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Friday, June the 23rd
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Love in this season for Summer 2017 for the sign of for Capricorn!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Reach out to others.
You will be overflowing with charm and the desire to enjoy life and the summer. You will start off this season under Venus' sensual gaze, which should boost your desires and make you want to love - and be loved. So rely on this important and influential ally to help you enter this agitated season that is sure to not spare you. From July 5th on, you will put yourself at others disposal, dead set on improving your daily life (and that of your loved ones) while smoothing things over in case of conflict or cosmic disruptions. At the end of July, Venus will enter the domain of your chart dedicated to relationships. It would, then, be in your best interest to listen to others around you, including your partner, who you should dote over and pamper if you want them to understand, and take part in, your wishes or simply put up with the transformations that you are going through and that you are more or less imposing on everyone (especially family). You will bring this season to a restless, active close. Venus (between August 26th and September 20th) will kick the temperature up a notch and give you a few mischievous ideas. This might be your chance to leave behind the gigantic upheavals that haven't been that easy for you to put up with, friend Capricorn, and set sail for love and go wild in excellent company.

1st decan (December 22 - January 2): A summer rich in emotion
You won't miss a word of what your partner tells you at the start of the season and will be itching to know what they think of you and even get a little advice out of them. Between July 5th and 14th, you can count on Venus to enchant your daily life and give you wings. You will enjoy every moment you can get with your lover and/or set out for conquest. Then (between July 31st and August 9th), it will be time for more tender, romantic exchanges. If you desire to declare your love or make a commitment, it's now or never. At the end of the season (between August 26th and September 3rd), it will be time for the giddiness of love and the tingles that come with it. Venus will rouse your passions and invite you to fully explore your unbridled sensuality. This is a great way of entering this fall with your eyes on the future.

If you are in a relationship,nothing should ruin your bliss too much. You have forgotten all about the past, given up the old ways of thinking that are holding you back. You will get the chance to enjoy Venus' good graces, a planet which will be entirely devoted to the right cause - yours. But not without demanding first that you do everything in your power to respond to your partner's needs. If discussions about where you both want your relationship to go seem to be going in circles in mid-August, wait patiently for the start of September to step back into the fray and tactfully bring debate to a close and unabashedly take advantage of your heightened sensuality (between August 26th and September 3rd) to go wild with your heart (and body).

If you are single, you will enjoy numerous perks to help you finish this season in excellent company. You will use your charm to draw in whoever you please and won't lack any of the arguments or determination you need to reach your ends. If you happiness hinges on making changes and expanding your horizons or view of the world (which must evolve if you want to seduce), don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get down to work elevating the discussion. If your discussions seem to be going nowhere fast in mid-August, don't despair whatever you do. Calmly wait for the start of September to end them to your advantage (and to your relationship's advantage) and celebrate your victory by rekindling the flame and making a few sparks fly in romance.

2nd decan (January 3 - 11): A summer under high cosmic pressure
If you take this summer head on, instead of turning against everyone (at the end of June/start of July), and are ready to see it through to the end (especially at work), you will be able to count on Venus (between July 14th and 22nd) to help you grease the wheels and calm even the most bellicose minds, so that you can drop your guard for once and have some fun (on the 14th, 18th). If you have to deal with cosmic disturbances at the start of August (around the 4th) that will shake you up a bit and that might force you to make some (professional) choices that are likely to destabilize you, Venus will come to the rescue between August 17th and 19th. Take full advantage of its gentle influence to get closer to your partner or find that special someone. You should get to end this season on the right path (towards success and love) if you agree to put up with controversy and communicate clearly about what your intentions are. Otherwise, watch out for traps laid for you and potential (and avoidable) disappointments if you muddle, instead of elevate, discussion.

If you are in a relationship, this summer will ask a lot from you and won't spare you socially. Have some matters to settle or bring up and little time to dedicate to love or your partner? Just make sure, however, to really listen to your lover if you don't want to rock the boat, especially between July 14th and 22nd, and August 9th and 17th, when you will get the chance to smooth things over and prove to your partner that you love them. Don't skimp on any little sign of affection that will carry discussion along if you want them to do their job and help you bring this season to a close with your partner. In fact, you will need their help dreaming up big plans for the future and, if possible, transforming together.

If you are single, this summer will shake up your existence and put you under pressure, especially at the end of June and start of July (as well as at the beginning of August), when you might have to make a major life choice about your future and could result in a big change for you at the end of the year. Rely on your ability to smooth things over in July (on the 14th, 18th) to get what you've been after (whether in love or in business). Around August 4th, you might end up being confronted by events or pressures that are meant to make you change. Rely on Venus (between August 9th and 17th) to reach out to others and get in touch with everyone around you. Endowed with a heightened charm, you could find someone special or turn a few heads and engage in dialog that could result in a relationship that is well worth the trouble. So, take care to play it straight with your partner, explaining to them that you are fighting to improve life for both of you. It will be up to your partner after that to figure out if your view of the world is worth sharing or not.

3rd decan (January 12 - 20): To your battle stations at home!
Venus will boost your seductive powers and libido at the start of the season, and so you will be unmatched when it comes to enchanting anyone you wish, though you will have to pour your energy into family problems in July. Expect life to make things harder for you around July 18th and 21st, when you won't be sheltered from the winds of disagreement, and some might even end up breaking up. So, rely on Venus to smooth things over (between July 22nd and 31st) and help you make yourself understood (between August 17th and 26th). At the end of August, moreover (on the 27th), you will know just how to use any changes that come to your advantage, learning from the past so that you can move forward. You should, then, get to finish this summer buoyed by the elements, and especially by languorous Venus, who could reintroduce you to the giddiness of love and fly you away, up to seventh heaven.

If you are in a relationship, the first half of the summer might be hard to handle. You persist in wanting to assert your needs for autonomy, even if it means going so far as to break with your old (read: outdated) ways of thinking (July 18th, 21st). If you have to make important choices about your future this summer, take the time to weigh the pros and cons. At the end of August (around the 27th), you will be more able to make wise decisions and figure out what is truly important to you - and what is not. You should enjoy just the ideal conditions in September for taking your relationship to the next level and/or rejuvenating your emotional life in such a way as to unite your desire to expand your horizons with your desire to reach a new milestone of greater personal fulfillment. It will be up to you to see if your partner will follow you - or not.

If you are single, you will likely have little time to dedicate to your love-life at the start of this season when it will be your family who will require most of your attention and likely put your patience to the test, especially in July (on the 18th, 21st), when you won't be spared any disputes or differences of opinion that could reach a breaking point. So, open up and listen to your partner, and others, agreeing to give your loved ones attention so that you can at last determine what deserves to be kept or abandoned, so that you might be better able to take your relationship to the next level and make it more fulfilling on a personal level for both of you. This way, you might get to find out where you stand at the end of the season and what you truly want, ending this season bound and determined to make up for lost time and make a few sparks fly in love (in September).

My advice:

This looks to be an animated summer that could bring you face to face with crucial questions that will have to be answered as delicately as possible. It is likely time to forget all about your past so that you can fully enjoy the present this summer.


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