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Wednesday, August the 22nd
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Love in this season for Summer 2018 for the sign of for Sagittarius!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: The Future in Line of Sight!
You aspire to change your emotional life, your relationship or to find that special someone at the beginning of the season where ambitions of all kinds animate you. Until July 10th, friend Sagittarius, Venus offers you the opportunity, however, only if you manage to control your desires a little and not to let yourself be led by excessive passions and appetites! From July 10th, you will probably use your charm to mark minds (and hearts) in society where you will probably want to strengthen your influence and perhaps expand your circle of relationships! Between the 6th of August and the 9th of September, there will be projects that will enchant you and that you will want to dig into, in order to put them in place as quickly as possible. Since the fall of 2017, you are preparing in the shadows a window back to the light and should enjoy the summer to refine your strategies, in order to be able to soon turn a corner in full possession of your means! You should also end the summer in full reflection and well inspired to take a step back to determine what is worth preserving and what is worth improving, so you can turn some pages smoothly and open others starting November 2018, knowingly!

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Reflection Imposes Itself!
You start the summer a bit on edge, pressed by financial or power issues that keep you more or less agitated (June 27th and 30th and July 5th)? So enjoy the graces of Venus (between the 10th and 19th of July) to win the vote and make yourself noticed. On the 12th and 14th especially, enjoy society! The current has a little trouble passing between you, your partner and the others at the end of July (the 25th and 27th) and early August (the 2nd)? You are probably a little stuck this summer by professional imperatives and the desire to lighten the load a little, change the game or climb the ladder. As a result, you are not available for anything else and your love could be damaged or at least relegated to the background! Between the 6th and the 17th of August, however, you will have the heart to exchange with whom you love on tender projects that you have in mind (on the 8th) but you will feel a little stuck in your strides (the 10th) by a lack of means that cut your wings! Fortunately this summer, you have the support of Uranus which could allow you to open other ways, move the lines and release yourself from constant pressure. Especially at the end of August (the 25th) and at the beginning of September (the 7th), where opportunities are on the horizon to orient your destiny in a good way (yours) and thus to start breathing more at your ease. At the end of the season, Venus will invite you to reflect on your emotional life and to take stock! An essential pause in the end to determine what must be changed or abandoned in this area, so that you also feel in line with your thirst (rising, rising) to start soon a new round of expansion relieved of any burden or behavior that has become obsolete!

In a Relationship, a summer where you will probably have too much to do to devote to the other. You must face important responsibilities (financial, social, material) and, if possible, find the way out of a possible impasse. The situation this summer should help you perceive crisis issues and offer you opportunities to glimpse the future differently. A summer that is a little heckled but that should help open up prospects while you wait until the arrival of Jupiter in your sign and decan, starting November 8th. Another cycle of expansion is looming on the horizon and you will probably spend most of your time this summer preparing for the future. Your loves? Not really your priority. Note that from September 9th until mid-December, you will ask yourself a lot of questions and review what, in the relationship, may or may not hold up!

Single, you will not have too much leisure or necessarily the urge to flirt with love this summer, where you will obviously have bigger fish to fry. You will have to find, among other things, solutions to get you out of a financial crisis that pleases you or to make investments that burden your budget (a real estate purchase for example). You aspire to get out of a situation that is a little heavy by taking new ways and sometimes jumping on the moving train of opportunities. So you will be on the lookout both professionally and socially and thus, hardly available to make love to anyone. As of September 9th, you will be more likely to look back on the past than to embark on the adventure. Enough may be to determine what, in the end, might be right for you and worth your time!

2nd decan (December 3rd December 12th): In Full Positive...Preparations!
You are mobilized from the beginning of the season by transformations to operate, in order to prepare the future. Jupiter sits in the background of your sign until September 19 and invites you to refine your plans so you can hope to begin a new round of expansion in late December. You will have, this summer, many planetary supports to achieve it and win the game? You start strong in July (the 5th and 8th) where you open with zeal and talent to move the lines including family (a move, a baby to come ...) and can count a on your irresistible charm, around the 22nd, to win the vote as much in love as in business! Ditto at the end of the month (the 28th) where you could even use your assets to win the jackpot and find ways to improve the daily! The only really critical period of the summer (and again ...) is during the first half of August where you will feel a little stuck! You must prepare the future and perhaps give up some pleasures (holidays, trips), your ambitions take precedence over your thirst for escape? Accept, without complaining, a frustration that should give way around the 19th in the face of perspectives that take shape and projects that lift you from the ground! The end of the summer promises to be just as useful. So, on September 11th, 12th and 16th, you should have optimal conditions to develop and exploit your talents more fully, to score points on a professional level and then, in the unlikely event, move in the right direction with your family. An installation, an expansion and a new life cycle that is beginning to become clearer and should take shape starting in December!

In a Relationship, it's your family's future that you'll be thinking about this summer and you'll spend most of the season laying the groundwork for your future expansion. You will not stop trying to make the most of an infinite sky to put the odds on your side and open the window to your future. And your relationship? It will certainly have to wait until you have realized your plans and reached your ideal before regaining a second wind! A lesser evil in terms of what you have accomplished for your clan.

Single, you have this summer a head full of the plans that are important for you to realize and which probably need to happen in conditions you dreamed of and hoped for. You are therefore working to optimize your already important opportunities to lay the groundwork for a future life that inspires you. You will then probably be a little less available to sow your wild oats and more mobilized by your preparations supported by the sky than the quest for your soulmate. does not prevent the other, we bet that carried by your success, you will shine enough this summer to hope to attract in all directions!

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): You Work for the Future!
You start the summer more obsessed with the state of your finances that may leave something to be desired (June 23rd and July 12th) than by your loves, even if Venus can make you want to take off between July 1st and July 10th, to hover and invest in finding that special someone or evolve your current bonds! However, you will use more of your charm between July 28th and August 6th to shine in society and show off, than to really cultivate your attachments or create true prospects! Moreover, it is your ambitions that will be at the center of the debates for a good part of the summer, or discussions and negotiations could thus take precedence over your emotional life. Plan for exchanges on your professional expansion from mid-July. They should get trampled starting on the 26th and do not resume until August 19th, so you are now somewhat under pressure and docked! Your most tender projects find room between August 27th and September 9th, when love (or friendship) could resume its rights (the 3rd)! You should complete the summer (July 23rd) well decided to reinforce what you will have sometimes painfully learnt this summer! Starting September 19th, Jupiter will help you design and refine the plans that will allow you to open a new page of your story in 2019 and start a new life cycle that is a step up!

In a Relationship, if you want to take a vacation, preferably leave in early July where Venus will exalt your thirst for escape and between late August and early September when love should resume its rights. Otherwise, you will be somewhat obsessed with ongoing negotiations about your social evolution and will not really have the free spirit to splurge with a partner who may remain a bit hungry. Regardless, you are aiming for ambitious goals and should be able to reach your goals as soon as it becomes fall and to prepare yourself for a better future and, above all, more in line with your personal quest. And for the moment, let it be said, it's all that matters!

Single, ditto for you who will not really have the time or the availability of mind to seriously invest in a lasting relationship. You are aiming for goals that are important to you and will have to support close debates that will keep you more or less on the warpath all summer long. Not really then the best arrangements to play with love, even if one does not prevent the other!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
A season where you will often be super conscious of arriving at the end of a system or a mode of operation that needs to be reviewed and corrected. Use this summer wisely, that is to say to prioritize your priorities whether in love or elsewhere, in order to address the arrival of Jupiter in your sign (from November) ready to move forward and as much as possible without further dragging useless weights or leaving sensitive issues outstanding!


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