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Sunday, August the 25th
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The Sign of Virgo
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Tips for spending a cool summer
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How to accept criticism
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Love in this season for Summer 2019 for the sign of for Sagittarius!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: In Search (In Fact) of a New Breath?
Venus, from July 3rd, reinforces your personal desires, your libido, and your thirst for strong emotions but you must be careful not to waste your resources and your energy. Channel your aspirations so that they remain reasonable. At the end of July, until August 21st, you aspire to give breadth and meaning to your relationship. Between August 21st and mid-September, there is room for representation: you want to make everyone appreciate you rather than cultivate more intimate exchanges. From September 14th, you look to the future, friend Sagittarius, and you build tender projects with your partner, your friends, and your loved ones.

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Too Demanding?
At the beginning of summer you look to warm up the daily routine, even spice up your relationship but then be careful that your desire to make things happen does not shake up the established order. Do not enter the balance of power or tense exchanges that do not serve your purpose. You will be more comfortable at the end of August and the beginning of September because you will exercise your power of seduction in society with success. You can warm up the atmosphere without requiring that your partner responds to all your desires for change.

In a Relationship: you start the summer determined to break with the banality of everyday life, you have ideas that will give your partner the desire to meet your pressing expectations but beware of peremptory methods that could cool the ardor of your lover or sow discord. At the end of August and the beginning of September, you have important assets to realize your ambitions and you will make a good impression on the world to transform your private life as you wish.

Single: you want to spice up your private life so bet on the beginning of the season: your irresistible sensuality will serve your purpose. Then you will take yourself too seriously and demand that we meet your criteria of excellence and your imagination. Count on late August and early September to impose yourself on the social scene, you will have less difficulty getting what you want.

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Do Not Go Overboard!
You want to listen to each other at the beginning of the season but your partner's desires do not match your private or family aspirations. Venus titillates you in July but you have to contend with certain limits and frustrations that darken the landscape. Make the concessions that will allow you to make things happen within the family without sowing a mess. In late July and August, enjoy the good influences that will blow on your love to make sense of your story. Your magnetism will allow you to mark minds and hearts. Do not believe that you are allowed everything in September, whether professionally or family-related, if you are authoritarian or overly self-serving it may cast a shadow over your relationship with your boss or a loved one.

In a Relationship: Channel your desires that would ultimately hurt you by pushing you to demand too much of life and others. Bet on the end of July and August to direct your love to your idea and the rest of the time, take kid gloves.

Single: the best way to make an impact is at the end of July and August when you will convince your crush that you are the best, the most beautiful, and to love you. However, avoid asking too much at the end of June and July, otherwise you will be stuck and probably frustrated. In September, if you are too sure of yourself, you risk disappointing your loved ones.

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): In Search of Other Things!
In the midst of the upheaval of your values, you are torn between the need to satisfy your desires, enjoy life and explore your sensuality by developing other criteria on which to base your life. In August, enjoy the favors of Venus to live your loves more freely and give your bonds a supplement of intensity. In September, bet on an indisputable charm to shine in society and evolve your career plan in the direction that corresponds to your potential. If your private life becomes secondary, it will be for a good cause.

In a Relationship: do not try to achieve family perfection at the end of July, have a good time with each other, this is the only way to experience the beginning of summer in style. Do not ask too much, your desires may be upset by the need to transform your overall approach to life and this hiatus could frustrate you. It is necessary to contend between your sensuality and the evolution of your references, which change. In August, you enjoy a summer break to have a good time and take in the moment. You will approach the start of fall in full possession of your means and you will get what you want.

Single: you want to start a home or live well with your family. Stay tuned but do not get too deluded, it's up to you to evolve and develop your dormant potentials. In July, you are torn between a thirst for intense emotions and the inner need to develop your intimate resources just waiting to express themselves. Wait until August to exercise your power of seduction without interference. In September, you will have the opportunity to exploit your potential. The end of summer will allow you to make your way into the sun and to relax.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This summer you have trouble letting go of your personal goals. Whether you want to change your daily life or transcend previous limitations, you spend more time redefining what suits you personally than trying to make others happy. There is a time for everything.


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