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Monday, July the 6th
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2020: a year of Love for the sign of for Aquarius?

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Prerequisite Internal Work!
In 2020, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will remain in the shadow of your sign and make you definitively draw a line on the past. It's time to look at those elements of your life that pull you back to identify their origins, and how they resist a desire to move forward, that intensifies but still struggles to materialize. You will have to persevere and hang on to face what is stuck, friend Aquarius. Let go of beliefs and fears that prevent you from starting. It's not a question of pushing back what's embarrassing to you, but understanding what you have to leave behind to free yourself from reflexes that have had their day and are no longer yours. Count on Jupiter to accelerate the movement of your understandings and push you to make important, even radical decisions. But not without having broadly combed and sifted through these bad reasons that keep you under the tutelage of a false security that paralyzes you or doesn't integrate the good reasons that allow you to make the necessary choices and reach the version of your most authentic self.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): Whoever Loves Me Follow Me... or Not!
You circumvent the elements that held you back. Saturn and Pluto have already done the work (for some since 2008). It is, therefore, up to Jupiter to occupy (since December 2019) the shadow of your sign until January 15th, 2020. Count on this giant planet to consistently amplify your chances of understanding and sweeping away the obstacles that still separated you from yourself. Between March 22nd and July 2nd, then from December 17th, 2020, Saturn interferes in your decan. No question of going backward. Let's move on to something else. You will certainly have the opportunity, and your partner will just have to hold on. Saturn favors the relationship you have with yourself. No question of great romantic outpourings but of an uncompromising look at your loves. If your partner understands what is being played and accepts it, no reason that the house burns. On the other hand, if they find that you are too independent, beware of palpable tension. Especially since 2018, Uranus makes you want to break with a family routine that ends up boring you. So here you are in search of freedom and a new breath. Pay attention until mid-January. Some occasions might help you turn a corner. Venus will strengthen your aura and your desire to love and be loved, but will also invite you to ask the right questions about the quality of your bonds between April 3rd and 14th and between June 9th and July 11th. Do not hesitate to take a step towards the other (to explain to them clearly what is going on in you) between September 6th and 15th. If you succeed in changing the bond (between October 28th and November 5th), no reason that you do not build tender castles in the sky between December 15th and 23rd.

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): It's Flat!
Saturn has stopped (in December 2019), weighing on your wings and morale. You are definitely out of a year where you had to juggle lost illusions and return to Earth. Count on Jupiter between January 15th and March 3rd, and between August 2nd and October 24th to accelerate constructive awareness and facilitate the implementation of resources, talent, and potential that will help you fulfill your deepest aspirations. Nothing very spectacular, but it's an opportunity to connect with your inner world to find what you need to achieve your dreams. Even if this cosmic climate does not prioritize your love, it can nevertheless put you in touch with subtle currents that will almost miraculously connect you to the right person or weave links between you and the other person. Do not expect impulsive whims, but rather tender exchanges, accomplices, and for some to become spiritually inspired. Open your eyes and your heart, especially in late February and mid-October, when this powerful current will pass five out of five. Venus will complete this slightly ethereal picture by giving more heart and body to your loves between April 15th and May 3rd, between May 22nd and June 9th, and between July 11th and July 27th. This is the ideal time to test the depth and quality of your beautiful initiatives with each other. Between September 15th and 24th, do not hesitate to listen to whoever you love. Enough to evolve the bond between November 5th and 13th and to open a future that inspires you between December 23rd and 31st.

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): Face Yourself!
Already in full transformation in 2019. Pluto has forced you to probe everything from your past that weighed on your actions and pushed you to act more out of habit and compulsion than under the tutelage of a clear conscience of your actions. Count on Saturn in 2020 to deepen the movement. From the beginning of the year (in January), expect to have to turn a corner or even draw a line on the past. No question of really going back. If this forced course scares you, know that it is about relieving you of burdens that weighed on your shoulders for a very long time. Whether it's doubts, complexes, fears, or remorse, now is the time to end a chapter of your life that blocks you in your blossoming so you can open a new page of your history, more in line with who you really are. Once rid of hazards from the past and more or less destructive genealogical inheritances expect to be shaken up. Fortunately, you will be pulled up, and you engage with energies that will help you rebuild around April 5th, June 30th, July 27th, and November 12th. An event or meeting helps you bounce back, understand yourself better, and relate more favorably to the world around you. Venus will give you an outstanding charm between the 3rd and 22nd of May, but will ask you to think carefully before you commit, declare yourself, or approach what needs to be understood in your relationship, so it is strengthened rather than disintegrating.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A year dedicated to your inner evolution again. Your love story, in 2020, maybe more about the connection you have with yourself. It is by connecting to your inner being that you will have the best chance of blossoming. You need to access who you really are to know what tempts you, inspires you, and gives you the energy to tear down the last barriers that could still separate you from happiness. It's up to you to play. But play fair because the economic situation requires you to shoot without cheating your cards. Start the adventure because the game is well worth the effort.



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