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Thursday, November the 23rd
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Love in this season for Fall 2017 for the sign of for Capricorn!

  Written by Daisy

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Venus invites you, at the beginning of the season, to affirm your amorous ambitions and to do everything possible to evolve your links. Whether you're already in a couple or looking for a soul mate, you'll have the heart of inspiring stories, friend Capricorn, that raise you up a notch (or two or three) A daily routine that you will try to strengthen, to surpass by giving breath to your loves! From mid-October, you will probably be more mobilized on the social front where you will then try to shine with all your fire, to attract (and retain) the attention of your boss or those who could promote your ascent! In November, place for tender projects. You will never cease to open the future to your idea and embark with the other in your dreams. You will be able to count on the support of your accquaintances, friends and loved ones to realize your dreams, or at least to set the milestone. You should be finishing the year a little bit in retreat from the excitement of autumn. It will indeed be time to reflect over the last year to learn from the past, in order to tackle a new cycle of expansion (and winter) sure of yourself and your choices. Note the support of Jupiter, from the 10th of October, which could largely favor the plans of the first two decans (the 3rd will benefit from its graces this winter) and the landing of Saturn in your sign at the end of the season. Count (1st decan) on the presence of the master of your sign to refocus you on the essential and to help you definitively get rid of (by the end of 2018) residue that could still be taking you away from yourself and your priorities!

1st decan (December 22nd – January 2nd) : Advance Wisely Towards Tomorrow
If at the beginning of the season (end of September), Venus gives you wings and encourages great surges and gives you the desire to create sparks, you will take advantage of its influence (between October 14th and 22nd) essentially to show your merits in society and why not to show off. You can count on the reinforcement of Jupiter from October 10th (and until the end of November) to promote your projects and especially your tender projects (around November 13th)! You will then have it at heart to realize a dream and could enjoy ideal conditions to achieve it. In December, you will be inspired to take a step back from the ambient excitment. The opportunity to sort the essentials from the superfluous while waiting for the arrival of Saturn, which from the beginning of winter will oblige you to refocus on your priorities and to apply (by the end of 2018) the understandings acquired over time, in your present and future existence!

In a Relationship, A thrilling season that may well give you the opportunity to open a future that inspires you, especially from mid-October when Jupiter reinforces your projects and encourages you to turn a corner! Take advantage of his active support in October (18th and 26th) and November (around the13th) to build exciting castles in the sky (new life, moving homes, a baby). Venus will reinforce this excellent trend between the 7th and the 15th of November! In December, take time for reflection (between the 1st and the 9th ) and prepare to welcome Saturn who arrives in your decan on the 20th and will invite you by the end of 2018 to approach with the utmost seriousness what you want to do and most importantly who you want to be, now and in the future.

Single, the autumn may well satisfy your most tender desires and offer you the opportunity for interesting encounters (even moreso if its affinities) in October (the 18th and the 26th) and in November! Do not hesitate to go out, to connect with your circles of loyal ones in which you could come across a glance likely to attract your own. It is time to look to the future with confidence and to take a step towards each other and the others in order to break with a solitude that weighs on you. You have certainly learned a lot since December 2014 and will soon have the opportunity to embody this new maturity. Starting on December 20th, Saturn, master of your sign, will enable you to tackle the lessons of the past in your life. It is a story now of moving wisely towards the essential. Take advantage of the autumn that opens up perspectives for you, to approach this period of refocusing which demands, if possible, to be well accompanied and well surrounded!

2nd decan (January 3rd- January 11th) : An Enchanted Second Half of Autumn
You will tend to hover in the high spheres at the beginning of the season and will probably aspire to convince your partner to follow you wherever you want to take them. However, do not take too much time at the end of September (the 30th) if you want to stay in touch with reality and create sparks (the 1st, 3rd and 5th of October) where your inspiring proposals will appeal to your partner and whoever you want! Caution is recommended at the end of October when you will have to take care of minds and shine in society (the 10th and 28th) but where your initiatives could upset feelings around you and trigger turmoil (jealousies)! You will come back more surely with the vertigo of love in November when Venus will be your ally (between the 15th and the 23rd)! Count on this delicious planet to promote your tender projects but also on Jupiter (from November 25th) to actually help you open the future as you please. In December, you will know better than anyone who will expose your vision of the future, which should not fail to be known and tempt others and the other to follow you. An end of autumn where complicity seems to be on the agenda and should allow you to complete the season and the year in levitation!

In a Relationship, you will begin the autumn decided to live exceptional loves but will not always know how to define the limits well in order not to exceed your crediblity in the eyes of your partner (end of September). If you succeed at the beginning of October in inflating the spirits, the hearts (and the bodies), beware then (the 10th and 28th) of an overly triumphant attitude that might not be unanimous in the ranks. It is really from the end of November that you have the best assets to win votes and cast a spell on your partner who should hardly be able to resist your attractions and your inspiring proposals in December. Then take advantage of the last month of the year to lightly build castles in the sky with all the luck on your side to embark with your partner for the land of love or elsewhere!

Single, tackle the start of the season by remaining anchored in reality, as much as possible (end of September) however you will have a certain charm (and effect) in early October to hit the bulls eye. If you avoid the risk of making waves and betting against yourself (around the 10th and 28th of October), you can count on Venus (between the 15th and 23rd of November) to open the future as you please and seduce in all directions, and count on Jupiter who will follow suit from November 25th to confirm your success or offer you opportunities for friendly and / or sentimental encounters that will allow you to look forward to the future with enthusiasm and confidence!

3rd decan (January 12th – January 20th) : A Little Bit Pulled in Opposite Directions
A start of the season that could see you stuck a bit in your entrenchments and force you to decide between social pressures and the thirst to free yourself from guardianships or heavy beliefs in the family. Caution is recommended at the end of September when you may have to make sensitive choices that could expose you in October (8th, 11th) to frustrations that are difficult to bear. Between a past that demands to be expunged from unnecessary limitations and a future that you see only as free to act however you please, you will probably have to make concessions this fall or at least take into account the lessons learned to make the lines move without causing offense! Mission difficult but not impossible. Notably starting in November when a constructive state of affairs that accompanies you since December 2016 could allow you to move forward while watching your back. So try (in December) to take the time necessary to determine what, in your emotional life, must be kept and what must be eliminated in order to turn a corner without betraying your legitimate thirst to be more free!

In a Relationship, this fall you will have to try to find a balance between past and future, your essential anchors and perhaps the need to define another vision of the future and begin to embody it. You will not have free reign at the beginning of the season, where your desire to push the boundaries of the possible undoubdetly collides with a thirst for security surrounding you. Then, take the time to think about the options that are available, to try to open the hatches and not give up your need for autonomy without too much displeasure toward your partner. If the ship is pitching a little this autumn, you should however be able to rebalance your family life from November onwards, where you will benefit from (occult and cosmic) support to find solutions that will respect your need to keep your freedom within the clan! It is up to you to draw some valuable lessons from the past and not to repeat the same mistakes again and again!

Single, between opportunities to take off professionally and your desire to free yourself from family tutelage that may pull you too far back, there will be many challenges this autumn. Especially at the beginning of the season (end of September and in October) where you may have to endure turbulence (September 28th) and also some disappointments or frustrations (October 8th and 11th) which will tend to discourage you a bit. Luckily, from November onwards, you will benefit from a celestial bow favorable to your emancipation, which could allow you to do what you want without necessarily breaking completely from the past. At the end of the season, Venus will invite you to return to your past or recent love affairs but also to your family ties and to closely examine the good and bad reasons that have led you to endure some pressures that have often prevented you from living your own way. The opportunity to glimpse openings that Jupiter will confirm as of the end of next January!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A season that promises to be decisive and invites you to open the future differently and in any case to move the lines, sometimes on all levels. To manage this challenging but inspiring quarter, try to figure out what matters most to you in order to act productively and to move forward, taking into account what you have understood and that you must now digest the past !


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