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Saturday, October the 20th
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Keep looking on the sunny side this autumn
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Love in this season for Fall 2018 for the sign of for Sagittarius!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Cogito Ergo Sum (I Think Therefore I am)!
Venus and Jupiter crouch in the shadow of your sign and invite you to think more deeply this autumn rather than abandon yourself to the vertigo of love? It is indeed a question of looking back to the past and trying to assess where you are emotionally, in order to sort out the essentials from the superfluous so, friend Sagittarius, you can soon start a new cycle of your emotional life as wisely as possible! Some will appreciate this period of relative retreat where they will feel their feelings grow and assert themselves. Others (of the 2nd decan) will have more trouble, this autumn, managing their emotions and could generate misunderstandings even conflicts (in family) that they will have to try to avoid or contain so as not to sow too much of a mess in the ranks. The good news of the season (even if not all will enjoy it)? Jupiter arrives on November 8th in your sign (of which he is the undisputed master) and should, by early December 2019, give you a big boost!

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Major… Assets!
Projects by the bucket-load at the very beginning of the season (September 24th and 27th) and enthusiastic exchanges on the subject? If you spend a lot of time thinking about the direction your life should take soon, it's a safe bet that love will be part of it and that your deep thoughts will push you to close ranks and realize that your stories hold the road (the 12th, 15th, 24th, 26th and 28th)! Certainly, there will be concessions to make and some risks to take together (the 10th, 24th and 31st) but as soon as Jupiter will invest in your decan (from November 8th) nothing and nobody should stop you from deploying your wings (the 26th and 27th of November). However, be sure to seek the opinion of your loved ones if you do not want them to feel excluded from your perspectives (on the 20th and 26th) and become tempted to push you in your entrenchments or to criticize you! You should end the autumn and the year on the right track and supported by a dynamic situation, so do not be afraid of anything (the 21st)!

In a Relationship, a season you will not forget! Between adjustments that will allow you to better understand the meaning of your love story and the desire to renew it, to trace with the other the road elsewhere or otherwise, you will not have to ask too much of this autumn to definitely lay down the basics of your future,and build (together or not) castles in the sky and start the adventure from November. The only precautions to take? Consider the requirements of your entourage who could blame you for thinking of only yourself!

Single, if you think a lot and you lean (you go back?) on the past at the beginning of the season, it will probably only be to better confirm and strengthen your feelings that could make you want to turn a corner soon. If you are thinking of someone, you should take the plunge from November 8th or maybe more precisely in December when, after some hesitation (in November), you will understand that your choice is the right one. If you're looking for a soulmate, make sure you're on top of your priorities and get ready to catch the ball or find that special someone by this coming winter!

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Do Not Rush Anything!
You wonder about your loves, the past and the direction of your stories. Venus stands for some time in the shadow of your sign and decan and may well stimulate some emotions that are not necessarily very good advisors (around October 11th and 19th), the desire to change something, to express a discontent that makes you want to rush into things? Be careful that the tone does not rise too much and does not prevent you from expressing fully and in good conscience what is wrong! Bet on the first half of November to get your messages across as smoothly as possible with your family (on the 6th and 11th) and thus give you the means to make the changes you feel you have to make, that could even impose itself in a way that makes it unnecessary to turn everything upside down! Beware in December of maneuvers that aim to rule everyone (the 3rd, 5th, and 7th)! Unless you are under pressure from a loved one. Be that as it may, do not give in to the temptation to manipulate your entourage so they take your side and wait until the end of the autumn (the 21st) to intervene and act animated by love rather than by the desire to be right or impose your rules and ideas on your entourage. From the 23rd, Jupiter will settle by your side and should facilitate your initiatives and promote a new start ... for the better. ... be patient!

In a Relationship, not sure whether you are well-behaved or inspired this fall where, after two seasons, backed by the elements, you risk having to deal with annoying flows that could push you to rebel, moan, and attack everyone. If you support the mood of your partner or a loved one, you will not be ready to bend! Enjoy, in November, a safer flair and a sharper intention to guide the discussions and the course of things in the right direction (yours) but be careful not to disturb the game too much in December where you will not be able to pass the interest of the other ... before your own. Avoid any intimidation or manipulation, however, and if you are the one who supports these dubious maneuvers, wait until the 21st (or even better, the beginning of winter) to become more conscious and above all more in possession of your means !

Single, you will not necessarily be taken with a grain of salt at the beginning of the season where you will probably be on edge and angry (October 11th and 19th?)! Rather than rage in vain, ask yourself more about the substance and the reasons that lead you to the same conclusions and perhaps ... a deadlock. You will see more clearly in November and may be able (the 6th and 11th) to restore and establish a more harmonious contact with your loved ones! You'll be a little (a lot) tempted in December to fuel the controversy and settle outstanding accounts. If you can not avoid it, however, give up unnecessarily throwing oil on the fire or worse give in to the desire to sow discord in the ranks! Around the 21st, you should come back to better feelings. Waiting for Jupiter (starting on the 23rd) to come to the rescue and help you to begin a new cycle of expansion and (hopefully) understanding!

3rd decan (13 December 13th - December 21st): Nothing Stops You!
The fire is smoldering under the ashes. You have a feeling that your desires and projects, which you have in the works or that you have been thinking about for a while are about to hatch? Even if you will probably still have to wait a bit (mid-February) before entering the dance and opening a new chapter of your life, this fall you will not miss refining your plans and strengthening the structures! Especially at the end of October when the ideas fuse and where your proposals find takers? From November 6th, Uranus retraces his steps and invites you to make final choices (the 9th and 15th)! If Venus has inspired tender projects between the end of August and mid-September, it may be time now to decide and it's a safe bet that you will be bold! However, be careful not to upset your partner and those you love (December 1st) if you want to make them want to take your word for it and follow you in the adventures that you will probably propose to live together (the 17th and 20th)! An end of season that should not lack panache (or unforeseen surprises) until mid-February when Jupiter allows you to embark on the adventure!

In a Relationship, if you have any idea or project in mind, you will think about it this fall and will not lack either enthusiasm or arguments to advocate your case in late October (the 29th?)! Bet on the fall to put rumba in the air and invite your partner to follow suit. Your future perspectives are a little crazy, even extravagant? You will know magnificently and effectively how to flaunt your merits in November (the 9th and 15th). Do not rush the movement too early in December (the 1st) but do not hesitate (on the 17th and 20th) to move forward until Jupiter (from mid-February) opens decidedly and unreservedly the hatches!

Single, a season to start executing some projects (drafted since the beginning of the year) or at least briskly build castles in the sky. You will not lack genius when it comes to flaunting to others the interest they would have in following you (end of October) and if you have someone in mind (since the end of the summer?), your arguments could well hit the mark in November (the 9th and 15th)! However, be careful not to frighten anyone by advancing unceremoniously and imposing your plans that are exciting but probably confusing (December 1st)! Wait for the second half of the month (on the 17th and 20th) to dare, move forward, and embark with the other in your desires and delusions that could begin to take shape soon (from mid-February)!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
A crucial autumn on all fronts. Between an important reflection to carry out in order to identify your true priorities in love and a big vital breath that could make you want to take off pronto or soon, you will not be bored. Those born in the 2nd decan, if the climatic forecast (sorry ... cosmic) seems less favorable, do not neglect to ask questions about the background of your stories. The best way soon to get back to the surface and find out where you are and what you really want!


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