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The ideal astrological woman

  Written by Olivia

You feed the idea of finding that ideal partner. You don't know anything about her, but you're sure she exists. You seek that woman that can complete, whose characteristics are perfectly compatible with your temperament. Is she determined, ambitious, extraverted, dynamic, sweet, or calm?

For each sign, we're going reveal the characteristic of the woman you've been dreaming of.

Aries: You constantly need to be comforted. As a result, you will strike an emotional balance with a woman who is enthusiastic, dynamic, and patient who knows how to calm you down and pay full attention to you. To assuage your fiery temper, that special someone must be bold, adventurous, inventive, and full of good humor. You'd appreciate her expressing her emotions and feelings openly and constantly surprising you and taking you off on a real whirlwind of a relationship. For you, the ideal woman must be independent, sociable, confident, and really involved in numerous activities. To put up with your somewhat macho attitude and your outbursts, it would be best for her to be diplomatic by nature and know how to put up with your somewhat egotistical behavior.

Gemini: You like being in good company and partying. For you, that special someone has to be joyful, sociable, not take themselves seriously, and be able to take part in an authentic and intellectual bond. She also has to have the ability to prevent her emotions from unbalancing her analytic mind and your dual personality. It would also be good for her not to smother you too much. In fact, you seek someone who is sufficiently independent, gives you your freedom, and is ready to play a little cat-and-mouse. For your expectations to be met and to add some color to your daily life, the perfect woman must double her imagination and originality.

Cancer: For you, the ideal woman has to be the perfect wife and mother of the family: attentive, discreet, delicate, romantic, and loving. She has to be understanding and on a daily basis and make sure to never offend your sensibilities. In order for you two to evolve at the same pace and build a harmonious future together, the woman of your dreams has to be attentive, optimistic, care for your feelings, and be able to understand and calm your anxiety. She must be able to offer you the balance you need and cultivate a sense of family. For you to really match each other, it would be good for her to be determined in her choices and decisions.

Virgo: Paradoxically, you seek a partner who has all the characteristics you lack. And so, you dream of a woman who is passionate, energetic, optimistic, and inventive. For you to feel comfortable, she will, on the whole, have to be naturally rational, tidy, and frugal. To form the perfect couple, you will have to appreciate her dynamism that stimulates you, as well as her quick wit. In order to create a long-term relationship and to face up to your scepticism and doubts, that special person in your life would do best to be tender, affectionate, attentive, and comforting. It is also important that your ideal woman understands and accepts your need to be alone and your emotional detachment.

Scorpio: For you, romance is an extremely important matter. Being a person with integrity, once you get into a long-lasting relationshp, you put all of your being into it. The ideal woman has to have a good personality, be determined, bold, and straightforward, and be able to keep your curiosity and your senses on fire. She must know how to maker herself at once devoted and out-of-reach, not arouse your jealousy while being able to cope with your mysterious side. That special someone must be just as passionate as you and be able to bring you little moments of happiness every day. To help you get through your dark periods, you need her to possess a healthy dose of optimism.

Capricorn: You trouble expressing your feelings, but behind your appearance hides a huge romantic. For you, the ideal woman has to be rational, loyal, pragmatic, understanding, and generous. She must be your landmark and shoulder to cry on and bring you a bit of fantasy. To make sure you're on the same wavelength, she must be able to meet your expectations, adapt to your natural tidiness, be bubbly while remaining discreet, and possess a strong sense of family. You dream of the model wife and mother who won't put your stability in jeopardy and who will instinctually understand you.

Aquarius: To you, a long-term relationship shouldn't threaten your individual liberty. So, the ideal woman must be just as independent as you are and to accept that you have your own private world. You dream of a simple, understanding, and somewhat anticonformist woman, full of life and optimism who knows how to surprise you everday and put up with your eccentric nature. To form the perfect, long-term duo, she must be capable of offering much affection, be ready to make concessions, and must like living a hectic life and know how to keep your feet on the ground. In short, she must be at once your partner, friend, and greatest counsellor.

Pisces: You dream of a romantic princesse who understands, comforts, and supports you, who knows your every desire and respects your mysterious side. For you, the ideal woman is kind, sensual, idealistic, generous, bold, loving, and full of life. You wish to have a beautiful romance with a woman who understands your silences, chases away your doubts, awakends your curiosity, and encourages you to move ahead. In your eyes, you significant other is someone who should know how to love you without limits and put up with your sensitive emotional side and evasive nature.

Taurus: Tender, sensitive, and in love with life, you seek a kind, loving, sensual, and seductive partner that you can share life's big and little pleasures with. For you, the ideal woman must at once be capable of admiring and spoiling you while leaving you your freedom. And so, only an attentive, accomodating, and understanding companion can make you happy, put up with your stubbornness, and understand you when you're quiet. To you, the perfect woman must have a flexible character and be able to skilfully take on the role of woman of the house. You dream of a woman who understands you in every way and who is at once your spouse as much as your soulmate and best friend.

Leo: A sensual, passionate, excessive lover of life, you will enjoy a wonderful romance with a seductive, brilliant, cheerful, full of life, and sociable woman. For you, the ideal woman must be able to meet your expectations, be as crazy as you, be witty, and will have to cherish you and smother you with love. In your eyes, this woman must be able to follow you off on all of your adventures and be at once your confidant, soulmate, and best friend. To put up with all your demands and your fiery temper, she will have to possess a great emotional fortitude and be ready to play cat-and-mouse.

Libra: You dream of a stable relationship with a person that is as esthetically minded as you are. To you, the ideal partner must be the perfect, loving, cultivated, and comforting wife. The woman of your dreams needs to be an independent and refined intellectual who appreciates art and esthetic appeal in all its forms. In order to offer you the comfort and balance that you need, it's important to you that she admire you and be generous, tolerant, and kind. To get you over your numerous hang-ups and get you stimulated, it would be good for her to take the lead, open up doors for you, and show you knew possibilities. In short, with this romantic who pampers you and makes decisions for you, you will reach true fulfillment.

Sagittarius: You dream of a wild love that sets you afire in every moment. For you, the ideal woman has to be smart, rational, bold, funny, generous, and open. She has to know what she wants and also to do you good. She has to be able to follow you off on all your adventures, to be simple, and to offer you the peace you need to calm your mind. You like how she mothers and comforts you while pushing you to forge even further on ahead. In short, you year for a relationship where you can become one with a companion who is at once your partner and friend, who can keep up with your hectic pace.

2 comments - The ideal astrological woman - Add a comment
(dernier message le 24/03/2017 à 13:04)

I like it I don't like it
Scorpio joejoe, signe for Scorpio
Posted the 23/03/2017 at 22:27
aquarius and scorpio is it a good match
I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 24/03/2017 at 13:04
Scorpio joejoe, signe for Scorpio
Posted the 23/03/2017 at 22:27
aquarius and scorpio is it a good match
Attraction is strong but not always healthy. You form an unusual couple and be aware of your weaknesses: stubbornness, taste for power ... Scorpio must let go his free Aquarius (and this one should be more in "love" to have a chance ...) Good luck !

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