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Horoscope for April 2014

  Written by Daisy

Fasten your seat belts in April, when the elements will be unleashed and the skies will turn stormy! This is an alert for a cosmic storm which could well hit our shores with both individual and collective impact, forcing us out of our entrenched positions.

Around 22nd April especially, when Mars, the planet of war, is going to send the dust flying and basically force us to put our house in order! Evading annoying subjects will now be out of the question. Instead, it will be about grappling with reality and maybe having the motivation and courage to change ... the record, the situation and our reference points, in order to seize the opportunities on offer in April and try something new? Some will lay down the foundations of an inspiring future, others will break with a cycle where they have felt out of step for too long, but we all need to make the most of this planetary chaos to pull our finger out in a rather risky game and turn things round to our own advantage.

My dear readers, after a tempestuous winter, get ready to go through a bewildering spring with a turning point in April, which will ultimately encourage us to raise our heads again, believe in ourselves and take our destiny into our own hands. We can thus prepare for our renaissance, which has been forecast for the near future, and for our emergence from the tunnel, which (from the end of summer and even more so in 2015) is going to stimulate our life force and restore some colour and hope to our lives ...!

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