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Wednesday, April the 25th
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2018 Horoscope
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Love in this season for Spring 2018 for the sign of for Cancer!

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Love is on this Season's Menu!
Love and the relationship seem to currently be at the heart of your concerns and if some must accept to probe with lucidity the depth and the validity of their commitments, then others benefit from delicious flows that carry them, which should assure them of some beautiful moments of happiness to share . In any case, it will be this season to fully express your feelings or take stock of the relationship, to achieve a kind of ideal in love or to give meaning to the union by trying something else. This is to say that the season is likely to be intense with rich emotions, questioning and the opportunity to have a good time. At the end, perhaps for all the opportunity to grow and mature. No question indeed to live love without consequences friend Cancer but to continue, begin, anchor or renew a love story or a vision of the couple a priori ... a notch higher!

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): A Corner to Turn!
Sin last winter Saturn has forced you to take a critical look at your relationship and your present (or past) links. Enough to assess if they still hold the road and still meet your criteria. This season, this austere planet does not relax its embrace often more frustrating than charming, but you should, however, benefit (at least for the natives of the first decan) from the influence of Uranus, which could well in one way or another put a little rumba in the air and renew your prospects. Count on this free spirit of the zodiac from mid-May to propose or whisper projects or desires that may help you relaunch the relationship on another track or initiate a new one, which could well change your future. In any case you regain a second wind and get out of your confinement, your doubts, your distress or your weariness. On your part, Venus will tickle your desire to launch new challenges, starting in April, but also to connect you with others, whether with friends or your loves. You will aspire between March 31st and April 8th to get out of your isolation (whether or not you are in a relationship)! Between April 24th and May 2nd, you may want to pause. Take the time to look back on the past and learn from it. From the 19th of May, following in the footsteps of Uranus, begins a new cycle on the emotional level ... A season that could be a bearer of renewal and hopes that could materialize now or soon (this summer?)!

In a Relationship, you tend to sulk in your corner and only see the bad side of the story; to view the glass as half empty rather than half full? So take advantage (without leaving the power to your moods that are not always constructive) of seasonal energies to get your head out of the water and welcome what comes, it could allow you to revive your relationship. Perhaps through new projects to lead together and challenges to face with a partner who may well want to follow you in these new adventures. Nothing will necessarily be given in advance, but this season however, even if your critical spirit does not let go, give your duo a chance to be reborn from the ashes or to regain a second wind!

Single, you no longer believe in anything? You fall back on yourself and flee the world? Since the end of December 2017, Saturn makes life a little hard and tends to intensify a sense of frustration that undermines your morale? This season, even if this austere planet still pushes you always into your entrenchments, count however on some sizeable celestial relays to give you hope for the future. Indeed, from May 15th, Uranus comes to the rescue and invites you (sometimes willingly, sometimes forcibly) to ventilate your brain and look forward rather than back. You will certainly be faced with upheavals that may require you to review your vision of the future. Sometimes through cutting things out ( friendly ruptures or permanent love) but also with new encounters that are unusual and anything but neutral. Unless you suddenly want to change your life, country or environment; enough to start on new bases. Venus will encourage you from the beginning of the season to come out of your bubble and to attend whatever you like (between the end of March and April 8th), she will recommend you sort between the essential and the superfluous between April 24th and the May 2nd and will push you to the front of the stage between May 19th and May 27th! It's up to you at the very end of the season to sharpen your arguments and your charm (between June 13th and June 22nd) to go on the attack as soon as possible!

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): The Second Half of the Season is Warm!
You aspire to find that special someone. Whether in love or on a more social level, you are in search of bonds that elevate you, inspire you and make your heart beat faster. Rejoice because this season (and especially from April 25th) Jupiter back in the field dedicated to love may well fulfill your wishes and offer you some great opportunity to relight the flame or to light it in the heart of whoever you like. You are not immune (and so much the better) to a beautiful meeting or an evolution of the relationship that will have something to lift you from the ground and place you in orbit around happiness! If you start the season a bit on edge (early April) and not necessarily willing to make concessions, you will enjoy between April 8th and 16th, the graces of Venus that could boost your projects and expand your prospects. Enough to give body and breath to your emotional life! Starting on the 25th, Jupiter gets involved in boosting your love (and libido) until next September. Between May 2nd and May 11th, take the necessary step back to evaluate what is worth (or not, or no longer) being saved, so as soon as the end of May you get every chance to win the moon, or more simply but not less deliciously, to reach nirvana! Jupiter could offer you on a silver platter the best around May 25th. As for Venus, she will cross your decan between May 27th and June 5th confirming this happy pass and the opportunity for you to take off towards seventh heaven! You will then end this season promising all the wind in your sails and well decided that the party and your loves will last!

In a Relationship, a few small tensions to predict in April (especially around the 4th) where the tone could rise between you and your partner? Fortunately, as of April 25th, Jupiter puts you back in the saddle and in tune with love. You will also benefit from the support of Venus (between April 8th and 16th) to build with the other (your friends and loved ones too) exhilarating castles in the sky. Feel free to get away from the noise of the world between May 2nd and 11th, where you will not have too many days to prioritize your obligations and figure out what you decide to ask and live. The best, no doubt, and that's what awaits you at the end of May (around the 25th) when Jupiter takes over the control of your emotional life and gives your couple a boost and momentum. Venus will not be outdone and could well (between May 27th and June 5th) comfortably strengthen these exciting prospects. Enough to end an intense season well decided to live a torrid summer!

Single, you grumble and are not really satisfied with your existence at the beginning of the season when you want a little from everyone? However, you will soon forget this bad mood that will give way to a great enthusiasm vis-a-vis prospects for the future that loom and should delight you (between April 8th and 16th). Then? Count on Jupiter from the 25th to offer you some great opportunities to meet people you like and that may well be important, even decisive soon. Do not hesitate to withdraw for a moment (between the 2nd and the 11th of May) to put order in your head and especially in your heart so as to engage yourself perhaps further in a promising story around May 25th. Venus should definitely validate your choice and especially put love at the center of the debates and your priorities. So expect to finish the season in style, well surrounded and determined to stay that way ...

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): You Said Intense?
The start of the season is a little thorny and tensions shake up your relationships (end of March)? Fortunately from mid-April, Jupiter boosts your exchanges and promotes your emotional development, which has taken place since the end of January. Jupiter should give you a famous boost and cause incandescent flames or hot passions. Whatever your current condition, expect thrills and to see your links evolve at great speed. From the 25th, Jupiter bows out but will come back to greet you from September where he will offer you (if not already done) some great opportunities to transform your emotional life! Also count on Venus between April 16th and April 24th to open the future at your leisure and to have the support of your friends, those whom you love and who love you to realize your hopes. In May (between the 11th and 19th) it will be time to take a step away from recent events but also over the past year to consider what needs to be integrated or eliminated so that your future keeps its promises and fills you. Venus will exalt your power of seduction between June 5th and 13th. Enough to finish the season in beauty and begin a new stage of expansion of your emotional life in full possession of your means!

In a Relationship, a little static on the line to predict in early April where you will not necessarily take things with a grain of salt and your partner either! Mid-April, count on a powerful cosmic state of affairs to accelerate the metamorphoses essential to your emotional fulfillment. Venus invites you in May (between the 11th and 19th) to take stock, to learn from the past and maximize the favors of heaven. From the beginning of June be ready to open another page of your emotional expansion. Waiting for the return of Jupiter in September (from September 19th to November 8th), which should give the final impetus and finish transforming the relationship for the better.

Single, try not to misunderstand or become introverted at the beginning of April (around the 4th) where you will not be in the mood to make concessions. You will find your way and especially the desire to love and be loved mid-month (the 14th?) When exhilarating flows should powerfully relay your senses and awaken and your libido in a trance. At the end? Engaging or highly upsetting encounters? You will not shun your pleasure in the second half of April, which should fill you up. Try in May then (between the 11th and the 19th) to take a little altitude vis-a-vis your overheated emotions, in order to channel your ardors and to sort the wheat from the chaff, as consciously as possible. Anyway the end of season propels to the front of the stage, boosting your charm and giving you a priori the means to use it for your greatest pleasure!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A season that could give everyone the opportunity to move the lines in love. Each in their own way and more or less gently or passionately but with a certain desire to live the exceptional! It's up to you to give your best so that the party is beautiful and/or the future is promising ...


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