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Wednesday, November the 20th
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Love in this season for Fall 2019 for the sign of for Capricorn!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Take a Step Back!
No doubt you will be more inclined to play your charm to draw attention to yourself in the office than to devote yourself entirely to enriching your love life at the beginning of the season. From the 8th of October (and until the end of the month) you are back in touch with tender projects that are important to you! You will then have an interest in thinking deeply and taking the necessary step back in November to fine-tune the contours and try to identify what really matters to you or not (or no longer)!

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd) : Autumn A Priori ... Boiling Hot
You are probably looking for more fun and spice! Uranus tends to put a little (a lot) rumba in the air and makes you want to move the lines to change the rules and restore dynamism and color to your emotional life, which may be fading a little too much for your taste! You will probably want to speed up the movement in October by building castles in the sky that can make your intimate life take off. Be careful, however (on the 7th, the 12th, the 28th), not to overdo it and especially to notify your partner and consult them on the subject before undertaking anything, if you do not want them to take it badly! Same thing in November (the 24th) where, if you decide for everyone, you are likely to trigger a clash! Fortunately, from the 28th, Venus takes the controls! This delicious planet boosts your charisma and your desire to seduce! Bet on the 28th to hit the ground running and on the beginning of December (the 3rd) to finish charming whoever you want.

In a Relationship, this fall, try to channel, at least a little, the frenzy that might push you to provoke your partner. Beware then of their reactions that could be lively in October and November! Wait for Venus to sublimate your aura and give you a crazy magnetism to convey your messages (a little transgressive perhaps) without meeting too much rejection from your lover (late November-early December) and around December 15th to definitely drive it where you want to go!

Single, certainly your desire to live less conventional loves are legitimate but try, this autumn, to express your wishes to please by being polite! Otherwise, you risk shocking your crush and seeing them flee. If you really need fantasy, be sure to paint a picture of your fantasies that seduces rather than frightens. If, until November, you tend to do too much to cultivate the meaning of nuance, you will, however, from the end of November (the 28th) have the art and the way of presenting things so that your crush no longer has the least desire (the 3rd and 15th of December) to resist your attractions and daring proposals!

2nd decan (January 3rd - January 11th) : A Definitive Course Towards More Maturity!
Brilliant and charming, you will have a unique talent for impressing your audience, and you will not deny it at the end of September, where you will probably plan to prepare for what comes and put your colleagues and your boss in your pocket (the 24th and 28th of September)! Be careful, though (on the 22nd, the 25th), not to find yourself too wrapped up in a thirst for authenticity. Define yourself in line with the evolution you have accomplished and the decisions you have made recently (in 2019)! Follow the same advice around October 7th, when you will not necessarily feel comfortable when it comes to dealing with the rigor that lives in you and the need to shine in society! Fortunately, from mid-October, you put all your attention and your heart at the service of realizing essential projects that make sense for you (the 14th, 15th, 20th, and 21st)! Then, if you carefully avoid (on the 27th) being bossy and playing the fool, in November, you will be able to congratulate yourself for guiding your future as you wish and in respect of your requirements (the 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 28th, and 30th of November)! An ideal month to realize your goals and pass your messages and your projects without hindrance or constraints!

In a Relationship, not necessarily a super fun autumn but probably a season that should allow you to concretize what had a hard time emerging this year! You will then be satisfied (especially from mid-October) by holding steady and respecting the timing imposed by Saturn! This austere planet leaves you on December 19th, not without accomplishing its mission, namely: to have helped you to grow, mature, and take an important step towards more awareness and understanding of yourself and your essential needs!

Single, this autumn, you will not necessarily have the opportunity to flirt with love because Saturn, who will be bowing out in December, still forces you more or less to follow a straight line, not to go too far, and engage only in good conscience! The result? You should end the season (and the year) more mature and determined to make only important and inspiring connections! You're growing up!

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): In the Making of a New Self and a New World!
Be careful at the beginning of the season (September 26th and October 1st and 14th) not to shine too much in society because you will not necessarily be in complete control of your emotions and intentions, and then you risk overdoing it and getting the opposite of what you hoped for (and, thus, attracting more criticism than love)! On the other hand, bet on your most in-depth resources and some discreet but effective support on the 13th to start pushing your pieces in the right direction (yours, of course)! Enough to be able (on the 19th, 25th, and 30th of October) to open the future at your leisure and move the lines in line with the desires that are emerging in you at the end of an inescapable inner quest! Bet on communication and an unstoppable charm to convince those whom you love or wish to beguile ... to follow you!

In a Relationship, plagued by some inner turmoil, this fall you will have to try to fight the temptation to impose your codes on everyone and the need to access the deepest part of your being! An exercise of high aerobatics that you prepare in the shadows and that could lead you, in the second half of October, to build important castles in the sky. Jupiter will push you discreetly forward and could, in November, offer you some great opportunities to rejoice (the 12th and 24th). Maybe to have managed to lead your boat safely and guide your destiny differently! Then in January, you will definitely turn a corner!

Single, same program! Pluto requires you to confront yourself and especially your shadows while, in the background, Jupiter prepares your rebirth and your return to the light! You will not necessarily feel ready to sow your wild oats since you will be more concerned with yourself! But be attentive, in December, to the proposals (emotional or otherwise) that could be made to you, and that could well push you to make important or even radical decisions in January!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are appointed in your sign this autumn. A cosmic configuration that promises to shake you up emotionally and open up perspectives. So hang on, dear Capricorn, it will rock you, but if you have a little seasickness, it's only for a good cause! It is, indeed, to access the most authentic part of yourself, and it is not a small matter!


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