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Wednesday, April the 26th
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Love in this season for Spring 2017 for the sign of for Aries!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Venus on your side.
Since the start of February, Venus has been moving through your sign sector, taking it upon itself to boost your seductive powers as well as all of your appetites. Yearn to get noticed, to love? Between April 3rd and 28th, Venus will temporarily retrace its steps (back into Pisces). You should, then, take the time (in April) to rethink your strategies, to question your past choices, as well as those to come. From April 28th onward, Venus will re-enter your sign up until June 6th. This might be your chance to nail down a budding relationship, to start one up with someone you've had your eye on, or even make a commitment. In fact, Jupiter will continue to encourage unions and bonds of all sorts (up until October 10th). At the end of the season, you will desire to fully express your talents and to grab life with both hands. Why miss out?

1st decan (March 21 - April 1): A summery spring.
Venus has been orbiting around you since February, and so you will get to enjoy celestial favor this spring that could offer you some excellent time - with excellent company. Though, at the start of the season, you will be lead to ponder whether your choices are well founded, you can bet that after a little time thinking, you will feel ready to move ahead (between April 28th and May 14th). In June (between the 6th and 16th), Venus will boost your desire and make you want it all.

If you are in a relationship, you will enjoy a rather summery climate this spring, sheltered from the storm. Endowed with an astounding sex-appeal, you can bet that you will have no trouble entrancing your partner, bringing everyone together, and rekindling the flame. Though you may doubt yourself and be tempted to take a look over the past (in April), your love-life will bounce back starting on April 28th. Up until mid-May, you will be whispering sweet nothings, and, in June, strengthened off your recent success will have but one idea in mind: to spend this spring, summer at the top of your game and follow the path that the stars will clear for you.

If you are single, and still haven't had any luck this winter, you can count on Venus' presence by your side up until mid-May to boost your chances to end this season in great company. Though you will still have a couple qualms in April (case of the blues, ruminating on past romances), you should regain your desire to love, and be loved, starting at the end of April. Rely on your torrid magnetism between April 28th and May 14th to impassion hearts, and bodies, and to restore your self-confidence. At the end of the season (between June 6th and 16th), Venus will boost your libido, inviting you to indulge in all of life's pleasures.

2nd decan (April 2 - 11): Time to think.
Though Venus hasn't let you out of its sight since February 19th, and won't until March 16th, you will still have better things to do than mess around with love at the start of the season, when you will have your head, and heart, elsewhere. That is, at least up until May, when (between the 14th and 26th) you will regain your desire (and get the time) to use your charm - and with success. Jupiter will send you signals all spring long, some of which might help you improve your bond or, for others, make it official and long term (on June 3rd, 13th).

If you are in a relationship, you won't lack any skill and have been desiring to have some fun since mid-February but will enter this spring more timid and reticent. Questions to ask, other fish to fry? Fortunately in May, you will regain the desire to please, to do what you want, and might even make a commitment if you haven't already. You will particularly with it between the 14th and 26th, when sensual Venus will give you the desire (and the means) to rekindle the flame.

If you are single, you will have successfully tried out your seductive powers this winter but will still take a step back and gain some perspective this spring. You need to figure out what your true motivations and intentions are in love. Don't just skip over the pricklier questions in April, so that, starting in May, you can jump ahead, get your relationship back on the right path or start one up with greater self-knowledge and wisdom - and might even get the chance to make a commitment soon (June 3rd, 13th).

3rd decan (April 12 - 20): Your spring starts at the end of May.
Has love really left us behind? While the two other decans got to enjoy Venus' good graces, you will feel like you've been totally forgotten. You'll start this spring off left out in the cold. Starting on April 3rd, Venus will edge back into your decan, opening you up to one question after another, to frustration that might make you doubt everything, including yourself (April 8th, 21st). You will probably have to wait until the end of the season (June?) to enjoy a more lenient sky. Having thus clarified all your ambitions, you will desire to settle down romantically.

If you are in a relationship, you will yearn to break free from the limitations that have been keeping your feet on the ground and will throw all of your might into fighting this battle, which you are likely to win (around May 19th). Make room for love and your more passionate urges. Between returning passions and the desire to make your relationship last, count on the beginning of June to help you make through this decisive step.

If you are single, you've been active on all fronts since winter and will strive to expand your horizons, especially in the social and professional spheres. What about love? It should regain its place between the end of May and the start of June, when anything will be possible. What with your desire for a solid relationship and torrid romance, you shouldn't waste any time making up for lost time, opening a new chapter in your love-life. And you might even get to make it official soon.

My advice:

You will spend this month under the sign of love, or more precisely: of seduction. So, take advantage of these great auspices to make a few conquests and even reach a decisive turning point (declaration of love, official commitment).


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