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Sunday, May the 27th
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2018 Horoscope
2018 Horoscope
The Sign of Gemini
The Sign of Gemini
Astrology: slim down for the summer
Astrology: slim down for the summer
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Love in this season for Spring 2018 for the sign of for Sagittarius!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: A Time for Maturing!
The Sun highlights your love and increases your desire to seduce at the beginning of the season and from March 31st, Venus boosts your desire to please and serves you ... If some will sometimes struggle to overcome certain fears ( of lacking?), others will benefit from this rather constructive climate to launch family projects (investments, move, have a baby?) and to lay the groundwork! A season that should allow everyone to evolve privately and improve or renew their daily lives a priori for the better. So expect all of you to unroll a season often surprising, sometimes exciting but certainly promising. So do not miss any opportunity to move the lines (in the right direction) and whatever happens friend Sagittarius, get ready to commit soon to a new path, another story or to open a new chapter of the current one!

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Review and Improve!
Since last winter you have the feeling that your abilities or your potentials are reduced, that you have no (no longer) the means to give meaning to your existence? Effectively, you start the season a little down (March 23rd and 29th) and fail to express or even regain your energy, your spontaneity and your joie de vivre? Discussions started with the other are trampled and sometimes you return to a feeling of helplessness (the 2nd, 5th and 25th of April)! Try to add a bit of love and smooth over (soften) the angles on a daily basis (April 7th and 29th) until Uranus takes care of starting, on May 15th, to shake up some of your bearings. Count then on this free spirit of the zodiac to put rumba in the air and allow you to leave the frame. Whether acting on the tempo or the content of your daily life, this planet should electrify the atmosphere in which you operate somewhat and offer you some great opportunities to get out of limits that may have begun to suffocate you! If the energy linked to this cosmic emergence is a little disruptive and can generate some turbulence in your communication and environment (May 16th), rely on its power to start to move the lines at will, especially with your family where you have a thirst for change. Find a place that really suits you. In June, Venus boosts your ambitions and especially that of living loves that inspire you and allow you to escape the routine. You will not be afraid to cause a stir to generate reactions and to make your needs heard and understood. This is probably the moment to take the plunge! You (and the other) will probably catch up this summer!

In a Relationship, you have the feeling of vegetating, of not (no longer) feeling emotions that lift you from the ground and in fact you feel as though you are living at half mast? Count on this season to lead sometimes difficult debates that will tend to weigh a little on the atmosphere until the end of April. Even if you do not get satisfaction, these exchanges will however have the merit of making you want to move the lines and simply the desire for something else! From mid-May, Uranus could help you initiate the necessary upheavals (or at least to see the need) for hope, to renew and regain a taste for life. No more question then of settling for ... but to find ways to introduce more fantasy in everyday life. Even if it means changing the deal (job, habits, attitude) to reconnect with the fantasy that you lacked. There will be reluctance and resistance to face and overcome this season but you will have the feeling of mobilizing the essentials, in particular so that your life and your couple do not get bogged down in the monotony!

Single, whether you just broke, are working on yourself or looking for a soulmate, you will have to contend at the beginning of the season with a feeling of frustration that will not always put you in a very good mood and even less in an excellent disposition to flirt with love. Do you feel that your approach to life is empty, that old recipes are running out? It is probably time to review your values and redefine what really matters to you. What (or whom) do you really need, beyond clichés, to access happiness? If you do not know, count on Uranus by mid-May to take off your blinders and help you open the hatches. A cool and sometimes breezy wind could blow over your heads and even if it does not place that special someone on your tracks, it could allow you to go somewhere else or find other ways to be happy!

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Beautiful Perspectives!
If, you are invested in debates that get on your nerves and are trampled since the end of March, try as much as possible to avoid the clashes and bickering in early April, where you will not be caught taking things with a grain of salt. The other, either! If there are disagreements between you on financial matters, for example, lower your voice and do not take anything too personal (April 5th?)! Bet on your irresistible charm more than on your polemical spirit to have the last word in early May, when your goodwill and your sharp arguments should eventually get the better of others' reluctance. You will be particularly charming and will be listening to your entourage between May 2nd and May 11th, where Venus promotes closeness and promising encounters. At the end of May, you will benefit from particularly effective support on the occult plan (on the 25th) to meet all the conditions necessary for the construction of a family project that is close to your heart. Enough to follow at the beginning of June (the 1st and 2nd) where everything seems to evolve at will and at the end of the season (June 19th and 21st) where you will have a priori, an unsurpassed talent to make the most of your support and finally get what you like and could soon allow yourself to build your family bases on comfort or solid ground!

In a Relationship, if the beginning of the season puts you under pressure, if you have a hard time winning in conversations or exchanges with those you love, if you have to fight hard to impose your proposals and defend your options, you should be successful at having others around you believe and follow you by May 6th. Then? Venus will boost your power of seduction, which you should make delicious use of between May 2nd and 11th, where you will have only one desire: to reconnect with a complicity that you lacked. At the end of May, you will be able to unite around a project of life that inspires you (the 25th) and should then end the season in on an excellent path (the 1st and 2nd of June but also the 19th and 21st) to soon build the nest where you want to house your loves or reorganize your home so that it allows you to fully flourish!

Single, a little irritable and irritated in early April when discussions get bogged down and where you have a hard time imposing your point of view or defending your values. Avoid riding too much on your big horse (or centaur, dear sagittarius) around April 4th where voices could be raised! You will eventually convince and win the bet by the beginning of May where your desires could begin to materialize (the 6th?)! At the end of May (the 25th?), You will benefit from an ad hoc situation to lay the foundations of an ideal that you dream of embodying. Whether it is a home, a place to live or buy, or a move to make, you will have all the elements in hand for your projects to move in the right direction! You should then end the season on this excellent path (the 1st, 2nd, 19th and 21st of June) determined to expand in loving company or at least in an environment that you like!

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st):
Do not push things too far at the beginning of the season (end of March) when, if you aspire to live too passionately, you could somewhat scare your entourage who will not necessarily appreciate your excess and slip ups (the 23rd and 29th of March) ! You will be more (and above all better) inspired in April, around the 14th, when you could get the means (and funds?) to guide your destiny according to your deepest desires. An opportunity to change the setting, job or even life? Bet on your intuitions and behind the scenes support to accelerate the movement of change that should become clearer in the second half of April rather conducive to your development (the 17th, 18th, 24th and 26th)! Nothing and no one can stop you from doing what you want and setting the stage for a dream life. You will probably know what to say and what to do in May (the 11th) to rally the votes around your plans but you will have to be careful (on the 7th, 12th, and 13th) not to trigger controversy by imposing without any doubt your desires. Bet on consultation and your charm (between May 11th and 19th) to get everyone to agree. You should then end the season proud of your accomplishments and with a magnetic personality, as you like it (between June 5th and 13th)! Enough in any case to overcome the fears of your entourage who will not necessarily have the same confidence as you ... in your powers! It's up to you to convince them (on the 6th) without constraining them!

In a Relationship, you start strong and approach the season ready to create sparks (the 23rd and 29th), to reach your ends and dictate your laws. Try being more gentle during the second half of April which favors initiatives based on your feelings and your flair but is also a call, a priori fruitful, to those who can support you and relay your efforts and actions (the 14th, 17th, 18th, 24th and 26th)! You will then certainly succeed in scoring points, marking minds and the heart of your partner is probably amazed by your confidence, your audacity and your ability to move the lines at your leisure. Bet on your aura in May (between the 11th and 19th) to tighten the ranks again and on June (between the 5th and 13th) to exercise your power of seduction and casually pull the strings. Enough to lay the foundations of the future ... for certain!

Single, you're tackling the season at top speed and not really making concessions. You aspire to live passionately and jostle the rules (March 23rd and 29th)! No more procrastinating but instead decided to finally orient your destiny to your idea. Whoever loves me follow me? It may well be that you reach your goals (whether to keep a love or find one) in the second half of April where you will not hesitate to discover. You will instinctively know what to ask and who to seek to push the boundaries of the possible and transform what is to be according to your wishes (the 14th, 17th, 18th, 24th and 26th of April)! In May, Venus will increase your power of attraction between the 11th and 19th; use it to attract (and remember) whoever you want in your nets and embark on your projects! You should then end the season in beauty, if you do not abuse your charms at the risk of scaring those who aspire to follow you but not at any price!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

With Jupiter, who since the autumn of 2017 has been watching in the shadow of your sign, you are certainly beginning to define, identify and prepare what is coming and should fully bloom at the end of the year. Then enjoy this season favorable to change to gently or more conspicuously jump on the bandwagon because wherever it goes, it should sooner or later lead you to good!


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