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Sunday, May the 27th
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2018 Horoscope
2018 Horoscope
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The Sign of Gemini
Astrology: slim down for the summer
Astrology: slim down for the summer
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Love in this season for Spring 2018 for the sign of for Taurus!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: An Important Season for Your Loves!
If at the beginning of the season (end of March) Venus invites you to look at your state of mind (and love) in order to learn from the past and know exactly where you are on the emotional side, then this delicious Planet will push you to the front of the stage between March 31st and April 24th! No more a question of taking refuge in your dreams friend Taurus but to shine with all your fire and to make every effort to leave your solitude or to reignite the flame. You will be eager to communicate, to make yourself understood in your family between May 19th and mid-June when you will know, a priori, what to say and what to do to please and especially to convince the other and others to believe you, follow you and trust you, no matter what. At the end of the season, you will be concerned about easing any family tensions, closing ranks and taking care of avoiding certain misunderstandings that may arise. Especially if you show a new independence that will not necessarily be to everyone's taste and could then cause trouble in the ranks and the clan!

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st): It Moves!
In search of authenticity and structures that can guide you on the path of evolution whether social, moral or sentimental, you will start the season determined to use the principles on which you want to build your future. Between March 31st and April 8th, Venus enhances your radiance but no question, however, of taking love too lightly but instead of determining, as consciously as possible, what you want to live! From May 15th, Uranus enters your decan for a little revolution that could give you wings by the end of the year and especially the desire to break from the shackles and beliefs that for too long have constrained you. Between May 19th and May 27th, you will then have the opportunity to express to your entourage your need for more independence and to move forward now more free of your movements and your choices! Message apparently received around May 19th! You should end this season that was a bit overwhelming, preoccupied by some tensions that could appear in family. Are you afraid of your new positions? Between June 13th and June 22nd, you will probably have a lot to do to calm things down (the 15th and 21st) and make your loved ones understand that your desire for more freedom does not necessarily mean that you abandon them!

In a Relationship, this season, you will have the heart to authentically address your emotional life. Saturn pushes you to privilege the depth compared to a lightness that no longer fulfills your need to engage on the solid and Uranus, from mid-May is responsible for you shaking things up and externally expressing what, perhaps for a long time, broods inside you. This season promises to be very important for determining if the relationship, whether with your partner or your loved ones, must evolve to continue without affecting your new requirements. Take advantage of the beginning of the season (between March 31st and April 8th) to define your priorities, in order to manage, as gently as possible, the small (big) wind of change that could start to blow over your head and especially in your heart from May 15th. It will likely impact your emotional life for a long time!

Single, no longer a desire to live everything (or nothing) or anything. Saturn puts you in the lead and connects you to a genuine desire to live loves that can meet your emotional, as well as, spiritual expectations. No way of engaging in love stories that do not make sense! Especially since Uranus, which begins in mid-May, should upset some of you (especially born in the early decans) and create a desire (so far held at bay) to emancipate yourself from the rules (ancestral, related to education or old conditionings) that prevent you from living truly satisfying loves. Then prepare yourself to communicate deeply with your loved ones to explain this new way of working. Quit causing some friction at the end of the season (in June). But the game will be worth it, since all summer, Saturn will reach out to Uranus to offer you some great opportunities to link the useful to the pleasant, the authentic and sustainable to your quest for freedom. Alchemy a priori difficult to achieve but far from impossible. Follow up!

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th): Engagements are favored!
You start the season in full swing! Between April 8th and April 16th, Venus pushes you to the front of the stage and you will certainly not be begged to occupy it! Endowed with an irresistible charm and a mad desire to live your loves intensely, you will stop at nothing to seduce, rekindle the flame and have a good time, if possible in excellent company (the 11th, 12th and 14th)! You will, however, seek to live inspiring stories that will lift you from the ground and make you want to commit and re-engage from April 24th, when Jupiter will promote lasting connections and unions and may even invite you to seal in stone your projects or emotional ambitions. Notably around May 25th, when you will not be far from reaching an ideal and will probably want to give it shape and make it happen quickly. At the beginning of June, you should then hover on a small cloud (the 1st and 2nd?) and then hold the good cosmic cards to end a promising season in beauty!

In a Relationship, you will not lack the assets in April (between the 8th and the 26th) to enchant your partner, to amaze and then to rekindle the flame! By the end of the month (April 25th) Jupiter is taking care of tightening the ranks and should consolidate your choices and place you in orbit around inspiring projects that will allow you to consider the future in its best light. No way to settle for trivial plans but to aim for the best, to set the scene for a future likely to meet your highest expectations. Nothing should really be able to disrupt your deal this season when, if you keep your feet on the ground (at least one around May 7th, when you will tend too much to take your dreams for reality), you'll have the possibility to embody what you like and run the season a priori in osmosis with the other!

Single, if you found your soulmate last winter, chances are you want to formalize it this season and if you are still looking for the ideal partner, open your eyes and especially your heart! In fact, throughout the season, you benefit from buoyant influxes that could help you break with your loneliness. By April (between the 8th and 16th) bet on your magnetic aura to fly and hit the bull's eye (the 11th, 12th and 14th). You will hardly have any trouble captivating whoever you want. Starting on the 25th, Jupiter back in the field of your relationships could well multiply the opportunities to make crucial encounters and/or to engage yourself. Around May 25th, an inspiring situation pushes you to take off from the ground and connect to an ideal project of life (and union). You will be tempted to turn a corner and take the plunge! The end of the season promises to be just as galvanizing and promises you some beautiful moments of communion and sharing (the 1st and 2nd of June) if you stay (at least a little) lucid. Especially as to the means you have to embody your aspirations on the material level on June 6th and 7th, where you will not want to go down to earth. You are understood!

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th): Good Vibes!
If a little time for reflection is needed at the very beginning of the season then you would be well advised to sort through your emotions (that are not always rational the 23rd and 29th). Find out where you are and address, as much as possible, a new cycle of expansion as early as mid-April. So get ready to shoot for the moon and perhaps engage with someone who shakes up your usual bearings, who pushes you to evolve or strengthens your relationship with your lover. Nothing tepid or tasteless to fear but an intensification of the relationship that could contribute to your flourishing around mid-April. Venus will exalt your power of seduction between the 16th and the 24th and count on Jupiter to reinforce your bonds, to place, in your path, someone who suits you and in any case to make you want to share something important with the other! So you will have in April an ad hoc cosmic arsenal to gloat over and transcend an affective banality that is decidedly out of date! Finally in season, Venus will promote your exchanges and a dialogue with your entourage between the 5th and 13th of June. Stay tuned to your loved ones, enough to end the season in beauty and to approach the summer with your excellent launch!

In a Relationship, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by your moods, which are not always very constructive at the beginning of the season (March 23rd and 29th) where you will probably be a little torn between a need to love intensely and a fear of ruffling feathers. So, sort out your emotions in order to approach a new cycle of expansion that will be announced from mid-April? You will then have a clearer perception of what you want to live with each other and know what to say and what to do to strengthen and boost the relationship and steer it in the right direction, that of a common evolution towards something more strong and inspiring (the 14th, 17th, 24th and 26th). The second half of the month seems ideal to go beyond together and give meaning and breath to your union. The end of season will allow you to communicate harmoniously with your loved ones. Between June 5th and 13th, you will know what to say and what to do to please and maintain a constructive dialogue and then finish the season smoothly …

Single, if you start the season rather introverted and a little tense on the emotional level (difficult emotions to channel the 23rd and 29th of March), you will soon, from the middle of April, transform your hesitations and your state of soul, which is a little disruptive to certainties. You now know what you want and what you do not want anymore? You aspire to live stories that push you to evolve and push your limits. You could be filled pronto because, in April, the sky offers you many famous opportunities to turn a corner and why not, engage in a meaningful adventure. Count on a powerful state of affairs (the 14th, 17th, 18th, 24th and 26th) to make you live stories that are anything but banal, to meet people who will move you from top to bottom! Then bet on June to establish a lasting complicity with your partner, through a dialogue that will allow you to smoothly pass your messages and approach the summer with the best possible frequency!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This season could favor alliances and important decisions on the emotional level. Whether you want to engage or turn a page, you will first want to focus on the conditions that allow you to evolve personally and together. It's up to you then to make the right choices by perhaps trying to overcome certain points in the past and take into account as much of your essential needs as your desires!


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