015!

In fact, from July 2014, Mars, who has been ruffling our nerves and causing divisions rather than bringing people together, is going to leave the sign of Libra (on 26th July), where he had been in residence since 7th December 2013, to launch debate in the right direction. Shortly before this, Jupiter, who will be moving into Leo on 16th July, will add his own contributions until August 2015 by opening up the playing field and throwing the dice in the right direction, the direction of hope but with awareness, too!

The second half of the year won't be without its upheavals, but it should usher in a crisis of the kind we can identify, of reborn enthusiasm and opportunities for us to adopt a more light-hearted approach. This light-heartedness will need to be reinforced (in 2015), but should largely contribute to recharging our brain cells, bringing sunshine into our hearts and giving us the desire to do anything ...and above all, do it better!

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