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Wednesday, January the 17th
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2018 Horoscope
2018 Horoscope
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The Sign of Aquarius
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Your children this winter
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Love in this season for Winter 2018 for the sign of for Pisces!

  Written by Daisy

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Venus encourages your tender projects at the beginning of the season and should assure you of the support of your relatives (friends, associates, love) to realize them. Until January 18th, you will have the heart to lay the foundations of a life that pleases you ... with whomever you like! Between January 18th and February 10th, there is room for reflection, for the evaluation of what is possible. Take the time to refine your plans and temporarily look back on the past to learn the lessons that will start a new emotional cycle beginning on February 10th. Venus, then present in your sign, strengthens your charisma (and your libido?) and will make you thirst to seduce but also to fully bloom with each other or exercise your power of seduction to attract and retain someone in your nets. You will end the season in line with your ardent desires friend Pisces and decided to express them and live them as soon as possible. Only the natives of the 1st decan will have to take into account some slowdowns (thanks to Saturn), which will however force them to structure rigorously so that they stay the course. No question indeed for them to venture lightly but to consider the long term in order to achieve what matters!

1st decan (February 19th - February 28th): A few grains of sand…
Saturn invites you to frame your projects well and to proceed cautiously, taking your time. So you will begin the winter with your foot on the brake and the feeling of maybe not being able to express your desires as you please (end of December and around mid-January)! Do not be discouraged because eventually what will be built will certainly set the course and engage your long-term future. Between January 18th and 26th, you will be well inspired to take a moment out of the game in order to sort the essential from the superfluous and get some space from your emotions. Venus will play by your side between February 10th and 18th, enhancing your charm and allowing you to win the vote around future prospects that will take a little time to come true. You should end the season slightly frustrated by a lack of resources that blocks the realization of your plans (March 13th and 14th) but certainly determined to stand firm against obstacles that will eventually give way!

In a Relationship, at the beginning of the season (end of December, mid-January) you are not in the mood to build on sand and Saturn will also compel you to take the time to anchor your projects on solid bases, even having to put away some dreams that are unachievable for the moment. If you agree to learn from the past and keep your invading emotions at bay from January 18th to the 26th, you will be better able (between February 10th and 18th) to convince friends, lovers and potential supporters to relay your ideas and to follow you wherever you want to go! At the end of the season, however, you will have to deal with restraints, delays and even impediments which will irritate you and force you to wait without being able to do anything. Stay patient and focused on the long term. This will undoubtedly allow you to steer your future in the right direction, that of your aspirations.

Single, if Jupiter opened your perspectives this fall, not sure however, that you can concretize them pronto. Saturn, could thus at the beginning of winter, cause delays or force you to think about possible long-term commitments that will mature. This reflection is necessary therefore in particular at the end of December and mid-January. Venus also invites you to meditate on your projects, between the 18th and the 26th of January. It's a good idea to understand the ins and outs and compare them to your essential needs. You will be more sure of yourself and the initiatives to take between February 10th and 18th when this tender plant will enhance your radiance and help you to communicate and seduce with success, but you will have to agree to end the season, constrained by restraints (financial ?) that will take you back down to earth (March 11th and 13th) and leave you hungry for the moment!

2nd decan (March 1st - March 10th): Direct Route!
From the beginning of the winter you will benefit from a shocking ally. In fact, between the 2nd and the 10th of January, Lady Venus will boost your projects, increase your popularity and thus promote the blossoming and fulfillment of your dreams. Especially until the 21st, when Jupiter also mixes in to broaden your horizons. An ideal alchemy (the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th and 16th) to move forward, love and be loved. Choose this ideal period to embark on an adventure that tempts you with all the chances that it will end soon ... for the best. Between January 26th and February 2nd, however, do not neglect to take a step back on your plans to better define the contours and assess the impact on your future. If you shine and enjoy the graces of a Venus that exalts your strengths (especially your heart) between February 18th and 26th, avoid imposing anything on anyone and keep the dialogue and consultation open if you do not want your personal way of deciding for everyone to be criticized. You should, however, close this promising season on a small cloud (March 4th) and with very tender weapons to decide who has the right (financiers, bankers) to grant you the ways to achieve your ambitions (the 20th?).

In a Relationship,an exciting winter is looming on the horizon and you have many strong, golden assets that will allow you to accelerate the movement and win votes around your exciting projects. Count in January on an astral armada dedicated to your cause to do wonders and miracles. You will have only one desire: that you are liked and followed. Do not forget, however, to slow down your forward advances between January 26th and February 2nd when your emotions will be in shambles and will need to be channeled in order to serve your plans. You'll shine brightly between February 18th and 26th? Do not take advantage of it to force the hand of those who will be ready to support you but not necessarily to obey you without question (the 17th, 25th and 28th of February)! You will return to popularity and success at the end of the season (the 4th and 20th) where you wishes, again if not orders, are at least in unison with those around you and therefore in an excellent position to be achieved faster !

Single, you will not be bored this winter when the astral lights turn green at the beginning of the season and allow for many follies. Bet on January to lead the way, make your dreams come true, get your friends involved in your projects and find that special someone or anchor a recent story in your future. Venus then invites you (between January 26th and February 2nd) to claim the game a little bit. A story of knowing where you are going and whether the other is worthy of being associated with your future. Venus enhances your brilliance and gives you an irresistible charm between February 18th and 26th? This is not a reason to try to control everyone (the 17th, 25th and 28th), let alone the person you want to attract and keep. You return to better feelings at the end of the season where you get closer to an ideal (the 4th) and get the means to concretize it pronto or soon, the 20th!

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): An End of Season at the Height of Your Expectations!
If your charm has operated in society this fall (and especially in December) you will start the winter in a whirlwind (January 6th) but then will be well advised to calm your huge appetites around January 13th, 14th and 28gh where you will have eyes bigger than your stomach. While your beautiful projects are inspiring make sure not to ask everything, right away if you want to be followed. Take time for reflection (between February 2nd and 10th) and enjoy this "pause" mode to prioritize your priorities and sort through your heart. It is really at the end of the season (from the end of February and in March) that you will find your charm and your freedom of action. Then bet on February 28th and the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 11th and 13th of March to radiate and seduce in all directions, push the boundaries of the possible and end a winter a little mixed, in beauty and ready to concretize what tempts you!

In a Relationship, Do you finish the fall rather pleased with yourself and your professional achievements and an outstanding popularity? Be sure to keep it this winter by perhaps lowering your tone in January (the 13th, 14th and 28th)when you may lack diplomacy in your queries and show a greed that could scare some. Venus then invites you to moderate the expression of your desires (between February 2nd and 10th)! Enough to sort out the essential from the superfluous and to get your messages out soon without abusing the kindness of those around you. You will find the inspiration right from the end of February and should then unroll an enchanted end of winter where your desires, if not your orders, will be on the agenda again!

Single, strong from a rising popularity, you enter the winter in a whirlwind (January 6th) but could then commit some blunders (the 13th, 14th and 19th) if you think you are allowed everything and you neglect to take into account the feelings of others. If you want to attract and retain someone in your nets, try (between February 2nd and 10th) to analyze your feelings and control your emotions so that they serve you rather than short-circuit your recent stories or the ones to come. Venus strengthens your power of seduction between February 26th and March 6th? The opportunity to return to better feelings and the forefront of love. The sky then supports you unilaterally and may well favor crushes or love at first sight and help you anchor a romance in the long run. An end of season to savor delightfully without reservation and presumably ... well accompanied!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A winter where some doors and hearts could open and your loves could grow. You will all aspire to project yourself into a future that inspires you and you manage to identify other paths, even if some (1st decan) will likely have to rely on time to achieve it.


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