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Thursday, November the 23rd
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The Sign of Sagittarius
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Are you an expert on Astrology ?

  Written by Olivia

Try out our quizexpert on Astrology! A difficult quiz which will lead you to mythology, etymology … and astronomy. It's your call, to find out your level of knowledge in this familiar science.

Do you like girls who are sexy?
I don't know what a sexy girl is.
Only in my fantasies. I wouldn't marry one.
I love women who are at ease with their bodies. (

Do you think you are likely to have affairs?
Yes, especially if we don't have sex any more.
I would never betray anyone. I love her and that's all there is to say.
No. She's the woman of my life.

How do you make the first move?
I'll do anything to make her notice me and be the one to approach me.
I observe and wait, and eventually go and talk to her.
I get stuck in there without further thought.

Are you in favour of sharing household tasks?
Yes. We both work, so that would be the norm.
It depends how tired I am.
Housework and cooking are women's work.

You meet your fiancée's family for the first time:
You buy a bunch of flowers at the last minute. (
You take them a bottle of wine of a good vintage.
You arrive empty-handed…

For you, seduction is:
Having the courage to approach the other person.
A total waste of time.
A step you have to go through to make the other person like you.

What is the main quality people see in you?
Your sense of humour.
Your tact.
Your charm.

What do you do to make yourself attractive to others?
I'm working on my self-confidence. I have the courage to succeed.
I dress with elegance.
I do sport every morning.

You girlfriend is leaving you. How do you feel about it?
When is she coming back?
One month at the most to forget her! Life is sad without love.
Free at last! I'm going to be able to do whatever I want.

You are invited to an evening do where you don't know anyone:
You stay in a corner on your own.
You talk to the first person you see to avoid feeling stupid.
You're happy to meet new people.

Are you an expert on Astrology ? - 2 comments
(last message on the 10/08/2017 à 08:05)

I like it I don't like it
Pisces ginger, signe for Pisces
Posted the 10/08/2017 at 08:05
I am a female so questions do not relate
I like it I don't like it
Gemini Tapan, signe for Gemini
Posted the 05/06/2017 at 07:07
Right now my problem is financial problem how I will overcome the problems
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