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Written by Daisy

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Year 6 is mainly focused on professional and personal stability, new responsibilities, the search for harmony, and benevolence (all areas combined). It is the year of consolidation. One builds on solid foundations. One improves on specific points. Balance is the anchor. In family life, we find true values.

Relationships are harmonized. In Year 6, home and well-being are critical. It is a year that brings about changes and upheavals; we have to adapt and tame some unexpected transformations. In Year 6, we must know how to give up the past and make room for the future.

Professionally, it is the year of responsibilities. By working hard, one will achieve positive results while focusing on one's goals. Actions are successful. Financially, year 6 represents security and the need to adapt the budget to one's desires. In year 6, family life takes on its full meaning, making sacrifices for those around you and ensuring the comfort of your loved ones is a priority. Old grudges and old conflicts are put to rest, and tensions subside.

Emotionally, in Year 6, you think with your heart more than with your head. It is the year of happiness. We consolidate bonds, we gather together, make children, and think about marriage. It is the year of renewal. It is also the time to question ourselves. It's time to give new meaning to one's life and multiply one's life projects. Moving or renovating your home can help you get back to balance.


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