Full Moon Calendar 2021

Written by Alison

The Moon takes about 29 days to travel through the zodiac. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is conjoined with the Sun and is therefore indistinguishable to the eye. It takes 14 days to reach its apogee, in opposition to the Sun to become the Full Moon. Then it decreases for the next 14 days to return to the New Moon position. During the Full Moon, the night's star is at its maximum distance from the Sun. Thus, it forms an opposition in the opposite sign to its position. The Moon then reflects the Sunlight in a luminous disc. The Full Moon symbolizes clear consciousness. Everything that was sensed is now seen with clarity. This clear awareness of situations promotes our fulfillment.

Our relationships become more important than our personal aspirations. The Full Moon connects us to others and sometimes induces a state of tension (nervousness, insomnia).
People born at the Full Moon time are more objective and more nuanced in their approach to relationship problems. The Full Moon encourages discussion, negotiation, and compromise, but not always in serenity...

Full Moon on January 28, 2021

The Full Moon in Leo gives enthusiasm, good intuition, confidence, and creativity. It allows one to surpass oneself and concretely prove one's skills. The atmosphere is dynamic, relationships are tinged with generosity, and projects grow in size. But Venus and Mars confuse our feelings and activities. We must channel emotions to use them wisely. Pluto supports this process, which is now unavoidable.

Full Moon on February 27th, 2021

The Full Moon in Virgo induces storage and sorting. It encourages us to maintain our health, opt for a good lifestyle, and stick to it. Opposition to Venus can induce emotional encounters but requires some objectivity: to please yes, but not at any price. The trigon of Uranus encourages encounters, friendships, and all new things. Neptune's opposition warns us against fantasies and illusions.

Full Moon on March 28, 2021

The Full Moon in Libra is a powerful energy that pushes everyone to individualize themselves to better associate. This opposition underlines impulsive behaviours and brings people together in a certain frenzy, especially since Venus in Aries is opposed. It breaks the harmony quite easily by seeking satisfactions that are rather selfish and a little too impulsive. Pluto in trigon induces intense emotions that allow us to start on new bases.

Full Moon on April 27, 2021

The Full Moon in Scorpio internalizes powerful emotions. It is a Full Moon between power games, greed, investments, or excessive spending. The climate is discreetly overpowered. This Full Moon is particularly aspected. Between two oppositions: Mercury and Venus, square to Saturn and in opposition to Uranus, we are moody and impulsive. Unexpected reactions can surprise the people around us. One hesitates between feelings and reason.

Full Moon (Super Moon) on May 26, 2021

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a "super Moon" because it comes when it is particularly close to Earth. With a clear sky, we should, therefore, observe a Full Moon much larger than usual. It is a festive and enthusiastic Moon, a great day for sports and competition. Moreover, with the square of Jupiter exaggerating everything, it will indeed be better to exercise physically to better manage a stream of powerful and sometimes contradictory emotions.

Full Moon on June 24th, 2021

With the Full Moon in Capricorn, emotions are exacerbated but internalized. The sextile of Jupiter, however, brings good moods and makes people more communicative. Emotions turn towards mutual help and generosity. Financial gains are possible, but while remaining careful because, under the effect of the square of Neptune, disappointments are possible. In the same way, one can idealize others or maintain harmful behaviours to "forget" these disappointments.

Full Moon on July 24th, 2021

The Full Moon in Aquarius exalts our social life. Still, it stretches our relationships between the authority of some and the desires of autonomy for others. It is a very creative Moon for artists who can stand out by exhibiting their inventiveness. Saturn is conjunct with this Moon: we are serious in loving relationships, and feelings become more important. It is an atmosphere more reflective than active. Encounters are lasting, and existing links deepen.

Full Moon on August 22nd, 2021

It's a second Full Moon in Aquarius, which reinforces sociability and adaptability. It allows us to seize every opportunity to build rewarding relationships. Moods are cheerful and optimistic, thanks to the proximity of Jupiter. Moments spent with children are pleasant, and our relationships with our entourage are fulfilling. However, beware of a generalized tendency to overdo it.

Full Moon on September 21st, 2021

The Full Moon at the extreme end of Pisces opposes the Sun just before it enters Libra. Moods are fuzzy and changing. One examines the projects. Meetings, exchanges, and parties are in the air of time. We feel the need to act and move. The opposition of Mars risks generating agitation and aggressiveness peaks: one is more sensitive and more reactive. Fortunately, Saturn's sextile contains possible overflows and channels emotional energy.

Full Moon on October 20, 2021

The Full Moon in Aries exalts all wills, inspiring bold initiatives, but also sometimes problematic bursts of egocentricity. This is all the more true with the opposition of Mars, together with the Sun at Libra's end. Impulsivity can be a problem in actions, with sometimes heedless risk-taking. This Moon puts passion into associative decisions, whether to get along or to break up. Things are clearer or even radical under the effect of the square of Pluto.

Full Moon on November 19, 2021

The Full Moon in Taurus favours sensual moments, turned towards the pleasures of life. Mercury's opposition gives rise to hesitation and indecision, and Jupiter's square encourages excess. It is not the time to try your luck at gambling, for example, and there is a certain lack of organization. Pluto's trigon exalts intense emotions that allow us to change everything wrong to start afresh.

Full Moon on December 19, 2021

The Moon in Gemini stimulates the spirit of adventure. It gives our desire a great magnitude. You have to move, change your habits, and you don't stay still. You flee from monotony and stimulate your entourage. But, with Mercury's opposition, it is difficult to express the emotions that take over, to the detriment of memory. Jupiter's trigon induces optimistic and enterprising moods and fluidity in exchanges. Imagination is exalted, and one has lucrative ideas.

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