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Sunday, May the 27th
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2018 Horoscope
2018 Horoscope
The Sign of Gemini
The Sign of Gemini
Astrology: slim down for the summer
Astrology: slim down for the summer
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Love in this season for Spring 2018 for the sign of for Gemini!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Other Priorities?
A season more dedicated to evolving your career plan and your bank account than to sowing your wild oats? You will indeed have little time to give to your loves this season friend Gemini and you use your power of seduction probably more to soften your boss or banker than to hit the bull's eye in love. However, count on Venus to give you tender weapons and exalt your charm between April 24th and May 19th, when present in your sign, it will invite you to start a new cycle of your love life, perhaps more in good conscience. At the very end of the season, Venus will encourage exchanges with relatives but also friendly or emotional encounters. So nothing particularly exciting to predict this season? Let's bet that you will have other important challenges to overcome and that you will hardly suffer from this relative neutrality, as busy as you will be developing your business and/or earning money!

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): A Head and Heart Elsewhere!
Do you have anything else to do but flirt with love now? Are you under financial pressure or accountable to your boss? Bet on a Venus discreet but probably effective between March 31st and April 8th, to mobilize those in the shadows who are willing to defend your interests. Also take advantage of this period to take stock of the past year and prepare to tackle a new one from April 24th. Between April 24th and May 2nd in fact, Venus slips in your decan and should then allow you to find your way. You will not necessarily feel in the mood to put on a show but more willing in any case to raise your head and regain self-confidence and your enormous potential! At the end of the season (between the 13th and 22nd of June), there is room for dialogue. You will be eager to be listened to and heard and will use your legendary eloquence and irresistible charm to try to get your messages across and end the season smoothly …

In a Relationship, as a warning, this season will hardly be the season for love. Inform your partner that you will have better (well, more) to do than to pamper them and to send them big declarations of love. Try to explain that you are actually focusing on keeping the finances afloat and keeping the family clan safe. Whether you are a family supporter or not, you will be mobilized primarily by your business. So, rather than giving the impression that you are losing interest in everyone, prefer to associate your partner in your concerns and make them feel important; which will certainly be true! At no point in the season, do you neglect the support that goes on behind the scenes. Use your charm to protect your initiatives and projects and watch your back. It will be very useful for you to cross this season, which is a bit arid! From May 15th, you will benefit from the energy of Uranus which could well relay your efforts and allow you (this summer) to get your head out of the water and maybe then to put yourself back in the race for love!

Single, if you thought of escaping a somewhat austere atmosphere by seducing in all directions, it failed! But you're mind wasn't really into it, let alone your heart. Certainly you regret not being accompanied advantageously to support some turns that are a little difficult to take on the material plan or the daunting challenges that await you? However, you will have to do this more often with this season, when your only concern will be to find ways to cope with what is coming! The good news ? Uranus should stimulate your hidden resources or help you mobilize some occult influxes that will support you in some moments that are not necessarily funny in mid-May. While waiting? Keep a good heart in the face of bad luck and serve (without abusing, however) your indisputable power of seduction to rally your troops and put in your pocket anyone who could prove invaluable to guide your future in the right direction!

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th): A Charm that Serves Your Interest!
You will probably be much more focused on running your business this season than on expanding your emotional life that should temporarily take a back seat to your priorities. In April, you will be especially keen to boost your finances and/or fight for more power and more room for maneuver professionally or materially. If you certainly have some success in this chapter, you will have less time to devote to your partner and others. It's up to you to make it clear to whom you love or want to attract in your nets that you are not currently available to play the game. You will have the charm necessary to casually enchant (manipulate?) everyone in April (between the 8th and 16th) where a discreet but effective Venus could help you extend your influence (the 11th, 12th and 14th) ! Between May 2nd and May 11th, Venus present in your decan will play for you, as long as you do not abuse your charm too much, particularly to force the hand of your boss or those who hold the reins! Between May 27th and June 5th, count on this delicious planet to help you climb to the top while waiting for the summer when your love should finally regain a second wind and more space in your schedule!

In a Relationship, not really concerned with love this season? You have better things to do? You should actually mobilize fully to achieve an ideal on the professional level, fulfill a mission that matters to you and have no other idea than to serve this cause, whether social or purely professional! So love will wait and your partner will surely be satisfied this season, by seeing you working hard to succeed and will gloat when you reach your goal. Explain to them that you count on their support to advance and accomplish feats and that you will be eternally grateful for their efforts to promote your personal growth. Do not forget to tell them that you will be grateful to them later. Waiting to prove to them soon that it's true!

Single, you'll probably have a lot to do this season to seize every opportunity that comes your way to achieve a dream or a goal that inspires you on the professional level. You will therefore be, by the force of things, less available for love and less concerned temporarily with purely emotional fulfillment. You will, however, perfectly distill your charm between April 8th and 16th to captivate those who can facilitate your passage and serve your goals. You will shine brightly between May 2nd and May 11th. Be careful, however, not to overuse this radiance at the risk of blinding more than seducing and risk causing some misunderstandings (the 7th)! At the end of the season (between May 27th and June 5th), Venus should increase your talents and your ability to express them. Enough to dazzle everyone waiting to reconnect with the vertigo of love and jump start the adventure soon!

3rd decan (June 11th -June 20th): Focus on Your Money More than Your Heart!
Be careful at the beginning of the season not to build castles in the sky that are too extravagant (March 23rd and 29th) if you do not want to sow panic in the ranks and scare everyone! Especially since you have excellent cards this season to change your situation in the right direction and turn what should be (professionally) to your advantage! Bet on your ability to captivate whoever you want and seem to fly between April 16th and April 24th where you will have an unsurpassed talent to win the vote and actually achieve whatever it is you have targeted. Nothing really romantic or loving in this process that will be mainly intended to allow you to place your pieces in the right spot and undertake a project that you like! You will be able to count on your friends and your entourage to support you but will be decidedly more concerned by the evolution of your career than by the development of your emotional life, which will probably have to wait a little to return to the front of the stage and at the center of your priorities. Between May 11th and May 19th, Venus should however exalt your power of seduction and why not your libido. But, it is a safe bet that you will use your assets more to seduce whoever can serve you than to embark on the adventure or honor the partner who will probably have to wait for your goodwill before hoping for a little more attention from you!

In a Relationship, until the end of April, you are on target at the professional level or the opportunities to stand out are multiplying! No real time then to devote to your partner? They will not complain if you avoid, at the beginning of the season, going into a tailspin (late March) and seek to bring them on routes that are too expensive for their taste! In April, you will benefit from a much better environment that will facilitate your flights (financial?) And will allow you to move the lines at your leisure (the 14th and 24th)! If you can actually rely on friendly relays, the support of your partner and an entourage anxious to support and encourage your evolution, you will however spend more time and will use your charm certainly more to promote your cause than to take care of your loved ones! Between May 11th and May 19th, enjoy the graces of Venus to spice up your emotional life even if your partner decides that heading for the land of love will undoubtedly be postponed!

Single, you do not want to miss any opportunity (and there should be many) to jump on the bandwagon, but this season will be more about work than love! You will be primarily focused on the changes to make to your career plan and will certainly neglect cultivating a framework for love that will have to wait until you have scored points in the office or multiplied your assets in the bank! In April, count on flows that carry you to relay your desires and promote your business. You will then be infinitely talented to coax whoever you want and put everyone in your pocket. Nothing however really when it comes to love, which should remain largely dominated this season by the defense of your interests! Venus will exalt your aura between May 11th and May 19th, but will not really succeed in diverting you from your primary goals. You will have to cross and close the season more turned inward than willing to take care of anyone other than you!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Gifted as you are in seduction, try to use your powers this season to serve your cause and subtly influence an entourage that could be sensitive to your arguments as long as you do it politely!


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