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Monday, July the 6th
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2020: a year of Love for the sign of for Scorpio?

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Time for Reflection?
In 2020, your exchanges are influenced by a redesign of your principles and an expression of yourself that may surprise some. You are going through a phase of evolution that allows you to make yourself understood and to address others more authentically. The result? A broadening of your personal horizons, a more rewarding communication, and a thirst for learning about yourself, friend Scorpio, and the surrounding world that promotes your fulfillment. Venus helps maintain or restore harmony within the clan at the beginning of the year (until January 13th), reinforcing your desire to love and be loved between February 7th and March 5th. There is room for tender dialogues between March 5th and April 3rd. Between April 3rd and August 7th, Venus could exalt your emotional and sensual needs, but at the same time, encourage you to review your priorities and make important choices in love. Projects that are more precise and more numerous between the 2nd and the 28th of October? Between November 21st and December 15th, Venus present in your sign announces the beginning of a new cycle of expansion. Enough to finish the year in style and in love?

1st decan: (October 24th - November 3rd): Break with the Past?
Since 2018, Uranus tended to create a need to live your emotional relationships in another way. That includes the possibility of getting rid of habits that are no longer appropriate because they imprison you and restrict your freedom of expression in love. You may be tempted to break or debase the contract to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. You may suggest that your partner revisits the relationship in a more flexible, free way. From December 2019 until January 15th, 2020, you can count on Jupiter to widen the scope of possibilities and offer you some opportunities to open up to a different and more enjoyable operation. However, you will have to take your choices and responsibilities and put them into a family plan that holds the road. Between March 22nd and July 2nd and then from December 17th, 2020, Saturn will ask you to take stock. It will then be a question (especially around December 21st) to draw a road map on solid ground and engage (re-engage) for the long term. Venus will exalt your power of seduction and make you shine with all your fires between January 13th and 22nd and will favor the tender exchanges between March 5th and March 14th. Do not elude the fundamental questions and challenges between April 3rd and 15th and June 9th and July 11th? Projects that you will take to heart and that you will not hesitate to initiate between October 2nd and 11th. At the end of the year (between November 21st and 29th), Venus present in your decan invites you to open a new page of your private life by integrating options and decisions taken in 2020.

2nd decan: (November 4th - November 13th): The Current Passes Well...Very Well!
You've probably been through a rough year in terms of communicating with your immediate entourage? You had to rectify, in one way or another, the bases on which your exchanges were based to make you feel more in tune with who you really are. You can probably breathe in 2020 when Saturn has finally moved away. Jupiter happily takes over between January 15th and March 3rd and again between August 2nd and October 24th. This is the opportunity to reconnect with more lightness and joy through a broader understanding of what governs human relationships. Then you can count on your new openness to warm your love (or your children), close ranks with those who matter to you, and why not reach a form of emotional ideal around February 20th and October 12th. Moments favorable to an almost fusional agreement with your partner and not just that. Between July 5th and September 26th, however, be attentive to the messages that Uranus could send you, which will be clarified next year. A desire to renew your approach to your bonds and infuse more fantasy in your emotional relationships? Be that as it may, Venus will endow you with all the charm between the 22nd and the 30th of January and will invite you to take a step towards the other between the 14th and the 24th of March. Take the time to think about what you expect and what you are ready to give back between April 15th and May 3rd, between May 22nd and June 9th, and between July 11th and 26th. You will be eager to open the future at your leisure between October 11th and 19th. Between November 29th and December 7th, Venus, in your wake, invites you to begin a new cycle of expansion in love.

3rd decan: (November 14th - November 22nd): Change Your Method of Communication!
A little storm in the air and a year that opens on a chapter a bit sensitive in terms of communication with your close entourage? Notably, around January 12th, when one way or another, a mode of operation ends to give way to a new and healthier approach to your relationship with others. In any case, you must face the recurring issues that have prevented you from expressing yourself openly for too long. Fortunately, you can count on Jupiter between March 3rd and August 2nd, and then between October 24th and December 19th to help you positively transform your exchanges with the outside world. You will then have an open mind (and heart?) that can help you reprogram your relationship on a better basis. Note that you will also have the opportunity to build warm ties (lovers?) around April 5th, June 30th, July 27th, and November 12th. Venus will also warm the mood between January 30th and February 7th. It will give you an irresistible aura between March 24th and April 3rd when it will push you out of your isolation. Between May 3rd and May 22nd, then between July 26th and August 7th, if the state of affairs exalts your desires, do not neglect keeping a critical eye on your relationship. Enough to know where you are and what you want. To open the future according to your expectations between the 19th and the 28th of October. You finish the year well decided to start a new cycle of emotional expansion confident in your choices (between December 7th and 15th).

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A year where you will all have the opportunity to approach your exchanges so that they better reflect who you are. This will then allow you to make yourself understood by those around you and fully develop without making any concessions that victimize you. Count on the situation to help you take a step towards more authenticity in your relationship but also offer you some great opportunities to meet exhilarating people. Whether loving, friendly, or social, they should all have the virtue of opening your world more widely. It will fill your mind, your curiosity, and your heart. So, without hesitation, keep an eye out.



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