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Sunday, August the 25th
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The Sign of Virgo
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Tips for spending a cool summer
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How to accept criticism
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Love in this season for Summer 2019 for the sign of for Libra!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: In Need of Some Lightness?
At the beginning of the season, you want to evolve your emotional ties, then (July 3rd to the 28th), you use your charm to seduce in society, friend Libra, and to maintain your loves. You want to escape heavy responsibilities with your family but, as of July 28th, you are ready to nourish tender projects. Take the time, between August 21st and mid-September, to look back over the past year to take "inventory." Starting September 14th, you will know where you are and what you want to continue or start. Venus in your sign will equip you with the necessary assets to launch a new cycle of expansion.

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd): Don't Put Pressure on Anyone!
Uranus upsets everything that has been frozen for too long, you can count on the atomic energy of this planet to make things move professionally at the beginning of the season. Then be wary of a tendency to impose your ideas and projects, which will not be unanimous: your family, friends, and faithful ones will not appreciate your way of pushing them to achieve your goals. Be more diplomatic if you want to embark with those you love in your dreams. You will be more subtle in late August and early September, you can influence your entourage to make the necessary changes without rushing anyone. From the 14th, Venus invests in your sign. This period is ideal to reignite the flame or seduce.

In a Relationship: you have an indisputable charm at the beginning of the season and you practice it to improve your professional status rather than to coo with your dear and tender. You aspire to see your existence evolve but do not exaggerate anything at the end of July and August, if you want your loved ones to adhere to your projects without finding them too bold or risky. It is by limiting an enthusiasm which no one shares that you will best succeed at making things happen, especially in late August and early September. From the 14th, Venus will illuminate your sign and greatly enhance your seductive power. You will end the summer in beauty and in love.

Single: this summer you have an irrepressible desire to change your social and professional life, you will have the means in late June and early July: your charm will operate and you will be worth some success. This is not a reason to force others to follow you with closed eyes on sometimes dangerous paths in late July and August. You will not convince anyone by force but if you act gently, with more psychology than authority, you will have more chance to win the vote in late August and early September, as you wait for Venus to give you favors and place you center stage.

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): Between Dream and Reality!
Too enthusiastic at the beginning of the season, you want to free yourself from constraints that weigh on you too much, but you are tempted to ignore reality. In July, Saturn calls you to order around the 9th and 17th, even if you decompress, this austere planet darkens your horizons and restrains your impulses. It will be better in late July: projects mobilize you and you exchange with happiness and hope on the subject. In August, you feel loved and surrounded again, the future smiles on you, provided that you do not take advantage of these moments of grace to feed crazy ideas and generate misunderstandings with relatives who find that you see too big and that your plans do not hold the road. Avoid influencing anyone quietly, you will not succeed. Assume your responsibilities while waiting for Venus to visit you in the early autumn and give your heart a treat.

In a Relationship: the main challenge of the summer is to keep a sense of proportion and contend between disproportionate enthusiasm and a lowered morale. Between Jupiter pushing you to exaltation and Saturn bringing you back down to Earth, you find it hard to find lightness. Bet on the end of July and August to decompress and reserve a few moments of complicity to share with each other.

Single: between family expenses, problems of stewardship, and a crazy desire to have a good time, you will have to hang on this summer: to dream and project yourself into the future to which you aspire and without forgetting that everything has a cost.

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): Take Stock at Home!
With Pluto, you are confronted with your family history, it is time to understand how it influences your behavior to get rid of what blocks your development. Do not break with everyone but integrate the lessons you draw from this introspection to move forward on new bases, yours. In July, you will have trouble dodging this conditioning, your desire to connect with the world and shine in society will be hindered by internal turmoil that will blur the frequency. If discussions go around in circles, bet on sweetness to overcome this. Your mind and your heart will be free in August to have a good time, enjoy your friends, and nurture tender projects. In September, you will think about the best way to transform your family relationships and make them evolve. Take a step back to act wisely and not under the influence of uncontrolled emotions, which are bad counselors.

In a Relationship: the foundations of your existence are problematic and influence the relationships you have with your loved ones. To harmonize your bonds, see how you interact with your family members and change things. This is the best way to unravel problems, see a better future, and find the opportunity to connect with your loved ones.

Single: this summer, you have to start by clearing the way, think about what to eliminate or integrate in order to move on to a more conscious approach to what sometimes connects you in a destructive way to your loved ones. This will free you from a past and base your current options on a hard-won maturity.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

You thirst for change. Whether it is to ease family expenses or transform your functioning within the family or your relationship, you swing between joy and stress. Take a step back on your emotions to mitigate the negative impact and optimize the dynamic effect, even euphoric.


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