Numerology 2021: Year in 5

Written by Daisy

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In 2021, it is an influence 5 that calls for change and mobility. The desire for independence and freedom is strong, even if it means provoking tensions and rebellions. Unexpected events are likely to punctuate this year 2021, mainly dedicated to changes, of course.

After the austerity of year 4, a great desire to emancipate is born, somewhat in disorder. Year 5 is a symbol of adventure, travel and discovery. It's a liberating year for many of us, and some of us will be eager to change our lives in 2021. Whether it's to move abroad, get together as a couple, or go to the country to try a new, more fulfilling routine.

On a more personal level, it's an exciting year during which we're eager to exchange ideas, move, study, and take advantage of every opportunity to have fun and grow. Everyone is keen to improve their personal life after a year of constraints, frustrations or deprivation. For some, it will be a question of moving or questioning oneself to be sure to start on sound footing from now on.

When it comes to love, 2021 is a year of meeting or breaking up. Couples who are solidly bonded can find a second wind by adding new habits or renewed sensuality to their daily lives.


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