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Wednesday, April the 25th
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2018 Horoscope
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Love in this season for Spring 2018 for the sign of for Scorpio!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: An Intense Season!
Since autumn 2017, Jupiter has successively boosted each decan of every sign and invited you to begin a new cycle of evolution. Whether emotionally, socially or professionally, you aspire to open a path, to fulfill yourself by acting differently and expressing, perhaps, more openly and fully your desires. This season, while some may struggle to get their messages across, others will have the opportunity to make the most of good vibes that will enrich their communication or reach an ideal in love. Anyway, get ready to experience some strong emotions that will transport some to nirvana and give others the opportunity to redistribute roles differently. A season to unfold then the most conscious as possible friend Scorpio in order not to miss anything and transform all that can be better or move the lines!

1st decan (October 24th - November 3rd): Important Issues this Season!
You probably have a little trouble keeping calm at the beginning of the season where you have the distinct impression of being misunderstood! A feeling of relative helplessness wins over you (end of March, beginning of April)? You will then seek to get closer to the other (others), to listen (April 7th?) and try to understand what is currently blurring the frequency. Perhaps you address the usual subjects and the daily routine with a seriousness and requirements that confuse your entourage and tends to cool the atmosphere at home a little? If since March, discussions about stewardship or distribution of roles drag on, do not have high hopes that they evolve before mid-April. You will have to deal with restraints and misunderstandings that will exasperate you. A result of the race at the end of April where it is very unlikely that you will fully find your account! You will probably have to wait until mid-May to hope that your situation changes and finally revive the exchanges! Indeed, from the 15th, Uranus tumbles into the area of your theme dedicated to the relationship and could then make some noise! The opportunity to finally express your expectations clearly, to free your speech and to guide the debates in a more constructive way. Nothing will be won in advance but you will not hesitate to say what you think and want. Notably it may be time to open the hatches and reformat your story differently. So that everyone feels freer and more authentic within the duo and get rid of an outdated mode of operation! A challenge that you will seek, not without clashes to fear and bear (May 16th) but with the deep desire to expand your horizons and give (give back) breath to your loves!

In a Relationship, you have trouble being understood or getting along with your partner? Discussions go around in circles and leave you with a bitter taste and especially the impression that you are not really on the same wavelength anymore. Count on this season to ask about the real problems and maybe you will connect to a new frequency in mid-May. The sudden urge to change the nature of your relationship and put a little rumba in the air? Why not? No doubt the best way to escape the routine, to feel more in tune with yourself and with your partner or for some ... to change it up or get rid of it? Follow up this summer…

Single, you aspire to express yourself more in resonance with the internal evolution that you have accomplished in the recent past and you certainly have some difficulties in managing your exchanges, which turn empty or go round in circles since the end of March. They will certainly resume more freely from April 15th but will probably remain frustrating. Do you have trouble getting your messages across? Do you feel alone or a little cut off from the world? From mid-May, Uranus may be able to help you turn a corner and reconnect with more effective communication. It will then be a question of laying down the principles on which you now wish to share and love. Bet that they will undoubtedly be a little different from those you planned in the past! The opportunity to bond more consciously perhaps?

2nd decan (November 4th - November 13th): An Effervescent Season!
You struggle to get out of hassles and debates that hit you a little (a lot) on the nerves since last month? You will probably have to contain your warrior moods a little (April 4th?) and wait until the 15th before the debates really resume and are finally settled and a priori to your advantage by May 6th! Focus on attentive listening more than on impatience, which is bad counselor, to resume a constructive dialogue around the 11th, 12th and 14th when the current will pass better between you and your entourage (and especially your partner). Between the 8th and the 16th in fact, Venus will make you want to take a step towards the other. If you have a little too much of a tendency to take off from the ground and lose all objectivity around the 7th, to see everything in big and to overestimate a little your powers then the second half of the month should reinforce your hopes and push you to hover in the higher spheres of love. Whether it's an ideal meeting or a climate of nirvana that pulls your duo up, you will undoubtedly enjoy the vibes that will not fail to promote your emotional development. Same in early June (1st and 2nd) where everything seems possible and allowed. You must strive to stay at least a little lucid on the 6th and 7th; nothing will prevent you, however, from closing the season at 10 meters off the ground (the 19th and 21st) a priori totally in osmosis with the other!

In a Relationship, if the beginning of the season makes you feel bad and bothers you (at the beginning of April), if you have to deal with problems of stewardship or management of tasks that horrify you, try to hold your horses on the 4th, when you are not immune to a fight and wait until the 15th when the exchanges should be more fluid and begin decisions and agreements that should be favorable to you. Bet on your desire to do well and close ranks on April 11th, 12th and 14th. The best way to revive the debates harmoniously. You will leave a relative impasse in beauty and will see life through rose colored glasses (May 6th?)! However, avoid fantasizing too much (the 7th and 9th) even if your desires seem at your fingertips and in your heart at the end of May (around the 25th) where you have an ad hoc cosmic climate to cross the wall of sound. It's time to embark for the land of love, to conceive a child and live on a small cloud without too much risk of falling! You will continue on this same excellent frequency at the beginning of June (the 1st, and 2nd) and should end the season well decided that the party lasts (June 19th and 21st)!

Single, an early season that is a bit irritating. You have to deal with daily restraints and discussions that lead to nothing and annoy you. Keep calm, however, if you do not want the exchanges to slip (April 4th)! Then, bet on Venus to smooth things over (on the 11th and 12th) and resume a constructive dialogue, which should leave you with satisfactory conclusions at the beginning of May. Finally free, you should then fully enjoy a clear sky and even a big blue one in May to make inspiring encounters and then abandon yourself without reserve to the vertigo of love. From the 6th you are in the mood to love and are ready to crack. Try to get a closer look at your most essential wants and needs (the 7th and 11th) without too much fantasy. Enough to tie it precisely to your dearest wishes at the end of the month when all the elements seem united for you to cross paths with your soulmate (the 25th?)! You will be delighted and filled in early June, with a desire to splurge on the 6th and 7th where you should try to keep (at least a little) a cool head but will probably forget all caution at the end of the season (the 19th and 21st of June)! All hopes will then be allowed and your ambitions in love will be in an excellent way to be reached, even exceeded!

3rd decan (November 14th - November 22nd): A Breathtaking Season!
Difficulty communicating and a nervousness that is hard to channel in late March (the 23rd and 29th)? Your thirst for managing a daily routine that hinders you too much in your movements? Try to make the changes you want to make as smoothly as possible and get your messages across without messing around! Then in April, count on a golden heavenly climate (around the 14th) to make yourself better understood and accelerate the changes you want to undertake, in order to open and follow a path that you like! No more question then of static on the line but instead of connecting with the other (and others) harmoniously and in a really creative way. Enjoy a second fortnight of April complicit in your desire to flourish and deploy your wings, to move the lines and communicate freely, without more filters on your desires. You will be supported by dynamic and constructive flows on the 14th, 17th, 18th, 24th and 26th! The opportunity may also free you from a weight that makes you feel more free to do what you want when you want it! If in May you have similar support (the 11th), however, be careful not to be too aggressive with those you love (the 12th and 13th). Use patience and pedagogy to invite them to adhere to your ideas and new proposals. Between the 5th and the 13th of June Venus will boost your affective ambitions. You will then aspire to give wings and meaning to your stories or to find that special someone, but must remain aware that your requirements will have to be a little under control if you do not want to scare anyone (the 6th) by perhaps expressing too ardently your desires!

In a Relationship, if you start the season a little bit on edge at the end of March where your desires are not unanimous and where you risk causing sparks at home, then you will benefit from cosmic conditions much more conducive to dialogue and understanding from the beginning of mid-April, when the sky emerges and places you at the controls of an effective cosmic standard. You will have no trouble then communicating what you expect from life and others now. No more stalling to change the way you operate on a daily basis. Enough to give you space and time to express your essential nature and direct your destiny to your idea; Whoever loves me follow me? No doubt we will understand the message during a second half of April where the current will pass between you and your partner (and others). It may be a bit more difficult in May (the 12th and 13th) to avoid short circuits. Focus on dialogue and a respectful and attentive listening to defuse possible conflicts. In June, you will have only one idea in mind: to evolve your couple and your love life in the right direction!

Single, a little on edge at the end of March, you approach the season not really decided to give into the essentials or what is essential for you now? Feel more free to navigate and manage your schedule and your daily life as you see fit. It is not obvious when we want to help you if you rush things without regard for the desires and sensitivity of those around you (the 23rd and 29th)! Wait patiently until mid-April to take a stand and then openly explode your desires that have changed considerably for a while! You will then enjoy an exceptional heavenly platform to accelerate the movement of change and express who you are and what you really want (the 14th, 17th, 18th, 24th and 26th)! However, caution is recommended in May (the 12th and 13th) where you will tend to get carried away and be hurt if you are pushed into your entrenchments. Prefer to talk and listen (at least a little) to what you are told. Enough, in June, so as not to frighten whoever you want to seduce by displaying a voluntary temper that is even authoritarian or too protesting. Fortunately, between the 5th and the 13th of June, if Venus actually boosts your desire to broaden your perspectives, she should be able to do it by exalting your charm more than your rebellious spirit!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

You want to convey your emotions and feelings as clearly as possible. For some, it will be about being well understood by their entourage, for others to live more intensely their loves. So be sure to take advantage of the seasonal flows to intensify your exchanges and/or to try and communicate more authentically with your loved ones!


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