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Friday, August the 18th
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Love in this season for Summer 2017 for the sign of for Pisces!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: One emotional roller-coaster ride
The Sun, and Mars, will rouse your passion - or frustration - at the start of the season. Depending on your situation, you might get the chance to fully express your desires or might regard your solitude with annoyance and the firm intention of bringing it to an end. You can count on Venus, up until the start of July, to be your romantic go-between and help you get your messages through with tact. Afterwards, (starting on July 5th) you will grow closer to your loved ones, bringing your family together and perhaps even going on vacation together, where you will feel pampered and in excellent company. Between July 31st and August 26th, Venus will at last decide to give you a helping hand in love. Your libido, and seductive powers, will be sky-high, and you will yearn to have some fun and in excellent company. You will use your charm to break out of your solitude or rekindle the flame, though you may have to put up with strong emotions that won't offer you the best advice. So, make sure to control your desires, friend Pisces, so that you don't ruin your great chances of finding someone special or setting sail for love. At the end of the season, you will be more concerned with helping your partner, and others, fully enjoy the present. Open, attentive, and full of goodwill, you should really make an impression, steal a few hearts, and score some points, closing out this summer on a high note, more sure of the feelings that are carrying you forward.

1st decan (February 19 - 28): The forecast is good
You and your partner (and others) will get along fine at the start of the season, and you will take advantage of these clear skies (at the end of June) to get closer to your loved ones. If you go on vacation in July, the weather will be fair and sunny (on the 7th), and communication will be harmonious. You will desire to have some fun with your family (up until the 14th), and, at the end of the month (from July 31st until August 9th), strong emotions will arise. Venus will give you the eye and invite you to love and freely express your unbridled sensuality. At the end of the season (between August 26th and September 3rd), you will be more willing to listen to the needs of those around you and will be determined to prepare for a wonderful autumn.

If you are in a relationship, you will make it through this summer sheltered from the storms that await the other two decans just around the corner. You will start off this season in harmony with your lover and children and will enjoy a strong bond with your loved ones at the end of June (the 21st) and start of July (the 7th). You will yearn to improve communication with your family between July 5th and 14th, bound and determined to send the right signals, letting everyone know they are loved and respected. It will be time for love and more romantic, sensual concerns between July 31st and August 9th, when Venus will increase your appetites and offer you the opportunity to share your desires with your enchanted partner. At the end of the season, you will think about how to run your home, doing everything in your power to make sure harmony lasts beyond the summer, even if it means taking command of the troops around the 16th, when your desires will be as good as orders...

If you are single, you will get to enjoy just the right conditions to break out of your solitude and set off on a quest for your soul-mate. Use this bright and sunny start to the season to shine in all your glory and seduce whoever you wish (June 21st, July 7th). You have a knack for getting whoever you want on board. You dream of taking care of your loved ones and will play the role of intermediary to make sure everyone in your family is on the same page in July. This way, you might get to swing into action and at last dedicate yourself to your love-life (from July 31st until August 9th). Venus will brighten you up, boost your appetites, and could even help you have promising new encounters. So, don't hesitate to stand out from the rest and put yourself out there, drawing the attention of whoever you have your eye on, too. At the end of the season, you will desire to control your romantic world, even if it means imposing your authority, which should work its magic and make those around you want to follow you. Try, however, to let others have their turn to speak (at least for a while) in September (on he 16th), when you won't necessarily appreciate being thwarted.

2nd decan (March 1 - 10): Trouble's brewing...
Beware of extreme emotions and devastating passion at the end of June (around the 25th). You will yearn for intense relations, to openly express your needs, though you might hit a snag or offend your partner, or whoever you hope to win over, if you overstep your bounds. Fortunately, you can count on your kind family (between July 14th and 22nd) to calm things down and control your (overly?) strong emotions. Caution is recommended at the start of August (the 4th), when you will be bound and determined to turn one of your plans into a reality but could go too far with your requests and hit a wall. Between August 9th and 17th, Venus will, fortunately, endow you with an astounding charm. You will take advantage of this lull to go wild in romance and get away from the trouble around you for a while. You should, then, get to end this summer determined to get what you've been after and, whether in romance or business, to make your dreams come true.

If you are in a relationship, a storm will be on the horizon at the start of the season (end of June) when your unsatisfied desires will put you in a bad mood. You are on edge and hardly in the mood to make any concessions. This is, however, exactly what you must do if you want to avoid the thunder and lightning that will come until the start of July (the 2nd, 6th, 10th). Venus will see to it that everyone (including yourself) is calm and will urge you to spend some time with family, where you will get the chance to recharge - and calm down. Be careful not to put yourself (or others) under too much pressure and don't wait for a miracle to arrive, either. You might be disappointed (on the 4th) and so will have to temporarily put your hopes on the back burner. The cloud cover will dissipate between the 9th and 17th. This is your time to rekindle the flame and go on a romantic vacation. This fall looks to be a constructive one, as long as you open up dialog (and keep it open) and not try to rule the roost.

If you are single, beware of the storm coming at the start of the season, when your desire to live life to the fullest could be thwarted by frustrating cosmic circumstances (at the end of June, start of July). Bide your time and wait patiently and without forcing anything. If you can, go on vacation, preferably with your family or close friends, between the 14th and 22nd, when you will get the chance to relax and enjoy a peaceful and calming ambiance. The start of August holds stressful times in store for you (around the 4thà. Disappointment and frustration to come? Then rely on Venus to help you rise from your ashes and have some fun between the 9th and 17th, when this delightful planet will let you shine bright and seduce whoever you wish. In September, you will seek to (re)gain control of your life. To do so successfully, and avoid conflict, try to start up, and (above all) elevate, discussion while refusing to add fuel to the fire both in business and in love.

3rd decan (March 11 - 20): A lightning-fast summer
Communication will be favored at the start of the season, so take advantage of it to enter this summer gently. You will, later on, have more trouble handling your slightly disruptive emotions, especially in July (on the 18th, 21st), when your mood swings could ruin your romance. So, make sure to stay in control (as much as you can) of what you do and say if you don't want to ruin your chances of getting through this summer wonderfully. Your emotions will once again become more stable and balance at the end of July, when you will, above all, desire to improve living conditions for yourself and your loved ones (on the 30th). In August (especially between the 17th and 26th), Venus will boost your seductive powers, and the Sun (between the 12th and 22nd) will increase your desire to live in harmony with everyone around you. Just the perfect and ideal conditions for moving things forward in your daily life and contributing to your loved ones' well-being - as well as your own. The end of the month holds in store for you a favorable event for your fulfillment (recognition at work, for example) that will put you at ease and enable you to thrive and let you feel secure. You will get to end this summer supported by cosmic energies that are favorable to your love-life and good for harmony (on the 13th, 15th, 18th), as long as you take care to avoid (on the 14th) instigating your bosses by asking for more - and maybe too much.

If you are in a relationship, you should get through this sunny summer and reap the rewards of constructive conversation, if we ignore the first half of July, when you might jeopardize your equilibrium if you try to force things to happen and impose your will on everyone (on the 18th, 21st). Around the end of August (the 27th), you will get the chance to batten down the hatches and enjoy the best conditions possible for bringing about the changes you've been hoping for. Though you might spend the majority of your summer reflecting, thinking, and fine-tuning your plans, you will thank yourself that you did and will get to spend the end of this season savoring your success and playing a little game of "she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not"...

If you are single, you will spend the entire first half of this hectic summer negotiating, preparing and polishing your plans so that you can get what you are after. Whether it's a different job or a different career, you will, without a doubt, get to attain your goals in August (especially on the 18th and 21st) and see your dreams become reality on the 27th. The cherry on top? You will be more secure, obtain your (financial) objectives, and get the chance in September to once again enjoy the giddiness of love. Open to others, full of goodwill, and eager to help those around you, you will have no trouble standing out - and being loved.

My advice:

This is a summer that could make your desire to love, and be loved, sky-rocket. Just be careful of being overly emotional or letting your appetites grow too much if you want to hit your mark and go through this summer buoyed by what you are feeling, rather than burdened by your passions and excesses, that are sure not to win over anyone around you.


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