Predictions of Venus in 2023

Written by Alison

Venus is a planet located between the earth and the sun, like Mercury. Therefore, it is never very far from the Sun (in the same sign or in one of the two preceding or following signs). Venus symbolizes feelings, the way of loving and more generally emotional relationships and the need to communicate with others. In another field, Venus also symbolizes financial life, money, comfort, well-being. Well placed, it is a fulfilling planet, badly placed, it induces excessive desires and therefore frustrations.

Browse below all our predictions for 2023. If you want to know more, discover your personalized Venus calendar and its implications in love for the next few months - a simple birth date is all it takes!

January 2023

Venus quickly leaves Capricorn (on the 3rd),but not without fleetingly joining Neptune, focusing attention on love affairs and intense relationships. Venus then enters Aquarius and induces changes in emotional relationships and finances. These changes are supported by desires for novelty and independence. Original encounters, new friends, refined feelings and more interesting relationships can be a shift in emotional life. Friendships are favored, with a strong sense of mutual freedom. Some will find it difficult to accept the libertarian spirit that this untamed sign will bring to feelings... The jealous, the possessive will have a lot to learn!

The first week of January is very favorable to all artistic, creative, loving and playful activities. The mood turns a little sour in the middle of the month and break-ups are possible in relationships that were not really working. However, overall, the first three weeks of January are rather positive, shared between pleasant novelties, hot love affairs and probable financial gains. However, you will have to curb an overflow of agitation, sometimes unfortunate impulses or hasty choices. Giving yourself time to reflect before making any important decisions remains the rule. At the very end of the month, the entry of Venus into Pisces induces a great romanticism and calms down a bit the disordered aspirations towards an excessive freedom.

Some significant dates:

Sunday, January 1.
Intuition is powerful in love and business. You express your feelings with passion and feel like enjoying the moment without reservation.

Tuesday, January 3
Venus in Aquarius brings a great breath of freedom and independence to emotional relationships. Surprises of all kinds are likely in these areas.

Monday, January 9
Venus in harmonious aspect with Mars tunes hearts and bodies: attractions are powerful, complete as emotions and sensuality are in unison, it's a beautiful day to fall in love or to strengthen your love ties.

Saturday, January 14
Sentimental attraction becomes messy: you fall in love a little too easily and this area is unstable, subject to sudden unexpected changes. You need to be careful with your loves and with your money.

Sunday, January 22.
Those who have strayed into an unfulfilling love relationship could give up some security to find freedom these days. This is a good time to take stock of one's love life, so as to start afresh on the right footing.

Friday, January 27
Venus enters Pisces, a little sweetness and poetry in this rough world will do the world of good. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will be especially sensitive to the gentleness this transit brings. Only Gemini and Sagittarius may not find this "marshmallow" to their liking. For most of us, it's the good stuff that wins out..

February 2023

The first week of February is agitated, with a contentious atmosphere, tensions in emotional relationships, arguments, even settling of scores. Stress is contagious, relationships are frustrating and financial investments are not necessarily wise. This is resolved by the 8th, with happy changes in the way feelings are handled, new encounters or pleasant surprises in the relationship. This dynamic climate is supported by good transits of Mercury which makes the intellect more powerful, more profound, instinct and reason are better combined and decisions are made with a certain wisdom.

On the 15th, Venus meets Neptune. This is a conjunction that invites us to enjoy all of life's pleasures. Gentleness and benevolence color your exchanges, in a peaceful atmosphere. You can give free rein to the intuitions that lead to comfort and security. On the 19th, this trend asserts itself and true love takes deep root. This is a good day to make a promise, a commitment. On the 20th, Venus enters Aries until the end of the month and the mood changes dramatically in relationships between people, but also in the relationships you have with finances. Everything becomes tinged with will, boldness and impatience.

Some significant dates:

Saturday, February 4.
It is better not to polemicize today, discussions may easily get out of hand and lead to lasting conflicts. Similarly, impulsive financial actions (spending, investing) are likely to prove disappointing.

Wednesday, February 8
The heavens give lovers a lot of charm and seduction, but they also make you vulnerable to all the new things that come up in the emotional and financial realms.

Wednesday, February 15
This is a beautiful day filled with tenderness and togetherness. Creativity is exalted and artists feel inspired.

Sunday, February 19
Feelings become deeper and encounters made under this influence are likely to last. Commitments are sincere and deep. This is an excellent time to invest with little chance of being wrong as intuition is powerful and makes one clear-eyed, perceptive.

Monday, February 20
Feelings become much more spontaneous and over-the-top in a dynamic, strong-willed, somewhat self-centered, but mostly very impulsive climate in love and business.

March 2023

The month begins with a beautiful conjunction of Venus to Jupiter. This transit exalts great feelings, happy investments, whether emotional or financial. It is a good time to get together with friends around a good table, to go out, to invite guests, to go to a show... On the 11th, a sextile between Venus and Mars promises a beautiful harmony in couples and in emotional relationships in general. Hearts and bodies love in unison and tender and sensual moments punctuate this very romantic day.

On the 16th, Venus in Taurus will be in square to Pluto, and couples that are not working are likely to fall apart. This will be an opportunity to start again on a healthier and more durable basis. On the 17th, this trend will be confirmed and true love will take deep roots. This is a good day to make a promise, a commitment. It is a time for fine-tuning, better control of your sensibilities and the possibility of leading a more regular life. We take a step back, we detach ourselves from what no longer fits. It is an opportunity to stabilize or build a family or a couple. This sky tightens emotional ties, it is a sign that responsibilities and constraints are better supported.

Some significant dates:

Thursday, March 2
A beautiful openness to others allows for beautiful encounters and, for some, a commitment. Luck also favors those who have managed their money wisely.

Saturday, March 11
Heaven encourages us to give our best and wills are powerful. Original and daring ideas arise; it's a great time to make innovative plans!

Thursday, March 16
Some encounters are marked by destiny and relationships can lead us to change profoundly, to metamorphose, a difficult but salutary exercise!

Thursday, March 30
Encounters are unexpected, but bring fulfilling relationships. Entrepreneurship is alive and well, and on the sentimental front, love at first sight is likely.

April 2023

At the beginning of April, Venus is still conjunct Uranus in Taurus and promises some nice surprises on a sentimental level (financial too for some). But this conjunction can also generate some instability! At the end of the first week, the sextile between Venus and Neptune promises a very romantic atmosphere; it is an ideal moment to decide to participate in a speed dating or to accept an invitation. The climate becomes lighter and more intellectual from the 11th: Venus in Gemini reflects, criticizes and weighs the love situation. Discussions will ensue that will bring things to a head, for good or bad.

In the middle of the month, the square between Venus and Saturn cools down your ardor and you risk feeling alone. You should take advantage of this situation and question your emotional life in order to better manage the material aspect of your relationship and perhaps be satisfied with the essential. The end of the month is peaceful, without any important aspect. Sensuality is present and everyone is patiently building their future. Energy, willpower and common sense dominate all initiatives.

Some significant dates:

Friday, April 7
Romantic view of love, development of artistic qualities, great creativity. Chance brings beautiful sentimental surprises, it is an ideal time for original and unexpected meetings.

Tuesday, April 11.
Lovers seek to gain more stability. Passionate impulses are great, but healthy, lasting relationships are much more fulfilling.

Friday, April 14
Risk of disappointment, emotional frustration, feelings of loneliness within mismatched couples. This is a time to review the basics of our relationships to balance them or change them...

May 2023

At the beginning of the month, Venus forms a square with Neptune and induces some fog in emotional relationships. Love stories seem complicated, romance is heightened, but feelings are not very realistic. You cannot trust your intuition and it is better to wait a few days before committing yourself. As of the 7th, Venus enters Cancer and love is tinged with great tenderness, lovers become protective, but also sensitive. Feelings are on the surface and reactions are sometimes disproportionate. This will be resolved on the 12th with a sextile to Mercury which will help you to put things into perspective and to analyze your desires and expectations more calmly. Just after, the influence of Saturn reinforces common sense and allows you to make solid plans for a lasting relationship.

The second half of the month is serene, everyone continues to build on their recent achievements and benefits from a more tranquil atmosphere which allows them to actively deal with other areas that may have been neglected recently (work, family...). At the end of the month, the sextile between Venus and Uranus stimulates unusual encounters and good sentimental surprises.

Some significant dates:

Thursday, May 4

Beware of love illusions, love stories become complicated, you may meet people who are not free (or be the victim of lies, manipulations).

Sunday, May 7
The atmosphere is punctuated by softness, tenderness and is favorable for sharing precious moments with your partner.

Friday, May 12
A light and stimulating climate reigns in love affairs, it is an opportunity to discuss all the subjects that please and be seduced by beautiful ideas.

Saturday, May 13
There is a better control of emotions, affections become more peaceful, more stable, deeper. The relationship between finances and home life is excellent, this is a good time to save, pay debts or invest capital with little chance of getting it wrong.

Friday, May 26.
The heavens grant much charm and seduction to lovers, but you are more vulnerable to all the new things that come up in the emotional realm and induce some instability.

June 2023

After a brief opposition to Pluto as you enter Leo, Venus squares Jupiter on the 11th. In other words, feelings are likely to be at the forefront of your mind during this first half of June. Opposition to Pluto challenges the very foundations of relationships and forces us to reconsider the foundations and structure of our emotional life. When it opposes Jupiter, feelings become invasive and demanding, desires are powerful and egoism threatens some partners who are never happy.

Fortunately, on the 17th, Mercury will be very useful to put all your cards on the table and untangle the threads of tension in your relationship. It is through dialogue and compromise that the climate will calm down for a much more serene second half of the month when it will be possible to take care of the sectors left in abeyance, such as professional ambitions or personal projects. A month of June in two stages, therefore, where it is better to settle conflicts or disagreements at the end of the month, when complicity will be reinstalled and minds more serene.

Some significant dates:

Monday, June 5.
It is difficult to express feelings, even if they are powerful. Understanding is clouded by a flood of emotions that are difficult to manage. One must accept the transformations necessary to regain harmony.

Sunday, June 11
Cravings are very pervasive, whether for love or money, greed reigns supreme and causes very subjective frustrations. You have to keep your feet on the ground, a sense of reality so as not to want too much, at the risk of putting your relationship at risk.

Saturday, June 17
The dialogue resumes its rights in the sentimental sphere, it is a good time to find arrangements that please everyone, to forgive, to decide to move forward together, in the understanding and complicity found.

July 2023

Ending its course in Leo, Venus finds itself in conflict with Uranus which orbits at the end of Taurus. This is not at all the time to express your feelings serenely, ideas are too unstable. Your emotional life is difficult to manage, you tend to mix love and friendship without knowing what you are doing. This situation is likely to last a little while because Venus is slowing down its course before retrograding from the 22nd, so it will stay a little longer than usual in the sign of Leo and will suffer from the tensions induced by Uranus, but also by Jupiter who exaggerates everything and risks to create an unpleasant feeling of frustration at the level of your emotional life.

The New Moon on the 17th is very romantic, but Mercury favors a certain nervous tension, a lot of agitation. You will have to wait until the very end of the month to find a certain serenity in your exchanges and more constructive relationships. Mercury conjoined to Venus on the 27th will go in this direction and will allow us to dialogue with benevolence and team spirit, an excellent time to take a new direction together, fulfilling for everyone.

Some significant dates:

Sunday, July 2
The emotional life is going through turbulence, everyone wants their freedom at all costs, which may lead to sentimental breakdowns. The situation is likely to be unstable, between breakups and love at first sight, it is better not to get attached too quickly under this destabilizing planetary influence.

Saturday, July 22
This is not the time to invest or launch an artistic project. It's also not a good time to start a romantic relationship, nor is it a good time to break up: decisions are likely to be foolish in both cases.

Thursday, July 27
A beautiful atmosphere is established in all emotional relationships: pleasant, promising encounters are made and the behaviors stick perfectly to the speeches, it is a very harmonious mixture that favors constructive dialogues.

August 2023

All of August is marked by the retrograde of Venus, which remains in Leo, fed by recurrent conflicts with Jupiter and Uranus. This explosive situation is likely to play with our nerves, tensions may rise several notches. You should not give in to the temptation to say too brutally what is on your mind, because the effects could be devastating. The wise thing to do is to remain calm and not turn trivial details into sentimental drama. This retrograde creates tension that could lead to an impulsive, unhappy breakup.

This Venus stagnation also reduces the number of interactions with other planets, but on the 13th, with Venus conjunct the Sun, seduction is enhanced and you can put on your best face to spread and share a certain idea of well-being. In the second half of the year, activities will be intense and initiatives will be encouraged. This will undoubtedly be a good time to change your mind and move forward with your personal projects, without trying to solve everything on the sentimental level. Professional ambitions are protected and it will be a good time to refine your career plan while waiting for better days in the strictly love sphere.

Some significant dates:

Wednesday, August 9.
The climate is particularly explosive in emotional relationships: everyone pulls the rug out from under them and compromises, a good dose of wisdom will be necessary to avoid going towards open conflicts or even a breakup. Let everyone put things into perspective, keep calm and be patient until the situation stabilizes.

Sunday, August 13
The emotional situation calms down, it's time for reconciliations, agreements and joint projects. Seduction resumes its rights and exchanges become much more harmonious.

Tuesday, August 22
Today you must be careful to keep calm and not to dramatize situations. It is also a day when it is better to leave your bank card at home, at the risk of making impulsive purchases that could put a strain on a tight budget.

September 2023

The good news of the month is the end of Venus retrograde. After 6 weeks of retrograde, Venus resumes its direct course and liberates feelings, awakens desires, encourages everyone to be interested in each other. This is an excellent time to start a sentimental relationship. Tensions, grudges, reproaches and conflicts will dissipate. It is an ideal time to make up for lost time, to show tolerance and benevolence again by using your power of seduction wisely. You can reason with your feelings, you can give a better place to your partner, you can rediscover the taste for sharing, solidarity and complicity.

In the second half of the year, however, you will still have to deal with the last flashes of light due to the squares between Venus and Jupiter and Uranus. However, Mercury, which also stops retrograding, opens up new dialogues, there is really a way to explain oneself serenely and good will should be rewarded by more fluid and other-oriented relationships. Empathy replaces selfishness, it's time to agree on ambitious and constructive projects.

Some significant dates:

Sunday, September 3
The need for emotional security returns to its true meaning. Stubbornness becomes tenacity. Self-centered impulses subside and jealousy subsides. Benevolence and generosity resurface. This is the perfect time to reassure your partner of your intentions.

Sunday, September 17
There is still a risk of being excessive in love and financial matters. Those who still feel an emotional void try to fill it with sometimes harmful attitudes. You need to step back from frustrating situations.

Friday, September 29
There is turmoil in love affairs, one is led to make unusual and not necessarily rewarding choices. There are intense moments, sometimes pleasant, but you must be patient and protect yourself as much as possible from heartbreak.

October 2023

In October, Venus finally leaves Leo to enter the much wiser and more moderate sign of Virgo. However, this moderation may turn into frustration around the 10th under the very limiting influence of Saturn which forbids any emotional outburst. On the other hand, it is a good influence to take responsibility, to make a commitment, to propose marriage... The climate is not very romantic, but, in compensation, it is very constructive. Couples who are solidly united can now develop common projects, share their ambitions and move forward, hand in hand, in the same direction.

In the second half of the year, Venus will be in good aspect to Jupiter and then to Uranus. Feelings are growing, emotions are very positive and changes are happy. A new era is opening up for lovers and sentimental life is starting again on an excellent basis. Venus is also in a beautiful aspect to Mars, which promises a beautiful alliance between bodies and hearts, a perfect harmony to strengthen emotional ties and share a beautiful sensuality.

Some significant dates:

Monday, October 9
Venus enters Virgo and brings a sense of measure, of prudence. Practicality and seriousness return to emotional and financial life.

Tuesday, October 10
It's a little difficult to find a relationship that calms us and we sometimes react very badly to frustrations. We communicate little or awkwardly and this attitude induces insecurity in partners.

Sunday, October 22
Here is a time of happy, even providential events, which concern social life as much as the emotional atmosphere or health. It is an excellent climate for artistic, creative, love and play activities.

Tuesday, October 31
You develop new friendships or loves, are open-minded and have good ideas to share to make everyday life better. One is able to attach to new people while maintaining independence.

November 2023

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus face the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. This configuration induces tensions and excesses, but Venus is doing admirably well as she travels through Virgo, in harmony with almost everyone... The opposition between Neptune and Venus does not cause any violence, just ardent desires and a certain lack of realism in emotional and financial expectations. This first week is also characterized by a grand trine linking Venus in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This is an exceptional configuration that allows you to analyze your emotional life in depth and to decide lucidly on the changes to be made in order to fully blossom in your love life.

Venus then moves into Libra, his home. The time has come to take initiatives, to resolve difficult situations, to assert your values and desires. The climate is very constructive and projects are multiplying. No clouds will darken the path of Venus and all hopes for love are permitted. You will become aware of your needs and you will understand better and better those of your partner. Sustained exchanges allow you to agree and move forward, hand in hand, towards the beginning of a happy love affair. The second fortnight is particularly peaceful.

Some significant dates:

Friday, November 3.
In love, you feel a little misunderstood or find the situation unclear. It's best to wait a few days before making an important decision.

Monday, November 6
This is a good time to take charge of your love life with the goal of establishing healthy and lasting relationships. The feelings are deep and genuine even if the passion is not there, the most important thing is the harmony and complicity.

Wednesday, November 8
After a rigorous analysis of the situation, sobriety and common sense, here is the time of commitment and romance: it is a perfect climate to get married, to formalize a relationship, to savor the joys of life together with serenity.

Wednesday, November 15
Love relationships are marked by the current light and stimulating atmosphere, it is an excellent time to open and maintain a dialogue rich in proposals and lasting agreements.

December 2023

Venus completes her course in Libra and enters Scorpio on the 4th, awakening buried passions and exalting a torrid sensuality. At the same time, the square she forms with Pluto may call into question the very foundations of certain love relationships: everything that was shaky or has become obsolete as a couple may be shattered. It is therefore an atmosphere of connection or rupture, of bliss or anguish depending on the situation. It is a moment of purification in love where we drop the false pretenses, lies or hypocrisies to move to strictly authentic, tested and sincere feelings.

#ad_all_rightt# Between December 9 and 11, possible feelings of frustration should be soothed thanks to dialogue, to the benevolent listening of partners. Relationships are becoming more and more emotionally secure even if, around the 21st, a difficult final aspect between Venus and Uranus requires you to make some difficult choices. Christmas Day is marked by the harmony between Venus and Neptune, a promise of gentleness, benevolence and understanding in the couple.
Happy New Year 2024 to all lovers!

Some significant dates:

Monday, December 4.
Venus in Scorpio is exiled, some tenderness, some material achievements will not survive. But the main thing is that a clearer and more stable situation will be able to set up before the passage of this nice planet in Sagittarius (on the 29th).

Tuesday, December 5.
Some people make a defining choice in their emotional lives. This is a climate of sentimental maturation, fidelity, serious feelings. This configuration is a factor of duration in a sentimental encounter.

Saturday, December 9
Some tensions may temporarily spoil sentimental relationships. Emotions are running high and if one is going through difficult times, one may make a decision too impulsively.

Monday, December 25
The Christmas sky soothes conflicts and softens moods. You enjoy the pleasures of life in good company without asking unnecessary questions. Good intuitions and excellent imagination are at the service of well-being and harmony with others.

Friday, December 29
Venus leaves si Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. Feelings are fresh, spontaneous, sincere in a youthful, playful climate. Let's enjoy the good things with pleasure, but without going to excess.
Happy New Year 2024!

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