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2023, year in 7, is an ideal time to take a year off. In couple, you will settle down, define your respective roles at home and examine your achievements. Single people will have to face unexpected events and will be more busy reflecting on their daily life than trying to seduce...

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Year 7 It is a year of questioning, awareness, and reflection. Year 7 is an ideal time to take a sabbatical. Do you need to put an order in your daily life, make choices, take time, or distance yourself from some unexpected events? This year pushes you to lift your foot. In 2023, you learn to listen to yourself. There is a need to find your balance to reconnect to valid values. This is a year of introspection. A feeling of loneliness associated with frustrations could lead to withdrawal and a loss of bearings. In this case, the situation is not necessarily negative. It can create unexpected openings and unexpected opportunities. Professionally, it is a quiet year. However, some satisfaction will bring a little hope for a better future. Take advantage of 2023 to secure your back or to plan new projects.

On the feelings side, think about reviewing your priorities. Minor breaks are recommended. Better to take the time to think things through calmly than to rush and choose unsuitable solutions to a shaky love situation. In 2023, friendship and social life offer excellent prospects. In 2023 is a spiritual parenthesis, daily life is transformed. Adaptation and evolution contribute to a new vision of the future.

When it comes to love, think about reviewing your priorities. Small breaks are recommended. It's better to take the time to think things through rather than to rush into choosing solutions that are unsuitable for a shaky love situation. This year, friendships and social life will have a new meaning, offering beautiful perspectives. This year 7 is a spiritual parenthesis. Daily life is transformed. Adaptation and evolution contribute to a new vision of the events to come.


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