Challenges 2021 for each sign of the zodiac

Written by Alison

Dear readers, 2020 was a year of tests but maybe in fact...of challenge! That of searching within ourselves, of identifying, often paying a high price (viruses and containment among others),what was decisively and too often pulling us backwards, towards a mode of operation that has had its time!

In 2021, the main objective will probably be to change everything without destroying everything, to chart a new course, to put the human being and the principles of solidarity and respect back at the center of the debate! As for the challenge, it will undoubtedly consist in trying to change everything ... without destroying everything. The human being is capable of the best, so let us try for once not to conceal his wonderful potential by summing it up in his darkest instincts and to mobilize ourselves to transform the world ... for the better! Dare? A Brief Summary of The Major Trends by Sign!


Ideas in your head and projects in your drawers? Jupiter stimulates your thirst to innovate and initiate while Saturn invites you to proceed in order and not act without being sure to build on solid ground. The equation between enthusiasm and desire to build for the long-term is upset or weakened by Uranus's explosive influence, which, on several occasions, imposes its passions and frantic rhythm. You will have to find the will to slow down the movement when it gets out of hand and risks derailing you and restart it when you give up when you encounter setbacks. Note that a long loop of Venus helps your professional expansion and gets you in the good graces of your hierarchy at the end of the year. In the meantime, carefully prepare the groundwork for the year 2022, which will finally allow you to start a promising new life cycle.


With Uranus as its current tenant, the peaceful Taurus is going off the rails and is forced to renew its field of action to try something else. No opportunity to ruminate but the chance to jump into change. However, don't frighten those reaching out to you this year by displaying an eccentric, rebellious attitude, likely to discourage goodwill. Between mid-May and the end of July, major projects will enchant you, and, at the end of the year, Venus will support you. Count on its presence in a favourable aspect to your sign between November 2021 and March 2022 to meet your soulmate, find the ideal place to live, or soar in the high spheres!


You are emerging from a radical transformation that has forced you to take care of your own home. Between symbolic mourning and real losses, you have been confronted with the turmoil that has left its mark. Rely on the year's situation to step forward, evolve in your universe, and above all, in your mind. It is time to broaden your horizons. Jupiter could offer you some opportunities to bounce back professionally between May 13th and July 28th. But remain cautious in your initiatives, which could fail if they are dictated by unconscious impulses that are very bad counsellors. By raising the debate and acting per the law of men and the injunctions of your soul, you will rebuild (sometimes on a field of ruins) a better life.


Tumultuous relationships and associations in jeopardy or under the pressure of significant changes to go the distance. 2020 has shaken your ties, prompting you to examine them and transform them if they are worthwhile or break them if they no longer correspond to your expectations or the path you must take. In 2021, Saturn and Jupiter precipitate great movements that will leave you no choice but to evolve, even if it means changing everything. You will not lack ideas or dynamism to open up the future differently. Under the pressure of Uranus, which supports your projects, you are invited to break with the past habits but observe a timing that will allow you to change without losing too much. A balance to be found between evolution and revolution. The end of the cycle to be completed without dodging any detail. Count on Jupiter (between May 13th and July 28th) to open up new perspectives to be developed in 2022.


In 2020, your daily life was subjected to a turmoil that affected and destabilized you. If opportunities have arisen that have allowed you to get your head above water, they should be confirmed in 2021: Saturn and Jupiter will enable you to sign new contracts and associate yourself with serious partners if you take care not to destabilize them by adopting an eccentric or rebellious attitude. Certainly, Uranus makes you want to shine and express your difference. It is not a reason to impose yourself on everyone, at the risk of upsetting more than one. In 2021, it is a question of contending between the desire to unite, share, and collaborate and the desire to differentiate yourself from the masses, a balancing act between excessive fantasies and assumed commitment. It's up to you to play without slipping up and work towards a reform that really changes the game without hurting any feelings. Note that between May 13th and the end of July, you will begin to receive the fruits of your initiatives!


There is no question of taking your emotional life lightly in 2021. The planets invite you to review how you function in love, delving into sensitive subjects, and assume your choices and responsibilities. Count on Jupiter and Saturn to make the lessons pay off and launch a new lifestyle. Changes in pace, style, or place of life occur and improve your daily experience. You have opportunities to blossom and lighten the mood without bantering with details. You know the steps to take to base these transformations on solid ground. Agreements and successful contracts of all kinds to be expected between May 13th and July 28th will be confirmed in 2022. In the meantime, don't rush things! Otherwise, you risk upsetting those close to you, because if your thirst to broaden your horizons is pressing, you cannot impose it under the pretext that the project exalts you. First, make sure that stewardship follows and that your loved ones agree to embark on the adventure with you!


If your family life was a problem and you were focused on that, count on the Saturn Jupiter tandem in 2021 to make relationships healthier. It will be necessary to dig deeper into the subjects that annoy you, warm up the atmosphere, and seriously approach your initiatives to anchor your bonds on better bases: more concrete and authentic. Beware of possible skirmishes on sensitive issues could still disrupt the frequency in 2021 (in February, June, and December). Between mid-May and the end of July, Jupiter helps you improve your daily life, find a job, get promoted, re-inflate your wallet, and restore your image. At the very end of the year (and until March 2022),Venus will contribute to bringing peace back home at last.


Last year's armada of planets in Capricorn has caused turmoil in your environment and forced you to question some of your family relationships and functioning. In 2021, Jupiter and Saturn help you free yourself from weight and responsibility, but not unconditionally. You may break up relationships that have disappointed you or kept you weighed down. To avoid painful confrontations, you need to find compromises to leave the ship without suffering from guilt. Between mid-May and the end of July, you could find a soulmate, rekindle the flame if you are already a couple, or even conceive or give birth to a child. An ideal period for creative people, but aren't we all?


Last year's cosmic state of affairs pushed you to explore your potential and extract resources to improve your income, find a job, or express your gifts more authentically! An in-depth overhaul has become necessary? Count on Jupiter and Saturn in 2021 to open up a broader and more attractive field of possibilities for you. But don't try to step out of line and play the card of caution to reconcile job security with a desire for autonomy, or even fantasy. You will express yourself authentically with those around you and clarify certain confusing situations. Between mid-May and the end of July, you may be tempted to move, invest, or buy a home. This is also a good time to warm up the atmosphere, close ranks within your family, and even start your own family!


If Pluto continues his work as an alchemist in 2021, Saturn and Jupiter will clear the floor and allow you to concretize and materialize the lessons learned (not without efforts or hardships). You have opportunities to discover new resources (talents, finances),get a higher paying job, or exploit your gifts more fully. But don't sabotage your chances by trying too hard to stand out and do as you please! Whether in love or at work, keep a sense of moderation and focus more on consensus than reckless risk-taking that could weaken your structures. Between mid-May and the end of July, your circle of acquaintances expands, and you begin training. From November 5th, Venus remains in your sign (until the beginning of March 2022),sublimating your aura! Enough to attract and, if possible, retain attention...


In 2020, you had to endure the presence of the trio Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, which operated a review of details in the shadow of your sign to help you achieve a milestone in 2021! If Pluto continues its work of cleansing the past, count on Jupiter and Saturn in 2021 to open another path and restructure yourself according to the lessons learned and understood. A fresh wind is finally blowing and invites you to enter the dance, but not without making a few necessary cuts in how you function in the family that has had its time and weighs you down. Don't hope to launch this new announced path without facing the need to break with elements and people from the past that were pulling you back. The trick is to change without necessarily destroying! A word to the wise...


If you've made big plans in 2020, you want to get them done quickly, and now in 2021, you're faced with the challenge of sorting out what makes sense, or not, or no longer! You need to get rid of specific operating ways that take you away from the person you have become over time, and through the experiences you have gone through. An exercise that is not always fun, but it is essential to start a new life cycle soon that you may already perceive between May 13th and July 28th, 2021: Jupiter makes a first rapid incursion into your sign, even if it is undoubtedly in 2022 that you will open the door and take the first step towards something else, elsewhere, or otherwise.


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