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Tuesday, December the 1st
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Horoscope for Sagittarius for January 2014

  Written by Daisy

The future in question!
Since the beginning of November, Venus has been heightening your desire for love and being loved, and living life to the full! This won't mean exploring the pleasures within easy reach or close to your heart indiscriminately, but potentially laying down foundations in a different way and from another viewpoint and outlook, a different way of feeling and experiencing emotions. You will probably have different aspirations and Uranus, who has had a tendency to boost your libido, awaken your desires and stimulate your imagination since spring 2011, won't try to counter this. Between now and the beginning of March 2014, you're going to try to work out your priorities in your intimate relations, but also your strong points and potential, so that you can make your choices from the right angle, Friend Sagittarius, and not be diverted by smokescreens, which would satisfy your ego, but not necessarily your creative ambitions. Nor would they foster relationships that would be inspiring or enriching in any way!

Saturn, who has been waiting and watching from the shadow of your sign since autumn 2012, will be waiting for his time to come to begin a new chapter in your life, Friend Sagittarius, but will probably have a tendency to confine you more within yourself than looking outwards. This will be sort out the essential from the trivial, close the door on the past which will be past its sell-by date, and rebuild your life on a more solid base, which will be fundamentally more in tune with your newly acquired maturity! Meanwhile in January, you will need to find a way between the need for greater depth required by Saturn, a quest for pleasure and the unpredictable stimulated by Uranus, and reflection on the means available for combining business with pleasure, without betraying your true self, but also without abandoning your thirst for strong sensations and lively emotions.

This will be a complex combination to achieve, Friend Sagittarius, especially since an enthusiastic and rather impatient Mars will build up the tension until next summer. Therefore, while Venus and Saturn will encourage you to take your time, you can count on the fiery planet to quicken the pace and usher in scenarios one after another. The future opening up and temptation enveloping you in opportunities to move forward, shake up and change things? It won't be a tension-free January, when you would be well advised to take a step back before leaping without a safety net. Hope you are listening...

My Advice:

It will be a turbulent start to the year, when you will be torn between urgency and caution. Between the two, awareness ...will need to be your priority!

Over the month of for January 2014 for the star sign for Sagittarius:

The first week (and the beginning of the month in general),
On the 1st, the new moon will highlight your finances and encourage you to be doubly keen to increase your income, boost your resources and develop your potential. You won't lack the determination or the opportunity this month to fit in with this!
On the 3rd, you should avoid pushing things too far and imposing your vision of the future on others, as this could worry them. Be moderate with your comments and don't abuse your ill-judged authority today, when you could end up coming off extremely badly. Tone it down a notch to calm things down, rather than stoking the flames!
On the 5th, power struggles and ambitions will come up against frustrating hurdles. Accept this without complaint, while waiting for something better!
On the 6th, your more controlled appraisal of the situation will enable you to watch your back today.
On the 7th, don't take any basic decisions today, when you will be too worked up to be effective!
On the 8th, you can expect to meet with opposition if you persist in wanting to force things through and impose your plans without delay! Be patient and fine-tune your plans, rather than annoying those around you, who will block your way!
On the 11th, with your awareness of your potential and a better thought-out management of your abilities, you will handle the past to good effect and learn some useful lessons for moving forward.

The second week,
On the 15th, you will have an eye for business and a stroke of genius. However, try to avoid overdoing it today, if you don't want today to be ... a flop!
On the 16th, the full moon will highlight additional income today (inheritance, returns, pensions, bonuses and interest) to boost your finances, but on condition that you don't back anyone into a corner, given that you will be anything but ready to let things go or be patient! And yet, this is what you will need to be, if you are to avoid problems!
On the 17th, you will succeed in airing your ideas very successfully and standing out from the crowd, thanks to your incisive arguments and original flair, which will take others by surprise, but go down well with those you have dealings with. A pleasant surprise encounter could be on the cards!

The third week,
On the 22nd, you will be bubbling with impatience and dream of accelerating the pace of change. Better however to soft-pedal if you don't want to be up against a brick wall on a day when nothing will turn out as you wanted!
On the 24th, you will manage to push discussion in the right direction (in your favour) and negotiate some interesting outcomes, which will give you motivation for the future.
On the 25th, a slack period, when the past will tug at your sleeves, fatigue will set in or depression will take over. Throw down the gauntlet and have a break!

The fourth week,
On the 29th, you will feel inspired, creative and persuasive, focusing on your difference ... to make a difference and plead your cause. You will basically be taken at your word, as you will know how to dominate the proceedings and bluff your way through!
On the 30th, the second new moon of the month promises to bring you many surprises and upheavals, inviting you open up the dialogue and keep it so, in order to avoid misunderstandings and plead your cause thoroughly, but don't overdo it!
On the 31st, there will be no point in persistence. Your demands will be refused. While the wheel is turning, avoid trying to force the issue, and wait and watch your step!

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